[With the members of Project Unity began to head their separate ways, one of the first to arrive at the Unity Group wanders around the now abandoned bases. What was once three different operating bases had been reduced to one and yet their success spoke for itself. After everything that Willis had gone through, losing friends, gaining them, reuniting with lost loved ones, traveling to new worlds. Being able to take in a quiet moment without having to worry about a thing was a much deserved break for him. Given the numerous abrupt endings he'd gotten accustomed to in his life this was a very welcome change.

Of course, he knew that it wouldn't last very long and despite the many things that were finally settled for him in the last few months there was plenty of clean-up work to do. Setsuna herself had told him about the corrupt elements in his deceased friend's company along with the unknown loose threads that might have still existed in Caduceus itself. He had to ensure that the U.I.I.N technology wouldn't be abused any further or worse yet used to ruin any more lives. Thankfully he wasn't the only one who thought the same. Between the remaining members of Aegis, himself and Leigh, and to his surprise Elys' own sister Freya; who had once challenged her for control of Ono-Sendai. They all shared the same goal of repairing the damage done to the Olympios Conglomerate and making amends for the numerous problems they had caused through their decades of inaction.

As Willis took this time to himself, his fiancee went ahead to get things in order. Returning Amagahara to Freya among numerous other things in preparation. Unlike Willis she wasn't a member of the Unity Group so being able to quietly slip away was simple enough for her.

Once Willis was finally ready to leave he didn't have much to pack.]

"...and that's pretty much everything, technically this is a hostile takeover but we'll be working in Aegis again with Freya's support...if things go well without a hitch. If something comes up....well I'm sure we'll figure it out.

...I'll get to see you soon, right?"

Yeah, I'm just taking care of a few last things. I'll be there soon, promise.

"Alright, just don't make me wait too long"

[Willis gives a quick nod and wave before closing the call with Leigh before rubbing the back of his head and letting out a small sigh.]

To think I'd be working in Aegis again...

[Much like how he arrived Willis seems to be preparing to leave with nothing more than Strahlend and the jacket on his back.]

I should probably say goodbye or something, but at this point I'm kinda sick of it. I'm sure I'll see most of you again so there's not a lot of point in making any final goodbyes, is there?

See you later fits more I think.
[1] [Post "Inheritance"]

[Somehow against even his own expectations Willis returned to Sakihama with Leigh still in his arms, alive and in one piece all thanks to Elys' last actions. Something as minor as giving him permission to the MCR was what lead to in what was Willis' opinion a miracle. One that he still couldn't quite believe actually happened.

However, as quickly as Strahlend returns it takes a bit of time before the two emerge from the machine. As they do they break apart slightly in embarrassment again. ]

"You're still a big idiot, you know that right?"

[Leigh says this with the biggest smile on her face.]

I know...


[Some time later Leigh stands inside of Sakihama's hangar again, standing next to Amagahara's cockpit on one of the many elevated platforms. The machine was responsible for the fact that she was still standing here and for all intents and purposes it was her machine

As it was now Elyssa Soleil had essentially given up her life twice over allow Leigh to continue living.]

...thank you Elyssa.

[As she says this she closes the cockpit of the machine, even if it was now hers she didn't want to disrespect her memory by altering the machine in any way.]


[As for Willis he seems...actually Willis seems to have disappeared for a bit. A short time later a strange clean cut man stands in front of Strahlend, wearing a familiar looking jacket that has seemingly finally been washed. The man's gaze seems to be set on the now floating Discovery of Self.]

Just one more big problem to go.
1: [Although the Chimaera were repelled from Sakihama the mission was an absolute disaster for at least one of the members on it. As the damaged machines are returned to Sakihama, Strahlend shambles in resembling can only be described as a complete wreck. As Willis manages to climb down from the cockpit of the broken remains of Strahlend the injuries that he personally sustained are very apparent. Several large chunks of his body were missing from the impalement he suffered  and his arm hung on only by a thread. Despite this he began to limp towards the now empty Amagahara.

Once again he was betrayed by his friends, someone he had trusted had been responsible for everything and even now he had no idea why she did it. Every step he took reminded him of this until he reached the base of the original now function-less U.I.I.N machine. ]


[He continued to stand in that single place, waiting and staring at the cockpit hoping that she would reform or emerge from it.]


