A few weeks before Christmas, as snow drifted and fell, as families went shopping and store Santas rang bells, the Unity Group was in a pinch and poke, for they'd little money for Christmas: in fact they were broke! A greedy teenage miser had stolen their cash, to get a new super robot after his old one's crash! Twas few funds for wreaths, for trees, or mistletoe: towards mecha repairs it all had to go!

In light of this, the stalwart tech Dido Sybil slipped on her parka, and packed her wrenches and drill.

She drove to a junkyard by an SDF base, filled with rusty machine parts from the army and aerospace. With a clatter and clang, she dug out one pile of rusty limbs and jet engines, seeking something worthwhile.

Perhaps you followed her, or were already there: would you like to say Hi, or continue to stare?


[Locked to Ken.]

A week before Christmas, when duties were light, with no Kaiju to slaughter or alien empires to fight, Brave Ken Torao, teenage Ninja supreme, stepped in ScarleTiger's cockpit, to train for his team.
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[Shortly later, open to everyone]

A quick search soon reveals the culprit most cruel...
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([personal profile] a_louse Dec. 18th, 2014 10:48 pm)
1. [Roger has been pretty busy recently, and the reason for that is that he got another job from Paradigm Corp a few days ago - one would have to ask him for details, but it's apparently to look for a dangerous terrorist who announced something is going to happen on Heaven's Day (which is Paradigm's equivalent of Christmas, pretty much). For details, one would have to ask the negotiator himself.]

I see. Was it contact with the outside world, or an awakening Memory? I can only guess.

[Roger closes a book he was reading. The Book of Revelations, to be precise. What is that about?]

2. [Patrolling the streets of Paradigm, either on foot or in a car. The city is busy, full of holiday decorations and people doing shopping and other preparations for Heaven's Day, but also policemen, looking for suspicious things. Roger also obtained some references as to what to look for - a photo of an old man, the supposed terrorist, and a specific design of a Heaven's Day card, one that was sent in by him. The decorations and crowds seem to put Roger in a bad mood, though.]

I don't care much for this time of year. Did you find anything unusual?