[Lamia is standing in the hangar after the disastrous turn of Major Pliskin and she appears to be unusually somber as she looks over the damage inflicted upon the Angelg.]

I don't understand why I am so bothered by what happened during that mission. Turns and defection are nothing new given the history of conflicts or even the past of the shadow mirrors. It was an act of treason that brought us here and even now we are building strength and information to betray the current Earth sphere government and install our own command structure.

But after all of this I wonder if that's right?

I broke secrecy of the mirage system and what it's capable of in a situation where I could have instead run or used other weaponry. Even mirage sign was to dangerous in that situation. If Ingram had been so inclined he could have easily destroyed me while the unit recovered and in that case it would have caused another of the pilots here to cover for me or even potentially suffer injuries like Ken to protect me...

[Lamia pauses as her mind wonders over this newest thought and as she continues to stare at the Angelg despite the chaos around her.]