[At the same time another person returns to Sakihama as well, a familiar to some machine lands in the hangar and the woman indirectly responsible for what had happened emerges from it.]


[As she spots him she hesitates to move, even though it seemed like everything would finally go right her actions had led to the situation they were in now.]
Read more... )

Read more... )

Read more... )

[2] [Sorta Locked/Frontdated]
Read more... )
1. [Slightly backdated]

[After the conclusion to what should have been a relatively simple job in Tokyo Willis has been in a somewhat somber mood ever since returning to Alhambra. While technically they were successful and prevented the situation from getting even worse than it could have been thanks to the efforts of everyone else there, the implications of everything that happened were still weighing on him. From reemergence of his formerly deceased fiancee's machine along with the woman herself, the fog that could assimilate machines and turn them into Chimaera, and the Aegis members who were now chasing after Licht. There was a lot that he was now worried about.]

How does this keep happening?

[At the very least given what the Olympios Facility was restored for he could be confident that with medical aid only a few blocks away from where the Chimaera attacked the collateral that was caused there would be minimized. Especially after his own freak-out upon seeing those Chimaera again.]

Every time I think I understand a situation things change...

2. [Recharging]

[Sometime later Willis has seemingly made it his mission to devour anything and everything served in Alhambra's cafeteria. While it wasn't exactly necessary for him to eat at all it did at the very least gave his nanomachines more to work with in helping to treat some of his injuries which seemed to be a bit slower to heal than usual.

For some reason however there's a small pile of discarded tomatoes and other random vegetables between the pile of dishes.]


[Late into the night in a quieter section of Alhambra Willis can be found staring up at the starlit sky, trying to clear his mind. While it's hard to notice at first given the lack of light around him he seems to be holding up a familiar necklace, staring intensely at the pair of rings held on the chain.]

I shouldn't have to kill her twice...huh.
[As with others involved in the final battle against Chimera, Willis has found himself in a contemplating mood following its conclusion and his return to a Unity Group base. Despite his best efforts to seemingly throw himself onto the quickest route out of this world he was still here.]

Great...now my head is jumbled up with all of this also.

[The state of his mind on the other hand was a bit more loosened after making near direct impact with a Sphere, even if it was a false one. Considering that it was his third time having to deal with dimensional instabilities and this time in a much more direct way. Fleeting images of others dimensions had been burned into his mind, small glimpses but it was enough to make him question his own memory after witnessing some familiar faces in those flashes.]

That was such a stupid idea...

[While he knew it was simply Jii Edel's way of messing with them he couldn't help but feel that the puppetmaster knew more about them than he let on despite his mocking tone. Willis would know about that best.]

The Black History, are there really that many dimensions that are doing worse than this one...how many other dimensions do we even exist in...
1. [Slightly backdated]

[It's been a while since both Strahlend and Amagahara went missing from the hangar of Fort Alhambra, some reports about a battle breaking out between the two machines was passed around the base. The amount of damage they caused did not go unnoticed and anyone who decides to check out the scene of the battle would find the aftermath of what could only be described as reckless abandon. Both machines were heavily damaged, leaning against each other for support.

At a closer glance, Amagahara's blade can be clearly seen a few inches away from Strahlend's cockpit. Strahlend itself had seemingly impaled it's sister machine, as Quicksilver can be easily . A huge crater surrounds them and everything in a huge radius around the two machines had been completely destroyed. Despite the destruction, a rather large cloud of blue dust and what seems to be glowing cherry blossoms surround the place, restoring the area and machines around them. The view is a rather strange one but it has a strange sense of serenity. Willis himself is sitting on top of Strahlend again, enjoying the scenery while scratching the back of his head.]

I can't believe she's still such a monster...


[Much later, Willis is over at a secluded corner of Fort Alhambra's hangar with Strahlend, still damaged from it's fight with Amagahara. From the look on his face it was clear that something was bothering him. A few seconds later he raises an arm and a sword similar to Quicksilver forms...in Willis' hand. Even without Willis being in the cockpit of the machine.]

...she's right about that also...then...

