[Its all peaceful on the deck of the Macross... that is... until-]


[-Skald charged across its deck to chase away birds, running this way and that before skidding to a halt before a large group of seagulls that were staring blankly at him. He merely glares back and unsheathes his claws.]

Challenge Accepted. HAVE AT YOU!!!!

[He dives right in as the birds rush at him in a wave of feathers! There's a flurry of activity and then the birds flee. Skald's fur is extremely ruffled and there is blood. But surprisingly none of it is his.]


[He coughs up a feather before hissing and spitting.]

Foul tasting avian filth-GAAAAAAH!

[And then a Pelican scooped him up. Well. Crap. Rescue the cat?]

[If you were doing anything you find Skald quickly trotting over to you, his fluff majestically moving in the wind before he bats at your leg insistenly.]

My comrade! I believe we have a situation! A mysterious intruder has managed to bypass our security! I believe it to be following me but every time I try to chase it down it always manages to get away-

[He freezes and fixates on something to the side.]


[To which he begins a frantic chase of.... his tail. The intruder Skald was worried about was his tail. After a combination of scrambling in circles and rolling around like a fluffy ball he crashes onto his back in a fluffy heap.]

W... which way did it go! We must capture it!

[...Will you humor him or tell him the truth.]

[You are doing something. Either typing, reading or in Asagi's case assembling your puzzle. However something has you look away for a moment. It doesn't really matter what it was - be it grabbing a drink or looking for more pieces. What matters is the fact Skald and his voluminous floof are curled up on your thing apparently asleep.]

[This may or may not be important. Try to move him?]


[Once more Skald is chasing down a bird. Probably not one of the Avian Empire's troops... and possibly might be Chika. Either way he runs past where the Unity Group leaves its garbage. A loud crash has him halt his pursuit and carefully pad over to the dumpster... which rattles loudly. Skald says nothing, merely looking at you and nodding as he readies his claws. When you open the dumpster however, a dirty cat that was probably white under all the stains scrambled out, crashing into things before unsteadily getting to his feet. He coughs weakly.]

"Thank you. I thought I was a goner..."

[Skald freezes up. The cat spoke! No. More than that. Skald KNEW that voice!]

Amewro? Amewro Ray?

[The dirty cat looks up resignedly, letting out another feline cough.]


[The cat nods in acknowledgement. It looks like you found a CLAW pilot digging through your garbage.]


[It's late at night at Sakihama base. And the only people up this late should be workaholics, and those with active night lives.

So who then, is that you catch out of the corner of your eye?]

Hm... Must be around here somewhere...

[One of them is clearly female, a woman likely in and around her late thirties, but in remarkable physical form. The other...]

Did we really have to do this at night dear? If it were the day, we could at least track him back to his quarters.

[The other is practically her male counterpart, similarly aged, equally fit. He bears something of a resemblance to a certain young pilot...]

Or perhaps...

[Suddenly, he turns on his heel, and throws out a quick series of shuriken, aimed to pin an unfortunate eavesdropper to the walls by their sleeves!]

We could ask them?

Sounds like a plan. Where is Kentaro Torao's room?


(OOC: Feel free to enter this prompt from the previous by changing the prompt number when you wanna timeskip)

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[Immediately after Through the Stomach mission. Said in person for those who were present (or had a reason to be around the area), or as a transmission for those who were not.]

I'm sorry everyone. But I will not be returning with you to Unity Group.

At least, not now. There are many refugees around, who have lost houses, lives, friends and family.

I have promised to help them, and I will. As soon as the ESUN relief group arrives, I'll join it. I have a little bit of experience doing something like this, so don't worry about me.

I'll return as soon as those peoples' immediate needs are taken care of and their base for building their own future will be restored. See you in a few weeks.

I'm very proud of you.

[2 - for Walt]
[Ren hopes to find the depressive Lt before he departs. If they do, it's time for a small private conversation.]

It seems you have been given a unique gift. And, well, a rather scary one - I don't mean for me, I'm not afraid of you. Unless you want me to be afraid that is. No, I mean it could be a little bit scary for you.

Would you like to talk about it? Don't worry, I won't take much of your time.
Fort Alhambra

Raquel was was actually tired, very tired really when it got down to it, her mother had been throwing her through brutal training even by her own standard and she was wary in both body and soul. It been hard and she couldn't fully get what had got to her mother? She just makes her way into one of the lounges .

