[It is maintenance time for the Soleares again, but that's not really too important.  What is though is the Lurian  princess hanging up Christmas decorations all over the hangar.]

Well now.  I'm guessing Elma told you all about the holidays then?

Of course!  He was very informative, and I think it's just fascinating. Barely any end-of-year celebrations are observed by my people, but for Earth to have so many, between countless different cultures!

And the interactions and integration of various other beliefs to help smooth over interactions between early Christians and pagans... it's just so fascinating!

But... there is one thing that has to be addressed!  I'm guessing you all just got distracted with other things between everything but hardly anyone put up Christmas stockings!  Did you forget or just not care or think you've all been to naughty after what Brye and Rani said when they left?

How will Santa be able to give anyone presents if he doesn't have anywhere to put them!

... Wait...

You think that Santa-

He must work himself ragged every year delivering presents to everyone!  In a way he almost reminds me of our own god Augustus... at least how he's said to appear.  And I won't have possibly my only chance to experience Christmas be ruined by... by neglect of all things!

So... where do you want your stocking?


[And now it's beat-up-Elma time, with Selena making sure to not indulge in it until when Armana is clear and far away.]

You told her about Santa Claus but NOT that he doesn't exist?!?

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sooooorrrrryyyyyy!!!!  I was going to but there was just so much she wanted to know I just... forgot!

And now she'll be expecting everyone to get Christmas presents.  The easy thing to do would be just try to break the news to her, but...

... What do you say, Elma?  Doesn't there usually have to be a helper for these sorts of things?

I don't have a choice, do I?

Not in the slightest

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