[The adventure was finally over. Loni... Gavin was gone. Though saddened, Volya eventually accepted that he had made his choice... and at the very least in the end he had finally grown up... for whatever good it did. Regardless though Volya was now left without a home with Project Unity now being decommissioned. Still... he was a resourceful kid and maybe with luck he'll be able to find a place to lay his head. Reluctantly though, the possibility of having to leave Sakihama and his friends - not just from Project Unity but also the ones he had made in school was both worrying and real to him. Yet as he walked the busy sidewalks of Sakihama City...]


[He found Interitus excitably chatting to an older woman at a cafe. At first Volya was a bit worried that something might have happened and made his way over to them with an apology on his lips... then as he got closer he began to notice things about this person... things that seemed so very familiar to his mind for the oddest reason...]

"Volya! Volya! Not going to believe it! Look!"

[Interitus is waving wildly before gesturing at the person with her. A soft, melodic chuckle emanated from the mystery woman who waved gently.]

Wh.... you.... You're...

[A finger was gently placed on his lips to shush him, a playful glint in her eyes.]
[While the tapestry fragments are being loaded up and some issues are sorted out (Mainly the knights doing their best to find a way to make up for the hurt they had caused the other revengers) Volya and Interitus can be found sitting at the foot of a tree along with David and Florian. Forgiveness is a difficult thing and Florian still felt anxious about the knights, at the very least he still took things to heart. The four seemed to be pondering the fate of the seeds left behind by the Black Garden as they regarded the cloudy skies.]

I don't think we should separate them... it... really doesn't feel right. We should try to grow them in the same place.

[Florian nods at that. It felt odd for him to be so at ease in this place... he hoped the others were alright.]

"I agree... but the question is where. Definitely not here..."

[David sits up a little as an idea occurs to him.]

"Maybe a greenhouse or- Oh! Volya! You've got a garden right? Maybe you can grow them there!"

[Interitus moves her arms to form a cross shape and lets out a noise of disagreement.]

"Thhhbhttttht! No! Bad David!"

"Wha- Why?"

"....Should put outside. Quiet. Not inside building. Let Garden have sun, wind... be among grass and trees."

"O...oh... yeah that... that makes sense."

[David sheepishly rubs the back of his neck as he lies against the tree again. A soft chuckle escaping Volya as he shakes his head at the pair.]

Well... we've got a lot of time to figure it out anyway...

[A soft murmur of agreement left the others before David pointed up at the sky.]

"That cloud kinda looks like a dog doesn't it?"

"It does.. a little. The ears seem a bit wrong though."

Maybe its like one of those tiny dogs with the big ears?


[The discussion devolved into cloud watching. The kids having a chance for a while to be kids again.]

[You're somewhere around one of the Unity Group bases when you hear several rapid footsteps of someone dashing around a corner and/or hiding behind something. You see Interitus looking around quizzically so one can assume that the person who made such a noise was probably Volya. Looking behind her partner's hiding place she's quickly pulling an arm into view.]

"Volya! Come on!"

'Teritus! No. I look ridiculous... how did I even let you talk me into this!

"Because we're partners and I saved your life a lot? Pleeeease. Show friend! They say you look good too!"

...Ugh... Fine!

[And out steps Volya in his school uniform. Nothing too unusual there. What was different though? Well Interitus in all her great...wisdom and the influence of the idea of Mizuki's Parents treating what would happen with their child to be much like something out of a TV show, the plant girl felt that Volya really did need to look the part of a mysterious transfer student. Thus...]

Be honest... I look ridiculous don't I?

[She managed to convince him to grow out his hair. In any case Volya looks seconds away from facepalming.]


[Meanwhile in one of the hangars there's the battered form of a Guiding Hand Defender being brought in. Interestingly its greatsword was replaced with an equally battered shield, though it lacked any sort of embellishment or hidden weapons.]

"Sir Nathaniel... I understand... you sent me this one out of all of them because you want me to build myself back up before I can do more... but..."

[David looks up at it, taking a deep breath and sighing as if tremendously disappointed somehow. Perhaps it was some complaint about how the machine was not powerful or unique...]

"You know I'm terrible at using shields right..?"

