[1 - mingle]
Suddenly, it's all over the media. Official proclamations, interviews, news - different forms but they all say the same thing.

A new player is in town. SSR - it stands for Stetigkeit, Sicherheit, Ruhe. Stability, Safety, Peace: a new special operations group not related to ESUN governments, but working closely with non-membership countries. Russia, southeast Asia, South America, these places are not affiliated with ESUN, but they too want protection.

With the declamations comes an accusation, an accusation directed at Unity Group itself. The SSR spokesman says they have proof of ESUN governments pressuring the UG, making it value the interests of people in charge over safety of the common man. SSR itself will stand immune to such corruption, and if Unity Group tries to intervene in an operation to push an agenda - they should be wary and stay out if they know what is good for them. By "them", the spokesman means us of course.

He also accuses Unity Group of lacking discipline and organisation. Being a loose group without strict chains of command and authority means it is not as effective as it should be. Inadequate to face many of threats to mankind, even if it had some successes of its own.

The identity of SSR members is not public. The only one who revealed himself is the spokesman, an individual unfamiliar to you, one Lee Linjun.


"I am sorry! Most terribly sorry. No amount of apologizing will suffice, but I must try to beg you of forgiveness!"

Lowen General is prostrating himself while apologizing loudly and profusely.

"It is true the information Unity Group received about SSR, and vice versa, both arrived through channels owned by us, Chimera. The latter however was delivered stealthily, without knowledge of our members. We did not even know SSR's true nature until you did. However it is no excuse! An administrator's duty is to know all information that flows through his network, even and especially if it tries to be unnoticed!"

"Please do not blame Edel Bernal or my organisation for what transpired. If you have to, please blame me for becoming complacent. Schlan is trying to find the source of false information even as we speak. The second he finds a clue, I will inform you right away! Moreover, we have analyzed both videos in greatest detail and it seems no kind of manipulation took place. Both broadcasts look completely genuine even if reality disagrees with them."

"I have no idea why. Once again, my apologies."
With Lowen leading the way, a small group of Unity Group members made it to the Chimera headquarters. A surprisingly small base hidden in South America, its insides seem to consist mostly of computer rooms housing gigantic servers - but there are hangars as well, as well as some automated facilities.

"This way please. There is someone I would like you to meet. This is Colonel Edel Bernal, our leader."

"The pleasure is all mine." The Chimera leader turns out to be a beautiful and refined woman.
"Through Lowen's efforts our cooperation grew remotely, but I am glad that we can finally talk face to face. Let's work together towards a peaceful world. And in the meantime... I believe you are here for a reason? I will let Schlan Opel explain, he is our specialist in data collection and intelligence gathering."

"Thank you Colonel Bernal. I'll get to the point - my mission was to track down the so called Glory Star, believed to possibly be Lt Toby Watson. This turned out to be easier than I expected because Glory Star contacted the Chimera on his own. However there's strong suspicion he may not be exactly who he seems to be, mainly the elusive Asakim Dowen. So I have hid the fact that you are coming from him."

Schlan presses a button and a screen lights up.
"If you approach the destination point from this vector, you will arrive undetected. Instead of falling into an ambush, you will set one up for him."

Do you have anything to say to any of the Chimera members present? Which by the way seems to be all, or almost all of Chimera members in general?

[2 - mainly for Setsuko]

"What is this? Yes, yes. What a beauty."

A creepy old man in a labcoat is looking at the parked Virgola in Chimera HQ's hangar.

"But it's all wrong! Its potential is unrealized at all. Sad, sad. It needs to soar the skies, like a pretty bird!"

"I really want to get my hands on it. Upgrades. Everything needs upgrades!"
The Chimera ambassador arrived at Fort Alhambra in person. This young, handsome man represents a secret organisation that apparently found and helped Toby.

"My name is Lowen General. I'm glad to make your acquaintance. You probably already know this but I represent the Chimera, I'm here to offer a message of goodwill towards Unity Group."

"Chimera is a secretive group - we are few in numbers so it's necessary for our survival. However, we have good sources of information and using information for good of mankind was always our goal. So I offer a partnership of sorts: please continue what you are doing, members of Unity Group. As long as you're doing the right thing, we will support you with our information whenever we can."

Lowen seems a bit embarassed.

"I'm afraid we do not have a lot of information regarding Asakim Dowen. You will probably want to learn more, but we told Lt Toby Watson everything we already knew. I swear that as soon as we discover something else, or where he is, Chimera will let you know."