[Meanwhile, at the same moment as the announcement from Unity, a male student stands at attention in front of his teacher. The teacher’s eye twitches as she stares at his even, unpanicked expression. Did this kid even feel sorry about what he had done?!]

“…and then you somehow set off an explosion in the gymnasium.”

“Actually it was nothing more than a diversion. The structural integrity of the school’s athletic center was in no danger due to my actions.”

[The teacher stares in shock.] “What is it with you kids and your war games?!”

“I assure you ma’am. There are no games here.”

[Sousuke sits in bush, watching the girl’s softball practice with an intense stare on his face. He seems to be wearing camo paint over sections of his face.]

“This is Uruz 7. Subject is in sight. I’m keeping surveillance.” [Sousuke speaks quietly into his ear piece.]

“Roger, Uruz 7. You hear the broadcast? Unity is finally operating.”

“Is that so?” [Sousuke whispers into his headset, still intensely watching the softball team from the “safety” of the bushes.]