[That was it.... the Lady is gone and Leos no longer has need to fight anymore and he could go back to his treatment. After some deliberation the Filial was to be disassembled and studied in depth in order to gain a better understanding of the Precursor Martian Technology.  But that at the current moment was neither here nor there. With the Raven's Nest collapsing completely, people needed an alternative to the arena battles, a chance to watch pilots give it their all in head to head mechanized chaos...  and PROGTECH - after much redevelopment and reworking of their goals and hierarchy delivered.]


[Cheering loudly from the stadium seat, Leos threw his hands in the air without shame. An advancement in Virtual Technology, miniaturized robotics and a complex particle emission system known simply as HIDEO, Project: Formula Front allowed for people of all ages to purchase and design miniature Armored Cores with ease and pit them against each other in configurable arenas - allowing everything from standard combat in non-standard environments to multi-Core Races through obstacle laden tracks. It was the last lap through a volcanic arena that was under considerable stress, often tearing the track apart - destabilizing footing or making unexpected ramps... and Lana - on the board as Hustler Nine with her AC Cueball just barely managed to cross the finish line, the gundam-colored machine stretching its arm across it as the rival it went head to head with was just mere millimeters behind her. The crowd went absolutely wild as the contestants who didn't have their ACs wrecked all crossed.

Within moments the area reconfigured, a winner's stand with an erupting Volcano as its backdrop and jumping in joy was not just her machine, but also Lana herself.]


[From the looks of it, her competition had no issues with their loss as well, the second and third place contestants having their AC's put the Cueball up on their shoulders. The three beaming brightly as they held their trophies up for a picture.]

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[1] [Keep to one thread]

[With the Lady now in the physical world it seems that some things may be deemed necessary... if certain safety measures were put into place. As such one particularly familiar face was waiting at Sakihama with a pair of orderlies, one of which sighed and shook her head while the other looked supremely amused.]

Geez... what's taking her so long... is this what it felt like for everyone else?

[Leos musing was promptly stymied when he saw a few familiar faces and waved with a huge grin on his face.]

Hey guys!

[One of the orderlies salutes crisply, while the other does so at a more anxious pace.]

"Sir. We're just waiting with Mr Klein for the time being. We've got orders only to leave once his Handler gets here."

"We know she's on base... she kinda said she needed to use the bathroom but..."

[The more antsy orderly gave a hesitant shrug.]

Meanwhile... )

[3] [After Prompts 1&2]

Aaaand even more questions. )
[With the ancient computer system recovered it wouldn't be long before Leos would be escorted off the Unity Group base that the shuttle returned to and back to the institute to continue his recovery, so he simply sat quietly as he turned the unopened pudding cup in his hands round and round. It felt... odd to say the least. Encountering Nineball again was an unexpected and even frightening moment yet...]

Blaming someone for doing something they feel is right when they're broken... it'd be pretty hypocritical of me...

[Where he could have chosen to keep hating it, even after finding out it was responsible for the Vagan and possibly even the Meganoids... he chose to understand and forgive. As he said... there was no point in trying to hate something for being damaged, not when the right thing to do was to reach out and help them find their way... just like his friends had done for him.]

Did I finally do the right thing?.... Feels like it...

[Responses should probably go as a reply to the first tag. Not necessarily all in one thread though.]

Hey guys. Let's go out on a trip! Actually it's more like a visit.

But anyway! It's going to be fun. It's this time of the year, right?

[What hare-brained idea is Izuru up to now?

Anyone who dares follow in his footsteps will find themselves at a certain serene facility. Its pristine white walls and green park areas exist to evoke an aura of calmness, but burly orderlies and electrified checkpoints are never far away, and though it tries not to draw attention - security is very high.

There's one person Izuru wants to talk to here.]

Hey Leos. How are you doing?
[Phobos was stopped and Leos apprehended with minimal impact to the world at large despite the threat of a moon being hurled at Earth. The situation though may have been quite a bit more complicated by the appearance of Nineball as well. Numerous considerations and concerns were being addressed and facts checked through. Though Nineball did indeed manipulate Leos, all of his actions were all conducted by his own will rather than active control by the AI.

