Star Rose

Russel had not been around as much as one might have expected. He's been busy with Halloween plan work and it showed he was in the hanger bay of Star Rose and was over seeing the alteration of several space manoeuvrability systems related to the Gespenst MKII Kai. He had just finished up work for the day when to his shock a delivery man shows up with a clip board and tells him a shipment of energy drinks in his name have arrived.

"Wait what... but how?"

Russel grumbles not sure what's going on and signs for it. He heads from the bay to go pick this up. Did Katina have anything to do with this? Was it some of his old comrades from the Steel Dragons? He had no damn clue!

They returned so soon.  We still had like... six and a half years before the UE would show up again!  What made them change their strategies?

And... Master Albert!  He lived in that city!  He helped bring people in, helped guide and protect them!  And then he just let a bunch of Mavericks attack so some... some "cipher" could be released?!?  How can you offer such generosity to people and then snatch it away?


[Much later on, Flit's trying to check around the emergency shelters people at Legion HQ went to in the midst of all the fighting.]

-Yes, we do have a record of a "Yurin L'Ciel" checking in here just after the first Maverick machines showed up.

Then she should still be here, right?

Well yes.  She didn't check out, but... I've checked with the volunteers here and nobody's been able to find her.  I'm terribly sorry for this but surely she's still okay.  The shelter sustained no damage during the battle and maybe she just slipped out when nobody was lookingNow if you'll excuse me...

[All the reassuring in the world wouldn't have been able to keep Flit's heart from sinking, and the man's lack of even that just made Flit worry even more.]
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[News spread quickly in Unity Group. General Mukantagara, the leader of the Gebian attack force that caused so much damage to Sparta, turned out to be Hetepheres' daughter. Nobody knew... Up until the end, when Hetepheres killed her.]

[After the fight, the Gebian general can be found in her office, sitting behind the desk - the room is mostly dark, the light is not even on. Her terminal is, but she's not really looking at it - just staring somewhere with a distant gaze. Until someone enters or contacts her, at least.]

[Hetepheres eventually returns from Macross to her office in Alhambra by TSEN. And it might not be easy to see at a first glance, but she looks tired. Regardless, time for rest will come later, because now she has an announcement to make. One of her scarab-like helpers gives her a cup of something to drink.]

I never expected the giants to reach Earth. But at this point, it is a safe bet that what are they after is your ship, the Macross. The ship that is currently around the orbit of Uranus.

Some of you might have heard about it, and it is true; my people encountered these giants before. As well as Decepticons, and Wulgaru, and Aerogaters. We barely know much more about them than you do; our contact consisted mostly of exchanging projectiles, not words. Regardless, if you have any questions, I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

[She can be easily reached through the network or in person.]
*The 8th Genoace Team has been helping the evacuation of South Ataria Island for a while, and now Walt is drinking coffee in a cafetaria somewhere in between the evacuation effort.*

Another alien enemy appears, eh? And it makes our newest flagship looks like a toy with their size and their number.

Like we don't have our hand full with the UE and Wulgaru already, with their superior number and technology...

And there's this species of robots in disguise who've been fighting since before we even raised the great pyramids...

Oh wait, and it turned out that some other alien species might've toyed with us to make us build the great pyramids...

Mankind is really just an insignificant speck of dust in the universe...
1. [General mingle/volunteer]
The battle may be over, but there's a lot of work to be done. Good news! The entire 50,000 person population of South Ataria made it to shelters, and are now being safely extracted. Bad news: The Prometheus and Daedalus, two large UN spacy warships that were in the ocean around South Ataria, have had their entire crews killed by the sudden shift from south pacific oceans to deep space. They were naval ships, not space ships, after all.

So there's a lot of work to be done, some grim, some happy. Happy: rescuing survivors and getting them moved onto the Macross. Grim: Clearing the corpses out of the Prometheus and Daedalus so they can be docked with the Macross and their materiel taken aboard. Happy: rebuilding Macross City inside the Macross. Whatever you end up helping out with, there's a hell of a lot to be done! It'll get easier with time as the citizens of Macross City start to help out, but at first there's an almost insurmountable amount of stuff to be done.

Also, the ship is currently parked on an island, floating in space. That's probably worth noting too.

