I think that's enough for now, you two.

[Project Unification wasn't the only one to fight the Lost Seekers, obviously. Setsuko met some (alternate universe versions of) old friends during the fight at Sakihama - the Glory Stars are reunited again! And now, they return from mobile suit training, just like old times. But unlike old times, it's not Denzel who is the non-sweaty one...]

Glory Star shenanigans )


[Somehow, the training she had with Glory Stars put Setsuko in a pensive mood, and now she's pondering things over a sweets-and-drinks celebration.]

The Sphere...

Edel is stopped, Asakim is dead, but the Sphere is still active. I can feel its power even now, feeding on despair.

[That the cake in front of Setsuko tasted mostly like nothing is proof of that. Her taste has yet to return.]

But... we won't just succumb to it, right? I know everyone, I know you won't. Even as the Lady is trying to make this world hers, we'll see this through to the end. We'll come out on the other side, looking forward to a better tomorrow.

And, I will too.
(BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_lpRXzjSwA)
[The Chimera are no more. Their massive force is beaten, Asakim has finally been killed for real, and the driving force behind it all - Jii Edel, has been cast out. And now, the one pilot who was in the epicenter of it all, constantly harassed and tormented just to awaken her Sphere... Setsuko Ohara has no more strength to do anything but sit under the Virgola, staring up at the peaceful night sky.]

It's over, it's finally over. Jii Edel mentioned so much, Black History... it looks like alternate universes weren't faring much better than this one. And, it looks like I played right into Asakim Dowen's hands all along. To think all he really wanted was to die...


But it's all over now. That... that's all that matters.

[Unable to control herself, Setsuko cries tears of relief.]
A trap, isn't it...

[Setsuko is resting somewhere on the Chimera battleship, a sweet bun in her hands. It still tastes like nothing, because of the Sphere, which does not make her any happier. Not that she doesn't have bigger things to worry about.]

The Cambio Protocol will try to surround us and wipe us out. They'll probably bring in whatever allies they can find...

Call it intuition if you have to, but Asakim Dowen will be there. I know it.


[She recalls everything the Black Stranger did - how he killed her friends, tormented her. How he tried his hardest to save the world from an ancient god...]

I'm sorry Leos. It felt nice to do something for everyone but in the end...

In the end some people I just can't forgive. I still want vengeance.

[The revelation, Asakim being alive... this is too much for Setsuko. She feels exhausted and worn out, physically and mentally. She really needs rest, but first - a pick me up. There was a candy bar stashed away exactly for times like these.]


[It's dropped to the floor after a single bite. And Setsuko is scurrying the place in search for something, anything edible to put in her mouth. But regardless what she finds, it all feels the same...]

It tastes like... nothing.

I can't taste it.

What's going on? The Sphere, awakened? What does that mean?

What has happened to me?
Worst enemy mankind has ever known? Do you realize what you're saying? Don't you know what horrible people Earth used to have around in history? Some are still here even nowadays...

[Setsuko slouches in front of her comfort dessert, barely avoiding splatting into it.]

Leos... you have no idea what you're doing. Your plan is stupid and makes no sense.

And... and we will show you exactly how wrong you are.
[1] [Postmission]
[The situation was resolved. What was left of the Organization known as Scylla and Charybdis was being apprehended. Their underground base was in ruins and their ties to the Ebon Court were all but destroyed given the events in the tunnels. Not only that but they also managed to get the third key.]

[Yet despite this Calvin remains silent as he looks up at his battered Genoace. Shield cleaved, guns dented and its knife bloodied. There was clearly something bothering him as his gaze now turned to the recovered artifact. A rusted and very horrifically painful looking knife. Rather than speaking though, the air around the knife just seemed to have the faint scent of blood along with somehow making the air around it sound sharp as impossible as it was.]

Do you ever get the feeling that there's more to a story than you think you know?

[2] [Some time later]

[Calvin's out in town, with coffees in a cardboard carrying tray in hand as he walked down a row of shoplots. Somehow he didn't notice you at all as he kept moving through the area, moving to the older section of the lots and standing in front of one place in particular. From the looks of the place it was a magic shop. Not one of those places that sold stage magician tricks, but one that actually catered to people with a certain set of beliefs. Or in Calvin's case a certain level of wariness for things that people believed in.]

[He lingers at the entrance, trying to compose himself a little as he stared at the door. For a while he looked a little unsure about entering.]

[He still hasn't noticed you either. Try to get his attention?]


What- no!  No!


[Flit can be found by a television which has been set to the news... announcing an unprecedented peace negotiation.  Two men are center stage, one the ESUN member Froi Olfenoa, while the other...]

"It is time to set aside the hostilities we have had for countless decadesI am not blind to the actions of my people, nor the fact that our hardline efforts have done nothing but cost more lives.  It is clear now that for us to survive, there must be change and humility to recognize and repent for our crimes.  And that is why I am here now... in the hopes we can end this tragedy that has already taken far too many lives."

[The other speaker, a man in ridiculous, bizarre clothing, is identified as Fezarl Ezelcant... the leader of the Vagans.]



[There's more talk between the two about mending the rifts between Earth and the failed colonization program, but Flit's had more than enough and ends up storming off...]


[Later, Flit's in the hangar.  Looking over the AGE-1, looking at its accompanying device, looking at the Builder...]


The SSR somehow getting the designs was one thing, but if the information is leaked to the Vagans...

