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Somebody's been thinking deeply, on and off, ever since her last deployment. The one where half her mech got blown up and she didn't land a single hit on her opponent. It's the kind of thing that sticks with you. It doesn't come up again until one of those late nights, when Suma's off duty and drinking heavily. Like she tends to do.

"It's a fine puzzle, isn't it? War God Number 02. What kind of strategy do you use against someone who knows your next move the moment you do?"

Drink. "She may be the worst possible match for me. I've no skill with clouding my thoughts, and unless I can figure out some sort of trick, I'll never get close enough to turn it into a close-range fight, where I'd be at the advantage. Still, I'll certainly see her again, and don't plan on dying when it happens."

Drink, bitter laugh. "And then there's still the Pharaoh beyond her. And beyond him, a hundred new foes emerging in this new age of warfare. Even after coming so far, the mountain I climb continues to rise to unfathomable heights!"
Not long after returning from the mission, Suma is in a lounge, with a bottle of wine in one hand. She said that she would tell her story, so here she is. She takes a long, deep drink straight from the bottle before she begins.

"Once upon a time, there was a fool and a pharaoh. The pharaoh made a wager with the universe that mankind's nature was to wage eternal war, with peace naught but a passing distraction. With his power, he raised an army of ninety-nine gods of war, cursed to a life of unending warfare. The fool murdered the last, and became a war god herself."

"Whenever a war god dies in battle, the pharaoh replaced them. Whenever a war god chose a life of peace, their gifts vanished, and upon their death they could not be replaced. However, such was their ferocity that none turned away from the path of bloodshed for centuries. The fool was among the worst of them, killing for the joy of it for many years."

"Then, one day, the fool realized that, for all her enjoyment, the war gods brought with them nothing but misery wherever they went, a plague upon the world. So, she decided to get rid of them. One by one, she fought them, defeated them, and forced them to forsake war or die. Over thousands of years, she thinned the ranks of the war gods. Many chose death over peace. They were replaced, and their replacements met the same fate. Four thousand years after the journey began, five war gods remained - the fool, the pharaoh, and three in between."

"I am Suma. I lost this eye killing the original War God No. 99. It is now my title. I will continue to fight until none remain."

Another long drink. Until none remain - she counted herself among them, too.

"Njall, will you tell your tale as well, or shall it wait for another day?"
[That helpful fellow from the mission at the mysterious dome is at Sakihama now! In a cell. Shackled. Under guard and extensive surveillance. Negotiations between Dr. Saotome and the several groups interested in throwing the guy into a deep, dark hole and letting him rot are ongoing.

So yeah, he tried to steal the Getter and attack Saotome Labs as a distraction to cover his escape - while everyone else was already dealing with the dead and wounded from the bizarre flesh-doppelgangers' attack. And yeah, even before that his terrorist squad killed several guards on their way up the mountain to raid the Labs. And yeah, if you have any access to official security memos or the like, you may be aware that said raid was the culmination of a campaign that started with radicalizing a fair chunk of a university campus and led through multiple bombings and an attack on a government ministry in which many public servants were gunned down in cold blood - and one of his own subordinates was left behind with life-threatening injuries and most of his face missing.

But surely an eloquent appeal to common decency and human compassion will set him straight!]
As the mission ended, Suma took an interest in a certain person by the name of Genjurou. Rather than head back directly to the UG base, she got him to agree to a sparring match, fist to fist, not to be satisfied until she stood triumphant or lacked the strength to stand at all.

Which is why when she did come back, it was several hours late, and she looked like someone had run her over with a train made out of fists. As she limped back to the housing area, she stopped occasionally to catch her breath or laugh like a maniac.

"Oh, what an era to be living in, with warriors such as these!"

Amidst all of the people bringing their mechs to base, here's someone who isn't! An enormous woman approaches on foot, by way of the seedy cover hotel on top of the base proper. Slung over one shoulder is a backpack containing most of her worldly possessions, and on the other shoulder is what appears to be an authentic medieval claymore.

Once she's on the campus, Suma gives the scenery a critical look. "Not exactly what you'd expect a haven for heroes of battle to look like, is it?"


Later the same day, her things now stashed in her spartan bedroom, Suma has found the real point of interest of Sakihama Base: The hangar. Let's have a look at what we have to look forward to, yes?

Not having even it up the mess hall yet, Suma goes from mech to mech at a leisurely stroll spending a couple minutes taking each one in. Without any engineering knowhow, she doesn't have much to go on besides intuition to get an idea for how each one fights, but even so, she can't help but imagine each one in action, as an ally or an enemy. For the first time in years, she's feeling the thrill of diving into a new kind of battle, surrounded by cutting-edge weapons the likes of which the world has scarcely seen.

Between mechs, she scans the hangar for people, but the engineers and technicians going to and fro don't hold any interest for her - the pilots of these mechs, however, may prove a different story.

[[After she finishes with Sakihama Base, she'll be checking out the hangars at Alhambra and Star Rose, just in case anyone wants a thread but isn't stationed at this base!]]