[1.] Alright, Percy. I got a bone to pick with you...

[Sarah and her ex-husband stare each other down from across a hallway. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife-and why not? Percival was the last of the knights to leave Zieg's side, and attacked Sarah in that final fight while she was trying to deal with other foes. The two stare at each other silently for what seems like an eternity, before Percival closes his eyes.]

...Do what you will.

[Sarah marches right up to him, fire in her eyes, throws him into a headlock-and proceeds to give the knight a merciless noogie.]

You idiot! Staying behind to keep an eye on Jacob is cool and all, but how was I supposed to know you weren't a crazy insane asshole! You didn't even tell Nathaniel you were just waiting for him to get you out of this! And you nearly got yourself killed because of Zieg's sabotage! Being a last-minute reinforcement is dramatic as all hell, but what am I supposed to do if you die in the process! And what if I ended up hurting you, huh?! Were you just gonna call for a time-out in the middle of the battle!?

That is...well...

Well, what!

...I had faith in you.

[Sarah lets Percy go, and for a moment, it looks like all is well-before she punches him in the ribs.]


Fireworks )

[Well. They did it. The Kijin Emperor is dead. Permanently. He will never again threaten mankind. And all it took was for Seta to die. A fair price. One life to save many others from a threat that could possibly keep coming back. An acceptable sacrifice in the eyes of those more militarily minded and are used to the brutal calculus of warfare.]

[Not so much for the thirteen year old who just lost another person who he looked up to. Someone who saved his life. As he slipped free from a tremendously battered and wingless Interitus he screams. Hurt, lost, angry. Interitus tries to reach out to him but simply has her head which had drawn close to the young russian repeatedly shoved and kicked.]


[Interitus backs away. While this didn't harm her physically she pulled back as if burned and huddled against a wall.]


[ Being told by them that they were going to die... he tried to accept it... but both times... both times they came so close to the hope of being saved... only to be torn away...]


[And just like that he runs away from the hangar leaving a miserable creature to bleed in the hangar.]

[Approach Interitus?]

[Anyone who would even bother looking for him would find him at a tiny area in Sakihama not too dissimilar to Ken's handbuilt gym. If anything it answered a question as to where he may have been keeping his gardening skills sharp. There were several flowers growing. Some blooming, some not. Either way Volya simply sits among them, legs pulled up to his chest. No tears being shed, simply just being too tired to even cry.]

[It was his own little haven. One he was embarrassed to have had his school friends find when they went looking for him. The same friends who had told you exactly where it was when they tried to call Volya, only to have him scream at them to leave him alone and sent the phone sailing into a wall.]

[He doesn't acknowledge your presence. Rather. He refuses to. He simply holds on tighter to himself and presses his head to his knees.]

Leave me alone... Just... just leave me alone...

1. [Not too long after the sprawl mission, Jen can be found talking to someone on a phone.]

What do you mean it counts as a default?! I got there with time to spare!

...Look, it's not my fault a ninja showed up to kill everyone!

[They say some more, and Jen just sighs.]

...Is the operation to get my drive replaced at least covered? I only just finished the payments on this thing...

[The person on the other end of the phone replies, and Jen slams the handset back down on the receiver-hard enough to shatter them both.]

...great. Today's great.

2. [Later, at the bar, Jen's sitting alone-and she's built up an impressive collection of empty bottles and shot glasses around her.]

Okay, normally I should definitely be blacked out by now...

...Are you really sure you're not an alcoholic?


A few weeks after the destruction of the Ladies' Good Men, and a week after the final fight with the Kijin, Dido tightens her grip on the controls, eyes narrowed, teeth bared.

"I can't give up now!" She declares. "I won't despair! If I stand by justice, and keep moving forward, a way will open up! I know it will–Aw Fudge! Fudge! C'mon! Fudge! That combo's broken! This boss is OP! Cheap! Hax!"