[But it was actually a slight on his own skills... or lack of thereof. He winces as his gaze trails to the shield covered in scratches and dents. He hangs his head with a tired sigh.]

"Back to practice then..."

[Normally when a kid gets back to whatever they were doing after a vacation its usually just piles of homework... griping about school and having to deal with the curriculum once more. Some kids however...]


[Have to deal with being hospitalized. Both Volya and Interitus were left badly injured when they battled the Guardian of the Last Seal. Not long after fishing the Russian kid from her, Interitus had somehow shapeshifted into her smaller form. A reflex or something else it was hard to say. Either way both of them are in the infirmary being tended to and it might be a while before they wake up.]


"T... they're going to be okay right? They have to be... right?!"

[And who's close by but David, looking on the verge of freaking out due to the fact that this... or worse would have happened had the knights had their way. And being up close to this made everything worse for him.]


[There's a weak groan from one of the pair. A whimper of pain as an attempt to sit up was made and red eyes rushed around the room fearfully. Dark. Silent. Partner. Where. Pain. Cold. Lonely. Notagain.]

[Making a late night visit to Volya and Interitus would lead to the sound of several somethings clattering to the floor. Opening it to quickly check on them, you would find Volya had struggled out of his cot and into Interitus' and had knocked several things over in the process due to being pretty hurt himself. He was crying pretty hard as he clung to his still unconscious partner like a drowning man clings to a life preserver.]


The evening after Halloween, while a spooky atmosphere still fills the air, Dido Sybil invites her friends, allies and workmates to a campfire cookoff in the little forest by Saikhama base.

Together, the party builds a merrily crackling fire in a stone-ringed pit. Hot Dogs and Marshmallows are toasted on sticks and harmonicas are played.

As the sun recedes behind the trees, and shadows gather around the flickering campfire, Dido pulls out a flashlight and shines its beam under her chin.

"Gather round, gather round," she proclaims in a gravely voice. "Don't stray from the light, for we're going tell spooky stories tonight–!"

In a more cheerful voice, she continues: "So who wants to go first?"


Eventually, it's Dido's turn. "As bizarre as it sounds," she says, "this is a true story."

Dido clears her throat. "When I was a child, I lived in a skyscraper, a mansion of glass and steel run by my mother. Back then, mom was always flying off to business meetings in the Sprawl or working late hours in the office, so I spent a lot of time alone. Whenever I got restless, I'd explore the skyscraper, wandering up and down stairs, poking my head into various rooms, riding up and down the dumbwaiters. The skyscraper was huge, and I rarely ever ran into anyone."

Dido pauses for effect. "One night, I was walking down a hallway...and realized I was being followed by a blue ball..."


[Tell your own spooky campfire tale here! It can be a classic spine-tingler featuring psychopaths who leave hooks dangling on car doors, or something from your character's childhood or unique folklore tradition?]
[It went without saying that the moment the pair got back to Sakihama after the debacle in Malaysia, Volya and Interitus were completely wiped from the battle physically and emotionally. Both were curled up on a sofa, the former still feeling the phantom pains of the latter who looked battered, bruised and burned. And to top it all off...]


[Volya promptly let out several coughs, hacking up something unpleasant into a tissue and tossing it into a pile before weakly groping close by for a bottle of water.]

"Told Volya should have worn mask."

[The Haze has claimed yet another victim.]

[Despite the situation escalating several times due to a number of curveballs, the hostages were rescued. While its hard to say that they were at one hundred percent due to rough treatment by some of the knights, they are in one piece. Not only that but returning right off the battlefield was Volya. He was a little shaky on his feet, no doubt to some rough treatment of his own as well as battle fatigue. You can definitely spot the cuts and bruises from both. He regards you with a half-there smile filled with anxiety.]

Hey... uh... Thanks...I... I heard de Sayard mention the hostages were safe... I'm glad... I...

[He chews his lip, unable to meet your gaze for any longer and lowering his sights to the floor.]

...I'm sorry for running off... for not saying anything...  I just... I'm sorry...

[While there is things he has to apologize for, is this really the time to chew him out given how many times he could have died out there? Maybe? Possibly? In all honesty its up to what you have to say to him.]

Damnit David under the Cut )

Heph's Fault under the Cut )
Suddenly, every single screen in Unity Group bases shows the same thing at once. Or rather, the same person.