1. [Slightly backdated]

[It's been a while since both Strahlend and Amagahara went missing from the hangar of Fort Alhambra, some reports about a battle breaking out between the two machines was passed around the base. The amount of damage they caused did not go unnoticed and anyone who decides to check out the scene of the battle would find the aftermath of what could only be described as reckless abandon. Both machines were heavily damaged, leaning against each other for support.

At a closer glance, Amagahara's blade can be clearly seen a few inches away from Strahlend's cockpit. Strahlend itself had seemingly impaled it's sister machine, as Quicksilver can be easily . A huge crater surrounds them and everything in a huge radius around the two machines had been completely destroyed. Despite the destruction, a rather large cloud of blue dust and what seems to be glowing cherry blossoms surround the place, restoring the area and machines around them. The view is a rather strange one but it has a strange sense of serenity. Willis himself is sitting on top of Strahlend again, enjoying the scenery while scratching the back of his head.]

I can't believe she's still such a monster...


[Much later, Willis is over at a secluded corner of Fort Alhambra's hangar with Strahlend, still damaged from it's fight with Amagahara. From the look on his face it was clear that something was bothering him. A few seconds later he raises an arm and a sword similar to Quicksilver forms...in Willis' hand. Even without Willis being in the cockpit of the machine.]

...she's right about that also...then...

[He seems to contemplate something for a second, and then scatters Quicksilver back to it's base nanomachines which surprisingly return to him rather than Strahlend.]

2 out of 3....then that just leaves...

[There's a bit of hesitation from Willis, like he was scared to finish his tests. With a deep breath, Willis gives one last command and parts of his own body begin to break off into the hazy cloud. Specifically, parts of him that had been previous torn apart or crushed to bits. Anything that was previously restored was in reality nanomachines replacing the missing bits rather than rebuilding them.]

[Setsuko had a lot to think of. Black Charisma's madness, and what Xine said... all important and difficult matters. Matters which she cannot tackle, definitely not now - but they reminded her of something else, which is why she is packed up and leaving. No, not forever - it's just a short trip.]

Please stay well while I'm gone, okay everyone? I promise, it won't take long. I'll stay in contact so if something happens, you'll know right away.

[She smiles - in an unforced, but naturally sad way.]

I'm going to talk to Toby's fiancee. After all that happened...

She deserves to know what actually happened.

[A day or two later, Setsuko is back, safe and sound.]


[And very pensive.]
[With Fort Alhambra in pretty bad shape after everything that had happened, a familiar (to some) cloud of nanomachines erupts out from the hangar very late into the night and quickly covers the Fort. As the swarm scattered out broken parts of the base began to restore themselves, fallen debris disappeared within seconds, and even damaged machines in the hangar are repaired to working order.

The culprit behind this can easily be found trying to stealthily exit his machine Unfortunately, a strange sense of guilt causes him to pause for a moment and take a long look at the partner he had practically abandoned, making it even easier to catch him in the act.]

....this is probably the only place that I can use you without having to worry.
[So Mizuki's on the phone, talking with someone at home.  And things are pretty standard until-]

... You're kidding.  They actually pulled it off?!  That's- right.  I understand but that's one more hurdle cleared.

I have some things to tie up here, but I'll be heading back to HQ shortly.

And thanks Mom.  This was... the kind of news I'd never think I'd hear.



So Solaris contacted me a bit ago.  The DawnBird's nearing completion and we've managed to contact an old pilot interested in coming back for "one last ride" as it were.  It won't be long until SolSavior'll be back in action, and living up to its name finally too.

I'll be heading back to accompany them with the finishing touches, and also to "donate" the combination servos on the DuskBird.  And after that... well, we'll have to wait and see.

[2] (locked to people Mizuki has good CR with)


[Before it was a big group-wide broadcast.  Now though, it's just the Abyss Empress finding you at some quiet point.]

How're you holding up?

1. [The recent mission was quite the ride for one - now identified - Cobray Gordon. His medical examination proves that he is, in fact, the informant that the UG was supposed to meet up with.

What isn't very helpful is that he has completely lost his memories of anything prior to being in the equally mysterious machine, which he calls the Werkbau. The amnesia was also confirmed, which is probably the only reason he's not being kept in a cell.

The only thing he can hope for now is a lead on his past, because there isn't much except piloting that he can help with.]


[And that also applies to communicating, apparently. He sits idly outside the infirmary, looking thoughtful.]


2. [Now, you'd expect someone who is looking for his memories to be more curious about the machine he was found in. But, it's the exact opposite of that...

Cobray has refused to get back into the Werkbau for some reason, while it is inspected. What is known is that the unit itself is an enigma - incorporating Earth technologies, but also those that are reverse engineered from aliens. It is so strange that it can't actually be categorized as either, even if it leans more towards the former.

You find him staring at the machine quietly from a distance. He actually looks bothered by it.]
[People with unusual powers such as magic, psychic abilities or weirder stuff - suddenly Setsuko is hovering in your vincinity.]


[Finally she gathers resolve and approaches awkwardly.]

How does your thing work, exactly?

[Star Rose is bright and noisy, especially in the tourist-centric parts of the space station. Setsuko does not like large crowds, but today she finds their presence comforting. It is a reminder what is she fighting for. Lives who are allowed to have a normal daily existence. Well, there's also one more reason why she's there.]

Ahh! It's so good~!

[Que the Glory Star enjoying a huge girly parfait, sitting near the giant space squid aquarium for an extra impressive view.]
[When Calvin and the 13th Genoace Unit arrive unceremoniously with the team that went to retrieve them the exit they made from their machines was... less than graceful. Calvin steps out of his machine looking like he hadn't slept for days. His uniform was a mess and he stumbled a little as he slouched out with a heavy looking pack to which he tossed to the leader of the 13th... who reacted too slow and ended up falling over. The other Genoace pilot who just hauled himself from his machine was pale and scrawny and was currently hyperventilating before making thorough and judicious use of an inhaler. The command car that was with them? Parked with its driver asleep at the wheel.]