On the arcade game's screen, Dido's Qipao-wearing character twitches helplessly in the throes of hit-stun, then flies back across the stage. "K.O.!". The boss character, clad in a sharp business suit and fish-crested gladiator helmet, folds his arms and laughs."Pathetic! You're ten years too early to beat me!".

Dido's bloodshot eyes twitch. "I'll wipe that grin off your face!" She shouts, fishing quarters from her pocket.

For god's sake, someone drag her away!


[Private Chat, locked to Mizuki]

"Yo, 'Zuki!" Dido pops up on your tablet screen, shadows under her eyes, a grease stain on her chin. "Could I ask you for a favor?"


[Private chat, sent to Ken, Hetepheres, Sarah and Peola]

Dido pops up on your tablet screens, looking chipper and extremely energized. "I challenge you to hand-to-hand mecha combat!"
[After being rescued, Ren regains consciousness pretty quickly. That's what happens when you heal at an accelerated rate - though can Ren's spirit heal so quickly, too?

After all, Mark turned out to be a traitor. One who, in the end, lost his life. What does Ren have to say about it?]

It's true. It's true what I said - my faith in humanity as a whole will not be eroded by a single person's actions. If you are concerned for my powers, that they are still needed... well, you have nothing to worry about.

As for myself...

[Ren smiles sadly. A trail of dried up tears is so visible on their face, and no one even tries to hide it.]

I'm happy that you let my kin live, even knowing they have nothing but disdain and mistrust for humankind. Even if they do... it's not fair to judge them for their beliefs, is it? Only for actions - and they didn't do anything yet.

So. I'm proud of you.
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[In the outdoor part of Alhambra, Hetepheres stands at the feet of Scaraber, both of them turned towards the setting sun. A small breeze is blowing.]

Ingram Plisken... the real one, not Calico McCready. Despite his role as a Balmarian clone agent, he rebelled against his purposed destiny, and together with Captain Symphonia worked together in the shadows, to help us fight against the Balmarian threat. And nobody suspected a thing; not after all of them have died.

I will not forget their sacrifice. Nor the sight of the Balmarian fleet, and how huge it was. It is not long before we have to clash against this power again.

[A Gebian engineer walks over to give her a datapad. She examines it.]

A full report on the capabilities of Crab Frame? Thank you. This will be very useful in dealing with future threats. Last battle has already proven that. Let me know when there is information on the technologies the Good Men used, as well.

...An embalmed corpse was discovered in the tomb, belonging to a Gebian of a rare tribe? It must be the Deceased One. Make sure his remains are not disturbed. We owe a lot to him.
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Look, it's another announcement. All UG pilots were informed to come in person or look at the nearest screen, which shows Antov's uneasy face just now.

"This is a high-priority broadcast. Do I have everyone's attention? Good. So..."

"The good news is that we found the Lady's Good Men headquarters. It's in Africa and satellites do not show anything in the area, so it's most likely underground. It wouldn't surprise me if it was Professor Dupond's find, the ancient installation. Anyway, that's the good news."

"And the bad news is that there's a high energy reading detected in the area. I have no idea what the Good Men are up to, but they're doing something. It's too risky to send you guys in through the faux crossgate, even if we'd figure out how to activate it. You'll have to dig your way in, and my suggestion as to how is already on the Commander's table."


"They're going to fight Lady's Good Men? The final battle, and then it's over? ... Without me?"

Hey, look who else heard of the announcement, somehow. Gavin is not even angry, throwing himself around or cursing loudly like you'd expect him to be.

"This... isn't fair. This is all wrong. This isn't how it's supposed to go at all. I'm the hero... I'm the hero, dammit..."

He looks depressed.
[After a practice run, Ren leaves their unit's cockpit - and looks up, at the training TSF Fubuki and the sky above it.]

If I recall correctly, first generation TSFs had a pilot life expectancy of only 8 minutes. And that's with veteran pilots, who had a lot of experience using fighter jets. How regrettable...