"Can you hear this? Of course you can. Unity Group - ones who chose to shelter the unholy child who will bring forth the end of the world. Chose to, but not for much longer."

The camera moves away from the leader of the Knights of the Guiding Hand, to show something else.

"I will make it simple. I offer you an ultimatum - either you handle Volya Alkaev willingly and peacefully, or..."
That something being Sarah's son - Jacob. He looks scared and his body is bruised, it's obvious that he was handled roughly recently. Doubly obvious because a broken-horned Lilica is standing behind him, holding him down in place with a grip so strong her fingernails draw blood against his skin.
"Sarah Daniel's son dies. And he is not an only one. There are others, awaiting your decision. Who are they? I know not, nor care not. You were the ones who pushed us to such desperate measures, Unity Group. Do as I say, or their blood will be on your hands."

"I expect a response in less than a day."

Coming soon... (In a new post actually)

[Well. They did it. The Kijin Emperor is dead. Permanently. He will never again threaten mankind. And all it took was for Seta to die. A fair price. One life to save many others from a threat that could possibly keep coming back. An acceptable sacrifice in the eyes of those more militarily minded and are used to the brutal calculus of warfare.]

[Not so much for the thirteen year old who just lost another person who he looked up to. Someone who saved his life. As he slipped free from a tremendously battered and wingless Interitus he screams. Hurt, lost, angry. Interitus tries to reach out to him but simply has her head which had drawn close to the young russian repeatedly shoved and kicked.]


[Interitus backs away. While this didn't harm her physically she pulled back as if burned and huddled against a wall.]


[ Being told by them that they were going to die... he tried to accept it... but both times... both times they came so close to the hope of being saved... only to be torn away...]


[And just like that he runs away from the hangar leaving a miserable creature to bleed in the hangar.]

[Approach Interitus?]

[Anyone who would even bother looking for him would find him at a tiny area in Sakihama not too dissimilar to Ken's handbuilt gym. If anything it answered a question as to where he may have been keeping his gardening skills sharp. There were several flowers growing. Some blooming, some not. Either way Volya simply sits among them, legs pulled up to his chest. No tears being shed, simply just being too tired to even cry.]

[It was his own little haven. One he was embarrassed to have had his school friends find when they went looking for him. The same friends who had told you exactly where it was when they tried to call Volya, only to have him scream at them to leave him alone and sent the phone sailing into a wall.]

[He doesn't acknowledge your presence. Rather. He refuses to. He simply holds on tighter to himself and presses his head to his knees.]

Leave me alone... Just... just leave me alone...

[Not too far from Fort Alhambra is Interitus. In a long trail torn through the ground. Apparently Volya's escape was one that lacked quite a bit of grace. Not too far from the plant creature itself was Volya, shaking heavily as he cried. Clearly hearing David scream out in pain like that was quite a bit too much for him to handle. Even if David was trying to kill him, a small part of Volya still saw him as a friend. He still remembered the good times back home before all of this. Everything hurt, between the hits Interitus took and the strain he felt from everything he was too out of it to notice if anyone had arrived. Interitus on the other hand did and looked to them, whining softly. Clearly she was unable to get Volya out of this state.]
[So.  Even though SolSavior's second encounter with SolEraser didn't go as well as everyone would've liked, it still had a perfectly good showing against the Lady's Good Men without falling apart or anything.  So clearly things were in the clear, right?  Wrong.  A new group of mechanics have come in from Solaris, performing more work on the DuskBird.  And Mizuki's getting in a heated discussion with her father.]

- But the last time we formed there wasn't any problem!  And for that matter the time we broke down it took me using the Sol Salvation and drawing out all of my-

That doesn't mean the threat's not there.  After we heard from Ken's parents about how that second battle against SolEraser went, we got worried.  Started looking more closely at the data gathered from when the DuskBird combines with the other machines.  And Mizuki, I'm... sorry.  Nobody was blind to the risks of mixing Sol and Void energy together, but what we say, it's... this is...

...... Dad......

Don't lose your nerve here.  You were supposed to be my adviser.

... As you say.  Very well then.