... Great... Sorry about that Luther.

[A grunt of  exertion was his reply as he was handed back the bag. He leaned noticably. Whether the contents really were that heavy or he was just exhausted or both it was hard to say. Still, he just facepalms and lets out a somewhat despondent noise.]

[Later after having everything from his OSI office sent to him, Calvin was now in his room - which looked like a detective's office rammed head first into a bedroom and a witch doctor/paranormal expert's hut, though admittedly a lot of the objects were repaired with duct tape due to less than careful handling by the people sending them. The Investigator himself was at his cramped desk, trying to decipher a large slab of stone inscribed with a flowing and elegant script that was nigh on indecipherable. Along with him were several books, a pot of coffee, a kettle of tea, and a hellish abomination of the two in a mug that he was drinking in order to smash his brain awake so he can focus on his work. After a good five hours he had this to say.]

I can't understand a single thing on this stone. I've looked up every ancient language on record and even looked up texts from some people I know with a fascination with the Occult. Nothing.

[He sighs and leans back on his chair, glaring at the dim lights on the ceiling and leaning back on his chair mug in hand. Then he falls over and spills everything on himself and has the stone land on him.]


Glory Star was Asakim. He was pretending to be Toby all along... just as we all suspected.

But it still hurts. I... I'd lie if I said it doesn't, because it does. A lot.

[While explaining herself, Setsuko keeps glancing at her Virgola. Equipped with a new flight system, and more importantly - a heavily modified Carver, one whose power she unlocked herself through sadness.]

Asakim wanted this. He said something about a sphere's power awakening. I don't know what he's hoping to achieve, however...

If he thinks I will lie down and let him do what he wants, he is sorely mistaken.
[As the machines that made the trip to the Chimera Headquarters return, one that made the trip is missing. Thankfully, anyone looking for it will find that it isn't fair from Fort Alhambra. The machine is crouched over in one of the empty testing grounds, the self-repair of the machine running a lot slower than it usually does on top of the massive amount of damage it suffered during it's last fight. The pilot is not doing so well either. The man sits on top of the machine, not looking like his usual self at all. His gaze is set on the sunset and...the expression on his face is far from a happy one. He seems to be grasping at some sort of necklace, on closer inspector it's clear that he's holding onto a wedding ring that was kept on the necklace.]

...I bet you'd be laughing if you saw me right now.

[He also seems to be talking to himself. For someone who was just accused of killing someone he loved alongside 200 people, betraying his old friends, and trying to pull the wool over the Unity Group's eyes concerning his identity he seems...oddly calm. ]
With Lowen leading the way, a small group of Unity Group members made it to the Chimera headquarters. A surprisingly small base hidden in South America, its insides seem to consist mostly of computer rooms housing gigantic servers - but there are hangars as well, as well as some automated facilities.

"This way please. There is someone I would like you to meet. This is Colonel Edel Bernal, our leader."

"The pleasure is all mine." The Chimera leader turns out to be a beautiful and refined woman.
"Through Lowen's efforts our cooperation grew remotely, but I am glad that we can finally talk face to face. Let's work together towards a peaceful world. And in the meantime... I believe you are here for a reason? I will let Schlan Opel explain, he is our specialist in data collection and intelligence gathering."

"Thank you Colonel Bernal. I'll get to the point - my mission was to track down the so called Glory Star, believed to possibly be Lt Toby Watson. This turned out to be easier than I expected because Glory Star contacted the Chimera on his own. However there's strong suspicion he may not be exactly who he seems to be, mainly the elusive Asakim Dowen. So I have hid the fact that you are coming from him."

Schlan presses a button and a screen lights up.
"If you approach the destination point from this vector, you will arrive undetected. Instead of falling into an ambush, you will set one up for him."

Do you have anything to say to any of the Chimera members present? Which by the way seems to be all, or almost all of Chimera members in general?

[2 - mainly for Setsuko]

"What is this? Yes, yes. What a beauty."

A creepy old man in a labcoat is looking at the parked Virgola in Chimera HQ's hangar.

"But it's all wrong! Its potential is unrealized at all. Sad, sad. It needs to soar the skies, like a pretty bird!"

"I really want to get my hands on it. Upgrades. Everything needs upgrades!"
1 - Alhambra, out-of-the-way room

[During the attack on Alhambra, Kagura's concern was, primarily, with the Graveyard personnel. Mute as she is, she managed to get people to pack up and safeguard everything important and evacuate in time for the damages to the base and their labs to have minimal effect on Graveyard material.

The problem is that among the damaged areas was Kagura's room. Which means she no longer has a locked place to hole in.

So at one point, if you're wandering around the most remote areas of the base, you might hear a male voice shouting. Closer inspection reveals Kagura in front of a screen, being absolutely ripped a new one by one of her superiors. The words "against intent of orders" "risk" "insubordination" "liability" "we can have you scrapped" "never fly again" and so on are used a great many times, while the fairy simply stands there and takes it. Not like she can defend herself, she can't even talk. So she's standing at attention with a fixed frown - so fixed, in fact, it's kind of disquieting. In the end, the commander signs off, and Kagura relaxes, floating down to a table with a thoughtful expression.