Worse the memories of the battle with the beta were haunting her, even if she had the Amazon it would have only stemmed the tide a bit more. What were those things where did they come from she slumped into the chair in the lounge and just slumping in she's not out of sorts like she was after the mysterious south American fight. No she just looked very wary if one were to observe here.
1 - At Legion HQ (mostly for the people who were in the mission and NPCs)

[Well, that sure was something. So turns out one of the Sages of Legion is a) some kind of cyborg, b) bloody crazy, and c) behind the outbreaks of machines going crazy AND the whole Mega Men business. Legion HQ was hit pretty hard, and it's going to take a bit before Legion resumes normal operations.

And while the buzz of activity is going on at ground level, Ashe is sitting on a rooftop's edge, in her Model A shape, tossing her gun up and down and looking unusually thoughtful for her.

Though of course, it won't be long until someone interrupts her train of thought, will it?]

2 - Return to Alhambra

[Some time afterwards, Ashe is back in the base, looking more like herself again, grinning. As she comes in and jumps out of the ship that brought her, she pops a comm while walking]

Well, guys, it seems like I'll be staying for a while. Master Thomas and Master Mikhail hired me to investigate this Albert business, and since you guys keep getting called for big disturbances this is the best place to be if Albert pops his head up.

In the meantime, I'll help you guys out - helping people is what the hero of the story does, after all! Let's get along with each other, okay?

[A video broadcast pops up around the base. To everyone's great surprise its Optimus Prime.]

Everyone, I know that the past few days have been difficult for a great many of us. However we should not be discouraged by whatever adversity awaits. As such I am organizing a team building exercise in the hangars at Sakihama Base.

[Optimus' head inclines forward slightly in a polite nod.]

I would like to make it clear however that though this exercise is aimed to better allow us to trust one another attendance is not mandatory.

Thank you for your time.


[As everyone gathers in the Hangars of Sakihama, the 'team building exercise' is revealed... its more or less a large makeshift theater area with enough room for many people. What is on show you ask? Well what it is may surprise you. Soap Operas. Not Cybertronian ones. EARTH MADE Soap Operas. Now this may seem silly, but the reasoning used behind this was, to bond with your comrades by trusting them to see you when your emotions are unguarded. Of course that could just be utter bull.]

[Optimus and Grimlock watch stoically, though there were the odd, occasional noises that imply that if they were human - they would be crying silent, manly tears. Bumblebee, Ironhide and Wheeljack were a little more open on their end with their inelegant blubbering, while Ratchet (still having a slight limp) and Red Alert seemed to be somewhere between those two extremes - and sometimes alternated between them depending on how immersed they are in the scenes. Blaster and his cassettes were handling the viewing equipment and were enjoying the show for everything it was worth. But what of Kup and Cliffjumper?]

"Oh for the love of Primus, why can't you just tell her how you feel Wolfe?! You know she won't get it unless you tell her face to face!"

"Can it Kup, some of us are watch-SHE'S IN LOVE WITH HER OWN BROTHER?! WHAT?!?!"

[1] A two-way transmission from outside the base! The person on the other side turns out to be three people - men wearing white and purple robes.
Contents under the cut )

If you have anything to say to the three Masters, the transmission is still open.


"Hello. Is this still up?"

That's not it for the transmission from Legion HQ. Someone else calls Unity Group, a purple-haired girl.

"Can I talk to Flit Asuno?"
ugyuuya: Yuuya Pilot (Yuuya Pilot)
([personal profile] ugyuuya Jul. 16th, 2014 09:28 am)

[Due to an increasing number of mixed operations (and in part to satisfy general pilot curiosity) the TSF detachment has scheduled a training event for other UG personnel to familiarize themselves with TSF piloting at their own pace. Unable to provide the full simulator support onsite at a UG location the event is scheduled to take place at the Yokohama training base.

The day is split between use of the simulators in the morning to instill the basics and more advanced maneuvers in the Fubuki training TSFs using a modified dual seat cockpit allowing members of the Argos flight to take control in case of emergency.]