But to think technology advanced so much since then! When cornered, humans are capable of pushing themselves to incredible limits. Individual persons, and humanity as a whole.

[Ren's gaze returns to the ground level. Still with that omnipresent smile, the horned person adds...]

However, I don't think that's always a good thing.

[2, aimed at people with (possibly offscreen) CR]


[Already waving from a distance, a familiar face approaches.

And it looks like Ren got a new haircut. A change of style?]

What do you think?
[Not too far from Fort Alhambra is Interitus. In a long trail torn through the ground. Apparently Volya's escape was one that lacked quite a bit of grace. Not too far from the plant creature itself was Volya, shaking heavily as he cried. Clearly hearing David scream out in pain like that was quite a bit too much for him to handle. Even if David was trying to kill him, a small part of Volya still saw him as a friend. He still remembered the good times back home before all of this. Everything hurt, between the hits Interitus took and the strain he felt from everything he was too out of it to notice if anyone had arrived. Interitus on the other hand did and looked to them, whining softly. Clearly she was unable to get Volya out of this state.]
[To say Regalis Filia was pretty damn trashed after the latest engagement with the Zentraedi was an understatement. Indeed it was designed first and foremost to protect its pilot, it didn't mean the beating wasn't straining in itself. Peola was sitting on the deck of the Macross with a number of bandages on her, kicking her feet lazily as she looked out to sea. Ever so often she'd glance at her bandages in annoyance and tug at them a little.]

For an annoying big talking Pacifist, that jerk Kaifun knows how to throw a person.

[She gives you a wry smile and waves.]

Do you think we did good enough out there?

[Not too far from the Macross and the Unity Group in town, there was a woman making something of a commotion. She was a tall, brutal looking specimen, numerous scars on her body and face. There was also a distinct air of smugness and a somewhat vicious grin on her face.]


[Her hand snaps out towards you.]

I'm looking for a brat named Peola. I felt and saw her around here... so where is she?

[As she lowers her hand her fingers curl into a fist as bones pop.]

I'm not one for asking twice so you better cough it up.

[Hetepheres is standing on the outskirts of Birmingham, looking at the ruined parts of the city. Her staff in her hand, she's singing a song - it's hard to say what is this about, because it's in Gebian and sounds very strange, but it's slow and solemn. And long... But eventually it ends. And she addresses whoever was listening, without turning to them.]

I do not suppose it is a good time to mention Minister Pentu was very happy and agreed to support the PEP, is it?

The sign hangs over a building that's been under some work recently-and its renovations have just completed!

It's not a big place. The bar has no tables, unlike the larger places on the Macross and Star Rose. Still, it's far better than drinking in the commissary, and doesn't require a long drive or a teleporter trip. A TV hangs on one wall, and behind the bar there is a vast array of various kinds of alcohol. There's a small menu on a stand-up chalkboard, which would be easier to read if Sarah wasn't in the middle of writing it.
[For once Ren's Genoace survived a deployment more or less intact. Its pilot on the other hand is a mess, bandaged like a mummy. But it's a mummy that has important things to say.]

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry for hiding the truth from you. I have no excuses except for - I was afraid.

tl;dr information under the cut )

Among the programming I received while still incubating in my place of birth was a message. A message that told me, only one of my kin will grow up to love humanity and not detest it - and that love will be necessary to save humankind from destruction.

But by doing so, I will inevitably lose my life in the process.

That is my duty.

[Someone finally had enough common sense to shoo Ren to a medical ward to rest. But if you come visit, you'll see that they're not alone.]

"Ren, you really shouldn't do this kind of dangerous things."

I know... I'm sorry, that was too risky, for everyone involved. But I'm relieved, relieved that everything turned out alright and also that...

[That's when the horned individual sitting in bed notices they're not alone, and so does the unknown man holding Ren's hands.]

Ah! I think we should introduce ourselves. This is...

