"I am very sorry, everyone. I wish I could have done more on Earth - but, it's time..."

Armana is right - unfortunately, she can't wait any longer and she has to return to Balmar. But she isn't alone, accompanied by friends and allies from Project Unification... and even the Discovery of Self itself, the ancient rocky vessel moving towards the Crossgate.

The trip )
"The Spirit Emperor said that I understand the importance of my duty, and he isn't wrong. When the time comes, I will go to Balmar, as the Priestess of Zehirut."

"But until I am needed there, I wish to stay on Earth. Experience more and more of it - and I have all of you to thank for the opportunity to do so."

Armana's thanks are extended to all members of Project Unification, and she's not the only friendly Balmarian now. Apparently ESUN and Balmar have achieved peace, and a large Huleh is now landed near Alhambra. Its crew are mostly Balmarian cloned soldiers who don't have anything important to say - but not only them.

"Until that time comes, I will guard the Princess with my life. I am Luria of the Qayits noble house. We met on the battlefield twice, but I hope we can coexist in peace now."

"Wa ha ha! Well said. After all the Spirit Emperor nominated me, Baran Doban, as the Balmarian representative to Earth, so we should get along. And though we are finally at peace, I must commend you: You fought well, warriors of Earth! Such determination and tenacity, it reminds me of myself in my younger days."

Wish you to talk to the Balmarian Princess - or perhaps one of her colorful bodyguards?
An uneasy silence surrounds a small fleet of orange-colored Wulgaru units that emerged from the gate activated by Jiart and Kamjin. The fleet came in peace, and its leader asked to speak to Teoria. Permission was granted, with everyone in preparation it turns out to be a trap.

It was not a trap.

"Legates Lumes. Glad I am that we may speak in the flesh again."

The news )


The two are not alone. As Lumes prepares to depart, a worried Princess Armana looks on wordlessly.

(You may talk to any of the three present)
(Also backdated for Christmas)

[In case that other big Christmas giveaway was more than a tad disappointing for you, worry not!  Because other, more personalized gifts were also given away for everyone.  Some were more heartfelt, like a framed photograph of the original Glory Stars team for Setsuko o a large bag of sweets for Kei.  Others were more troll-y... like a gradient scale guide to measure if someone was wearing black or not for Roger or a pilot roster so Roy would have no excuse for not knowing people's names.  Others still blended the two together, like a Dinobot-sized copy of "The Art of War" with a bunch of blank pages and the phrase "and Grimlock" written on masking tape underneath its author's name.  After all, if you couldn't laugh on Christmas, when could you laugh?

[And the secret Santa who gave you all of these?  Well she's slumped over in the kitchen, Elma giving her yet another cup of coffee...]

Gracias Elma... couldn't have done it without you.

Well you shouldn't have to do anything on your own.  I just hope your gift for Princess Armana goes over-

This is incredible!

[And there Armana goes, entirely engrossed her Polystation as if it's the most amazing thing ever.  Selena just looks on as she runs past, then looks back at Elma... and holds out her cup again.  Sasuge Grace.]


[It is maintenance time for the Soleares again, but that's not really too important.  What is though is the Lurian  princess hanging up Christmas decorations all over the hangar.]

Well now.  I'm guessing Elma told you all about the holidays then?

Of course!  He was very informative, and I think it's just fascinating. Barely any end-of-year celebrations are observed by my people, but for Earth to have so many, between countless different cultures!

And the interactions and integration of various other beliefs to help smooth over interactions between early Christians and pagans... it's just so fascinating!

But... there is one thing that has to be addressed!  I'm guessing you all just got distracted with other things between everything but hardly anyone put up Christmas stockings!  Did you forget or just not care or think you've all been to naughty after what Brye and Rani said when they left?

How will Santa be able to give anyone presents if he doesn't have anywhere to put them!

... Wait...

You think that Santa-

He must work himself ragged every year delivering presents to everyone!  In a way he almost reminds me of our own god Augustus... at least how he's said to appear.  And I won't have possibly my only chance to experience Christmas be ruined by... by neglect of all things!

So... where do you want your stocking?


[And now it's beat-up-Elma time, with Selena making sure to not indulge in it until when Armana is clear and far away.]

You told her about Santa Claus but NOT that he doesn't exist?!?

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sooooorrrrryyyyyy!!!!  I was going to but there was just so much she wanted to know I just... forgot!

And now she'll be expecting everyone to get Christmas presents.  The easy thing to do would be just try to break the news to her, but...

... What do you say, Elma?  Doesn't there usually have to be a helper for these sorts of things?

I don't have a choice, do I?

Not in the slightest

[After the incident on Ankaia, Armana can be found at night, looking up into the starry sky, weary and saddened.]

... Their infrastructure was already in such disrepair, and yet they're moving towards war with Earth too...

I shouldn't be so surprised, but still..

After Operation Heaven's Gate, you have one more surprise in store. Remember the Thuverl-Salan class Zentradi ship that rammed the Hermodr? The still damaged ship now approaches Earth forces, and it's not alone.

"Hold! Hold fire!"

An older looking Zentradi appears in a transmission sent to all forces present.

"I am Exsedol Formo, the record keeper attached to fleet commander Britai Kridanik. As representative of the Britai fleet, I want to talk. Negotiate, in person!"

This strange diplomat arrives on Macross safely, however as soon as he's there (in miclonized form), there is a complication...

"Before we talk, I want you to show me. Show me your Deculture."

Some time later...

A dramatic turn of events )


"So this is the organisation Teoria spoke of..."

Space princess #3 )


"While we were in space with GDF, the SSR launched a large scale offensive in South America. Their objective was to break the NUNE hegemony and it looks like they've succeeded. The capital has been conquered, their armies destroyed and it looks like New United Nations Earth is no more. Thought you'd like to know."

"Oh yeah, there's also a short message one of theirs left for us."

Clone says hi )