[2] - Semi-locked to Raquel

[Tarisa is suited up in her TSF suit minus the HUD interface waiting for Raquel to meet for the arranged spar the two had decided upon after discussing her last run in with the Shura. Looking up as the door opens the look of excitement and anticipation on her face is obvious.]

Certainly took long enough for our schedules to match up for this, wouldn't you agree?
(Set just after Fire On the Mountain, forgive the delay life has been pretty hectic for me as of late.)

Raquel was back at base in one of the lounges and looking down, there was something strange about the encounter with the Shura, as much as she wanted to punch the Deception with the nails on chalkboard voice? This had got her attention. Who the hell were they? No she knew they were Shura, she had some idea about the race. She'd met one of them before but why were more of them here? They said they were looking for someone.

What's more they were looking for a machine as well form the sounds of it and the one she fought knew her style to the point he had counters for the majority of her attacks what the hell was going on here? She hugged her knees some more just trying to sort out her thoughts for once she was not bundle energy or even confidence like she seems to be normally.
*A man in UN Spacy uniform walks into the Sakihama Base front door holding a bunch of bags in his hands. Apparently they're... toys? And cakes?

You might recognize the Macross emblem on his uniform.*

Oh man, those TSEN things are really convenient, aren't they? And I thought I would miss the release of these limited edition babies, with, you know, being a billion kilometers away from the store at the release date...
[So after Blinded By the Light finishes up]

[For now Zero is recovering on the Macross before he decides to hit that TSEN whatever to get to Earth, but wants to introduce himself to his new allies.

However Zero is not the giant of light that had been observed battling, but instead looks like a young man who could pass for a hobo, and with him is a kid that is just as finely dressed.]

Thanks for the save back there, not sure what would have happened if we didn't get any help.
I'm Zero, Ultraman Zero. A warrior from the Land of Light currently visiting this universe on my own mission. This body isn't mine though, it's a guy who's kind of in a coma and I'm helping him recover while I borrow it. It's the brother of this kid, Nao. I'm currently looking out for him so I hope you help me out with that too.

[He pats the boy on the shoulder who waves]

It's kind of a complicated story how all this happened and I got here, but I'm willing to tell it.

[Once he's gotten a bit more well known he's used the TSEN to bring himself and Nao to the Star Rose first because the kid wanted to check out some cool space stuff and he couldn't say no. It's more advanced than the mining planet he was on but you know, space and it's varying technologies make for curious kids.]

Geez, humans really got some advanced stuff.
I never would have expected all those robots out of 'em.
My fault I guess, heh.

[Its been a few days since the encounter with the Knights of the Guiding Hand, and in particular, since Ken found himself on the receiving end of the Tiankui, and its pilot. After spending some time recuperating, and checking in with the others who were there, Ken's decided that a few things need to change...

And thus, inside one of the many empty buildings used to cover the existence of the Sakihama base, Ken can be found setting up a gym for himself, out of various scrap and other bits that he could find lying around. Of course, him sneaking all this out wasn't exactly possible without gaining someone's attention, which might explain why you're here...]


[He seems... oddly relaxed, compared to his usual self. Also, he evidently has a different set of clothes.]


[Hours later, he's back at base, but one may have noticed him going over some rather ancient looking scrolls in and around the compound. The things look more like they belong in a museum than in some teenager's hands, but he's studying them quite thoroughly with interest and intrigue...]

To think they had to figure all this stuff out back when the gun was a curious idea...

So, there was a fight. Specifically, between the newly arrived Yuuya, and the slightly less newly arrived Ken. Whilst the exact source and reasoning behind the conflict is still sketchy at best, pretty much every witness has confirmed that it was Ken who ultimately threw the first punch. His injuries are also the lighter of the two - he got by mostly with some severe bruises, maybe slight bits of blood loss, but nothing too bad. Right now, he's resting in Alhambra's medical room, probably in need of something to wake him up...