"Hello. I mean, yes!"
He salutes awkwardly.
"Ensign Mark Tennyson, I'm sorry for the intrusion!"
[This is frontdated a bit, possibly more than a bit depending when will the planned Ren mission take place.]

[Ren's ever-present smile has a conflicted tint to it now, and they're not even trying to hide it. Instead, have an explanation of what's going on.]

Not too long ago, I received a message from Mark. Do you remember Mark? He's my... well, you could say he's my boyfriend. He doesn't get a lot of leave but there is an opening soon.

So we're setting up a date. A lot of serious, sad things happened recently and it made me think. I didn't even tell Mark who I really am. I wanted to use this opportunity to tell him, but now...

[Getting cold feet, it seems.]

Excuse me. Do you have a moment? It's about the date.

[Related to above, Ren seeks some advice. Non-grumpy or depressed/troubled people this time, though!

The horned individual opens a colorful book. What is this, a fashion catalogue? The opened page reveals a very... poofy, pastel pink dress, full of frills and ribbons.]

Would this fit me? I think it might be a bit too girly for me... perhaps I should just wear a suit.
[After she took her son to tour the Unity Group base, Sarah...vanished. For a solid week, she didn't show up at all. Recently she's been around, but hasn't talked to people too much...she never was really a huge buddy-buddy team member, though, so that sort of thing isn't odd.

It is odd when, out of the blue, she'll walk up to you and engage conversation. Her right arm is bandaged up as well, for some reason.]

Hey, are you free? I...kinda want to hang out.
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[Locked, non-interactive.]

"Shit! FightSaber was already lagging behind, and now that my sword is destroyed... I can't save anyone like this! To be able to protect my friends, to do that - I'll need to work hard to get my own, up to date machine."

"Yeah! It's time to do this! I'll show you guys what I can do yet."

[The actual post you can respond to:]

Something's not right with Unity Group bases. Resources distributed towards unit maintenance and repairs trickled to bare necessities, the quality of food served in mess halls took a noticeable hit, even water in the showers is measured now! What the heck is going on? The man responsible for support has the answers.

"Gavin requested a new unit for himself and somehow, the request was approved. The thing is, we're covering expenses related to its construction, and since it's supposed to roll out fast, it's not cheap. I'm cutting costs where I can just so UG stays afloat."

Logistics Specialist Dirchs looks exasperated. Not by this question, but by the situation.

"And before you ask, no I don't like it either. Just hang in there. This is not a permanent setup. It'll pass soon... I hope."

Sarah's got a companion as she wanders around the base one sunday-a small, bright-eyed boy sitting on her shoulders, who wastes no time in asking about everything.

"Hey, mom, what's that for?" He asks, pointing at a kirby-esque bit of machinery gathering dust in the back of the hangar.

"Neutron Polarizer, it lets you reverse the polarity of the neutron flux." she replies, perfectly deadpan.
"You just made that up!"

Jacob pouts briefly, before pointing over at someone else.
"Hey, mom, who's that? Are they an alien too? Or a demon?"
"...Man, you couldn't have just asked to go to the park, could you..."

2.[Locked to a certain NPC]
Cut for Length )
[Its around the afternoon when green smoke rises from the top of the roof of Volya's school. Now if everyone remembers correctly, this was the smoke pellet for 'Get me out of here, something crazy is happening. In fact it was coming out in intervals until it terminated into a massive green cloud meaning Volya used up ALL his green smoke pellets in a frenzy. Whatever was happening really must have freaked him out. When you find him he was pacing rapidly, fidgeting and fumbling before rushing over to you - grabbing you by the arms.]

I followed Asagi's advice to start my own club and try make it something no one else would join.

[He pulls out a paper with a nigh panicked look in his face. 'Student's Comparative Defensive Theology Study Group'. There was his name. Then at least slightly more than a dozen more names added to it as well.]

Some of these guys came from the OTHER CLUBS! I've got the heads of those ones out for my blood!

Help. Me.

