[1] [Mingle Post]

[Construction of the city was going pretty well from what you can see. Residential areas for refugees of both species had already been constructed for the most part with work crews continuing to construct everything else that was required. Already a few small businesses crafted by both human and cybertronian have sprung up along the slowly growing buildings. Though there was some friction and discomfort, both races got along well for the most part. Off in the distance you can see shuttles landing ever so often, either carrying ESUN work crews, supplies and observers or a few more Autobots in varying condition.]

[But one has to ask, what are you doing in this slowly growing settlement?]

[2] [Security Woes] [Red Alert]


[Anyone passing by the 'office' of the Autobots Chief of Security in the hangars of Sakihama would find him continuously dropping his head into his large, makeshift desk and making everything that was on it rattle precariously. Between the numerous betrayals (Ingram being the foremost important one given his rank), lack of care for proper security protocol (Sarah and Ken) and the horrific security nightmare that was sorting out the influx of human refugees as well as the ESUN members coming in and out of Autobot City it was easy to say that he was not having a good day at all.]


[Red lets out a noise that sounded halfway between a scream, a sob, a wheeze and a large amount of mechanical static as he just lays his head on his desk. This. This is the sight of an Autobot that has just had way too much to deal with.]

[3] [Education] [The Young Spark]

[For those of you remember how that excursion into an underground cave network beneath Autobot City went and are interested to know the current status of the spark that was found, you would find it in what would be the Cybertronian equivalent of a creche. Already fitted into a containment unit to allow it continued existence until its body could be built as well as a brain module it would be educated and slowly learn how to operate the systems of a body through a set of sensors and rudimentary limbs, though sadly it has yet to be able to speak. Still though somewhat slow and careful it is extremely eager to learn, and when its sensors catch sight of you it pulses excitedly as if happy to see you.]

[How are you helping in the development of the new life and enriching its existence?]

[4] [Interview with an Earthling] [Rewind]

[As you go through your daily routine, you'll notice an Autobot - one of Blaster's cassette robots in fact waving at you. Letting out a momentary stutter of Cybertronian, he pauses for a moment before looking at you sheepishly despite the lack of visible facial expression.]

Sorry about that, was just so used to talking to other Cybertronians so much I keep forgetting to switch languages.

I'm Rewind, and I'm hoping that if you don't mind... you could let me interview you for a while for a video file I'm putting together for any Autobots coming to Earth.


[Team Jelba... gone.  Just... gone.  Captain Symphonia.  Alfredo.  Vasquez.  Rubio.  More than her friends, her family.  The people she'd been intending to catch up with after months separated from them.  People she knew and trusted and fought hard to avenge.  Hard enough that the Gesterben is just barely more than a pile of scrap.]

Why, Captain...?

Why did you have us all march into that deathtrap?  You wouldn't have sold us out so... why...?


And you're SURE?

Absolutely!  'Operation Doll's' orders are dated after Ingram's defection and the files aren't fabricated!

[The other two surviving members of Team Jelba are handling this... a bit better.  Not much though.]

... Of all the rotten luck then... Those files are probably only going to raise more questions and never provide answers even if we get them cracked.  Ingram's going to pay for this.  Him and his 'friend'...

If you still have the schematics for the AS in you... it might be wise to make the most of them.  Selena's going to need something if she's going to keep fighting, and I'd rather she have the best we can give her.

Start salvaging everything you can from everyone's machines.  The ground team's mechs should still be fine, so that means that the Captain's Prism Phantom'll at least be an option for her.

[Some time after the spooooky expedition into the Paradigm underground and an encounter with a certain mummy, Roger is sitting at a desk. The desk is full of stuff, some of which are documents related to the case. He picks up something else, though - an hourglass - and turns it around, watching as the sand slowly seeps.]

The truth that Seebach... no, Schwarzwald, discovered, has driven him insane. But at the same time, it was undeniably the truth. I wish he spoke more about it. Unfortunately, it's impossible to track him down now; all of my trails have ended.

Rosewater seems to be happy with this result regardless. It's like Paradigm Corp expected it to end this way all along.

[There's a hint of disgust in Roger's voice when he says that last line. He puts away the hourglass and picks up parts of another, identical but half-finished one. With the precision of a clockmaker, he starts to assemble it.]
[On one particular day, Seta can be found on the observation deck of the Star Rose. She's slowly going through an old looking tome that is written in a mysterious language. Perhaps it's unlike her, but she speaks to herself as she wonders...]

Our late leader...insisted that no records of the war be kept...

...So, why did the Foundation note all the conflicts between humans after that time...?

And in a tome with this title...

[This clearly has her bothered, and after being involved in battles against humans who are as eager to harm others as Kijin from beyond Gates, she has a feeling that she knows the answer to her question.]