[He seems to contemplate something for a second, and then scatters Quicksilver back to it's base nanomachines which surprisingly return to him rather than Strahlend.]

2 out of 3....then that just leaves...

[There's a bit of hesitation from Willis, like he was scared to finish his tests. With a deep breath, Willis gives one last command and parts of his own body begin to break off into the hazy cloud. Specifically, parts of him that had been previous torn apart or crushed to bits. Anything that was previously restored was in reality nanomachines replacing the missing bits rather than rebuilding them.]

[Locked to Elys]

[A few days after a rather disastrous reunion with an old friend, Willis has taken Strahlend out (despite it's damage) and is using it to vent out his frustrations on the poor rusted targets that litter Fort Alhambra. After he finishes destroying everything around him he fixes the targets and then gets ready to destroy them again.]

....what am I doing?

[He collapses back into the seat of his cockpit, pausing the second round of mindless destruction. There was no reason for him to be acting like this. And yet here he was, he wasn't sure if he was more mad at Elys or himself but the entire situation between them just frustrated him to no end.]
[With the events at Aidoneus Island concluded, Strahlend has somehow managed to limp it's way back to Fort Alhambra. Once again the machine came back in critical condition despite this being the first time it had been active in months. To make matters worse, there's now a large hole in the roof over where the machine usually stood, thanks to Willis learning that he could activate the machine remotely no matter where he was and the Unity Group was down another Gespenst. The pilot himself is not doing much better, thanks to his usual complete disregard for his own well-being while in combat. He practically falls out of the cockpit of his machine with the side of his head busted open and one of his arms dangling lifelessly in the air. Bits of metal and crystals were still embedded in him but all of these injuries were of course being taken care of by the nanomachines in his system while his machine began to repair itself as well.]

What a long day...
[With Fort Alhambra in pretty bad shape after everything that had happened, a familiar (to some) cloud of nanomachines erupts out from the hangar very late into the night and quickly covers the Fort. As the swarm scattered out broken parts of the base began to restore themselves, fallen debris disappeared within seconds, and even damaged machines in the hangar are repaired to working order.

The culprit behind this can easily be found trying to stealthily exit his machine Unfortunately, a strange sense of guilt causes him to pause for a moment and take a long look at the partner he had practically abandoned, making it even easier to catch him in the act.]

....this is probably the only place that I can use you without having to worry.
[As the machines that made the trip to the Chimera Headquarters return, one that made the trip is missing. Thankfully, anyone looking for it will find that it isn't fair from Fort Alhambra. The machine is crouched over in one of the empty testing grounds, the self-repair of the machine running a lot slower than it usually does on top of the massive amount of damage it suffered during it's last fight. The pilot is not doing so well either. The man sits on top of the machine, not looking like his usual self at all. His gaze is set on the sunset and...the expression on his face is far from a happy one. He seems to be grasping at some sort of necklace, on closer inspector it's clear that he's holding onto a wedding ring that was kept on the necklace.]

...I bet you'd be laughing if you saw me right now.

[He also seems to be talking to himself. For someone who was just accused of killing someone he loved alongside 200 people, betraying his old friends, and trying to pull the wool over the Unity Group's eyes concerning his identity he seems...oddly calm. ]
[There's a somewhat familiar looking machine landing inside the hangar of Fort Alhambra. Those of you who've seen it before will probably be able to tell that it's that loveable scamp Willis' machine Strahlend. However...it's a bit of a far cry from how the machine looked in the past. The new almost regal appearance of the machine completely betraying the demeanor of it's pilot. Eventually, the pilot emerges from it and sticks a landing on the ground below. Unlike his machine, Willis looks...exactly the same as he always did. Same beat up jacket, same shaggy hair, same child-like expression on his face. He looks rather happy to be back at the base. ]

Wow, this place hasn't changed at all in the last two years. Some of the same machines from back then are still here!

[It doesn't look like he's realized how much time has passed on the surface.]

[During the last mission Strahlend was torn apart, impaled by the claw of a dragon, struck by lightning and crushed into scrap. Despite the damage, the machine somehow returned to the hangar of Alhambra Base in working condition. The medical crews practically leaped onto the machine after it landed. Forcing Willis onto a stretcher and bringing him into the infirmary immediately.