2. [Talk to the bridge crew; specify if you want, otherwise random.]
Being military people and all, you can probably catch one of the bridge crew at some time and pester them for answers about the Fold Drive and...well, everything that just happened. That said, they're all pretty busy now, so it'll be hard to find them off duty.
[So Shu's not the only new face at Fort Alhambra now.   There's two more machines that came back in addition to the Granzon... and these two also start with the letter G!  They're not as OP though... just a gray Gespenst that somehow's gotten in on the Halloween Plan refits and a red Gesterben that doesn't seem related to the other ones the team fought earlier in the operation.]


Never thought Mission Devil would lead to us working with the Unity Group, but then again stranger things have happened.  This is Second Lieutenant Albhard Bailaran of the ESUN's spec ops group Team Jelba.  My associates here are Second Lieutenant Selena Recital and her assistant robot, Elma.

A pleasure to work with you all, and thanks for showing up when you did.  Bought us a little more time before Shu arrived, time we might've not gotten otherwise.

Right.  We were investigating to confirm whether or not Shu Shirakawa had been killed or not, on account of no trace of the machine being found in the wake of its destruction at the hands of the Steel Dragons.  One way or another, we wound up being summoned to that other world -La Gias-, and it wasn't long before we met with some of your own people and then Shu himself.

According to the professor, he was resurrected by a man named Luozorl, though his memory is full of holes and there are also things he doesn't feel inspired to share.  In spite of that, his assistance in the battle and the cooperation he's given us have been taking into consideration by our superiors, and it's been decided he will remain under observation for the foreseeable future, with Lieutenant Recital and myself serving as his handlers.

Any suspicious behavior observed by Professor Shirakawa should be made known to us... but please refrain from antagonizing him.  I know some of you have prior history with Shu and some of you fought as members of the Steel Dragons, but the circumstances have changed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Albhard, Elma, and Selena can be tagged now or after this broadcast when they're milling around one place or another.)
[In the wake of the defense and successful retreat at Nora, there's a new mobile suit and ship making their residence at the Star Rose.  And also a new pilot for that mobile suit too, who's admittedly a little, well...]


I don't think in all the craziness there was a proper introduction.  And now that it's over, well...

I'm Flit Asuno.  I was the one who designed and oversaw the development of the Gundam AGE-1, and even though I didn't intend on piloting it, that's changed.  Everyone who was out there, thank you for helping save the people of Nora.  I'm not sure where they're going to go now, but I know I'm going to stay here.  Stay with the Unity Group.

Commander Bruzar was right when he said I needed to concern myself with saving many lives.  That's what the Gundam's built for too... and it lived up to that goal!  The UE, the Vagans... anyone else... humanity won't lose to them!

[For those of you making the trip to Nora to help with its defense, you'll be met with a whole lot of activity almost immediately.   Between the colonial defense teams preparing their machines, various outside forces also arriving, and new hardware being delivered the place is a bustling little burb, one trying to be ready for the nasty fight that'll soon be on its hands.  One might see base commander Hendrick Bruzar or his right-hand man Grodek Ainoa off in the distance, discussing things over with other important people on the scene.

[But also...]

Careful, careful!

[There's a particular machine that has an entire engineering team dedicated to it, currently working to re-attach an arm.  For those of you familiar with your mobile suits, it's plain to tell by the thing's design: it's a Gundam.  *Explodes*.  But even more peculiar is that the person calling the shots here isn't any of the adults, but rather a kid who's one of the youngest if not the youngest person there.]

I just knew this would happen... why'd he have to run those extra tests on the Gundam's arm?


[It's pretty late in the day, but there's still some activity in the hangar as a green unit is docked in one of the unoccupied stations.]

And...there! Good work, all of you; I'll take it from here. Thanks for the help!

[May waves over at the group of technicians, who either nod, give a thumbs up or wave back, and proceed to depart. They've got a lot of other things to do after all.

Soon enough, only the Lynx and her machine are left. She places a hand on her hip and looks up at Merrygate's mostly featureless head.]

Finally. Back to business as usual, then.




[May has continued to do what she's been doing in some of her spare time since she arrived: that is, checking out the wilderness surrounding Fort Alhambra. While she's outdoors, she's got a green long-coat on over her usual attire. Seems like the history of the place has drawn her here.]

So, this must be what they were talking about...

[Before her lies what looks like a gigantic piece of armor that was probably once part of a mecha. Goodness knows what it used to be attached to though, because exposure to the elements has reduced it to a large rusty piece of metal. There are probably more strewn across the area.]
In Alhambra base, you can see a man in military uniform standing in front of some sort of coffee machine.