Either way the history of numerous psychological issues had dissuaded any sort of harsher punishment. Rather than an execution or imprisonment, Leos would be sent to an as of yet currently undisclosed location for treatment and therapy... though he has yet to learn of this.

Currently Leos simply waits in a holding cell and is awaiting transfer. Restrained to ensure no harm can be done to others... or more likely towards himself... a precaution more than expectation for it to happen. Either way he barely moves an inch as he simply sits slumped against the wall and is unable to bring himself to look up at whoever is visiting him. Out of guilt or shame its hard to say.]

[With the threat of the Vagan ended and the SSR reluctantly rescued one would think that a break was finally found. This would not be the case as an alarming message began to worm its way throughout a number of frequencies. The area that was projected was forgettable, what was about to happen was not. It was Leos, Remille standing behind him.]

This is a message to all those willing to raise their guns in defiance of the world.

You know me as the Ninebreaker. As the leader of the Frighteners. As a fellow Murderer. A man who hunts those that cause chaos. Though I clearly didn't do that good of a job. Heh.

I've had a lot of time to think about the state of the world. Took a good long look and asked myself... Why keep it the way it is? After all people like us already shape the world don't we? People in and out of the ESUN in their shadowy offices give us mandates to do what they ask as well as private jobs on the side as their own personal hit squads or maybe even just the latter because they can't be seen endorsing such things.

We serve whatever power lets us feed our urges, our want to hunt and kill. To feel alive.
We move. We slay. We get paid. We do all the dirty work they're too afraid to have see the light of day or are just too lazy to have done themselves. The world goes on. We fight until we're of no use and then we're erased and tossed aside. We already carve it up into a meal fit for the fat kings on their velvet thrones who claim themselves to be the force of order in the 'civilized world'.

[There was a muffled noise as Boyle hauled a rather battered looking bureaucrat who was cursing angrily.]

"Let me go damnit! This wasn't what I put this team together for! Let me go Klein! After all I've done this is my thanks?!"

I think it's time we took that throne for ourselves.
We fight their wars. Their battles. We deserve it all. I think we're done taking orders from the likes of weaklings like him don't you think?

"What the hell are you babbling about?! Klei-"

[With a deep and sinister chuckle Boyle lifted the former benefactor of the Frighteners and proceeded to repeatedly slam him into the ground. Not even caring as the screams of pain fell silent and were replaced by the sound of a dead man being beaten into a pulp by the floor.]

The world has no small amount of superweapons to go claim for our own. No shortage of sheer destructive force to call ours. To that end we'll take the STAI Battleship for ourselves. That floating island of guns... While they're too hobbled down by their own goals and finances their protectors will be too slow to act. SSR, Unity Group, it doesn't matter who's in our way... the world will be in our hands if you join me. What say you gentlemen?

Isn't it time for a new world?

[There was no other damning proof than this... Leos has gone completely insane. Just how will you react to this new threat?]

[The Indalph are gone and so is the traitorous Sara Harper. While she was once a good friend, she became a monster and enemy to all of mankind and its allies. But would it really be appropriate to celebrate? Depends on who you ask. As for Leos? He's simply invited you (or someone's case, invited himself in) to a favorite hangout of his with a console, a bunch of fighting games and pudding. Lots and lots of pudding. Its pretty easy to guess where this hangout was (Spoilers: Its Asagi's Room).]

So we've got Kalamity Battle X,  Blaze Gear: The Third - Phantasm Sign, Ultra Crash Siblings Free For All, Road Battler Five and DropBunker. I had a Copy of Martial Mashup 3 but someone kind of smashed it into about two dozen pieces tops.

[Leos is perfectly happy to remain on the floor to avoid breaking furniture with his weight. Interestingly enough though, in addition to a few controllers, the leader of the Frighteners had plugged himself into the console as well... this should prove interesting.]

