[What's this?  A sound-only transmission coming from a PROGTECH base?  That's kinda odd...]

Hey... you there?  Solaris hasn't ducked out from helping the Unity Group, right?


Sara?  Sara is that you?!?

Good to finally hear your voice too, Mizuki.  After what I've been through... well, it's nice talking to a being of darkness that isn't pure evil and all that.  For that matter, one with some brains.  I'm sorry for making you worry though... it's quite a story to tell  and I'm not exactly in any condition to tell it just yet.  I'll do what I can to see you soon though, or maybe you guys can drop by for a visit or just whatever.

We can do that... we can definitely do that!  Sara, after what happened-

I know.  But it's over now.  And it's good to be back.  Don't suppose you could get me in touch with some of the other people here though?  I'm sure they'd like to hear from me too.


[After Keep Away]

[The DuskBird's in bad shape when it finally arrives back at Sakihama.  It's still mostly there, just... lacking a sense of structure.  Joints.  Like parts of itself just coil up together under its own weight.  And Mizuki herself...?  Well-]


[... She just sent her first into a metal door and left a bulging dent.]

She actually...

She was better than this.  She knew better than this!  She saw all through her childhood battles and sacrifices and...

... And what comes afterrwards...


[Mizuki's going about her business recently exclusively wearing her Abyss Empress clothing... and anyone in the Sakihama Base's hangar will notice the DuskBird's got several Solaris mechanics working on it virtually around the clock.  But more importantly-]




[Even if she's just walking down the hall, the Abyssian is frequently wincing or reacting to unseen sources of pain.  And then-]


Free meal y/n? )


[Backdated to just before "War of Myths"]

Sometime in the wee hours of the evening, a large, unmarked flatbed trailer rolls it's way into grounds of Saikhama base, parking itself in the hanger bay by an unused mech gantry. The moment the trailer stops, orange suited technicians rush out of the side doors and pull the tarp off of Solaris's latest creation:


As they begin to hoist the mech up to a standing position with cranes, one of the technicians takes a step away, looks around, and sees some familiar faces.

She waves with her clipboard. "YO! Mizuki my girl! Miss Harper! Look what I brought for you guys!


[After "The War of Myths Mission"]

In the wake of the battle with ancient gods, the senior Solaris technician looks up at the fearsome ScarleTiger, newly baptized in battle.

Specifically, she's staring slack-jawed at the various bit's of damage it's suffered.

Finally, she groans and turns away.

"Nope. NoNoNope. Screw it; I'll fix it tomorrow."

[When the DuskBird returns to Sakihama Base and is dispelled back into Mizuki's shadow, the woman's limping and wincing.  And also in strange, regal apparel.  Black silks with gold embroidery, necklaces, a sash... lots of fancy stuff she didn't go out in.  And Sara's standing there, looking shocked and running to her friend's side.]

Mizuki...!  My god, with what happened out there.  You and Ken and... and everyone!  Don't... scare me like that!  Please!

I'm fine, I'm fine... just got a little taste of what some of my predecessors had to deal with.  And believe me... I'm glad to see a Sara who ISN'T trying to kill me.

[So have a friendly hug... just a noisy one because, again, all that jewelry.]


[Some time later though...]


So... I was thinking...

... How do people feel about the word "Savior"?  Like the "Savior Team"... or "SolSavior".


[Well Leos certainly had a rough day. Right now he was being laid up in one of the Unity Group's infirmaries and his AC was... to put it bluntly a complete mess. This of course led to a severe ear bashing from both his operator Lana Nielsen as well as his sponsors. So all in all not a good day.]

Owww- Is... is that a pudding cup? YES! SCORE!I

[Or maybe not. Apparently someone decided pudding was a perfectly acceptable thing to give to recovering pilots on their food trays along with the rest of their meals.]

Mm? Oh hi!


[It's time for someone else to make a formal introduction.  Or rather, two special someones!]

Couldn't keep putting this off now could we?  At any rate, it's been nice to meet all of you so far.  My friend here is Sara Harper, director of the Solaris orgnization-

And my friend here is none other than Mizuki Onodera, the Abyss Empress herself!  Sworn enemy of all beings who live on this-


[We apologize for the technical difficulties that ensue, but when the video comes back, Sara's off in the corner laughing uncontrollably while Mizuki does her best to do damage control.]

Sorry about that.  Sara and I go way back, and you know how things get with longtime friends.  But as I was going to say, if you're not familiar with Solaris, that's just because the organization hasn't been very relevant for the past ten years or so.  We came here to help Solaris get back on its feet again, even if its glory days are long past and it'll just be supporting the Unity Group.  So long as people'll be able to afford college tuition for their kids and have pensions come retirement we'll be happy.

As for me personally?  Well I'm "The Abyss Empress".  An empress without an empire.  A potential enemy-turned-ward for Solaris who's all grown up now and just wants to do what she can to repay the people who decided to take her in rather than kill her when they had the chance.  Anyone wanting the full story's welcome to it if they ask.
[1] [Suddenly, a transmission to all Unity Group bases! The person talking is... definitely not human. She's some kind of weird alien insect cyborg.]

Citizens of Earth, members of organization known as Unity Group. I come to you with a warning.

I am Hetepheres, a general of the Gebian army. Thousands of years ago, my people came to your planet, but they kept their presence a secret. Today, we return, but we are not united in our goals. The Anti-Earthling Party believes that we should conquer your planet, and enslave its populace. They will start their invasion soon.

I am a representative of the Pro-Earthling Party. We believe in mutual cooperation and understanding between our two races. I was sent here as an ambassador, and consultant, and defender; together, we shall push back the AEP, and perhaps teach them of the mistakes of their way. If they don't want to learn, they shall taste steel.

Your leaders already know about this and have prepared a place for me to establish an embassy. If you need anything, you can find me there.

[2] [Soon, stuff is going on in the hangar at Fort Alhambra. A strange vessel has arrived, resembling a combination of a normal spaceship and an ancient Egyptian river boat. It's not big, enough to transport maybe several mecha at most. A group of creatures that look suspiciously similar to 1-meter long beetles is moving to and fro, unpacking various objects from the ship and disappearing with them inside the base. The whole operation is overseen by Hetepheres, who turns out to be no less alien in real life than on a screen, and pretty giant to boot - roughly 2 meters tall! Also, right next to the ship a mech is standing, which looks very much like her, only 10 times taller.]

Watch out with those instruments, they are very fragile. Yes, bring that to my private quarters, if you please. That console can stay on the ship for the time being.

[One of the beetles raises a hand (they don't really have hands, but details) questioningly.]


No, I don't know where the kitchen is. One of the locals will have to answer this question.