[Frontdated to a little bit before Fire on the Mountain.]

Guess what, Freeden's voyage puts it near Fort Alhambra - and you are welcome to pay it a visit! Especially Garrod, whom Jamil left behind with Unity Group, away from Tiffa. But now you can see her, and she supposedly feels good enough for guests.

But the pleasant visit (during which the more keen-eyed of you may notice that Freeden has a new crew member, who wasn't there the last time. But hey, nothing unusual with that, right?) is suddenly cut short as the landship is shaken by an explosion!

"What was that?!"

Freeden is under attack by an unknown mobile suit. Shooting from distance with its beam guns, it's a Gundam!
After the rescue operation, you receive words from the mercenary leader that asked you for help. This is aimed at everyone willing to listen, but ESPECIALLY a certain young and foolhardy kid who stole a mobile suit not too long ago.

"This is captain Jamil Neate of Freeden speaking. Thank you for saving Tiffa."

"You deserve some explanation. Tiffa has a very rare gift - she is a Newtype, the kind that was used in war against the SRA fifteen years ago. Even now there are people who would abuse their power for their own goals. No matter what, I will not let that happen. This is Freeden's mission, to travel around the world and look for Newtypes we can help, make sure no one enslaves or abuses them."

"I am glad we could work together. If I ever need your assistance again, I'll let you know. Likewise if you need my crew for anything, just give me a call."

It looks like it's over, but then Jamil has one final thing to say.

"Because of what happened with the Gundam, Tiffa is unconscious. It's psychic backlash - but she should be fine. Do not blame yourselves for what happened. Just give her time to recover."