*Kakizaki sits in the cafetaria with some drinks and a steaming pile of steak in front of him.*

Did you see what I did back then? Whoosh, Pew! Pew! *He moves his hands like a plane in air and makes shooting noises with his mouth.* I dodged those missiles and shot down those mercenaries like nothing! I was so cool! I bet those mercs wishes they have some Valkyrie in their repertoires now.

Do we have a recording of that mission? I wish you guys could see it. It might make a good study for new pilots!

Here's a toast for another Unity Group success! A flawless victory! We saved Mr. Elan, and the other survivors, and even the base itself, eventhough it's not in the mission objective! May all other missions end this way!
[After the Successful rescue Leos was pretty darned happy, Pale Rider was damaged, but not a complete mess like before! He managed to do things right, kick some serious butt, AND get a sword and come up with a snappy attack name! Not too bad for a day's work. Now one would expect him to be celebrating... however...]


[Apparently right after he was congratulated, he was immediately given a mop and bucket and told to clean up one of the corridors. Congratulations great janitor hero! Now get to work.]