[A black, oldschool-looking car parks outside Sakihama base. The vehicle may look familiar to some people; same with the man who steps out of it.]

It's been a while. But it looks that everything ended up well over here, as well.
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[Roger enters his temporary office in Alhambra. What follows, he didn't expect. The place is a ravaged mess, with half the stuff on the floor and many pieces of furniture knocked over. The perpetrators are around too; cats of Fl. Cl., a few of them running around chasing a ball, one sleeping on the desk, and another sitting in the middle of the mess and pretending nothing is going on.]


What do you think you're doing?!

1. [Roger wasn't present at Unity Group much for the past few days... But now he suddenly reappears, looking like a man who's been very busy with something important lately. Without a word, he throws a picture on a desk - a low-quality photograph, showing a Megadeus skulking in the shadows, between two buildings. What little can be seen of the robot is covered in bandages.]

It's how I suspected. He's back. Schwarzwald is alive.

2. [this happens shortly before the mission, and is locked to ??? only]
[Roger received a tip from Angel about Schwarzwald's whereabouts - it's surprising the woman knew about all this, but she's always been a mysterious lady. The negotiator arrives at the scene, which turns out to be a big, fancy party at the top floor of one of Paradigm's most luxurious buildings. Everyone is wearing masks, and Roger also receives one - but while the crowd engages in debauchery, most of them completely drunk, he stays away from the party and looks around. There is a reason he came here.]
[Roger appears to be looking for something around the Unity Group bases.]

My watch is gone. I want it back.

[He turns towards you.]
Have you seen my watch?
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[1 - the announcement] I have some info that I thought might interest you. Paradigm's fishermen stopped doing their work, and I was hired to negotiate with them. Apparently a sea god was awakened, and they're too afraid to anger him. Some of them claim they saw him, and he's gigantic.

I don't believe in sea gods, but this might be something else - maybe even a Kaiju. I'm going to investigate this matter. If anyone wants to tag along, be my guest.

[2 - investigation] [Paradigm's docks are dark and moist, full of foreboding atmosphere and smell of fish. Just like Roger said, no boats are out in the sea - the fishermen are too afraid. It's hard to get a coherent testimony out of them, but something unexpected happens - when you're on your way to talk to one of them men who claim to have seen the sea god, turns out there's a lady already talking to him. And she notices you.]

Oh? What a surprise. I didn't expect to find you here, negotiator. And with company, no less.


[3 - more investigation] [While walking around the docks, you suddenly hear a sound. It's coming from a dark alley between two seaside warehouses - it sounds like wet steps of large feet. And some shadows can be seen moving in the darkness - shadows that don't look entirely human...]

Do you see that?

[4 - single thread please]

This wouldn't have happened if you didn't jump in.

No, it wouldn't have happened if you didn't try to leave everyone behind.

[Welp. Roger, Angel, and maybe a few other people, are now stuck underwater, in the ruins of an office building. At least the building seems to be pressurized and have air and even electricity, but there's no visible way out - and these two spend as much time looking for one as they do bickering like children.]

How did this happen? )
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1. [Roger has been pretty busy recently, and the reason for that is that he got another job from Paradigm Corp a few days ago - one would have to ask him for details, but it's apparently to look for a dangerous terrorist who announced something is going to happen on Heaven's Day (which is Paradigm's equivalent of Christmas, pretty much). For details, one would have to ask the negotiator himself.]

I see. Was it contact with the outside world, or an awakening Memory? I can only guess.

[Roger closes a book he was reading. The Book of Revelations, to be precise. What is that about?]

2. [Patrolling the streets of Paradigm, either on foot or in a car. The city is busy, full of holiday decorations and people doing shopping and other preparations for Heaven's Day, but also policemen, looking for suspicious things. Roger also obtained some references as to what to look for - a photo of an old man, the supposed terrorist, and a specific design of a Heaven's Day card, one that was sent in by him. The decorations and crowds seem to put Roger in a bad mood, though.]

I don't care much for this time of year. Did you find anything unusual?


[The desk Roger is sitting on is full of clutter, as usual. Among that clutter, there are photos - pictures of enemy units taken during the latest battle, as well as photos of all kinds of birds, usually in the wild. Some of the photos are marked by someone who apparently was looking for similarities between them.
Roger grabs his head, shaking it slightly, then pours himself a shot of whiskey.]

If I wasn't there, I'd think it's a joke. But it isn't - we barely managed to stop them from causing a massacre. What other creatures have a secret society dedicated to fighting humanity? Will dogs be next? Lizards?

[Roger takes the shot and his frown deepens.]

...This whiskey is pretty bad.

[Truly, the 1% of mecha are affected by the supply shortages as well.]
[Some time after the spooooky expedition into the Paradigm underground and an encounter with a certain mummy, Roger is sitting at a desk. The desk is full of stuff, some of which are documents related to the case. He picks up something else, though - an hourglass - and turns it around, watching as the sand slowly seeps.]

The truth that Seebach... no, Schwarzwald, discovered, has driven him insane. But at the same time, it was undeniably the truth. I wish he spoke more about it. Unfortunately, it's impossible to track him down now; all of my trails have ended.