"They installed an automatic coffee dispenser..."

He turns toward you and cries out dramatically.

"I'm in despair! The way human easily substituted the art of coffee making for automated, mechanized coffee-making device has left me in despair!"

Amidst all of the people bringing their mechs to base, here's someone who isn't! An enormous woman approaches on foot, by way of the seedy cover hotel on top of the base proper. Slung over one shoulder is a backpack containing most of her worldly possessions, and on the other shoulder is what appears to be an authentic medieval claymore.

Once she's on the campus, Suma gives the scenery a critical look. "Not exactly what you'd expect a haven for heroes of battle to look like, is it?"


Later the same day, her things now stashed in her spartan bedroom, Suma has found the real point of interest of Sakihama Base: The hangar. Let's have a look at what we have to look forward to, yes?

Not having even it up the mess hall yet, Suma goes from mech to mech at a leisurely stroll spending a couple minutes taking each one in. Without any engineering knowhow, she doesn't have much to go on besides intuition to get an idea for how each one fights, but even so, she can't help but imagine each one in action, as an ally or an enemy. For the first time in years, she's feeling the thrill of diving into a new kind of battle, surrounded by cutting-edge weapons the likes of which the world has scarcely seen.

Between mechs, she scans the hangar for people, but the engineers and technicians going to and fro don't hold any interest for her - the pilots of these mechs, however, may prove a different story.

[[After she finishes with Sakihama Base, she'll be checking out the hangars at Alhambra and Star Rose, just in case anyone wants a thread but isn't stationed at this base!]]
[1] Unity Group Base Hanger some weeks ago.

Russel looked up up at the newly arrived test machines from the Halloween Project. The new mark of the Gespenst's were impressive he could see the hard points for the various load outs the personal troopers could use and watched some the techs continue to unload the crates carrying the new mode parts. The amount of flexibility this would the machine was high he thought. Even more importantly it would save money given all the rolls it could fill with it's modular load-outs.

"Quite the bit of work. The real question now is the field testing ... with these new Gespensts."

[2] Just after the Announcement

Russel was in the mess-hall going over paper work while he munched on his lunch. Given his experience as a pilot already he often was in on reviewing some of the data on candidates for the Unity group. Given his experience in the Divine war it was useful for some of his superiors to have him help with eyeballing possible recruits for the growing organization. Even if the were elites they would also need others who could hold ground or cover more ground. Numbers always factored into things eventually.

"Lets see here, so we're officially in business now? Well this is certainly going to be a change of pace."

[[Now you'll meet someone who isn't on base, rather, a supporter, and even a sponsor. However this is coming in over broadcast]]

Good afternoon everyone. I'm Banjou Haran, a member of your group, as well as one of your sponsors. I won't be found in any of the bases today, but I hear that many new supporters and recruits are pouring in, so I thought it appropriate to introduce myself to you all. Perhaps soon we'll all meet in person at my estate.

[[Behind Banjou are four others, though...

His trusted butler, Garrison.

The lovely blonde, Beauty (that's her name, promise)

The skilled INTERPOL agent, Reika.

And the token brat, Toppo.]]

But I'm more than just a sponsor for the group. I'll also be helping you against the Meganoid menace plaguing our planet, as well as many others. Should you ever need the Power of the Sun, then look no further to Daitarn 3!

[[And the feed remains open, seemingly LIVE, so you might have a conversation with him, though one by one his friends disperse.]]
[Backdated to only a few days or so before the Unity Group opening, a trio of blue mobile suits arrive at Alhambra Base. And their squad leader is the first to introduce himself.]

Greetings. You might be wondering what the three new arrivals in the hangars are - they're Virgola mobile suits, test units for a future mass-produced series. And we're here to be their test pilots, Glory Stars at your service!

My name's Denzel Hammer, and these two are my subordinates. Lt 1st class Toby Watson.

Hey, nice to meet y'all!

And 2nd Lt Setsuko Ohara, a new member of the team.

It is... a pleasure to meet you.

We're here to do tests, gather combat data and such, but don't worry, we'll fight too! If there's a combat, Glory Stars got your back.

[After the opening announcement.]

What was that supposed to be?

[Denzel and Toby are sharing drinks in the mess hall and laughing good naturedly about the broadcast's awkwardness. Setsuko is nowhere to be seen.]