The findings, needless to say, were not heartening.  Sol and Void energies are contradictory, we've always known that since the earliest days of our conflict.  And having a machine draw on both would be like have an individual with both forces flowing in their veins.  If it could've been done safely that would've been one thing, but... our hopes were ill-placed.  The energies are in conflict, forcing each other below a certain threshold lest they destroy SolSavior... and what you experienced during your second battle against SolEraser was the result of you trying to push past that.

And that's just the machines themselves.  Flesh and blood aren't as easily mended as servos and conduits.  This isn't something that can just be powered through either; when one burns a hand it doesn't become more resistant to flames for the next encounter.   Just now you called me your adviser... so please heed my advice: your last combination didn't lead to tragedy, yes, but if you continue one of them will.  Or your bodies may fail you in between battles without warning.

But Dad... after that incident we've all pressed on and are doing fine.  It's not as if we're doubling over with pain or-

And that's exactly it!  We don't want that happening period!  Salanshiel, myself, Director Harper, Ken's parents, everyone!

[There's a pause as Zangango collects himself again.]

I'm sorry for that outburst, but it's true.  The deaths of the Balmung Team hang over Solaris's heads, even your mother's and mine.  I wouldn't be a good father if I just let this run the risk of happening.  So...

You're... not going to make us stop piloting, are you?

No, but we're not going to let the three of you pilot a ticking time bomb.  Not when it's endangered all three of you once already.  That's what they-

[He gestures at the mechanics.]

-Are there for.  SolSavior cannot be treated as a reliable weapon because... it isn't.  It never was, and we were well-intentioned but naive and unaware of the dangers it could pose.  Forming it now will require two overrides... one from Director Harper and one from the Unity Group's higher-ups... and only in times of absolute need where its strength would make the difference between life and death.

Please understand, Mizuki.  It's bad enough worrying some times when you're fighting out there.  It's another thing entirely knowing that SolSavior could wind up killing you.

... I'm sorry.

[Mizuki has no words for her father.  Just a nod and resting a hand on his shoulder to show that she'll comply.  But when she looks back up at the DuskBird and its Sol-aligned companion mechs...]

... Ten years supporting each other and still this happens...

[And thus she storms off.  Wouldn't this just be delightful news for Sara with all her talk of the limitations of heroes?]
[Well with Christmas coming its going to look like Volya's got plenty of time off from school. He's going to have a chance to hang around with the Student's Comparative Defensive Theology Study Group outside of a schooltime environment and possibly have some fun. Yet when he comes back from classes he seems a little disbelieving before he walks up to you.]

I know you're probably busy but... could you help me and my friends out? The Home Ecc. Teacher and the Baking Club dragged us into the School's Christmas Time Competitive Bake Sale since the people who usually help them went off early for the holidays...

[He shuffles anxiously in place.]

[2] [The Bake Sale] [Mingle Post...?]

[Well things went smoothly at Volya's school. The bake sale proceeded as planned. Food was sold, a good time to be had by all. Cheerful faces of parent, teacher and child. Buuuut... all good things have to come to an end. As the event came to a close and even after the food that was set aside for donation was sent off... there was still quite a lot left over... which led to...]


[Within moments all sorts of pastries were flying across the air. Nobody is sure who threw the first cake/pie/what have you. But all that can me acknowledged is the complete and utter chaos the schoolyard had become. Not even the teachers or even the principal were spared from the baked warfare happening right now! And it certainly goes without saying that the volunteers and idling visitors would be drawn in as well.]


[Covered with powdered sugar, jams, chocolate and who knows what other confections Volya slowly dragged himself through Sakihama in a trail of exhaustion. He then took a moment to look up at Interitus who was trying to get his attention.]


[Volya rubs his eyes. Slowly.]

Does.... does anyone else see this...?

[Interitus was sitting happily in the hangar, wrapped in tinsel and having all sorts of ornaments and candy canes hanging off of her. Somehow pasted on her snout was a shiny golden star usually saved for the top of a christmas tree.]


[Comment on this insanity before you?]


[With the aftermath of the recent mission it seems that Interitus has undergone something of a transformation. It was horrifying now to be sure and looked even more monstrous than before. One would shudder to think what this beast is and will be capable of. Volya just managed to pull himself out of his partner and had been stumbling about before turning to regard her in shock.]