(Choose between talking with Teach or calming down Volya.)
[Whether or not you were one of the people who answered Volya's panicked summons or were simply there to hang around, a teacher waves you over.]

"Pardon, but you are an acquaintance of Volya's? Could you take this note to his guardians for me? Its regarding the upcoming parent teacher conference. Normally we would pass these notes to the students themselves but.... he's been looking rather stressed lately and I didn't want him to worry."



[Volya is now in full panic mode.]

3) [Day of the PT Conference]
[The Volunteers in question sat across the Teacher who looked somewhat... curious? Perturbed? Unsure. Either way they start off slow.]

"So.... you are Volya-san's guardians?"

[Just how bad is this going to go?]


[In the wake of the massacre at the Yukon base and the theft of... pretty much everything of value associated with the Breaker program, Ana's just trying to piece everything together.  There's debriefing and internal affairs people asking why she hadn't been with the others and a lot of exhausting things to go through after a day that was already plenty exhausting.

[And then someone finally let her look at the death toll.]

Mechanics, pilots... project heads and even the top eggheads...

[Of course the death toll would be like that.  Legato's men and women had just slaughtered everyone in-person at their little performance.  One that had specifically been arranged to celebrate the completion of the Breaker program...]

We went through all of that, buried so many of our own, finished our jobs... and then this!

[2] (frontdated a few days)

[There's a new pilot being transferred to the Unity Group.  She's not thrilled about this -she's a test pilot, not a combat one- but the theft of the Breakers has sorta convinced some of the upper brass she'd do more good here than helping try to salvage the whole program.  But, as she comes in to Fort Alhambra, wheeling a cart behind her with her clothes, guitar, and a few other things... she's got something else on her preoccupying her.]

-And that white-haired girl at the Yukon's a monster too?  And it's not just the Autobots... but there's a Wulgaru princess helping us?  And we might share some genetic ancestor with them?

... And that blue-haired girl from before is ANOTHER princess?!?

[In short: being just a member of the vanilla ESUN locks you out of the loop about some things.]

-And this person's "kin" want to eat them to become immortal?!?

[A lot of things.]

-And Shu Shirakawa was somehow ALIVE?  And he had some talking pet bird?!?

[A whole lot of things.]

... And the cat thing just has to be someone messing with me!

[It's gonna be one hell of an adjusting period.]

1) [Right after 'The Runaway']
[Well a new machine is now sitting in the Hangars of Star Rose. Though a familiar face was soon leaving it. A very angry face at that. Peola was stomping down the gantry, tearing her helmet off and hurling it into a wall with brutal force. She was ranting and screaming angrily in a mixture of english and a language known to no human being on Earth at her current situation. Why? Well her secret was out. She was a Runaway Alien Princess with a horde of potential suitors. And now all of them were coming to Earth for her. What's more her sister somehow managed to sneak into Star Rose and was probably responsible for her Gespenst's breakdown - which was the whole reason she had to switch Regalis Filia back on in the first place.]

-Untranslatable enraged screaming- SWEAR TO GOD I'LL TEAR OFF HER ARMS AND -more untranslatable enraged screams- SMASH THEIR STUPID FACES IN -Do you actually want to know what she's saying? Its not pretty- HATE THEIR STUPID IDEAS AND HIS STUPID PLANS AND HIS STUPID NEED FOR ME TO GET MARRIED -Yeaaah best we don't know- RAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

[Aaaand Wallpunch. Do you risk turning the wrath of a furious princess at you?]

[Peola has.... relatively calmed down and is sitting in a lounge, curled up on a chair with a look that is mixed between annoyance, bitterness and resignation. She barely pays attention to the sight of a trio of people on TV trying to beat the everloving crap out of each other in front of a cheering audience.]

I know you're there...

[She sighs grumpily, she already had a long and uncomfortable talk with the commanders about a lot of things... what was one more person asking her MORE questions.]

What do you want?