She makes some tiny scratches on a piece of paper with a mechanical pencil's small lead bar. It looks like some kind of diagram - it's very, very little, since Kagura has small handwriting even for her size, but there seem to be initials, relation arrows, and X marks on some. And she's so absorbed that she hasn't even noticed you.]

2 - Gym, late at night

[Late at night, if you go near the gym, you might notice a light turned on. Going in makes it clear nobody is using it, though...

...until you decide to look on one of the tables. Kagura is on it there, using bottlecaps as weights, surrounded by open handbooks on muscular rehabilitation. The effort has opened a few of her old wounds, but the fairy is too focused on keeping going despite the pain to care about the little drops of blood dripping on the paper.

She does notice someone coming in, though, which makes her drop the weights with a startle and turn around to look at you accusingly. Is there no bloody privacy in this place, seriously.]

[Setsuko has a small announcement over Unity Group's internal network. She looks rather... uneasy. But then, when isn't she?]

I'd like to address the elephant in the room.

I think we all realize that Freddy Angel's terrorists aren't just an ordinary terrorist group. They have those huge units that I never saw before, and access to a lot of Gespensts, and Huckebeins. The latter is mass produced but it's new, and the former had a limited production run.

How did they get all of those? How come no one noticed that so many units are now in terrorist hands?

Eva's boss... mr Mcdowell, was it? I think he knows something. I mean, I think he knows a lot. Maybe he thinks he can brush off Eva, but he has no right to. People have died because of this. We deserve to know.

I'd like to talk to him. And... and I hope others feel this way too.

[Feel free to respond either over the video link or in person.]

[Later on, Setsuko is checking the global network - again. It seems to become a habit for her. Seeing what's going on in the world in general, but in particular getting information regarding recent events - and their aftermaths. What happened to Progtech? Are PRAYERs really gone for good? (spoilers: they are) Does the term "Paradigm City" still mean nothing to the outside world?]

Ahh... I spent way too much time doing this.

I really could use a sundae right now...

[As she turns her eyes from the monitor, the search history shows a lot of terms related to one thing:

Glory Star.]
[Well with Christmas coming its going to look like Volya's got plenty of time off from school. He's going to have a chance to hang around with the Student's Comparative Defensive Theology Study Group outside of a schooltime environment and possibly have some fun. Yet when he comes back from classes he seems a little disbelieving before he walks up to you.]

I know you're probably busy but... could you help me and my friends out? The Home Ecc. Teacher and the Baking Club dragged us into the School's Christmas Time Competitive Bake Sale since the people who usually help them went off early for the holidays...

[He shuffles anxiously in place.]

[2] [The Bake Sale] [Mingle Post...?]

[Well things went smoothly at Volya's school. The bake sale proceeded as planned. Food was sold, a good time to be had by all. Cheerful faces of parent, teacher and child. Buuuut... all good things have to come to an end. As the event came to a close and even after the food that was set aside for donation was sent off... there was still quite a lot left over... which led to...]


[Within moments all sorts of pastries were flying across the air. Nobody is sure who threw the first cake/pie/what have you. But all that can me acknowledged is the complete and utter chaos the schoolyard had become. Not even the teachers or even the principal were spared from the baked warfare happening right now! And it certainly goes without saying that the volunteers and idling visitors would be drawn in as well.]


[Covered with powdered sugar, jams, chocolate and who knows what other confections Volya slowly dragged himself through Sakihama in a trail of exhaustion. He then took a moment to look up at Interitus who was trying to get his attention.]


[Volya rubs his eyes. Slowly.]

Does.... does anyone else see this...?

[Interitus was sitting happily in the hangar, wrapped in tinsel and having all sorts of ornaments and candy canes hanging off of her. Somehow pasted on her snout was a shiny golden star usually saved for the top of a christmas tree.]


[Comment on this insanity before you?]


[The desk Roger is sitting on is full of clutter, as usual. Among that clutter, there are photos - pictures of enemy units taken during the latest battle, as well as photos of all kinds of birds, usually in the wild. Some of the photos are marked by someone who apparently was looking for similarities between them.
Roger grabs his head, shaking it slightly, then pours himself a shot of whiskey.]

If I wasn't there, I'd think it's a joke. But it isn't - we barely managed to stop them from causing a massacre. What other creatures have a secret society dedicated to fighting humanity? Will dogs be next? Lizards?

[Roger takes the shot and his frown deepens.]

...This whiskey is pretty bad.

[Truly, the 1% of mecha are affected by the supply shortages as well.]
[Peola's wandering around the city Sakihama base was located. No offense to her usual posting at Star Rose but right now she needed to take as much time as she needed to walk around while the sun was bright and shining. It wasn't exactly that it was a necessity though, it was just something she was always used to - like waking up early in the mornings to train with her brother and ditch some of her more irritating suitors or most useless of classes her father heaped on her. She had to admit she was feeling a bit roughed up after the Shadow Mirror attack.... the dubious perk of being a security guard.]

[As she meanders along the sidewalk she feels a familiar presence of someone in the Unity Group close by, enough to make her stop to look around.]

[Sitting in the Hangars, Peola is looking up with an expression of mild annoyance at Regalis Filia. Pressing her hand to its foot, anyone with a ki sense would feel  the pulse that ran through her hand and echoed right into her machine. What was different though was the faint moment it glowed blue from its seams, with numerous patterns lighting up across its armor and scarf. Then they flickered and faded in an instant, making Peola sigh irritably.]

Damnit... if it wasn't for that Loni jerk...

Yes? H... hello there.

