[1] [Locked to Seta]

[After the incident in Brussels, Astara was not going to let Seta strain herself any further. The Kijin practically carried her friend the entire way back to one of the Unity Group Infirmaries, and wasn't going to leave her side again. ]

You really need to stop Seta...if you keep this up...

[Astara grows silent, she knew that Seta had not been getting any better since the incident with Lady Grey. Astara was lucky enough to only be injected with a bit of Venom that was now running through Seta's veins and it took all of her strength to survive it.]

1. [Backdated to just right after "Confusing Reveal"]

[Shortly after the last mission, a strange thing seems to have made Sakihama's hangar it's home. Specifically it's some kind of over-sized dog. The towering wolf-like creature is gigantic, yet it seems to be watching it's steps very carefully. Eventually it finds a nice empty secluded corner to sit down on. It doesn't look hostile at the very least, even though it's bigger than some of the Super Robots around. It almost looks embarrassed being in this situation. Anyone who takes a closer look at the creature would find that it's actually quite injured, almost as if it was recently attacked by some creature that took a liking to impaling the poor wolf.]

This is why I hate this form...I can't even scratch behind my ears for like, 3 days now.

[Oh, and it apparently talks and sounds like a teenage girl.]

2. [Front dated to after her fur is shed]

Hey everyone, I know this is a bit of a shocker for some of you, but I'm gonna be staying here for a bit. It's...some official Foundation business. It's some very confidential stuff so I'd appreciate it if you could keep quiet about me being here.


[Later, Astara has taken claim of Seta's old room. There seems to be a lot of noise coming from inside the room. If you take a look inside you'll find Astara has practically torn the room apart. Large sections of the walls have been caved in and anything that remained in it has pretty much been wrecked. Astara herself looks to be in severe pain, her veins seem to be pulsing with a color that did not look normal. Even for a Kijin.]

Dammit, of course it'd have a second part to it.

[It sounds painful for her to even speak.]

[Very shortly after the previous battle there seems to be another silver-haired girl wandering around Alhambra Base. In her hand is a small map with what seems to be directions to the base. The expression on her face seems to indicate that she's annoyed with something.]

First those darned guards wouldn't let me in, and now I can't even find her anywhere!

...Maybe I should have told her I was coming first.


[A bit later the same girl can be found in front of a vending machine with her fist shaking in anger. One of the bottles seems to have gotten jammed. ]

Why you...

[She seems to resign in defeat for a moment before glancing around carefully. Once she assumes that no one else is around she lifts the large machine over her head like it was a toy and starts shaking the machine wildly. Eventually the bottle of tea finally emerges from the machine and she sets the machine back down calmly.]

Haha victory is mine!

[3] [Locked to ???]

[A long day of wandering later, the girl has collapsed outside Alhambra in failure.]

Wheeerrrrrreeee are yooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!?

[She sounds utterly defeated.]