What ho, Unity Group! If we are to be allies, we should know each other's measure. To that end, I am going to spend today waiting on the grassy field outside the front gates to fort Alhambra. for any of you skilled in arms. I've always been partial to swords myself, but I'll test my skill against any of you with any weapon you desire! If it's an unusual weapon, bring two.


Njall is at the location he specified, and has collected quite a pile of weapons of various types. Some with proper edges, some blunted or padded for training purposes.

[Also action]

Were you planning on getting in a match with Njall, but couldn't get there early enough? That's a shame. After a few matches, Suma showed up to challenge him, and the two proceeded to perfectly match each other for eight continuous hours of lightning fast swordplay.

Still, even if you can't actually fight, it's a hell of a show. Gamblers, place your bets
The footage of the mission was hard to believe for a number of reasons, but on of them is stomping back into the Sakihama Base hangar: a stone giant, almost 18 meters tall, battered and cut, revealing some kind of green light flowing within. After dropping off it's weaponry in a large semi-truck, it comes to a stop in a clear area, checks to make sure no one is standing too close, and then starts to crumble. The pieces that fall off dissolve into mist and vanish entirely within minutes, and eventually all that is left is Njall.

He's covered in wounds, wounds that match up with the damage done to the giant. Cuts all over his arms and legs, bruises, burns. It had been a fairly brutal fight. Njall shook his head and wiped blood and sweat from his eyes and got out of the middle of the room before someone else coming back from the battle stepped on him. Minutes later found him slumped against a staircase at the edge of the hangar.

"Steak and showers: the two greatest gifts to mankind from the gods."
[Asagi's resting at a couch at a common area, purposely far away from all the hustle and bustle of Autobots moving in. Sentient humanoid robots, power armored singing magical girls, a guy who toppled a tower with his own strength... All of this is kinda insane. But also cool, in a way he'd never admit to anyone.]

The world is a much crazier place than I thought...
A semi-truck pulled up outside the main entrance of Fort Alhambra. The driver, a powerfully built bearded man, leaned out of the window and peered up at the fort. After a moment, he rolled the window back up and got out, ambling unhurriedly over to the security gate so he could talk to the guard about a visitor's pass or something.

As Unity Group had no scheduled meeting with a fellow named Njall Erlandson, his request for entry took it's sweet time working it's way up the chain of command, but he had no problem waiting. Anyone entering or exiting the base could find him sitting against the wheel of his truck (Now parked safely out of the way of traffic.), with his hands behind his head as he stared at the scattered clouds drifting across the sky, apparently lost in his own thoughts.

[Later, after he presumably was allowed into the RP, ICly, there was a video post!]

Hello, Unity Group. Took a bit of work, but I've gotten signed on as part of your merry band.

Call me Njall.