[Pick a game, any game.]

(For clarification: Kalamity Battle = Mortal Kombat, Blaze Gear is a mashup of Blazblue and Guilty Gear, Ultra Crash and Road Battler are self explainatory and DropBunker is Divekick with pilebunkers replacing the kicks. Spectators are welcome to jump into threads with permission from the participant.)

2) [Long after prompt 1]
Cut for Length and Reasons )

3) [Takes place after Prompt 2]
Cut For Reasons )

4) [Locked to one character in particular.]

Cut For reasons )
[As if to continue on with how badly things had gone for the Unity Group... well nothing more needs to be said. The damage that Alhambra base took and the burned out chunk that used to be the Huckebein's cockpit block was testament to that. As for Leos he was simply going to sit on some debris. Those who get closer would note that he was bleeding from quite a lot of places. As was Boyle who was not too far away, grumbling very audibly to his sister.]

Hah... I told you Dido... I told you we shouldn't have left them alive.

[He says this regardless of the presence of the mechanic.]

But what can you do... the past is past already. The dead can't hear their eulogies or know if they were avenged. Or that their deaths could have been avoided.

Unity Group... I wonder who will lead you now...

[Maybe he's delirious from the blood he's losing. Maybe he's just thinking out loud. Its hard to say.]

[In the aftermath of the Wulgaru attack a familiar face makes a return... at least for a while. Leos and his team - not just the two that accompanied him but a number of other pilots as well were taking some time off at a Unity Group base.]

Well... I'm glad not much changed. Like I said to everyone out there.... its good to see you all again.

[There's something odd about Leos as well. For one he doesn't seem as energetic as he was before, and his voice was significantly more calmer too.]

"So this is the Unity Group huh? Can't say I'm impressed."

Boyle. Do shut up. Remille. Keep your brother from talking too much please.

"Understood Commander Klein."

[Boyle simply grumbles and folds his arms while the rest of the Frighteners chuckle at his expense.]

So. About that Pudding.

[Not too long after the discovery of the Nineball Production Facility and its Destruction... Leos was gone without a trace. Pale Rider was no longer in the hangar, his room no longer had its belongings and more shockingly enough there were a great many puddings left untouched. Continuing to search for him would lead to a piece of paper stabbed into a wall with a knife.]

I'm sorry but I don't think I can stay in the Unity Group anymore. Everything that has happened, I just need to get away. Between everything that thing said, the fact that Loni and his friends will just get out of things without being punished, that good people keep getting hurt or killed for pointless and selfish reasons. I need to get out.

You're all probably calling me a coward for running away. That I'm being childish. But that's okay. I know what I am, and that if I stayed here longer I would make things worse.

[The writing grows a little more erratic. Closer observation reveals water marks where tears have fallen, causing the ink to run a little.]

Maybe I'll come back when I've grown up and shaken off my flaws. When I can bear the weight of everything that happens better and really do my part. I'm going to do my best to help people out of the Unity Group and do what I can to make things better.

I'll never forget you guys and hope that we'll always be friends. I'll miss you all. Even you Eva. I'll write it down if you forget what I said today. I don't hate you as much as I thought I did.

Thank you for everything. Please stay safe everyone.

Leos Klein

P.S. Eva can have this knife. I know she already has one but she could always use a spare so she doesn't end up having to cut her fingers on people with razors if she loses it.

(OoC: Yes this is a mingle post.)
[Hetepheres is standing on the outskirts of Birmingham, looking at the ruined parts of the city. Her staff in her hand, she's singing a song - it's hard to say what is this about, because it's in Gebian and sounds very strange, but it's slow and solemn. And long... But eventually it ends. And she addresses whoever was listening, without turning to them.]

I do not suppose it is a good time to mention Minister Pentu was very happy and agreed to support the PEP, is it?
[With the recent events happening Leos is just waiting for the eventual moment in which Loni and crew get off scot free... so he drags himself to the lounge and crashes onto the sofa with a blank and bitter look on his face. Linking to the TV he starts flipping through the channels, not even noticing if anyone had followed him in. Then something catches his attention. Not you though...]

