[So.  Who's up for more bad news after that stuff with Septuagint and the SSR?]

I hate to say this, but we might not have seen the last of that thing.  Or at least the last of its kind.


Thank you Miss Selena.  When I actually got the chance to analyze them, the energy signatures from the Zehirut that we fought alongside the SSR seemed familiar to me.  It seemed odd at first since we've battled many Balmarian machines but nothing captured the same kind of aesthetic as the "Zehirut"...

But then I remembered the Balmarian/Zentraedi fleet battle Selena and I stumbled on!  The one where the Aerogators somehow fielded a machine that single-handedly turned the tide of the battle in a single instant... like what happened according to Kup's story when the Decepticons fought another fleet!

Meaning there's quite likely another one of those things waiting for us inside of the fleet's flagship.  And inside every other Balmarian flagship as well.

Lovely time for us to lose funding, isn't it?

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