Though if you prefer to wait, you can instead find him cuffed and in a cell in the Sakihama base, after he has waken up and shown he'll shrug off most of his injuries. He looks... drained, physically speaking, and is mostly taking to relaxing against the wall as he sits on the bed. Occasionally, he flings his hands forward, as if trying to do something with such a strange manner of pose, but nothing comes, and he just gives dejected sighs. The guards'll let you in if you ask nicely, and aren't the same dude who pissed him off to begin with.
It's a party! Cathy and Liz had their first real honest live-fire people-are-trying-to-kill-us-but-we're-alive deployment at Nora, and not only did they successfully not die, they even helped save the day! Setsuko likewise had her own professional debut in the field of not-dying during the hostage rescue! Good Idea Bear Cathy of course decided this calls for a night on the town. The Star Rose! Tourists, socialites, and Nora refugees looking to celebrate their own not-dying! Dinner! Drinks! Dancing! Young adults in high-risk professions bonding!

1. [semi-locked to invitees]
Setsuko seems the skittish sort, so Cathy's easing in to this with a simple meal in a nice restaurant - there are plenty of those in a location like the Star Rose! She's found a moderately classy Indonesian place, but not so classy as to throw off the mood for the rest of the evening she has planned. Of course, the more's the merrier, so she's sounded out a few other of the soldier types of drinking age in the Unity Group to come along!

[Please ping me if you want to be one of the people invited! Of course, you might still run in to the group regardless, here or in the second prompt.]

2. [free for all]
Food's good and all, but its real function is to give soakage for drinks and energy for dancing! Do you stick with the group as they hit the bars and clubs, or run in to them there?

3. [point and laugh]
The morning after the night before! Well, morning by the clock, anyway, even if they kind of blended together. Whoever've lasted through the night are making their way home, some with some practice, others stumblingly. Are you among them, or up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to mock their debauchery?

[Let's say this takes place after the Symphormers mission but before Macross. Continuity is flexible, so you can still be hungover for the latter, or not.]
[1] [Video] [Speak to Optimus here.]

[Well everyone, after that interesting little event at the power plant, there are now three transforming alien robots at Sakihama base. The leader of them now making an announcement.]

Members of the Unity Group. It is a pleasure to meet all of you, though admittedly I wish that your first encounter with my species could have been under better circumstances. My name is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. I had mentioned before during the battle that there was a war involved between the Decepticons and ourselves. What I had not mentioned was the scale of it...

[Prime sounded more than a little severe.]

This conflict consumed our entire planet and divided our species in two and had spanned across millennia. A conflict that has spread here when I led a failed attempt to find others willing to assist the Autobots as our numbers... and the energy available across our planet dwindled. It is because of this mistake that I swear that my troops and I will do whatever we can to assist mankind and all its allies in defending itself - not just from the Decepticons, but from all those who seek to cause you harm.

As such, all Autobots present on Earth will make themselves known to ESUN officials and provide assistance whenever possible. A small contingent of which will be arriving to support the Unity Group directly.

I hope that our people can continue to work together. Even after our battles are over.

[2] [New Arrivals] [Speak to the other Autobots here]
Cut for massive size )

1. [Meet Zwei Wing]

[Shortly after the mission, the idol duo Zwei Wing can be found wandering around the various UG bases. They're checking out everything and it's pretty easy to tell that the younger blue-haired girl was a bit uncomfortable being led around like this. Her much larger partner on the other hand seems to be enjoying herself. A lot.]

2. [Meet Kanade]

[Later on Kanade is forced asked to intro herself properly.]

Right, so the Boss Man said I should probably introduce myself properly so here goes. Yo, nice to meet everyone. I'm Kanade Amou of Zwei Wing and the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps. Despite the long name there my job is actually pretty simple. I'm just the user of a weapon that can make Noise destroyable.

We're apparently going to be working with all of you so I hope we'll be able to get along.

3. [Meet Tsubasa]

[Unlike her partner, Tsubasa isn't the type to make introduction videos. She's much too shy for that. Instead, she can be found on the Star Rose, looking out into space curiously, or outdoors at Alhambra, where she's simply enjoying the view. In either case, she's humming a tune, which just happens to be the same song those in the mission have heard.]
[So Shu's not the only new face at Fort Alhambra now.   There's two more machines that came back in addition to the Granzon... and these two also start with the letter G!  They're not as OP though... just a gray Gespenst that somehow's gotten in on the Halloween Plan refits and a red Gesterben that doesn't seem related to the other ones the team fought earlier in the operation.]


Never thought Mission Devil would lead to us working with the Unity Group, but then again stranger things have happened.  This is Second Lieutenant Albhard Bailaran of the ESUN's spec ops group Team Jelba.  My associates here are Second Lieutenant Selena Recital and her assistant robot, Elma.