Anyone who visits after the medical team finally finished looking at him would find Willis working at yet another mountain of plates with a single fork in his right hand. The extent of his injuries can be seen on the convenient X-Rays scans posted nearby. Both his legs and left arm were completely crushed and most of his ribs were cracked.  In fact, he hasn't even been bandaged up. Apparently he told the medical staff that it would be a waste. The only thing he requested was a large meal. From the large hole in the right side of his undershirt it's easy to tell that the dragon also got a bit of him when it impaled the machine.  The fact that he was even conscious made no sense.]

[2] [Exactly one day later]

[Willis is up and about, walking around the base like the previous day never happened. The man had somehow healed up from his injuries bizarrely fast. Considering that his legs were just a mangled mess the previous day, it's a rather miraculous recovery. ]


[It's late at night and Willis seems to be watching the footage from the later part of the fight with the Kijin and AEG. When the strange crystalline machines show up on the screen Willis' expression noticeably changes into one that can only be described as pure hate.]

They really do act just like...

[Willis manages to catch himself and shakes his head in order to keep himself from thinking about his past.]
ugyuuya: Yuuya Pilot (Yuuya Pilot)
([personal profile] ugyuuya May. 23rd, 2014 01:29 pm)

[Yuuya stands beside his unit leaning against the rail and looking up at it with a different expression.]

"Well then 94 Second, it looks like we both got jerked around by two countries but we can show them we've got more to prove than they ever expected of us. I think I finally got to grasp what it'll take to pilot you successfully."


[The Argos flight is leaving a debriefing from the last mission. Tarisa is still spitting fire and VG is placating her in his own style. Yuuya seems more pensive than normal but in a good mood however Stella seems to be just off of normal, almost like she was in part forcing herself.]


[In a more isolated runway on Alhambra you might catch a Yellow unit made infamous from the training exercise and a pilot in a similarly colored TSF piloting suit. She is looking out at the setting sun and a pocket watch she is holding in her hand. She appears to be thinking about something and will not immediately notice your approach.]
ugyuuya: Yuuya Salute (Yuuya Salute)
([personal profile] ugyuuya May. 3rd, 2014 11:51 am)

[The monitors across the UG bases kick to life with live footage from what appears to be one of the smaller briefing rooms in Alhambra base revealing a 4-person team of varying Nationalities all wearing the same grey and black uniform. The first voice heard is a cheerful one from behind the camera.]

All right that's got it, we're live so get to it guys.

[The Asian-American is the first to speak]

2nd-Leiutenant Yuuya Bridges, Argos test flight, reporting to UG group as ordered.

[The same voice from behind the camera speaks again]

Really Yuuya? That's all you're going to say, at least give them a bit better of an introduction.

Just leave him Vincent, if he's going to be grumpy because of his argument with Lieutenant Takamura then that just gives us more time for introductions. 2nd Lieutenant Tarisa Manandal of the same. I hope to get along well with everyone.

[As Yuuya flushes and begins to turn to speak again when he is cut off by the other male member of his flight]

[He drops his hand's on Tarisa's shoulders and gives her a playful shake as he speaks]

Don't make fun of our lead's delicate sensibilities there chobi, you weren't much better when you started with us either. [Turning to the camera he continues] I'm Valerio Giacosa, VG for short and I'm Argos 3. I hope to get along well with everyone but especially the lovely ladies of this new group to whom I think it would be incredibly unfair to deny the joy of my company...

Put a sock in it Macaroni! We haven't even been here for 3 hours yet and you're already trying to pick up every woman on base! Well I guess we can't expect anything more from a greasy playboy like yourself but please don't try to hijack the introductions!

Speaking of introductions.

Ah, and Venus graces us with her most beauteous voice

[Ignoring the jibe the blonde woman continues]

I'm 2nd Lieutenant Stella Bremer. I'm Argos 4 and I do hope you'll forgive the rather rambunctious nature of my comrades. They're animated but honestly quite harmless.

[As Stella smiles serenely Yuuya sighs and shakes his head before speaking.]