Wh... wha- No...No...NONONONONO!!!!

[Bolt upright Leos is rapidly flicking back through the channels at lightning speed, trying to find the image that horrified him this badly.]

Please...  he's dead! I saw him die-

"And just last week Nineball stunned the Arena Audience with yet another victory. Rumors were abound about his apparent demise but clearly they've been proven false! Hopefully we'll be able to get a chance to see both him and the newcomer Leos Klein in a showdown to determine who's number one!"

[Leos doesn't say a word. Simply sliding out of his chair in shock.]


A few weeks before Christmas, as snow drifted and fell, as families went shopping and store Santas rang bells, the Unity Group was in a pinch and poke, for they'd little money for Christmas: in fact they were broke! A greedy teenage miser had stolen their cash, to get a new super robot after his old one's crash! Twas few funds for wreaths, for trees, or mistletoe: towards mecha repairs it all had to go!

In light of this, the stalwart tech Dido Sybil slipped on her parka, and packed her wrenches and drill.

She drove to a junkyard by an SDF base, filled with rusty machine parts from the army and aerospace. With a clatter and clang, she dug out one pile of rusty limbs and jet engines, seeking something worthwhile.

Perhaps you followed her, or were already there: would you like to say Hi, or continue to stare?


[Locked to Ken.]

A week before Christmas, when duties were light, with no Kaiju to slaughter or alien empires to fight, Brave Ken Torao, teenage Ninja supreme, stepped in ScarleTiger's cockpit, to train for his team.
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[Shortly later, open to everyone]

A quick search soon reveals the culprit most cruel...
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[Nineball is dead. The rank one Raven is gone. Leos finally has had his vengeance and can now breath a little easier. There were other people to hunt down of course, but he can say he's done with the Raven's Nest. In any case. Time for celebratory pudding. He opens the fridge to find...]


[Absolutely nothing. Then he remembers that vaguely remembered message regarding Loni and there being cutbacks on everything.]


[This was the enraged roar of someone denied his victory pudding. Needless to say, Leos hated him more than ever now.]

[Leos was on Star Rose again, apparently he managed to sneak up into the room that held the locked up Doombas Cleaning Robots he reprogrammed and was sitting amongst them. While they were not exactly living creatures, it seemed sitting among them and having them bump into him occasionally was good enough for him as he rested his hand on one.]

[He doesn't seem to be screaming or raging at all, so that was a plus. But he seemed to be horrifically silent and for the past two days missed his appointments with his psychiatrist.]

[You're watching TV somewhere, in Asagi's room or one of the lounges in one of the bases when a breaking news report comes up.]

"ESUN officials have been reported to be in heated talks with various members of the Russian Government in regards to the latest flagarant violation to the bill of human rights that had occured just two weeks ago. Video Evidence along with eye-witness testimonials reveal that the mechanized combat of the Raven's Nest Arena had taken a turn into intense bloodsport... with approval from the crowds. Please be warned that the footage about to be shown may be somewhat graphic."

[The recording was a bit blurry, crowds, lots of noise, and down below there were a pair Armored Cores duking it out. One a stranger, the other very familiar. It was Pale Rider and within moments it was brutally savaging the opposing AC, removing limbs and weapons in vicious strikes... before repeatedly smashing its blade into the cockpit. There was a massive amount of cheering.]

"This was apparently just one of many such battles featuring this particular machine. The Russian Government however has denied the occurrence of any such violations within their borders and states that as the Raven's Nest Arenas are in areas not under the jurisdiction of any government or nation, they are not within the purview of the Earth Sphere Bill of Human Rig-"

[The TV suddenly switches channels, a very nervous looking Leos responsible.]

Aha.. ahahahaha... so.. uh...My show's on... do you think I can have the TV for a while?