A pleasure to work with you all, and thanks for showing up when you did.  Bought us a little more time before Shu arrived, time we might've not gotten otherwise.

Right.  We were investigating to confirm whether or not Shu Shirakawa had been killed or not, on account of no trace of the machine being found in the wake of its destruction at the hands of the Steel Dragons.  One way or another, we wound up being summoned to that other world -La Gias-, and it wasn't long before we met with some of your own people and then Shu himself.

According to the professor, he was resurrected by a man named Luozorl, though his memory is full of holes and there are also things he doesn't feel inspired to share.  In spite of that, his assistance in the battle and the cooperation he's given us have been taking into consideration by our superiors, and it's been decided he will remain under observation for the foreseeable future, with Lieutenant Recital and myself serving as his handlers.

Any suspicious behavior observed by Professor Shirakawa should be made known to us... but please refrain from antagonizing him.  I know some of you have prior history with Shu and some of you fought as members of the Steel Dragons, but the circumstances have changed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Albhard, Elma, and Selena can be tagged now or after this broadcast when they're milling around one place or another.)
1. [The safe harbor that Shu was referring to is a cave some distance away from the battle zone. There's ample space for everyone to store their machines, and necessities such as food and water are all available.

As you're getting accustomed to the layout however, a particular bird/familiar approaches you.]

So since Master isn't really himself right now, I owe you guys some explanations!

The most likely reason you've been brought to La Gias is a large-scale summoning spell. I've got no clue who the caster is, or why they did it, though.

If you've got any other questions, I can try to answer them.

[She does look a BIT more serious when it comes to the next part, however.]

...By the way, I noticed some of you recognize Master from before. Just letting you know that reminding him of the past all at once right now would be a baaad idea. That goes especially for some of you.


2. [It's not long afterwards that Shu can be found next to a VERY familiar looking device in one section of the cave. Those of you who have been with the Unity Group before would recognize this as a TSEN Device, but Shu looks confounded by its presence there...]


3. (Open)
[The combatants from the mission have returned! But since then, you might have gotten a glimpse of one of the new people who returned with them, or for something more obvious: that mecha in the hangar. Chika's advice about those memories of his has also spread one way or another, but it's not like you'd run into him a lot anyway.

Said person is regularly found in the records' rooms of the bases (or something equivalent like a library); suspiciously going through a small number of both written and digital documents. They're not top secret stuff, so he's not breaking any rules, but still...]


((OOC: Yes, this still takes place in La Gias for prompts 1 and 2, and is the explanation as to why everyone can go home so quickly. This way we won't get multiple posts of 'what now?'. Plus, this means our newly introduced player can go ahead and frontdate to after this event if he wants to make his own post.

OOC 2: Walt tag is for anyone from the mission to tag, enjoy.))
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Kaname Chidori, age 16, has been living on her own ever since her father and younger sister moved back to New York sixteen months ago. Part of her figured she'd live alone in her apartment until she got married or something. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine that she'd be forced to live on a military base.

Say goodbye to sleepovers with Kyoko. This whole moving business was something that she didn't even want to begin to explain to her best friend. She didn't bother to even try and explain it to her father. Instead, she just told him that there were problems with packages being stolen at her apartment complex and provided him with a PO Box to send letters to instead.

It was probably better if he and her young sister, Ayame didn't know what was going on, anyway. If they knew she was in sort of danger, they'd only worry. Her dad would probably move back to the US, and moving to this base was bad enough. She was still trying to come to terms with all of this, herself.

Goodbye, perfectly normal high school life.

Kaname shifts the box in her hands. Most of her things she had shipped off; they should already be in her room. But this box is filled with things that are special to her. Old family photographs -- especially ones of her mom. A few photo albums. Her childhood blanket. The Bonta-kun plush toy she's had ever since she was a baby. The box isn't exactly heavy, perse, but it's certainly large and unwieldy. That's part of the reason why she's having such a rough time carrying it.

Still, she's been walking around this base for ten minutes now, and she's still completely lost. And unfortunately for Kaname, her usual shadow, Sousuke Sagara, wasn't around. Thankfully, though, there's a figure up ahead.