And this is exactly why I was against this idea Vincent. I'm sure Princess Yui is going to *LOVE* what this turned into when she sees it.

[With that the camera begins to pan a little unusually as it approaches Yuuya and then sweeps right to Tarisa and VG arguing while Stella stands to the side her hand covering a grin as she watches her team-mates bicker before cutting off.]

(Argos Flight can be reached by comm or will be around Alhambra to be tagged)


[As you walk through the hangers you hear an angry shout. As you turn to look you see a young Japanese woman walking away with a clipboard and Yuuya in his piloting suit looking particularly upset. As the woman exits the hanger Yuuya rounds on the machine he's standing next to and throws his fist into it with enough force for the impact to resound. From his lack of reaction you can assume it is at least somewhat hardened to impact though he looks up at your approach and speaks in a seething tone.]

Did you need something or are you just here to criticize my performance like Lt. Takamura?
It's a party! Cathy and Liz had their first real honest live-fire people-are-trying-to-kill-us-but-we're-alive deployment at Nora, and not only did they successfully not die, they even helped save the day! Setsuko likewise had her own professional debut in the field of not-dying during the hostage rescue! Good Idea Bear Cathy of course decided this calls for a night on the town. The Star Rose! Tourists, socialites, and Nora refugees looking to celebrate their own not-dying! Dinner! Drinks! Dancing! Young adults in high-risk professions bonding!

1. [semi-locked to invitees]
Setsuko seems the skittish sort, so Cathy's easing in to this with a simple meal in a nice restaurant - there are plenty of those in a location like the Star Rose! She's found a moderately classy Indonesian place, but not so classy as to throw off the mood for the rest of the evening she has planned. Of course, the more's the merrier, so she's sounded out a few other of the soldier types of drinking age in the Unity Group to come along!

[Please ping me if you want to be one of the people invited! Of course, you might still run in to the group regardless, here or in the second prompt.]

2. [free for all]
Food's good and all, but its real function is to give soakage for drinks and energy for dancing! Do you stick with the group as they hit the bars and clubs, or run in to them there?

3. [point and laugh]
The morning after the night before! Well, morning by the clock, anyway, even if they kind of blended together. Whoever've lasted through the night are making their way home, some with some practice, others stumblingly. Are you among them, or up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to mock their debauchery?

[Let's say this takes place after the Symphormers mission but before Macross. Continuity is flexible, so you can still be hungover for the latter, or not.]
1. [The safe harbor that Shu was referring to is a cave some distance away from the battle zone. There's ample space for everyone to store their machines, and necessities such as food and water are all available.

As you're getting accustomed to the layout however, a particular bird/familiar approaches you.]

So since Master isn't really himself right now, I owe you guys some explanations!

The most likely reason you've been brought to La Gias is a large-scale summoning spell. I've got no clue who the caster is, or why they did it, though.

If you've got any other questions, I can try to answer them.

[She does look a BIT more serious when it comes to the next part, however.]

...By the way, I noticed some of you recognize Master from before. Just letting you know that reminding him of the past all at once right now would be a baaad idea. That goes especially for some of you.


2. [It's not long afterwards that Shu can be found next to a VERY familiar looking device in one section of the cave. Those of you who have been with the Unity Group before would recognize this as a TSEN Device, but Shu looks confounded by its presence there...]


3. (Open)
[The combatants from the mission have returned! But since then, you might have gotten a glimpse of one of the new people who returned with them, or for something more obvious: that mecha in the hangar. Chika's advice about those memories of his has also spread one way or another, but it's not like you'd run into him a lot anyway.

Said person is regularly found in the records' rooms of the bases (or something equivalent like a library); suspiciously going through a small number of both written and digital documents. They're not top secret stuff, so he's not breaking any rules, but still...]


((OOC: Yes, this still takes place in La Gias for prompts 1 and 2, and is the explanation as to why everyone can go home so quickly. This way we won't get multiple posts of 'what now?'. Plus, this means our newly introduced player can go ahead and frontdate to after this event if he wants to make his own post.

OOC 2: Walt tag is for anyone from the mission to tag, enjoy.))
 1. [On a fine, clear day outside, music can be heard drifting through the air. The sound of a cello can be heard gently drifting through the air. If someone bothers to track it down, they'd find a beautiful, elegant-looking woman practicing on the instrument, while her maid stands nearby.]