[His voice was almost frightened as she rose slightly. It was more than twice its original size, not counting the wingspan. Even at rest it towered over him... moreso than it did before. Then it gently bumped him over with the snout on its now differently formed head, causing the young Russian to yelp as he fell over. His everything was feeling extremely weak after the both of them completely lost it because of Zeig.]



[He lets out a weak chuckle and hugs his partner as well as their differing sizes could allow.]

...'m not scared of you... just a little worried is all... glad you're still the same you.

[2] [Dated to a few days after Universal Care]

[Due to a case of exhaustion, Volya was unable to attend classes. This naturally made more than a few members of the Student's Comparative Defensive Theology Club quite worried as well as curious. So in order to find out more... they stalked Ken from school, to his personal gym in the place they nicknamed the 'abandoned buildings' district right back to Sakihama. Needless to say, this led to a few things. Like Volya having to drag himself out of bed to see his wayward friends who were no doubt caught by someone and need him to confirm their identities.]


[This face. Just this face.]

[Its around the afternoon when green smoke rises from the top of the roof of Volya's school. Now if everyone remembers correctly, this was the smoke pellet for 'Get me out of here, something crazy is happening. In fact it was coming out in intervals until it terminated into a massive green cloud meaning Volya used up ALL his green smoke pellets in a frenzy. Whatever was happening really must have freaked him out. When you find him he was pacing rapidly, fidgeting and fumbling before rushing over to you - grabbing you by the arms.]

I followed Asagi's advice to start my own club and try make it something no one else would join.

[He pulls out a paper with a nigh panicked look in his face. 'Student's Comparative Defensive Theology Study Group'. There was his name. Then at least slightly more than a dozen more names added to it as well.]

Some of these guys came from the OTHER CLUBS! I've got the heads of those ones out for my blood!

Help. Me.

(Choose between talking with Teach or calming down Volya.)
[Whether or not you were one of the people who answered Volya's panicked summons or were simply there to hang around, a teacher waves you over.]

"Pardon, but you are an acquaintance of Volya's? Could you take this note to his guardians for me? Its regarding the upcoming parent teacher conference. Normally we would pass these notes to the students themselves but.... he's been looking rather stressed lately and I didn't want him to worry."



[Volya is now in full panic mode.]

3) [Day of the PT Conference]
[The Volunteers in question sat across the Teacher who looked somewhat... curious? Perturbed? Unsure. Either way they start off slow.]

"So.... you are Volya-san's guardians?"

[Just how bad is this going to go?]


[After the fight Volya wasn't in any condition to go visit anyone. Severe exhaustion, mental fatigue, trauma, phantom pains. Suffice to say he was curled up tightly in the infirmary and doing his best to sleep off most of it. Of course given what had happened back there, even if he managed to break out with the power of friendship... seeing his uncle... his parents die like that was a pretty jarring sight. One his brain played back to him that sent him springing awake with a sharp gasp, shaking pretty badly.]

...Uncle Sergei... Mom... Dad...

[He sits up and backs into the pillow and the head-railing of the gurney and pulls his knees to his face - hugging his legs tightly. It was sinking in pretty heavily that he no longer had a home and furthermore...]

...That assignment is due tomorrow too...

[He sighs tiredly.]


[And on the flip side of things Interitus is curled up in the hangar looking like a complete mess. Vines were cut and scorched or otherwise looked like they were hit by a sand blaster, one of the massive fang filled shoulder plates was busted open and there were cracks all over what armor Interitus did have. The creature was snoring placidly, though the heavily damaged mouth was moving as if it were breathing. Maybe it was. Thanks to Desta's actions we all know they were functional.]


[It perks up, just a little like a sedated puppy when you pass by. Its featureless head watching you as it drug itself over slowly and labourously before just lying there in front of you.]

[1 - locked to one very specific person]

At the Knights of the Guiding Hand headquarters...

Read more... )


"The Lady's Good Men are operating in eastern Europe. Apollonius Gavin's group has detected them and are further investigating on location."

Suddenly out of nowhere, a transmission from Major Ingram Plisken.

"I want you to go there and reinforce them. Gavin managed to destroy a cell single-handedly, but it was a small one. He's not the kind to evade detection, which means the Good Men will be expecting trouble. I don't trust him and his friends to be able to handle this. That's where Unity Group steps in. Find the Good Men' base of operations, defeat or capture as many of them as possible, and see what else can you learn."