"Hey!" Kaname calls out, as she quickens her pace. "Do you know where the dorms are?"
After the rescue operation, you receive words from the mercenary leader that asked you for help. This is aimed at everyone willing to listen, but ESPECIALLY a certain young and foolhardy kid who stole a mobile suit not too long ago.

"This is captain Jamil Neate of Freeden speaking. Thank you for saving Tiffa."

"You deserve some explanation. Tiffa has a very rare gift - she is a Newtype, the kind that was used in war against the SRA fifteen years ago. Even now there are people who would abuse their power for their own goals. No matter what, I will not let that happen. This is Freeden's mission, to travel around the world and look for Newtypes we can help, make sure no one enslaves or abuses them."

"I am glad we could work together. If I ever need your assistance again, I'll let you know. Likewise if you need my crew for anything, just give me a call."

It looks like it's over, but then Jamil has one final thing to say.

"Because of what happened with the Gundam, Tiffa is unconscious. It's psychic backlash - but she should be fine. Do not blame yourselves for what happened. Just give her time to recover."


[There's been a lot of new arrivals to the Unity Group as of late, so one imagines it mustn't be so surprising to see a new face that one doesn't recognise. But this one doesn't seem all that much older than a highschool student - heck, he might even be - and unlike some of the younger associates of the organisation, he hasn't exactly ditched his uniform either.

And thus, there he stands in the corridors of the Sakihama Base, hidden beneath the Earth, as he seems to be taking less than conventional means of getting a snack from a vending machine. Well, one assumes shoving your hand right in there is unconventional.]


[This time he's managed to hop along through the TSEN all the way to Fort Alhambra, and already is trying to make himself familiar with all its nooks and crannies.

Starting with its air ducts.]

Ngh... These could use some replacements...

[Grumbling to himself, the lad nevertheless soldiers on in his strange quest, and yet...]


[All this gets him is the metal buckling under him, and he falls out into god knows where. Or onto god knows who.]
A semi-truck pulled up outside the main entrance of Fort Alhambra. The driver, a powerfully built bearded man, leaned out of the window and peered up at the fort. After a moment, he rolled the window back up and got out, ambling unhurriedly over to the security gate so he could talk to the guard about a visitor's pass or something.

As Unity Group had no scheduled meeting with a fellow named Njall Erlandson, his request for entry took it's sweet time working it's way up the chain of command, but he had no problem waiting. Anyone entering or exiting the base could find him sitting against the wheel of his truck (Now parked safely out of the way of traffic.), with his hands behind his head as he stared at the scattered clouds drifting across the sky, apparently lost in his own thoughts.

[Later, after he presumably was allowed into the RP, ICly, there was a video post!]

Hello, Unity Group. Took a bit of work, but I've gotten signed on as part of your merry band.

Call me Njall.

[It's time for someone else to make a formal introduction.  Or rather, two special someones!]

Couldn't keep putting this off now could we?  At any rate, it's been nice to meet all of you so far.  My friend here is Sara Harper, director of the Solaris orgnization-

And my friend here is none other than Mizuki Onodera, the Abyss Empress herself!  Sworn enemy of all beings who live on this-


[We apologize for the technical difficulties that ensue, but when the video comes back, Sara's off in the corner laughing uncontrollably while Mizuki does her best to do damage control.]

Sorry about that.  Sara and I go way back, and you know how things get with longtime friends.  But as I was going to say, if you're not familiar with Solaris, that's just because the organization hasn't been very relevant for the past ten years or so.  We came here to help Solaris get back on its feet again, even if its glory days are long past and it'll just be supporting the Unity Group.  So long as people'll be able to afford college tuition for their kids and have pensions come retirement we'll be happy.

As for me personally?  Well I'm "The Abyss Empress".  An empress without an empire.  A potential enemy-turned-ward for Solaris who's all grown up now and just wants to do what she can to repay the people who decided to take her in rather than kill her when they had the chance.  Anyone wanting the full story's welcome to it if they ask.
 1. [On a fine, clear day outside, music can be heard drifting through the air. The sound of a cello can be heard gently drifting through the air. If someone bothers to track it down, they'd find a beautiful, elegant-looking woman practicing on the instrument, while her maid stands nearby.]