Oh, good morning. Can I help you with something?

2. [Kanae's other main way to spend time early on? Shooting. Not at a firing range, either, but outside. She's shooting skeet, and any wildlife that happen to wander into her sight.]

You know Sayo, I don't think I'll ever get entirely used to guns...The noise, the smoke, that odd tingle that runs up your spine as the bullet slams into your target...

[BAM, down goes a bluebird.]
1. [video]
[After the formal announcement, a broadcast goes around the Unity Group's networks, flagged as to-whom-it-may-concern. The video's of a young woman, auburn-haired and early twenties, wearing a uniform which those versed in Spacenoid politics may recognize as belonging to the militia of Erewhon, a neutral scientific colony.]

Now that we're officially a team, I should say hello. Lieutenant Catherine Butler, with the Erewhon Colonial Defense Forces. My sister and I will be operating out of the Star Rose for the time being, at least until it's time for ground trials. It's our hope that the Rose, the mobile suit we're testing here, will be an able to support to you all.

I look forward to working with you, and I expect we'll see you around.

[Short and to the point - though if you want more detail, Cathy's online for responses.]

2. [video]
[Just after that first broadcast comes another, marked as related. The person in this video is a slightly younger-looking woman with long black hair, wearing civilian clothes and a less formal expression.]

Hello! I'm the sister Cathy mentioned. Elizabeth Butler, but you can call me Liz. I'm really looking forward to meeting and working with everyone!

I'm online a lot, so don't hesitate to get in touch. You might see some of my drones around, too, so wave if you do! I'm just a warrant officer, so there's no need to stand on ceremony, don't worry. And if you want to know more about the Rose, I'm always happy to show off!

[As with her sister's broadcast, Liz shows up as ready to respond.]

3. Star Rose hangar
If you find yourself physically visiting the Star Rose, you may see the pair working on their machine in the hangar! Or - well, no, you see Cathy, apparently alone, working on and around a bold red mobile suit. Technical types will note it's an unusual design, with many non-standard features of interest. Cathy's directing a team of technicians setting up the surrounding gear and maintenance infrastructure, and putting the MS through its paces in launch exercises.

And over the next few days, Cathy can be seen around and about not just the Star Rose but Sakihama and Alhambra too, clearly exploring. Checking out the hangars and machines, curiously investigating the living spaces and surroundings, and tucking in to whatever the staff recommend as the most distinctive local specialties in the mess halls.

[It's pretty late in the day, but there's still some activity in the hangar as a green unit is docked in one of the unoccupied stations.]

And...there! Good work, all of you; I'll take it from here. Thanks for the help!

[May waves over at the group of technicians, who either nod, give a thumbs up or wave back, and proceed to depart. They've got a lot of other things to do after all.

Soon enough, only the Lynx and her machine are left. She places a hand on her hip and looks up at Merrygate's mostly featureless head.]

Finally. Back to business as usual, then.




[May has continued to do what she's been doing in some of her spare time since she arrived: that is, checking out the wilderness surrounding Fort Alhambra. While she's outdoors, she's got a green long-coat on over her usual attire. Seems like the history of the place has drawn her here.]

So, this must be what they were talking about...

[Before her lies what looks like a gigantic piece of armor that was probably once part of a mecha. Goodness knows what it used to be attached to though, because exposure to the elements has reduced it to a large rusty piece of metal. There are probably more strewn across the area.]

[A few days before the Unity Group announcement, a knight-like machine enters Fort Alhambra. The pilot that emerges from the machine is a rather scruffy looking young man - who looks like he's been wearing the same jacket for years.]

Let me see if I remember how to do this...uh nice to meet everyone. My name is Willis Clades. I'm just a regular old merc who's been hired by the Unity Group. So yeah, I hope we'll be able to work together well in the future.


[Several days later, the real reason behind Willis joining the Unity Group was made clear. Willis can be found in the cafeteria with a mountain of empty plates piled on one side of him, full plates on the other. ]

Real food! No more scrounging or having to wash dishes for a meal. This is the best!