Several maps flicker on the screens. Volya may find one of them showing a very familiar area...

Scouting rural Russian regions may bring you to a special place from Volya's past. Of course there is a likelihood of a trap since other interested parties may know of it too (hopefully excluding the knights who hunt him down), so an advance guard was decided on to look around and see if there's an ambush lying in wait.

You are a part of the advance guard and fortunately, there was no ambush. There is only a small town, where one of the buildings houses a certain individual.

"So you're Unity Group, right? Thanks for taking care of my nephew."

Says the local shopkeep, Sergei Sokolov. Also, Volya's uncle.

[4, for Volya and people who decided to accompany him, one thread only please]
So the area is clear and Volya can come in to visit his whole surviving family (one person). But Sergei's apartment is eerily quiet... is everything alright? Did he just walk out for a second?

[Volya sighs as he shuffles towards the school anxiously. Tugging at the strap of his bag he glanced around at the pairs and groups that were drifting into the building, chattering away in Japanese so fast he could barely understand. As he looks up to take in the building as a whole he only has one thing to say.]

This is going to suck...



[And suck it did, Volya had a LOT to deal with.... for one thing all the writing was in Kanji... which was like alien space writing to him since he never learned it. Then there was the Lunch break rush.... good lord, that was horrible. If it were any worse he'd be suffering PTSD from the havoc of it all..... at the very least he got something to eat, nevermind people just kept looking at him in shock due to the infamy of the food he managed to get his hands on (that or the large amount of it he nabbed).]

[Either way he was sprawled at his desk, head laying on his arm as he grumbled in his mother tongue to himself, thankful that it was still break time. Occasionally he'd glance out of his little 'isolation zone' to his classmates. Some were giving him looks of suspicion or annoyance, things he's used to. Others though... they were looking at him weird, including a lot of the girls in his class. It never occured to him that he was more or less a mysterious transfer student, and that kind of thing usually draws a hell of a lot of attention here.]


[Volya slowly dragged himself to whatever passed for a lounge at Sakihama base, crashing on a sofa with a grumble.]

Join a club... which club? Practically every single one was trying to drag me in. Why do I even have to?

[And it was true really, as the day ended members of several of the clubs present in the school were hoping to get the Mysterious Newbie to join them, hoping he was some kind of miracle person. Then they found out about each other and argued. A lot. In the end Volya snuck off with far too many choices and an application form he'd rather give to Interitus to play with.]

This is so so stupid...


[Volya sighs as he shuffles around the hospital, looking over his shoulder anxiously. He wasn't that comfortable, even if he had people in the Unity group with him - it wasn't fear of the knights though... rather some rough times he had. That and his mother's corpse being wheeled away after her treatments went bad. His hand brushed along where he got his vaccination shot, fingers twitching over the band aid and resisting the urge to rub at the sore spot. He takes a seat next to his chaperone for the day with a glum look on his face. A pair of staff are chatting close by.]

"Its looking pretty bad here, the kid's gonna make it sure - but what he's got? Its going to mark him for the rest of his life. "

"I know, poor guy. Heard that this thing got pretty bad in Russia. Between the weather there and just how much this thing pulled them down? It got lethal."

"They came up with a treatment for it I heard."

"With a fifty percent fatality rate. Admittedly a blood transfusion from someone that lived through it could work but that's a small list."

[As the two continued to converse, Volya's head lifts up as recognition sparks in his eyes, he knows that disease that's being discussed. He bit his lip and glanced to his side. Should he get involved? Probably... probably not but-]

"So... who's gonna let his mother know her kid's going to have to spend the rest of his life a mess because of this?"

"Not me that's for sure..."

[Needless to say THAT got his attention as he got up from his seat.]

[2] [Locked to one particular person]

Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow...

[Volya was cringing and feeling more than a little woozy after things were done. He really REALLY hated needles. Still... though... as he sat in the room with the person he helped he honestly felt a little better... emotionally. Everything else still stung like hell. He managed a small grin at the blonde boy in the bed and gave a thumbs up.]

Feeling better?


