[Setsuko didn't feel good recently. What happened to Team Jelba struck too close home. Devoid of energy, she sits at her terminal, idly clicking while seemingly performing research.]

Hey there, Team Leader. Working hard?

[Look who's there.]

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star_of_sad: (Blushing)
([personal profile] star_of_sad Sep. 7th, 2014 12:44 am)
I almost can't believe it. No, no, that's all wrong. I knew it all along. I knew Toby, I mean lt Watson, was safe.

[Despite all the dramatic circumstances that happened lately, Setsuko acts really happy and glad. It's like if a great weight was taken off her body and troubled mind.]

Good to be back, Unity Group. I bet everyone's wondering what I've been up to lately, right?

After the La Gias tragedy, I woke up in headquarters of some people. They call themselves Chimera, and it looks like they're interested in gathering information and distributing it for good of mankind, this kind of stuff. This is why they knew about Asakim.

They told me to keep my head down if I'm to find him - and looks like it worked. I told one of them, really nice guy, about Unity Group. They knew about us already of course, but that one guy promised he'll get in contact soon. So yeah, that's pretty much it.


We had time to talk, Setsuko and I. I know what heppened to her, and to Chief. Asakim Dowen got away this time, acting like that Patulia thing was enough to take us down. It wasn't, and the next time we meet...