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The greatest weapon of the Balmarian fleets )

[Some time later after the Soleares returns...]

We may have a situation on our hands.  The good news is... Elma and I managed to acquire footage of what might just be the Aerogators' flagship.

[Cue image.  Thank God Elma's sensors were able to snap that before the Balmarians were alerted.]

The bad news is... all of that scrap you see around it?  That's what's left of a Zentradi attack force that had been mopping the floor with the Balmarians before all those underdogs pulled something out of that ship that ended the battle and those Zentradi all in an instant.  Last we detected, it wasn't heading towards Eath, thank God.

General Hetepheres, Optimus Prime... if you've any knowledge about whatever could've ended such an outmatched fight so abruptly, I'm sure everyone would love to hear it.

[She sighs.  It'd been a long ranging, and even longer getting back to the SDF.  And then debriefing and now this.  If she were sane she would've been in bed by now.]

I guess this explains why Ingram wasn't worried about us growing too strong for him to handle.