Rosewater seems to be happy with this result regardless. It's like Paradigm Corp expected it to end this way all along.

[There's a hint of disgust in Roger's voice when he says that last line. He puts away the hourglass and picks up parts of another, identical but half-finished one. With the precision of a clockmaker, he starts to assemble it.]
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[1 - for a certain robot]


[It's noon at the Smith mansion. Frantic piano playing woke up Roger, who's in less than excellent mood as he approaches his, for the lack of a better word, maid.]

I told you already, don't play the piano in the morning! Especially not this. Isn't this the same song you played during Miss Macross? Didn't you score close to the last place?

[2 - aftermath of the previous one, also an open invitation for anyone interested]

In order to... broaden Dorothy's cultural horizons, tonight we're going to visit a certain friend of mine. He's working at a bar called Amadeus, in Paradigm City. If a few other people are interested, you are free to join us - if spending a musical evening in a soothing atmosphere sounds like fun to you, you won't be disappointed. And after everything that happened lately, you've earned it.

[3 - the actual visit, and the default part of the post]

[Amadeus looks like a classy place, but one with a calm and warm atmosphere. Even from the outside, quiet sounds of a piano can be heard. Inside, beautiful music fills the air, played by a single pianist. All the guests are sitting quietly, enjoying the sounds and looking relaxed and blissful, most of them with their eyes closed.]

[Also, the pianist is a robot. Soon, he finishes the melody and bows down to the audience, which responds with clapping - it's not a wild ovation, but it's definitely genuine. Shouting and cheering would just feel out of place here, and ruin the mood.
Now it's time for a break between songs, and an opportunity to talk to people. Speak to the pianist? To Roger and/or Dorothy, who are now heading into his direction? To other people who tagged along?]
(Mood music here)

[After the mission in Alaska, Eva can be seen wandering the hallways of the base, clutching her head with one hand. There was her headache earlier, and something went...wrong, with the summoning of the Albatross.]


[She leans up against a wall for support-and glances over her shoulder suddenly.]


[Seeing nothing, Eva goes back to leaning against the wall-then takes her hand off and stares at it. She keeps looking at it for a while, before falling to her knees, closing her eyes and covering her ears.]


[She sits there, shaking like a leaf.]
Batallion Zhar was kept by the Russian government on a leash for too long. It was only a matter of time until they broke free. Maybe now their fortune will turn around for the better.

I intend to let ESUN know about the way Russia treats its immigrants next time we talk. This is not how a professional government should act.

[Roger falls silent. Paradigm Corp at home is not exactly a paragon of virtue, either.]
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1. (Locked to Roger)

*You're busy doing whatever business a rich young negotiator like you are doing in your free time, when suddenly someone greeted you from behind.*

Good afternoon, Master Roger. This is your afternoon tea.

*It's the girl you saved before, Dorothy! In a maid uniform nonetheless! What is she doing here?*

2. (Free for everyone)

*If you're visiting paradigm city through Roger's Mansion, you can see a girl in a maid uniform sweeping the floor with a flat face. It's obvious that she never did this before, since she's basically just collecting dust and moving them around again and again. Those of you present in the mission "Dorothy, Dorothy" should recognize her as the hostage.*

Good afternoon. Are you looking for Master Roger? I assume he's currently still sleeping, but I'll gladly wake him up for you.
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1. Greetings. My name is Roger Smith, I am Paradigm City's top negotiator. Thanks for your assistance out there; I'm glad to see miss Ohara is alright now.

I should offer a short explanation. Paradigm is the city of lost memories; all of its citizens suffered from complete amnesia in a mysterious event 40 years ago. Since then, we had no contact with the outside world, and weren't even aware civilization exists out there; seems that this lack of knowledge turned out to be mutual.

I was hired to help with the talks regarding establishing relations between Paradigm and ESUN, so for the time being I can offer you my assistance - as negotiator, and Megadeus pilot. A TSEN is being set up as we speak, and you will be able to visit Paradigm soon if you want to. Just remember to stick to these rules:
- Do not draw attention to the fact that you're from the outside world.
- Keep the identity of Big O's pilot a secret.
- You can stay as a guest at my home for any time, but unless you're lovely young woman you have to let me know in advance. Also, wear all black; it is one of my house rules.

I think that's all. If you have questions, I should be around to answer. I heard you've been through hard times lately, Unity Group; perhaps by cooperating we can make it a bit better.
[The above is a message, but Roger can be easily accessed either through the comm system or in person.]

2. [Roger is walking around the bases, getting familiar with their layouts and various objects inside. Considering the technology level is vastly different from Paradigm's, it means a lot of things attract his attention! Not just super high-tech stuff, but even things like computers or color TV. Strangely enough, he barely blinks an eye at the hangar full of mecha.]

Well, that's interesting...

[What is it that attracted his attention?]

[In a completely different place than any of the Unity Group bases...]

[The room seems to be a guest bedroom at a rich mansion, straight out of a film noir. The view through the window shows a dark city built in the same style, but with a strange, glass and steel dome over it. A bizarre, unknown sight. The room is empty, safe for one person who is probably waking up right now...]