[After seeing the Becketts get speared right before his eyes and being able to do nothing to help, Zero sits alone save for Nao attempting to cheer him up.]

"You did everything you could, bro."

I didn't. At all. I didn't even use my damn wide shot.

"But Mr. Beckett is alive!"

And what about the other one? We let our guard down and now he's-

"Bro...but- but those civilians were saved r-right?"


[That's not going to get him out of his slump but he's putting on a face for Nao. That kid knows it isn't legit though. It's a shame they don't have anything to give him the slap of "knock it off".]
[So after Blinded By the Light finishes up]

[For now Zero is recovering on the Macross before he decides to hit that TSEN whatever to get to Earth, but wants to introduce himself to his new allies.

However Zero is not the giant of light that had been observed battling, but instead looks like a young man who could pass for a hobo, and with him is a kid that is just as finely dressed.]

Thanks for the save back there, not sure what would have happened if we didn't get any help.
I'm Zero, Ultraman Zero. A warrior from the Land of Light currently visiting this universe on my own mission. This body isn't mine though, it's a guy who's kind of in a coma and I'm helping him recover while I borrow it. It's the brother of this kid, Nao. I'm currently looking out for him so I hope you help me out with that too.

[He pats the boy on the shoulder who waves]

It's kind of a complicated story how all this happened and I got here, but I'm willing to tell it.

[Once he's gotten a bit more well known he's used the TSEN to bring himself and Nao to the Star Rose first because the kid wanted to check out some cool space stuff and he couldn't say no. It's more advanced than the mining planet he was on but you know, space and it's varying technologies make for curious kids.]

Geez, humans really got some advanced stuff.
I never would have expected all those robots out of 'em.
My fault I guess, heh.