[Yeah, after that little incident out during the mission Leos is out of it in the hangar, hands pressed to his face. Sara went and betrayed the human race, more importantly her friends and the Unity Group. Leos is having trouble actually processing this just as much as the Solsavior team. It would be like if Lana went out and said that she didn't have his best interests at heart and tried to kill everyone.]

Sara... what... what happened to you...

[He's shaking his head slowly, still trying to accept that she's an enemy.]


[Well its time to open the container before the Progtech crew gets here to take it back. And the contents were... underwhelming. It looked like a data storage system.]

So... should we...?

[Leos makes a rapid finger wiggling motion to the storage unit as he glanced at the people with him.]


[Progtech finally came by to pick up their stuff. But that wasn't the only thing they hauled off. Leos was standing in an empty hangar spot with a note in his hands. Pale Rider was nowhere to be seen and the Raven was scratching the back of his head.]


[Its after the sortie and Leos is nowhere in sight of his borrowed R-Blade. One would think he's back in the infirmary or just bundled up somewhere. Not so. In a corner of one of the bases, a flickering light continuously lives and dies casting shadows over him in a most disturbing way as his palm presses heavily against a machine. It creaks lowly and its own faint lights flicker.]

Almost.... almost....

[There was a noise akin to electricity crackling, the machine Leos was connected to seemingly shut off before returning to full functionality, letting out a low growl as it did so. Leos began to cackle almost maniacally in response to this.]


[There was a low thump from the machine. Leos slowly crouched down... and pulled out a pack of pudding. The light above him finally decided it wanted to stay on, bathing Leos' exuberant grin in its warmth.]



[Now that Leos had discovered he could interface with more than just mecha of various flavours, he's been wandering around the bases, attempting to plug himself into various forms of electronics. Some with more success than others.]

a) Game Console/Computer

[Leos had a tremendous advantage in that his avatar ingame, or in the case of strategy games, his entire army seemed to move with almost every thought he made. However...]

Wait wait. Left LEFT-!



[That did not automatically make him good at them. Just faster.]

b) Star Rose's Roombas Cleaning Robots
[As a Janitor, Leos was expected to tend to cleaning up the areas of Star Rose that had been sectioned for the Unity Group's usage. However, taking care of things with just him and Ken was so slow. In order to take care of that problem he decided to plug into a few of the Out of Service Mini-Cleaning Robots that usually take care of the minor details and small messes.]


[He didn't expect that his attempts to program them to do his job for him would lead to the small herd of Roombas to develop low sentience along the lines of an animal level AI. Seriously Leos. How the hell did you do that? The good news is that they're more of a nuisance and can't really hurt anyone aside from tripping them, and they can't exactly make other machinery come alive either. The bad news? They're chasing Leos around.... but in the long run is that REALLY such a bad thing?]

c) TV

[Leos had a grin on his face. He could change the channels... WITH HIS MIND. He was essentially channel surfing at a surprising speed as he leaned back and relaxed, never mind a few connections between him and the TV. He has transcended the need for petty remote controls. Fear him.]

d) Death Battle
[Leos was looking up at the Shark-Ship with almost religious awe in his eyes, it was official. He REALLY needed to plug himself into this. Someone please stop him, I don't think the world is ready for Leos to find out what it feels like to be a gigantic flying robot hammerhead shark.]


[When next you find Leos he's sliding against the wall as he stumbles along sleepily, mumbling nonsense to himself. He barely manages to push himself away from it to wave at you.]

He- he-yaaaaawn- hey...

[He rubs at his eyes sleepily, has he been getting enough rest ever since his recovery?]

[There was a fairly generic member of the team that went on that jungle mission-or, that's what it looked like. The girl in question summoned some kind of crazy super robot, called Leos a liar, and had Ms. Norman all over her. She's still even got the third eye that old lady painted on her forehead.

She can be found wandering around the base, her right arm in a sling. Sometimes, she will visit the hangar and stare up at the new black robot that showed up to save her.]

