[As if to continue on with how badly things had gone for the Unity Group... well nothing more needs to be said. The damage that Alhambra base took and the burned out chunk that used to be the Huckebein's cockpit block was testament to that. As for Leos he was simply going to sit on some debris. Those who get closer would note that he was bleeding from quite a lot of places. As was Boyle who was not too far away, grumbling very audibly to his sister.]

Hah... I told you Dido... I told you we shouldn't have left them alive.

[He says this regardless of the presence of the mechanic.]

But what can you do... the past is past already. The dead can't hear their eulogies or know if they were avenged. Or that their deaths could have been avoided.

Unity Group... I wonder who will lead you now...

[Maybe he's delirious from the blood he's losing. Maybe he's just thinking out loud. Its hard to say.]