"We are in your debt. No, the whole of humanity is in Unity Group's debt."

Marshall Pentacost looks beaten up, and his nose is bleeding - not due to injury, it is something far worse and more incurable than that. But all things considered he looks really happy. Happy that Mako is alive, and that Operation Pitfall was a success.

"Turn off the Clock! The clock that diligently measured time between Kaiju attacks, now it's unneeded - forever!"

"But so is the Pan Pacific Defense Corps."

"The Corps had its funding cut already. The whole project was going to be mothballed in several months at most, anyway. And now that the Kaiju invasion is no more, we no longer have a purpose. My men and women will disperse, each to their own devices. I recommended them to become part of Unity Group, and Commander-in-chief Antov agreed. I hope many take me up on this offer."

"It was an honor to stand by your side."

"Brave men and women of Unity Group - from now on, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps are in your debt."

Marshall Pentacost has something to say, as he shows the end result of the Hong Kong defense operation. Wrecked Jaegers, destroyed buildings, chaos everywhere.

"Crimson Typhoon won't be moving for a long time. Herc's arm needs months of healing. Almost the whole bay is covered in kaiju blue."


"It could have been much worse. Thanks to your quick reaction, the Hong Kong shatterdome suffered no casualties. If you were not there, I know many good people wouldn't live to see the light of next day. You have my deepest thanks."

"As we enter final stages of the plan to deal with Kaiju once and for all, I have no delusions that only a single Jaeger would be able to defend Hong Kong by itself. Until we're ready, I offer the services of Cherno Alpha and its pilots. They will be able to do more good in Unity Group than sitting around an empty Shatterdome."

Contacting the Shatterdome research crew results in one excited Hermann.

"I knew it! I was positive my calculations were correct, and I was right."

The mathematician walks around quickly with his cane. Then, he's suddenly deadly serious.

"The Kaiju won't stop with just one double event. We can expect more coming - no, not just double! Triple events, maybe more... there will be no end to it, unless something is done fast."

"Also, Geiszler would like to say something."
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"Welcome to the Shatterdome!"

All Unity Group members received an invitation to Hong Kong. The weather is foul, but Marshall Pentacost greets everyone in person on the helipad, right next to the colossal structure behind him. A structure that many of you know the purpose of already.

"You may have been wondering why you heard so little of the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps recently. That's because this is all that remains of it!" He gestures at the Jaeger dome behind him.

"The project is getting cancelled. It was deemed inefficient. In a few days, the Rangers will be no more. This is why we're pooling all our resources and making a final stand. But we are not alone. I know we have allies and, damn, that's what the name 'Unity Group' symbolizes - standing together. Let's take down at least ONE threat to humanity before the suits shut us down!"

Do you want to talk to the Marshall, or explore the dome? If you thought UG's budget cuts were bad, you saw nothing yet. This place is old and rusty, its large halls housing only a few Jaegers even though they have space for many more.

Speaking of Jaegers, their pilots are around too.
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Will you interact with any of the teams? Or perhaps...

[3 - prompt for player to player interaction]
With an old friend whom you didn't see for months?

There is one more Jaeger. It was destroyed, but it has been rebuilt. Good as new, in front of you stands:

Gipsy Danger.

And a certain mr Beckett is not too far away, either.

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Looks like two of the Shatterdome scientists, one more eccentric than the other, are arguing. Dare you ask them what is this about?

Gipsy Danger activation - one thread only please. Will be started by a certain PC.