[Locked to Ken]

One sunny, lazy afternoon, you receive a communique from your mechanic.

"Hello, is this thing transmitting...? Hey Ken! Dido here! I set up a bunch of equipment in Hanger 3 for measuring Sol Energy and medical readouts!

Wanna experiment with Ki sensing and manipulation, like we talked about? I've got some cool experiments planned out! And protein bars, if you're hungry!"


[Open to everyone, particularly aliens, monsters, Ki-wielding martial artists, and dour pilots with demon arms!]

Those of you who find yourselves walking along one of the Saikhama base hallways stumble across an interesting sight!

Ken, the Ninja boy wonder, is sitting on a mat on the north side of the hall, wearing a blindfold and headphones. Dido stands by him, clutching a small walkie talky. She speaks into it as you pass by:

"Okay, Ken: does this person have any Ki? Describe what it feels like aloud! Any colors, tastes or, uh, tingles to it?"

[Feel free to describe what Ken senses with his fledgling Ki-sense...or even if he senses anything]
[Setsuko is busy, very busy. She's sitting in front of a computer console, and the surrounding area is covered in notes she made during her research.]

Kaiju, BETA, Wulgaru, the Noise, so many others... it's hard to judge if humanity is winning, or losing.

[Just taking a glance on her reading material makes it obvious that she's focused not only on enemies of humanity.

She's searching for something, anything at all, related to the now-defeated black stranger, the Virgolas, and their mass produced version, the Canis. Beating her head against military secrets, insufficient clearance and plain old lack of news means Setsuko learnt very little.]

Just... where are you? I know you must be somewhere out there. You have to be.

Wouldn't it be better to go out into the world and hope to randomly stumble upon, well, something? That sounds exactly what Lt Watson would do. But if I do that, there's no guarantee I'll find anything.

[She sighs and goes back to work.]

[The work lasted long into the night. Setsuko is still at her desk - asleep on her own stack of papers, without any sheet or cover.]
[An old face joined the team today: Sarah, the blonde kung-fu superhero woman who's been trying to murder Volya. And she immediately makes her way to a bar, where she proceeds to fix herself some cocktails.]

...This is gonna make the next custody swap real awkward...
[1 - locked to one very specific person]

At the Knights of the Guiding Hand headquarters...

Read more... )


"The Lady's Good Men are operating in eastern Europe. Apollonius Gavin's group has detected them and are further investigating on location."

Suddenly out of nowhere, a transmission from Major Ingram Plisken.

"I want you to go there and reinforce them. Gavin managed to destroy a cell single-handedly, but it was a small one. He's not the kind to evade detection, which means the Good Men will be expecting trouble. I don't trust him and his friends to be able to handle this. That's where Unity Group steps in. Find the Good Men' base of operations, defeat or capture as many of them as possible, and see what else can you learn."

Several maps flicker on the screens. Volya may find one of them showing a very familiar area...

Scouting rural Russian regions may bring you to a special place from Volya's past. Of course there is a likelihood of a trap since other interested parties may know of it too (hopefully excluding the knights who hunt him down), so an advance guard was decided on to look around and see if there's an ambush lying in wait.

You are a part of the advance guard and fortunately, there was no ambush. There is only a small town, where one of the buildings houses a certain individual.

"So you're Unity Group, right? Thanks for taking care of my nephew."

Says the local shopkeep, Sergei Sokolov. Also, Volya's uncle.

[4, for Volya and people who decided to accompany him, one thread only please]
So the area is clear and Volya can come in to visit his whole surviving family (one person). But Sergei's apartment is eerily quiet... is everything alright? Did he just walk out for a second?
1.[Up on Star Rose-it's school fieldtrip time! A bunch of kids and a few chaperones are wandering around the shopping and observation decks, getting their first views of SPACE! Actual, real life space! This isn't a particularly strange occurance, but one of the chaperones is familiar to the UG people-it's Sarah, that woman who's always trying to kill Volya. And right now, she's watching a bunch of kids stare out a window at the earth below.]