[Everyone who was out there knows what happened. Setsuko certainly does, after all she was the one who got beaten up and put in a hospital bed. She was the one who had to watch helplessly as Toby got killed.

And now, after patching up in the medbay - bandaged, but not bedridden, she tries to act like everything's fine. And failing.]

[A bit later, Setsuko looked around to make sure no one's around. She didn't do a very good job so it's easy to eavesdrop.]

Just... just this one time. Toby, Chief, I know I promised, but...

[Just this one time, Setsuko can't stop the tears from flowing.]

I'm sorry...

Asakim Dowen... you wanted me to hate you. I don't know why but.

Y... you succeeded...
[Setsuko didn't feel good recently. What happened to Team Jelba struck too close home. Devoid of energy, she sits at her terminal, idly clicking while seemingly performing research.]

Hey there, Team Leader. Working hard?

[Look who's there.]

Read more... )
[In an otherwise silent room, the sound of Ingram's voice can be heard.]

"Good. Hate me then. Cherish your hate. Grow stronger."

"Ze Balmary Empire - what you call Aerogators. It collects strong warriors to add to ranks of its own army. Earth picques our interest."

"Ze Balmary will make good use of warriors such as you."

[And if you were to look inside, you'd see Selena, playing audio files taken from the incident over and over again, with all those notes on Balmarian weapons of war found in La Gias in the other.   The notes get crumpled up and thrown in a bin.  They feel less like a cheatsheat and more a pity handout given while the doner was sporting a shit-eating grin.]

The Zentradi and Decepticons just want us dead.  The UE just want us guessing about everything that has to do with them.  The Wulgaru want our genetic material.  The Indalph and the Gebian AEP want us as a trophy of conquest.

... And now this.  He gave the documents to us.  He just did it so we'd be worthy enough footsoldiers for his Empire.

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([personal profile] abugslife Sep. 21st, 2014 03:30 pm)
[Fort Alhambra, the hangar. For some time, Hetepheres' engineering team was working on a project - and it's near its culmination now, as the final testing is going on. The testing consists of Heph standing in between several strange-looking scanners, all of which are connected with cables to Scaraber's currently open cockpit. Several raw-looking, obviously still in construction drones, each larger than a person, are flying around in the air, often accompanied by commanding gestures from the Gebian general.]

Hmm. Phantom limb control could use some precision adjustment... But most of the system is working excellently. The data obtained from the Fort Severn battle turned out to be the breakthrough we needed. How much time will you need until the battle version is complete?

[A Gebian aide nearby chirps something in response. Two other Gebians are sitting on two of the drones zooming around. They seem to be having fun.]
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([personal profile] star_of_sad Sep. 7th, 2014 12:44 am)
I almost can't believe it. No, no, that's all wrong. I knew it all along. I knew Toby, I mean lt Watson, was safe.

[Despite all the dramatic circumstances that happened lately, Setsuko acts really happy and glad. It's like if a great weight was taken off her body and troubled mind.]

Good to be back, Unity Group. I bet everyone's wondering what I've been up to lately, right?

After the La Gias tragedy, I woke up in headquarters of some people. They call themselves Chimera, and it looks like they're interested in gathering information and distributing it for good of mankind, this kind of stuff. This is why they knew about Asakim.

They told me to keep my head down if I'm to find him - and looks like it worked. I told one of them, really nice guy, about Unity Group. They knew about us already of course, but that one guy promised he'll get in contact soon. So yeah, that's pretty much it.


We had time to talk, Setsuko and I. I know what heppened to her, and to Chief. Asakim Dowen got away this time, acting like that Patulia thing was enough to take us down. It wasn't, and the next time we meet...
[Setsuko is busy, very busy. She's sitting in front of a computer console, and the surrounding area is covered in notes she made during her research.]

Kaiju, BETA, Wulgaru, the Noise, so many others... it's hard to judge if humanity is winning, or losing.

[Just taking a glance on her reading material makes it obvious that she's focused not only on enemies of humanity.

She's searching for something, anything at all, related to the now-defeated black stranger, the Virgolas, and their mass produced version, the Canis. Beating her head against military secrets, insufficient clearance and plain old lack of news means Setsuko learnt very little.]

Just... where are you? I know you must be somewhere out there. You have to be.

Wouldn't it be better to go out into the world and hope to randomly stumble upon, well, something? That sounds exactly what Lt Watson would do. But if I do that, there's no guarantee I'll find anything.

[She sighs and goes back to work.]

[The work lasted long into the night. Setsuko is still at her desk - asleep on her own stack of papers, without any sheet or cover.]
[An old face joined the team today: Sarah, the blonde kung-fu superhero woman who's been trying to murder Volya. And she immediately makes her way to a bar, where she proceeds to fix herself some cocktails.]

...This is gonna make the next custody swap real awkward...
1.[Up on Star Rose-it's school fieldtrip time! A bunch of kids and a few chaperones are wandering around the shopping and observation decks, getting their first views of SPACE! Actual, real life space! This isn't a particularly strange occurance, but one of the chaperones is familiar to the UG people-it's Sarah, that woman who's always trying to kill Volya. And right now, she's watching a bunch of kids stare out a window at the earth below.]

Still beautiful, huh...
[Another ugly skirmish with the BETA... plus kijin stuff piled on just for good measure afterwards. And the people weighing on Selena's mind the most? Well, the Zhar Battalion of course.]

Lt. Colonel Latrova... fighting the BETA on a constant basis is dangerous enough. I just hope that the enemies you face within the Russian bureaucracy don't decide to further retaliate against you. Whoever planned that operation the way they did might not be happy with how things played out, and considering what the Zhars have to deal with already...

