How does Loni react to the thought that his uncle, and a large part of the last few years of his life were all a lie?

"Yes! Yes, finally fucking yes! Finally, I got them all. After so much trouble, after being imprisoned by those jerks for so long, threatened, forced to lie in wait... All the seals." He's close to tears - from elation. But there's a shaking to his steps and his words, as if he could hardly believe it all.


"Now we can do it. We can make our wishes come true. Everyone will see it - I'm the Lady's chosen. I'm the hero. That's who I truly am!"

"And I have it all because of you. It's all thanks to you!"

He's not addressing Ilinka or Desta. Instead he talks to the other person in the room.

Me? Ahm... don't mention it. Really.

[Actually taggable part, locked to you know who]
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A room in an abandoned, but surprisingly comfy once you get to know it, hotel. Far away from Unity Group, SSR, and all of the world's issues, this is where the trio spent their last few days. But now, one of them walks up to the exit.

"Alright guys. Time to go for me."

"Dude, no. This'll be some really bad shit, I can tell. Just don't go."

"Loni, please..."

"Yeah, I know... I know you're both worried. But, I gotta get some answers, you know? This can't wait anymore. Sides, I always come back safe, right? That's what I do. And I won't be alone out there..." He recalls the voice. The voice that keeps talking to him.
"So I'll be fine. Don't worry about me, okay?"

"That's why I worry! I worry about you, because you won't be alone..."
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[Following is transmitted around Unity Group bases.]

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"Yes? I'm sure you must have a lot of questions for me."

Following the recording, you can talk to the commander in chief in his office. He looks a bit uneasy and twitchy as usual. But also relieved, like if a great weight was lifted from his shoulders.

How about talking to Loni or Desta? Even though not in cells, they are under constant watch to make sure no one tries anything funny. Not them, nor people who are there to visit them.

"Fuck... so this is how we'd end up, imprisoned by our so-called 'allies'. If I knew... shit!"

"Just wait until we get out of here, Loni."



Ilinka is sitting in a cell. She doesn't pay attention to anyone who comes and goes, but if you call out to her - perhaps she'll respond?
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Unity Group's finance-related problems have eased over time. Nowadays they are pretty much gone and situation is back to how it was before.

But now, you get a reminder why the problems started in the first place.

"Holy crap! It's like Christmas came early!"

Loni's here. And so is his new unit. In the hangars, equipped with twin beam katanas, stands a stark white unit. The top of the line one of a kind prototype - the BrightSaber.

What about the old FightSaber? It's still being used, as a matter of fact someone is taking it through a training course right now. It jumps from cover to cover swiftly, shooting down target drones with gravity blasts while avoiding their counter fire.

Once the course is over, the time and score displayed are impressive. Browsing the results database would show that despite the unit being underequipped compared to its loadout from before, it scored higher than Loni ever did. But he's not the pilot this time.

"Yes, that's acceptable. I can work with this."

Ilinka is.

"Nice, Ilinka. This is a much better ride than a crappy old Gespenst. Now you won't need rescuing all the time anymore!"


By the way, Desta's nowhere around. Maybe the third of the Gavin party is not in mood for Christmas spirit.
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"Good job, Unity Group. The Lady's Good Men have been defeated without civilian casualties. We have captured a number of enemy pilots and intelligence, and analysis of discoveries made is underway."

"The noose is tightening around their necks."

Do you have anything to say to Major Ingram before the transmission ends?



Look who's there. This time though, Apollonius "Loni" Gavin looks a bit apologetic.

"After what happened, me and Desta talked a bit and he's got something to say now."
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"Tch. I got distracted for a second and ShotSaber's all busted. Top notch mecha my ass..."

"That man... I made a mistake and let him go. He was an enemy..."

"What happened out there? Was that the true power of friendship, or something like that? Why don't I have that kind of power, is something missing?"

It seems each individual member of Loni's team is busy angsting over something. Confront one or more of them, maybe?
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Three units have taken refuge in Sakihama's hangars. One of them is a Gespenst mk II Kai, but the two others are new. FightSaber and ShotSaber - the former is red, equipped with a long chainsaw sword, the latter is blue with two beam pistols wielded akimbo. And yes, they have the large gun (graviton cannon) as well.

In addition to the units, their pilots are here as well, hanging around FightSaber's feet.

"Alright guys, let's introduce ourselves. I'm Apollonius Gavin, Loni for people who know me. And these two are my precious friends, Desta Mlakar and Ilinka Venczel."

"Hmph. You're awfully happy to be here, Loni."

"It's good to cooperate with you, Unity Group."

"Yeah, you see, we're not really going to join Unity Group or anything. We work best in a small team, we don't really follow orders from Major Ingram either. But we know a lot about 'the Lady's Good Men' or whatever these weirdos like to call themselves. So, ask away?"

Going to ask Loni's group about the mysterious enemy faction? Or are you just here to say hello and get to know them better? Or perhaps confront Desta about him shooting the retreating and immobilized enemy pilots during the mission?