Oh, good morning. Can I help you with something?

2. [Kanae's other main way to spend time early on? Shooting. Not at a firing range, either, but outside. She's shooting skeet, and any wildlife that happen to wander into her sight.]

You know Sayo, I don't think I'll ever get entirely used to guns...The noise, the smoke, that odd tingle that runs up your spine as the bullet slams into your target...

[BAM, down goes a bluebird.]
1. [video]
[After the formal announcement, a broadcast goes around the Unity Group's networks, flagged as to-whom-it-may-concern. The video's of a young woman, auburn-haired and early twenties, wearing a uniform which those versed in Spacenoid politics may recognize as belonging to the militia of Erewhon, a neutral scientific colony.]

Now that we're officially a team, I should say hello. Lieutenant Catherine Butler, with the Erewhon Colonial Defense Forces. My sister and I will be operating out of the Star Rose for the time being, at least until it's time for ground trials. It's our hope that the Rose, the mobile suit we're testing here, will be an able to support to you all.

I look forward to working with you, and I expect we'll see you around.

[Short and to the point - though if you want more detail, Cathy's online for responses.]

2. [video]
[Just after that first broadcast comes another, marked as related. The person in this video is a slightly younger-looking woman with long black hair, wearing civilian clothes and a less formal expression.]

Hello! I'm the sister Cathy mentioned. Elizabeth Butler, but you can call me Liz. I'm really looking forward to meeting and working with everyone!

I'm online a lot, so don't hesitate to get in touch. You might see some of my drones around, too, so wave if you do! I'm just a warrant officer, so there's no need to stand on ceremony, don't worry. And if you want to know more about the Rose, I'm always happy to show off!

[As with her sister's broadcast, Liz shows up as ready to respond.]

3. Star Rose hangar
If you find yourself physically visiting the Star Rose, you may see the pair working on their machine in the hangar! Or - well, no, you see Cathy, apparently alone, working on and around a bold red mobile suit. Technical types will note it's an unusual design, with many non-standard features of interest. Cathy's directing a team of technicians setting up the surrounding gear and maintenance infrastructure, and putting the MS through its paces in launch exercises.

And over the next few days, Cathy can be seen around and about not just the Star Rose but Sakihama and Alhambra too, clearly exploring. Checking out the hangars and machines, curiously investigating the living spaces and surroundings, and tucking in to whatever the staff recommend as the most distinctive local specialties in the mess halls.

[It's pretty late in the day, but there's still some activity in the hangar as a green unit is docked in one of the unoccupied stations.]

And...there! Good work, all of you; I'll take it from here. Thanks for the help!

[May waves over at the group of technicians, who either nod, give a thumbs up or wave back, and proceed to depart. They've got a lot of other things to do after all.

Soon enough, only the Lynx and her machine are left. She places a hand on her hip and looks up at Merrygate's mostly featureless head.]

Finally. Back to business as usual, then.




[May has continued to do what she's been doing in some of her spare time since she arrived: that is, checking out the wilderness surrounding Fort Alhambra. While she's outdoors, she's got a green long-coat on over her usual attire. Seems like the history of the place has drawn her here.]

So, this must be what they were talking about...

[Before her lies what looks like a gigantic piece of armor that was probably once part of a mecha. Goodness knows what it used to be attached to though, because exposure to the elements has reduced it to a large rusty piece of metal. There are probably more strewn across the area.]

Amidst all of the people bringing their mechs to base, here's someone who isn't! An enormous woman approaches on foot, by way of the seedy cover hotel on top of the base proper. Slung over one shoulder is a backpack containing most of her worldly possessions, and on the other shoulder is what appears to be an authentic medieval claymore.

Once she's on the campus, Suma gives the scenery a critical look. "Not exactly what you'd expect a haven for heroes of battle to look like, is it?"


Later the same day, her things now stashed in her spartan bedroom, Suma has found the real point of interest of Sakihama Base: The hangar. Let's have a look at what we have to look forward to, yes?

Not having even it up the mess hall yet, Suma goes from mech to mech at a leisurely stroll spending a couple minutes taking each one in. Without any engineering knowhow, she doesn't have much to go on besides intuition to get an idea for how each one fights, but even so, she can't help but imagine each one in action, as an ally or an enemy. For the first time in years, she's feeling the thrill of diving into a new kind of battle, surrounded by cutting-edge weapons the likes of which the world has scarcely seen.