For you and your men, I hope they don't decide to take out their frustration on the battalion. It was bad enough seeing the Glory Stars go through... what they did. And the size of the battalion doesn't mean any one life in it's less valuable.

[She looks over at a tupperware box she recently got in the mail. It's from Captain Symphonia... with 'Feliz Cumpleaños' written on the top, with a large amount of seemingly basic looking cookies inside. It's a few weeks past her birthday, but considering the circumstances of the rest of Team Jelba's current mission she doesn't hold it against the Captain. Thus she still opens the box and helps herself to one, immediately humming softly as she closes her eyes, leans back against the wall, and savors the taste. Well, not before...]


Yes Selena?

Take some of the Captain's handiwork and see if anyone would like to try it. In spite of what happened out there, it was still an improvement over everything last month so... not to sound like a certain insensitive someone but maybe a small celebration's in order.

Are you sure you're not just saying that to try to wean yourself off of these?  Their nutritional value isn't all that great and since you've been transferred to the Unity Group you've gained 2.3- ohnono aaaahahhhh S-Selena-

[Oh dear.  Poor Elma's comment got derailed as Selena picks him up by his head.]

Of all the things I'm grateful you can do for me, being a weight scale ISN'T ONE OF THEM!

[And with that poor Elma's going to be punted down a hall.  Not that it's going to get in the way of him delivering those cookies to anyone interested later on though... just he's also going to have a big dent in his head once more.]

(frontdated a few days)

1. The emergence ended with a quarantine for both Walt and the mysterious being. A few days later, Unity Group's scientists announce that both of them are clear from anything dangerous or contagious.

 You can see Walt wandering in the base's infirmary in a hospital robe. What's he doing?

"I'm in despair! Automatic coffee dispenser had left me in despair!"

Yep, he's yelling in front of a coffee machine..

2. The men in white robes have declared that the mysterious being is harmless, and currently it's being held in a room somewhere in Alhambra. And they say it's clear for visit, in between their research on it.  Do you want to visit it?


It's a normal day. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing. Except for some reason Walt is staggering like a drunkard  on a hallway in Alhambra somewhere.

“I’m not feeling very well…” He mumbles, before falling to his knee and throwing up. He then clutches his bandaged left arm, looking obviously in pain.

“I’m… really not feeling very well at all.” He says, before collapsing to the floor. He screams in surprise, as the bandages that covers his left arm unravel and burst. Sickening, bulbous, tumorous growth expands rapidly with the many eyes that blink and roll in Walt’s left arm. The many eyes that some people might have forgot.

The fleshy bulbous growth bubbles and grows bigger and bigger as Walt continues to scream, and soon it grows bigger than his left arm, and bigger, and bigger. Until at last it’s clear that part of the growth molds into a shape. A human hand.

The hand then grabs the floor, as if it’s trying to claw itself out from Walt’s body. Soon, a head appears, then a torso, before a fully formed human being finally grows itself out of Walt’s left arm.

Finally, silence, as Walt finally stops screaming and fully collapse to the floor. And a naked, pale, scarred, human being cowers beside him.

The scene is quickly greeted by the convergence of the base's security. They all raise their weapons toward both Walt and the mysterious being.

And the mysterious being only says one sentence.

"I... friend..."

2. (reserved for later)

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1. (Locked to Roger)

*You're busy doing whatever business a rich young negotiator like you are doing in your free time, when suddenly someone greeted you from behind.*

Good afternoon, Master Roger. This is your afternoon tea.

*It's the girl you saved before, Dorothy! In a maid uniform nonetheless! What is she doing here?*

2. (Free for everyone)

*If you're visiting paradigm city through Roger's Mansion, you can see a girl in a maid uniform sweeping the floor with a flat face. It's obvious that she never did this before, since she's basically just collecting dust and moving them around again and again. Those of you present in the mission "Dorothy, Dorothy" should recognize her as the hostage.*

Good afternoon. Are you looking for Master Roger? I assume he's currently still sleeping, but I'll gladly wake him up for you.
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[Setsuko looked around various locations in Unity Group bases. The memorial, with Chief's name written on it. The hangar, where remains of Virgola unit 3 rest, its combat data and special attack already transferred to the first unit. All to realize - yes, she did not make it up. The recent past is as painful as she thought it was.

Yet there is still hope.]

I'm sorry for worrying everyone. I was transported to Paradigm City, and also lost my memory... I don't know why. But I think that... whatever is responsible for all that happens to me, was trying to protect me somehow.

I won't accept that. I can't lie low and do nothing for the rest of my life. That'd be disrespectful to Chief. And there's Toby - he wasn't with me. But somehow... I just know he's still alive. I'm sure of it. And I'm going to find him.

It's good to be back.
[In a completely different place than any of the Unity Group bases...]

[The room seems to be a guest bedroom at a rich mansion, straight out of a film noir. The view through the window shows a dark city built in the same style, but with a strange, glass and steel dome over it. A bizarre, unknown sight. The room is empty, safe for one person who is probably waking up right now...]

[Ever since Ken got back to base after Sol Saviour's first combination, all anyone might have seen of him in the time since is, well...]


[Him taking his training regimen to new, absurd levels. He didn't go anywhere without weights the lengths of his forelimbs. Several push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and whatever else he could think of were made before and after he entered every room. And that little gym he made for himself in the 'fake' city which covers the entrance of the base? Yeah, that's getting some real usage as he punches pretty much everything he can. Interrupt...?]


