[A transmission hijack has snapped onto the airwaves, static simply snowing over the images on televisions and streamed broadcasts at first before completely scrambling and being replaced with a cavernous and sinisterly lit room. A dark and sinister chuckle rumbles out into the air as the image comes into focus, revealing the figures that awaited within. Cassowaries. Cassowaries in sinister, twisted armor. Some controlling them with their taloned legs or feathered wings, others seemingly fused with the machines given the metal that is biting into their necks. These specimens' eyes seem alight with an unnatural cruelty, far beyond their feral relatives.]

I can hear you, children of humanity. I can hear your questions. 'What are birds doing interrupting my paltry and tasteless entertainment'. 'What kind of unrealistic trash are they foisting on us now?'.

[A sinister chuckle arises from the one in the largest armor, the one with a metal crown enveloped in a sickly film of red.]

I assure you, that I am very real. That my bretheren and our servants are very real. That we are coming to swoop down upon your hapless civilization to break open the protective shells you have built around yourselves in the form of your protectors and tear open and feast upon the tender, weak flesh that lays beneath with our beaks and talons.

The time of your rule is over humanity! Your wonders, your triumphs, your hopes shall be nothing but ashes in the dirt to be sifted through by the filth and vermin and worms. The colonies you built to live in the depths of space will be broken open as the airless void consumes those who lie within! Your monuments and memorials shall be reduced to rubble as nurseries for those that will consume your future! We who have transcended from the pathetic weakness of our cousins the Dinosaur Empire to embrace true power!


Bow before us, and perhaps....just perhaps we may deem you fit to crawl on the dirt before us. Resist and you shall bleed and die with your bodies broken before us.

[React/mingle post to the above.]