[Well after that gigantic mess people would find a large plant beast dragging itself into the Hangar at Sakihama before finding an empty spot to lie down like an oversized, lazy and rather ugly dog. It smelled slightly of burnt plant when one got too close to it. There was a slight shuffling noise before its torso opened and disgorged a stumbling Volya - who was kept from falling when a few vines caught him by the mid-section and righted him.]


[The vines retracted slowly as the beast's torso closed up once more like a flower blooming in reverse as a low noise rumbled out from it.]

-Geez... I.. I'm fine. Really... just a little dizzy. You're going to be okay here... right?-

[Another rumbling as its head perks up and tilts slightly.]

-No I don't need anything... you just get some rest you big goof.-

[Volya rolls his eyes before he places a hand on the beast's head. He sighs tiredly before noticing you were there and letting out a yelp and falling over, babbling in russian before finally managing to remember to speak something else.]

A..ah... sorry... didn't see you there...


[With Volya now a resident at Sakihama base it was time for him to get acclimated. And by that I mean stuff his face. He's got a lot of food with him and if what some people had seen back at the food lines was any indicator, the kid was really hungry and wasn't at all picky about what he ate and he looked like he wasn't going to stop anytime soon, of course he freezes and sets down his spoon a little anxiously when he notices your look.]

Is it really okay for me to eat this much?

[Sure Willis said so, but Volya wanted to be careful not to annoy anyone and... another thought occurs to him.]

And... er... I'm... not going to have to go to school here am I? I... can't read Japanese...


[And with all the above said and done, Volya finally finds his way to his room. A bed. With blankets. And a place with running, heated water. Again. He's been without these for months and its right now that he realized just how much he missed these apparently simple things as he literally makes a dash and dives onto his bed, bouncing up once with a short, happy laugh before just burying himself in it. Then it just turns into a soft and discomforted sigh.]


[They were probably going to make him fight. And then the knights were still after him. And David. And his Uncle Sergei...]

-mh...said it before and I'll say it again... I'd pass over adventure for a quiet day.-

[1] [During the mission 'An Awesome Prayer is Conflict With Us']

[PRAYER attacks, people panic. Police Machines go berserk. People Panic. The Evacuation has been hitting several snags and in the process was one kid in particular who didn't look very much like a local and was frantically trying to find his way through the scrambling mass of people trying to get to safety before he ended up tripping and crashing into the ground and whimpering panickedly in what appeared to be Russian of all things.]

-Why is this happening... what did I do to deserve this?!-

[He flinched as he got to his feet, holding the side of his head and looking around in a panic as the sounds of fighting were most definitely audible over the evacuating civvies.]

S..someone? Help... please!

[He's in over his head and has no idea what the hell he's supposed to do here.]

[2] [Some time after the mission.]

[With the PRAYER destroyed and Shaft sealed life slowly begins to return to normal despite several buildings needing repairs. For those who have lost their homes and livelihoods, the city is providing for them with food and shelter. As you pass by one such place though...]

Look... we're just five people away from the front, can't you guys wait a little?

"Out of the way you filthy gaijin punk! This food is for people that actually live in this city, not some worthless runt like you!"

[It seemed that there was a smaller kid being hassled by a group of local teenagers who were trying to force him out of the line. He was shoved jabbed and insulted but merely had a look on his face that this was clearly nothing new to him and he just sighed.]

Thirty three...

"Are you listening to me you little white haired freak?! I said out of the way!"


"The hell are you even counting for?!"

Just about the number of braincells you probably have right now. I'd say you're on the level of a concussed goldfish right about now. and starting to go to comatose pebble.

"KISAMAAAAA!" * (Translator's note: Kisama means Yatsu)

[And he's picked up by his collar very easily, punched in the stomach and shoved into a garbage can with a crash. He barely manages to keep from falling over and looks at the line and- it had just tripled in size. And his new 'friends' were laughing and making vulgar gestures at him and telling him to take his filthy foreign garbage ass to the back of the line. It was at this point he heroically... chose to fall backwards into the pile of trash that had spilled out with his impact to its container and not bother to get up. He ignores the insistent growl of his stomach as he sighs.]

-Now all it needs is rain and it'd be another perfect day.-

[He grumbles bitterly and sadly as he looks up at the sky.]