[1] [Mostly aimed at a certain person ]

[After the events that went down at Peola's wedding, one of the guests has returned with a completely battered Super Robot. A wedding favour that showed off exactly how crazy things things became. The fact that it even made it back to the hangar of Fort Alhambra without falling apart during the flight was miraculous.

Once the machine landed the cockpit of the machine remains closed for quite a while. It takes a good bit of time before Rani managed to get herself out of Grungust. Her head was throbbing and everything seemed to be spinning. Between exhausting herself using her Psychodriver abilities and taking a pounding from the mysterious machine that showed up, she found it hard to even walk. Still, she was determined to hide her injuries and attempts to make it to the infirmary on her own. She only managed to take a few steps away from the Super Robot before her sense of consciousness began to fade and she loses her footing, tumbling forward towards the ground.]

[2] [In the Infirmary]

[With her injuries now patched up, Rani has been confined to one of the many beds in the infirmary. Other than her slight concussion she managed to get away with only a broken arm and a few other minor fractures. The decision to pilot in a dress made to attend weddings probably did not help with her situation and she was lucky that her injuries weren't any worse.]

I wonder if I overdid it there...


[Following a few good days of rest at the infirmary, Rani has finally been allowed to move back into her room. Somehow she has managed to convince you to help her with the caretaking of the myriad of different pets she was unable to look after during her time recovering.]

Sorry making you do this but I really appreciate it, the nurses wouldn't let me come back here unless I told them someone else would help me with them.
[A second white Gespenst lands in the Unity Group's hangar, gracefully and unceremoniously. This particular Personal-Trooper was customized for Psychodriver use, although in what way it's kind of hard to tell. Even with a closer look at the machine it just seems like a regular Gespenst with a white paintjob.

As for its pilot, she can be seen exiting the cockpit of the Personal Trooper carrying what seems to be a few cages along with a few bags holding her personal possessions. After she manages to get everything down onto the ground she figures it'd be a good idea to introduce herself properly.]

How do I do this....I'm Ranniiya Arian...nice to meet you...

[Aaaand that seems to be it. It doesn't seem like she is quite as good at this as her comrade who arrived earlier. She seems to be hoping that Brye already explained their situation for her.]