"Tsubasa-chan - so in the end you really did sing it. Knowing well what happened to Kanade, and what could happen to you."

Tsubasa was hauled off, in dire need of emergency medical care - alive, if barely. Such is the price you have to pay for singing the Swan Song, and in the end she was still lucky.

Now Ryoko is using a window to look over the Relic user - who is lying down in another room unconscious, connected to all kinds of life support systems.



Commander Kazanari looks serious. But there is nothing more he can do for Tsubasa at the moment, and there are other matters at hand too.

"So this is the identity of the girl who wore Nehushtan, huh."

He looks at the screen - and his brow furrows further.

"Chris Yukine. One of the potential Relic users. When her parents died in South America, she was abducted by a gang and forced into child labor. The Division managed to rescue her - but she disappeared mysteriously two years ago."

"And now she appears again. Her actions, and what happened to her... as an adult, all of it is my fault."
"Where we're going is no place for smiles", a certain sword said as the lift with Tsubasa, Hibiki and whomever else came to pay a visit descended. It went its way through an ominously long shaft, the sides of it seeming strange somehow... glyphs? Parts of an ancient tower? A strange design decision.

Either way, the lift arrives at 2nd Section headquarters. What awaits you now?


A happy welcoming party, apparently. Commander Genjurou approaches everyone to the sound of party poppers. There are even snacks!

"Tachibana Hibiki, welcome to the renovated headquarters of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps. And the same to you, members of Unity Group! I don't think you had a chance to visit yet? You really saved us out there, not to mention the city!."

"So... this is the girl who awakened Gungnir? How fascinating! What secrets lie in that body of yours?"

Who knew the renovated 2nd Section HQ is located under the Lydian Music Academy? Either way, you have an option to talk to either the commander, the chief researcher... or just enjoy yourself. It is a welcoming party after all, and everyone is invited.

Suddenly, an announcement from a strange person.

"Hello everyone! I'm the 2nd Division's chief researcher, Sakurai Ryouko, nice to meet you~."

"You've been taking good care of Kanade and Tsubasa-chan, right? The section will need them back so I'll borrow them for a while if you don't mind. Don't worry, it's nothing important."

"Just a report on Symphogear relic effectiveness that we're giving in front of some bigwigs and if they're not impressed the whole thing will get canned."

[2, mostly meant for Kaname]

That's not it for invitations. A certain Kaname Chidori receives a message asking her to come visit a nearby military base, where the sender is present at the moment so that the two can talk - and they will have a lot in common to talk about.

The message is signed, Mithril Captain Teletha Testarossa.