After Operation Heaven's Gate, you have one more surprise in store. Remember the Thuverl-Salan class Zentradi ship that rammed the Hermodr? The still damaged ship now approaches Earth forces, and it's not alone.

"Hold! Hold fire!"

An older looking Zentradi appears in a transmission sent to all forces present.

"I am Exsedol Formo, the record keeper attached to fleet commander Britai Kridanik. As representative of the Britai fleet, I want to talk. Negotiate, in person!"

This strange diplomat arrives on Macross safely, however as soon as he's there (in miclonized form), there is a complication...

"Before we talk, I want you to show me. Show me your Deculture."

Some time later...

A dramatic turn of events )


"So this is the organisation Teoria spoke of..."

Space princess #3 )


"While we were in space with GDF, the SSR launched a large scale offensive in South America. Their objective was to break the NUNE hegemony and it looks like they've succeeded. The capital has been conquered, their armies destroyed and it looks like New United Nations Earth is no more. Thought you'd like to know."

"Oh yeah, there's also a short message one of theirs left for us."

Clone says hi )
After a long, long voyage, the Macross is finally back on Earth - welcome! Finally a chance to resupply and rest in peace, free from assaults of Zentradi and other aliens.

The relatively large civilian population of the battleship faces a problem though. Simply put, they can't leave! Due to a large amount of red tape and paranoid officials muttering about military secrets, the civilians can't return to Earth and for now are forced to live in Macross City. And before you ask, no - we can't make them all members of Unity Group.

But even though no one can get out (at least not permanently), some people got in.

"As usual, the war-happy soldiers get all the praise while civilians are suffering. At this rate it'll turn out the big wigs started the alien war on purpose, and I won't be surprised!"

Meet Lynn Kaifun, a relatively famous wuxia actor and cousin of the Miss Macross context victor. Currently he's agitating a group of Macross City denizens and generally being loud and abrasive. For example, when he notices you...

"Hey! I know your kind, you're from Unity Group. How's being a glory hog in a super powerful robot treating you? I'm sure you never had to huddle in ruins, afraid, while soldiers waged their little wars over your head!"