[Or do you want to try approaching him when he's in his room instead? Removing the weights as he readies for bed, Ken cringes several times over as he moves his hands over bruises, before returning to a default, sullen mood.]

...Who's there?
[Virgola unit 3 was wrecked. Then it was repaired... and wrecked again, along with Setsuko's self-esteem.

At this rate, the mobile suit will never regain full functionality. The damage is just too severe.]

I really am a failure... even after all that happened, it's as if I learnt nothing.

Who thought it was a good idea to give a newbie position in the Glory Stars test team? Maybe I should just... go home...

[The pilot can be found moping not too far away from the hangar. It's like if Setsuko was reluctant to leave her own unit's field of vision.]
(Set just after Fire On the Mountain, forgive the delay life has been pretty hectic for me as of late.)

Raquel was back at base in one of the lounges and looking down, there was something strange about the encounter with the Shura, as much as she wanted to punch the Deception with the nails on chalkboard voice? This had got her attention. Who the hell were they? No she knew they were Shura, she had some idea about the race. She'd met one of them before but why were more of them here? They said they were looking for someone.

What's more they were looking for a machine as well form the sounds of it and the one she fought knew her style to the point he had counters for the majority of her attacks what the hell was going on here? She hugged her knees some more just trying to sort out her thoughts for once she was not bundle energy or even confidence like she seems to be normally.
[Between the hospital and the battle, Volya's return to base was less than graceful what with Interitus slouching in and lazily grounding itself before Volya just flopped out of the creature before gently being lowered to the floor where he proceeded to lie facedown on the ground and is very unwilling to get up. Too tired. Of course Interitus wasn't too happy with that for reasons, and thus a vine proceeded to poke him in the side.]

Mmrgh... not now. go way... wanna rest.

[Poke. poke. poke.]

Water you later. Lemme sleep..


Okay okay... geez..

[Volya struggles to get up, stumbling and grumbling over to the watering can a short distance away before returning to drizzle its contents on his partner, who cooed happily... comment on the ridiculousness of what you're seeing?]

(After the successful rescue of Tiffa...)

Hey everyone... I just wanted to thank you all for helping me get Tiffa back. I know there was a lot more going on out there but... But all the same you came to help me, you know, as well for your other reasons since those weird brothers came after us for... well who knows why.

But... yeah... thanks everyone.
[Setsuko has something important to tell everyone, or at least people who know who she is and are willing to listen. It's not a broadcast, it's told in person.]

This... this has waited long enough.

The Meganoid trap made me realize that I cannot run away from it. I have to face the truth, and a part of that is telling others.

So, you see:

Those events when I, well, teleported, were not just a one time thing. On the Meganoid ship, it almost happened again. And before that... when I was very young, my family was killed. I should have been with my parents, but I wasn't. I woke up in an orphanage, in safety, a long distance away.

I think that whenever my life is really endangered, something whisks me away to safety. And that sounds like a really good ability, but... I do not know why it happens. I should be a normal everyday person, but I'm not. And this power affects others too, as the La Gias incident proved.

So I'm afraid. Afraid that if I continue piloting, one day I will throw my friends into vacuum or another universe or something. By saving myself, I will doom everyone else, without meaning to or even being able to control it.

I... just needed to get it off my chest. My apologies if this causes you to stop trusting me.
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[Yuuya stands beside his unit leaning against the rail and looking up at it with a different expression.]

"Well then 94 Second, it looks like we both got jerked around by two countries but we can show them we've got more to prove than they ever expected of us. I think I finally got to grasp what it'll take to pilot you successfully."


[The Argos flight is leaving a debriefing from the last mission. Tarisa is still spitting fire and VG is placating her in his own style. Yuuya seems more pensive than normal but in a good mood however Stella seems to be just off of normal, almost like she was in part forcing herself.]


[In a more isolated runway on Alhambra you might catch a Yellow unit made infamous from the training exercise and a pilot in a similarly colored TSF piloting suit. She is looking out at the setting sun and a pocket watch she is holding in her hand. She appears to be thinking about something and will not immediately notice your approach.]
What kind of bullshit "training exercise" was that?!

[Post-mission, the Glory Stars are in varying degrees of upset. Toby is furious for example. He paces between the two others, standing underneath their mobile suits after Virgolas are safely in the hangar.]

Using Grungust I can understand, but to set that crazy woman on us and make us think she wants to kill everyone? What kind of purpose does that serve!

She was so skilled... if she was serious, Tarisa and everyone else who tried to stop her would be...

[Including Setsuko, yes. She does not forget being swatted aside like a noisy fly.]

And the BETA! You said it yourself, this is a bit too much of a coincidence that they attacked just then. Right? Why don't you say something now, Chief?!

[The two look at Denzel, the Glory Star Leader with a serious face as he ponders silently. Finally he opens his eyes.]

Has there ever been an encounter with the BETA with only 1% casualty rate?

[Have you something to add to the discussion?]
[Its been a while after the Training Exercise gone wrong. Leos somehow managed to get out of the battle with the Jenice he used more or less unscathed. On the other hand, mentally he was even more worse off than before. Seeing Seta get torn apart and devoured by the BETA like that was not good for his sanity, already precarious as it was. Her inhuman ability to come back from that 'death' didn't really help much at all.]


