"The first operation of Project Unification was a resounding success. Don't let it get to your heads, but we did better than even the most optimistic estimates. There's more dangerous, hard work awaiting us in the future. In the meatime, Dirchs pulled some old contacts and to spare you the boring details, we've organized a short trip to a luxury resort. Enjoy your vacation."

"I'll be there too!"


"You got it all wrong. See, it's a contest of skill, stealth! Peeking is all about not getting caught, it makes it more exciting."

Two years - it may feel like ages since the last time you had this type of vacation. Or maybe that time passed all too quickly? Regardless, it's time to rest now. The weather is warm, the beach is nice, and drinks are on the house!

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Following the fight at Sakihama, SSR forces arrived - and soon after, even the Shirogane. This can't be just a coincidence or reinforcements to fight Balmarians, and indeed it isn't.

"The ESUN council made its decision regarding Linjun's request. It's only fitting that I, being the inspector and envoy to ESUN, read it." Inspector Jou speaks to a hall full of personnel from both organisations, while others are watching on video feeds.

"From this day on, Unity Group and SSR assets are being combined into one force, known as Project Unification. The force's primary objective is to stop hostile encroachment of alien forces - Za Balmary Empire and the entity known as the Lady, into the Earth Sphere, by any means necessary. For the sake of this objective, Project Unification has full jurisdiction and doesn't respond to any external chain of command other than itself. Its secondary objective is to neutralize hostile groups from within the Earth Sphere, such as the Lost Seekers and still functioning members of Cambio Protocol. Jurisdiction here is limited, and full reports are expected to be submitted..."

"Not to interrupt you Inspector, but let's leave the minutae for people who deal with them. What of the joint organisations' personnel and their standing?"

"Of course. Project Unification members will mostly hold their old ranks until the project's dissolution, which will come after the primary objective is fulfilled. The exceptions are limited to shuffling among the leadership ranks. The acting commander and highest authority of the Project was, despite some protests, in the end decided to be..."

The leader reveal )

The first briefing )

[3 - a bit after the briefing]
A chance to converse with SSR members - or rather, Project Unification ones. You're all in this together!

"Did you see Linjun's face? That guy had it coming a long time."

"I was never a fan of the way he did things. And, it looks like I got a pay rise. But that's the least of my worries now."

"Bout time all of us worked together officially. If you need anything fixed up, it's on the house!"
The Black Charisma battleship is open and unguarded. All that is left is to face off with whatever Chimera members are left inside.

But the ship is empty. Brigadier Edel Bernal is nowhere to be seen, nor is a certain black-clad jerk. The only person on board is...

"Ah, don't hit! Don't hit! Edel doesn't like it when someone else does it!"

It's Jii, the childish/mentally unstable crazed scientist, making an exaggerated expression of panic (not pictured). He was found cowering behind the Chimera servers. Yes, the servers are there - and fully functional, still processing all information available online even now.

"This is a party. Party, party! Edel said you'll be coming, yes? That's why she and everyone is gone."

"They will be back, all around you so you can't leave. It's a party known as a trap."

[Elsewhere - narration only, not taggable]
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[1 - route A, mingle/reaction prompt]
The Discovery has launched into space.

The ancient stone building raised from the earth, freed from the cave that sheltered it for thousands of years. It's no building - but a giant cathedral-like starship. A starship that quickly rose through the atmosphere and before anyone could stop it, took its place on Earth's orbit.

Now it's floating in space, slowly circling the planet and not responding to any signals, seemingly lifeless. Something has obviously happened inside, something possibly not good at all - but there's just only one little problem preventing anyone from getting in close to investigate what has happened.

The Seekers, the Guardians (of Past, Present and Future) - even one of those was a very formidable foe. Now there are many, floating around the Discovery and, as an observation probe found out, attacking everything that comes close.

How much worse are things going to get?

"I'm assuming command of Unity Group."

Here's a message from Lee Linjun.

"Your little game, where the organisation continued to exist and pretend nothing's wrong despite not even having an acting officer, moved on for long enough. As long as it only affects internal affairs I couldn't care less, but now the stakes are simply too high."

"You know well what happened. The alien known as the Lady has made her move. She has the power to affect reality itself and wants nothing less than to subjugate humanity, it's not too late to stop her but we need to act, and we need to act RIGHT NOW. Her vessel, what we all used to know as Discovery, is now in Earth orbit - but not for long. Using the Shirogane's Tronium Cannon, I'm going to take it out."

"The only problem is the Lady's grunts on the way. That's where you come in. I've sent a similar message to UN Spacy, the ESUN military, anyone who still has a space force. We're gathering a fleet, and then we strike."

"I hope to see you there too, Unity Group. Not even for your own sake. This is a crisis where individual lives and organisations no longer matter. This is for the sake of humankind itself. Lee Linjun, out."

[2 - also route A]
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[3 - route B, talking with NPCs and/or mingle prompt]

"Are you alive?"

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[There's yet another SSR member making their appearance. In fact there are apparently two of them. A large older man and his much smaller partner have parked their machine on the outskirts of Fort Alhambra hangar and are keeping themselves busy inside the Unity Group by taking on repairs for the machines that had returned from the excursion to South America and even a few that weren't. They seemed pretty proficient in repairing a wide variety of robots.]

Darling, are you sure we should be here? I mean...those things they said about Asakim...

I'd feel bad if I left without fixing some of the damage we caused.

Besides, I don't think they were lying...they were being honest and genuine with us. We should at least try to figure out what was going on with him, especially after he sacrificed himself to save us. For now let's just focus on paying them back for now.