[One would expect Leos to be absolutely devastated when you find him after the mission. With who died... who went missing and how badly he fared. The screaming and crying all the way through... that he would be an inconsolable mess. Yet instead when you find him, he's humming cheerfully as her walked through the base with several packs of pudding. A little too cheerfully. Something was worrying about this.]

Oh... hey! One minute...

[He snaps off a pack and places it in your hand, giving you an almost heartrendingly sunny smile.]

Friendship pudding now. Just so I don't forget like I did a lot of times before.

I've got a meeting with Progtech that Lana's taking me to so I won't be back until waaaay later.

[2] [Later that day...]

[It was closing onto midnight and still no Leos. One would almost be worried as to what was happening to him... but he's a grown dude. He can take care of himself right?]

H... elp....h...help...m..me...

[Except that belief would be refuted. Utterly. Walking down an intersecting corridor was a horrifically bloodied Leos with a frighteningly vacant look in his eyes from the absolutely gigantic amount of pain he was feeling before he just collapsed into the ground and bled there.]


[The good news first: Leos isn't in any danger of dying. The bad news: All those wounds and injuries? They weren't random. They were surgical scars. It was less about what could have been removed... but more about what was put in. Specifically it seems that Leos was now the proud owner of a large amount of cybernetics. Ones that in theory could allow him to literally interface with machinery and link his mind to it.]


[The surgery itself was horrifically invasive and traumatic as Leos can attest to. Diagnosis revealed that a minimal amount of anesthetic was used in order to ensure that the cybernetics were properly linked to his body. As he recovers in the infirmary you can see Lana sparing the Raven a glance before walking away.]

[Could she... and by extension PROGTECH be responsible for this...?]

[As Leos is still in no state to be visited... Discuss this matter with others/Confront Lana?]

[After the Successful rescue Leos was pretty darned happy, Pale Rider was damaged, but not a complete mess like before! He managed to do things right, kick some serious butt, AND get a sword and come up with a snappy attack name! Not too bad for a day's work. Now one would expect him to be celebrating... however...]


[Apparently right after he was congratulated, he was immediately given a mop and bucket and told to clean up one of the corridors. Congratulations great janitor hero! Now get to work.]
[When Leos was brought back to the Star Rose after the failed attack on the Wulgaru... the state of the Huckebein he came back in was... phenomenal to say the least. Practically EVERYTHING was destroyed except for the cockpit block. EVERYTHING. It lost all its limbs, thrusters, its communications systems were fried, its controls busted, monitors either fallen apart or shorted out, its OS was completely fragged and the oxygen tank died the moment it got back.]

[But what's more he was piloting when he should have been in the off duty roster due to his issues! He hadn't even went for his first meeting with his therapist yet! What does he have to say?]

I'm sorrryyyyy! Its just that this Admiral guy wanted me to turn up... I don't know why but he said if I could make everything look good...

[Wait... was Leos only there because of just how crap a pilot he was? Was it to boost morale that even raw rookies like him would be able to take on the Wulgaru... or was it to make Team Rabbits look better? Either way though.... we all know the results.]

I know I shouldn't have been out there... but I really wanted to help! I won't let anyone talk me into something like this again! I promise!

[He ducks his head, looking painfully apologetic.]
[Its been a while after the Training Exercise gone wrong. Leos somehow managed to get out of the battle with the Jenice he used more or less unscathed. On the other hand, mentally he was even more worse off than before. Seeing Seta get torn apart and devoured by the BETA like that was not good for his sanity, already precarious as it was. Her inhuman ability to come back from that 'death' didn't really help much at all.]


[Currently he was in the mess hall, just stirring the contents of his bowl. He was at the odd paradox of being hungry yet being unable to eat. Then he looked at his meal, his mind drifting off and growing unfocused. The person doling out the meals was going to regret giving Leos a bowl of Spaghetti-Os because they were pressed for time and couldn't be bothered to give him something that wouldn't cause his mind to snap because from Leos' perspective the dull orange colored sauce slowly shifted into the hue of freshly spilled blood and the pasta turned into a multitude of eyes that suddenly had mouths form below them and rush forward to try tear his face off-]


[-which led to him literally slapping the bowl away and possibly burning himself in the process before he scrambled off to a small, enclosed spot to force himself into/under and just curl up tightly.]
[The moment Leos was dragged back to base it was clear things were going to be pretty bad. Why? Because his handler was chewing him out royally right there in the hangar.]