[Currently he was in the mess hall, just stirring the contents of his bowl. He was at the odd paradox of being hungry yet being unable to eat. Then he looked at his meal, his mind drifting off and growing unfocused. The person doling out the meals was going to regret giving Leos a bowl of Spaghetti-Os because they were pressed for time and couldn't be bothered to give him something that wouldn't cause his mind to snap because from Leos' perspective the dull orange colored sauce slowly shifted into the hue of freshly spilled blood and the pasta turned into a multitude of eyes that suddenly had mouths form below them and rush forward to try tear his face off-]


[-which led to him literally slapping the bowl away and possibly burning himself in the process before he scrambled off to a small, enclosed spot to force himself into/under and just curl up tightly.]
1. (Video - can be tagged in-person.)

length cut )


2. (Option for in-person/action tag)
[A while later, Seta is out by the shore of Sakihama City, looking out at the ocean.

Considering everything, she now understood why Gloster agents operated on their own. That urge to run away because she didn't get it right was rising...]

Maybe...I was not the right one for this task after all...

[In one of the smaller lesser used workout rooms Yuuya is busy working over a heavy bag with a particular fervor.]

I try to point out the flaws in her logic to help her and she turns it back to an attack on me. Just like Yui, her little flunky Ken, and half the goddamned Japanese personnel here. Support crew talking like they think I can't understand while Yui's got me on her damned leash and not saying word one to them about it.

[He proceeds to move from the bag to free-weights.]

So what if I don't match their little happy world views and want to keep grounded in a realistic frame of mind. That's a "poisonous" attitude? I guess that's what my grandfather meant about being underhanded and untrustworthy with their attacks. So what if Volya was "saved" from his attackers and given a healthy place to finish growing up in. In the end he's going to have to stand up and fix things himself like every kid who's stuck in a poor situation. Not like he has to worry about a loveless family being the only thing outside of military service that he'd have to return to and at least he seems to remember more than one member of his family fondly. People are willing to support and help him not worry about a superior who makes inordinate demands and then quotes pretty little "proverbs" instead of actually useful advice.

[Yuuya pauses momentarily as he sets his weights down on a bench his breath ragged due to the length and intensity of his workout. He looks up into the mirror and glares as he tried ]

And worst of all is this damned appearance. I've shed tears and blood for the American forces, pushed myself to live up to their standards and expectations but to everyone else I'm Japanese. The Russians with their damned interrogators, Yui and her opinion of how disgraceful I am, Ken and his stupid "Japanese Pride" and Mizuki with her stupid maybe the Japanese person most in need of getting chewed out by you is the one waiting for you in the mirror

"I'm American god damn it! Stop holding me to the stupid standards of a country and father that I never knew you bastards!"

[With the last audible outburst Yuuya threw the weight into the mirrored wall, turned to deliver a kick to the sand bag that manages to add just enough momentum to it's swinging that knocks the stand off balance and tumbling into another rack of free weights. Turning on his heel he begins to leave, a look of frustration and anger on his face that is tinged by something else underneath.]


[Entering the workout room you see broken glass and spilled equipment. One of the Maintenance staff for the TSF teams is just beginning to clean up and you can hear him speak with a resigned sigh.]

"Damn it Yuuya, I thought you were past this type of shit. Guess someone managed to finally get to him again, haven't seen him do this since Leon started shit after his mother's death. I wish he'd at least have the decency to do these rages where it wasn't so heavy to fix things."

[3 -Locked to Mizuki]

[Mizuki is disturbed in her office by Vincent entering and closing the door behind him.]

So for someone so concerned about Volya and being a great savior you managed to turn someone who was trying to offer some reasonable advice in a rather sanctimonious way into quite the little ball of anger and self-loathing.

I know what he said wasn't the best phrased and playing devil's advocate with a human life is in poor form but really how many of his concerns were at least valid on some level. So I'm not going to be upset about you dismantling his arguments and calling him on his hypocrisy.

What I am upset about is that after our discussion where I came to you on behalf of Ken and the efforts of myself and Lt. Takamura to keep an official reprimand from falling on his record and you took that warning that his heritage is a sore point and purposely attacked it. Yes he's been an asshole and yes his fight with Ken was stupid but taking that kind of attack when you knew how it would hit him was unnecessarily cruel.

I had at some point hoped that you're history and being accepted into the Japanese culture could help him which is why I sought you out after the fight to talk. Now I'm just disappointed and more than anything would like to know why you'd have done that to him.
[Not so long after the anti-PRAYER action, Asagi's in the Sakihama Base kitchen, picking ingredients and consulting a printed paper he obviously got from a web page (it even has the website's layout and everything). Fresh cabbage. A banana. Cayenne pepper. Milk.

And now he dumps all this stuff into a blender and turns it on! This results in an unappetizing-looking liquid, which is quickly poured into a glass. Asagi engages in a staring contest with it for a moment, and then suddenly chugs it down.]

...It tastes worse than I thought.
"He's losing...!"

"Give him..."

"Move him to the medical...!"

"Cut open his suit..."

Ken manages to save Walt from being a monster chow, but Walt is still uncouncious from the explosion of his Genoace. The medical team is carting him as soon as he arrives.

"Holy shit! What is that..."

But as soon as they cut open his pilot suit...


Many eyes are staring from the flesh of Walt's left arm. Staring at the medical team, staring at the walls, staring at everything. The eyes are darting around jerkily in their sockets, blinking, looking left and right, up and down.

Needless to say, Walt moves straight to quarantine.

You might, or might not see all of these happening, since everything happens right on the hallways.


A few days later, you can see him sitting in his medical gown at Alhambra's medical bay cafeteria, staring intently at a cup of coffee, his body full of bandages. His left arm is wrapped like a mummy.

You might notice that other patients and staffs are trying to sit far away from him, leaving him a hole in the middle of a crowd.

Greet him?