1.[After everything that happened on the last mission, Eva is worn out. So she's sitting on a chair out in the hangar, looking up at the Tern and gathering herself. Her hands are quietly shaking.]


2.[Night finds you walking the halls of Alahambra base-but it's wrong. Windows are shattered, lights flicker, and there's dirt everywhere. The place is familiar but not, looking exactly like the base might if it'd been abandoned for five or ten years. Nobody else is around.

-Until a teenage girl drops out of the ceiling right in front of your face.]


((If it's not obvious, this prompt takes place in a dream sequence. Feel free to tag both with the same characters.))
Her condition is the same as before. Eva looks up at the ceiling, struggles against her restraints occasionally, and sees and hears nothing of what goes on around her. Those eyes that fail to see what is right before them instead see...somewhere else.

Somewhere Else... )

Back in the hospital, Eva blinks once, and sees the ceiling for the first time.

1. [For Ren]
Of all the people Eva can think of, there's only one choice for who to call once she's woken up. She waits for them to arrive in the front of the hospital, having changed back into her normal clothes. For a given value of normal, at least-the all black outfit looks somewhat out of place when not going out to do some espionage work. It'll take a while for her friend to appear, so she takes out a small notepad and starts drawing.

2.[For everyone else]
There's no announcement. But soon, if you're paying attention or watching carefully, you may catch Eva stalking around the base, eating in the cafeteria, or practicing in the gym.
(Mood music here)

[After the mission in Alaska, Eva can be seen wandering the hallways of the base, clutching her head with one hand. There was her headache earlier, and something went...wrong, with the summoning of the Albatross.]


[She leans up against a wall for support-and glances over her shoulder suddenly.]


[Seeing nothing, Eva goes back to leaning against the wall-then takes her hand off and stares at it. She keeps looking at it for a while, before falling to her knees, closing her eyes and covering her ears.]


[She sits there, shaking like a leaf.]