Pale Rider is being put into repairs again Leos, and not only that your actions are having PROGTECH question your competence. They are planning to drop your sponsorship altogether because of your childish, undisciplined and impulsive behavior-

He was there Lana! Hustler One... Nineball... He was there! I had to-

[This was punctuated by a tremendously hard slap that sent Leos to the ground with a cry. That definitely left a mark, and that whimper he let out was more along the lines of a kicked puppy than the wild, anger driven animal that had been out in the field. Lana didn't even raise her voice as she proceeded to tear into him like a frigid wind with a side order of ice cold rain.]

Cause irreparable damage to several of Pale Rider's systems for the sake of revenge. Revenge I may add that you aren't even prepared to take because of how under-trained, inexperienced and ill equipped you are. Not to mention your immaturity and utter lack of ability to maintain focus on a designated objective.

You. are. pathetic. I'm locking down the Pale Rider after its repairs are complete and speaking to PROGTECH about suspending your access to the Arena for the time being. Until you can actually learn to grow up as well as use a machine without completely destroying it, don't you dare so much as even get five feet of that Armored Core.

[Lana does a precise turn without even looking back at Leos, who looked up at her with a piteous expression on his face.]

Lana... Lana wait...'m sorry... please don't go... don't be mad... please..?

[No dice, she just walks out the closest exit, leaving Leos to slump to the ground.]

[Do you go after Lana? Or Stick with Leos?]

[That helpful fellow from the mission at the mysterious dome is at Sakihama now! In a cell. Shackled. Under guard and extensive surveillance. Negotiations between Dr. Saotome and the several groups interested in throwing the guy into a deep, dark hole and letting him rot are ongoing.

So yeah, he tried to steal the Getter and attack Saotome Labs as a distraction to cover his escape - while everyone else was already dealing with the dead and wounded from the bizarre flesh-doppelgangers' attack. And yeah, even before that his terrorist squad killed several guards on their way up the mountain to raid the Labs. And yeah, if you have any access to official security memos or the like, you may be aware that said raid was the culmination of a campaign that started with radicalizing a fair chunk of a university campus and led through multiple bombings and an attack on a government ministry in which many public servants were gunned down in cold blood - and one of his own subordinates was left behind with life-threatening injuries and most of his face missing.

But surely an eloquent appeal to common decency and human compassion will set him straight!]
srwu_npc: ([MJP] Rin Suzukaze)
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"Now, please ask your questions one at a time."

Following the Nora colony defense, rumors spring up everywhere about the young members of the secret Military Junior Pre-Academy project - or as people star to call them, Majestic Princes! The MJP team joined with the budding Unity Group, and now it's time to address all these rumors: through a press conference!

"I have a question to everyone from MJP." Asks one of the many, many reporters present.
"How did it feel like to participate in the operation?"

Are you going to answer this question, or wait your turn until someone else asks you something else?

Although the conference is about MJP, other people are free to participate as well - especially if they were present on the Nora mission!

Oh, and by the way. This is all streamed on the Internet live. And people post comments. Scary, scary.

[Well Leos certainly had a rough day. Right now he was being laid up in one of the Unity Group's infirmaries and his AC was... to put it bluntly a complete mess. This of course led to a severe ear bashing from both his operator Lana Nielsen as well as his sponsors. So all in all not a good day.]

Owww- Is... is that a pudding cup? YES! SCORE!I

[Or maybe not. Apparently someone decided pudding was a perfectly acceptable thing to give to recovering pilots on their food trays along with the rest of their meals.]

Mm? Oh hi!