Still beautiful, huh...

[Volya sighs as he shuffles around the hospital, looking over his shoulder anxiously. He wasn't that comfortable, even if he had people in the Unity group with him - it wasn't fear of the knights though... rather some rough times he had. That and his mother's corpse being wheeled away after her treatments went bad. His hand brushed along where he got his vaccination shot, fingers twitching over the band aid and resisting the urge to rub at the sore spot. He takes a seat next to his chaperone for the day with a glum look on his face. A pair of staff are chatting close by.]

"Its looking pretty bad here, the kid's gonna make it sure - but what he's got? Its going to mark him for the rest of his life. "

"I know, poor guy. Heard that this thing got pretty bad in Russia. Between the weather there and just how much this thing pulled them down? It got lethal."

"They came up with a treatment for it I heard."

"With a fifty percent fatality rate. Admittedly a blood transfusion from someone that lived through it could work but that's a small list."

[As the two continued to converse, Volya's head lifts up as recognition sparks in his eyes, he knows that disease that's being discussed. He bit his lip and glanced to his side. Should he get involved? Probably... probably not but-]

"So... who's gonna let his mother know her kid's going to have to spend the rest of his life a mess because of this?"

"Not me that's for sure..."

[Needless to say THAT got his attention as he got up from his seat.]

[2] [Locked to one particular person]

Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow...

[Volya was cringing and feeling more than a little woozy after things were done. He really REALLY hated needles. Still... though... as he sat in the room with the person he helped he honestly felt a little better... emotionally. Everything else still stung like hell. He managed a small grin at the blonde boy in the bed and gave a thumbs up.]

Feeling better?

[1] [During the mission 'An Awesome Prayer is Conflict With Us']

[PRAYER attacks, people panic. Police Machines go berserk. People Panic. The Evacuation has been hitting several snags and in the process was one kid in particular who didn't look very much like a local and was frantically trying to find his way through the scrambling mass of people trying to get to safety before he ended up tripping and crashing into the ground and whimpering panickedly in what appeared to be Russian of all things.]

-Why is this happening... what did I do to deserve this?!-

[He flinched as he got to his feet, holding the side of his head and looking around in a panic as the sounds of fighting were most definitely audible over the evacuating civvies.]

S..someone? Help... please!

[He's in over his head and has no idea what the hell he's supposed to do here.]

[2] [Some time after the mission.]

[With the PRAYER destroyed and Shaft sealed life slowly begins to return to normal despite several buildings needing repairs. For those who have lost their homes and livelihoods, the city is providing for them with food and shelter. As you pass by one such place though...]

Look... we're just five people away from the front, can't you guys wait a little?

"Out of the way you filthy gaijin punk! This food is for people that actually live in this city, not some worthless runt like you!"

[It seemed that there was a smaller kid being hassled by a group of local teenagers who were trying to force him out of the line. He was shoved jabbed and insulted but merely had a look on his face that this was clearly nothing new to him and he just sighed.]

Thirty three...

"Are you listening to me you little white haired freak?! I said out of the way!"


"The hell are you even counting for?!"

Just about the number of braincells you probably have right now. I'd say you're on the level of a concussed goldfish right about now. and starting to go to comatose pebble.

"KISAMAAAAA!" * (Translator's note: Kisama means Yatsu)

[And he's picked up by his collar very easily, punched in the stomach and shoved into a garbage can with a crash. He barely manages to keep from falling over and looks at the line and- it had just tripled in size. And his new 'friends' were laughing and making vulgar gestures at him and telling him to take his filthy foreign garbage ass to the back of the line. It was at this point he heroically... chose to fall backwards into the pile of trash that had spilled out with his impact to its container and not bother to get up. He ignores the insistent growl of his stomach as he sighs.]

-Now all it needs is rain and it'd be another perfect day.-

[He grumbles bitterly and sadly as he looks up at the sky.]