Between mechs, she scans the hangar for people, but the engineers and technicians going to and fro don't hold any interest for her - the pilots of these mechs, however, may prove a different story.

[[After she finishes with Sakihama Base, she'll be checking out the hangars at Alhambra and Star Rose, just in case anyone wants a thread but isn't stationed at this base!]]
[1 - Few days before the Anouncement]

I really don't get why I'm being put over here.

[Ryuichi is standing with a few bags talking to...what honestly could be confused for his mom considering how he's pouting like the first day of school. But it's not, she's coming off just a touch too condescending.]

"Now now, you promised to serve Romana and protect the Earth she loves however you could. These are the guys best suited to handle giving you those tasks."

I suppose...still though, shouldn't one of the more experienced guys be handling this?

"They've all got their own duties. You have everything you need so just make friends okay?"

[Little boy blue sighs, but smiles all the same. Really he's just anxious but the reassurance from his handler has him excited to meet his allies and see what sort of technology is around here. With a nod she leaves him to get situated by himself.]

[2 After de Anouncement]

[He didn't really catch most of it because he was wearing to his headphones, but the bit from Huffman caught his attention. He let out a nervous laugh, because seriously, what kind of joke is that.]

I hope that isn't how he usually does things.
I mean it's funny in retrospect, but I'm too young for a heart attack.
And so's the top guy from the sounds of it.
[1] A few weeks before the announcement.

Raquel looked out at the base before her as she reached the checkpoint for entry. She'd not come by car or any such other method she'd hiked or hitch hiked the whole way there. She blew one strand of Green hair out of her eyes and adjusted the duffel bag that was over her shoulder. She took a moment to pull out her ID and show it to the guard. He checked it over and everything checked out all right.

She broke into a sprint after asking the guard where the pilot quarters were and was making beeline to the pilot housing to find her way to the room she'd been assigned and had no idea what to expect. Given her Master's training? She half expected that she's going to be sleeping on a hard stone floor Given these are soldiers and not civilians., with a bit of trouble she finds her way in and now starts wandering the halls looking for her own room.

"Damn it 403? Where is it..."

[2] Just After the Announcement

Raquel leaned back in the lounge arms behind her head ad she remained in the chair she'd watched the announcement on. She had a bit of a smirk on her face apparently she was amused at Huffman's comments.

"So things are officially in business now? Hopefully the actual fighting is going to be decent to there will be hell to pay for me."
[1] [Suddenly, a transmission to all Unity Group bases! The person talking is... definitely not human. She's some kind of weird alien insect cyborg.]

Citizens of Earth, members of organization known as Unity Group. I come to you with a warning.

I am Hetepheres, a general of the Gebian army. Thousands of years ago, my people came to your planet, but they kept their presence a secret. Today, we return, but we are not united in our goals. The Anti-Earthling Party believes that we should conquer your planet, and enslave its populace. They will start their invasion soon.

I am a representative of the Pro-Earthling Party. We believe in mutual cooperation and understanding between our two races. I was sent here as an ambassador, and consultant, and defender; together, we shall push back the AEP, and perhaps teach them of the mistakes of their way. If they don't want to learn, they shall taste steel.

Your leaders already know about this and have prepared a place for me to establish an embassy. If you need anything, you can find me there.

[2] [Soon, stuff is going on in the hangar at Fort Alhambra. A strange vessel has arrived, resembling a combination of a normal spaceship and an ancient Egyptian river boat. It's not big, enough to transport maybe several mecha at most. A group of creatures that look suspiciously similar to 1-meter long beetles is moving to and fro, unpacking various objects from the ship and disappearing with them inside the base. The whole operation is overseen by Hetepheres, who turns out to be no less alien in real life than on a screen, and pretty giant to boot - roughly 2 meters tall! Also, right next to the ship a mech is standing, which looks very much like her, only 10 times taller.]

Watch out with those instruments, they are very fragile. Yes, bring that to my private quarters, if you please. That console can stay on the ship for the time being.

[One of the beetles raises a hand (they don't really have hands, but details) questioningly.]


No, I don't know where the kitchen is. One of the locals will have to answer this question.