[Post "Challenge Honorably"]


So now Earth is at war with a nation of honor-bound hide-mecha warriors. All thanks to the ridiculously provocative actions of the Fumerco's Corporation's private security forces.

It doesn't take a political science degree to realize there's something going on

Which is why one day, while you're walking down the hallway of Saikama Base, Sasha and Alexis accost you and drag you to a corner of the room.

"We're going to investigate Fumerco," Sasha says softly. "We need a third person to watch our back."

Alexis grunts. "What my wife means to asks is...can you come with?"


The Kaidonvoskies, clad in formal uniform, knock on the office door of the UG Command Staff

"Can we come in to talk?" Alexis asks.

[Pre- "Shine-Tommorow, Shine Forever"]

Solaris and the Unity Group is gearing up for a big military op, and things are busy at Saikhama Base. Ammo and repair parts are being shipped in by the bushel, and the air is filled with smoke as mechanics work round-the-clock to overhaul the Mechas in the hanger.

Suddenly, a mat-black shuttle with a ”日“ logo flies into the open hanger bay and lands like a UFO. As the shuttle lands, Dido looks up from her welding job; her eyes widen, and she drops her tools and books it for the nearest exit.

A ramp lowers from the shuttle, guards with sunglasses and turtlenecks file out, and a imperious, well-dressed woman strolls out and sweeps her gaze along the hustle and bustle of the base.

She sniffs in contempt. "So this is the Unity Group: humanity's strongest heroes. But really, can a group devoted to protecting others be said to have true strength?"

[Cut for long, borderline Objectivist speech.]

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"...therefore, should we not–?"

The classy woman notices you inching away. "Oh!" She exclaims. Dropping her speech mid-sentence, she walks over to you, grabs your hand, and shakes it vigorously.

"You're Dido's friend, right? I've heard so much about you!" She chirps in a bubbly tone. "Do you know if she's around?"


While Alexia Sybil is chatting with people, two other well-dressed members of the Sybil family slip out of the shuttle and wander through the hanger bay.

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Dido burst through the door of the room you are in, slams the door shut, then leans against it in a panic!

"Oh gods, it's them it's them it's them!" She wheezes. Her eyes focus on you. "You!" She wheezes. "Hide me, now!"

Do you help Dido hide?

A few weeks after the destruction of the Ladies' Good Men, and a week after the final fight with the Kijin, Dido tightens her grip on the controls, eyes narrowed, teeth bared.

"I can't give up now!" She declares. "I won't despair! If I stand by justice, and keep moving forward, a way will open up! I know it will–Aw Fudge! Fudge! C'mon! Fudge! That combo's broken! This boss is OP! Cheap! Hax!"

On the arcade game's screen, Dido's Qipao-wearing character twitches helplessly in the throes of hit-stun, then flies back across the stage. "K.O.!". The boss character, clad in a sharp business suit and fish-crested gladiator helmet, folds his arms and laughs."Pathetic! You're ten years too early to beat me!".

Dido's bloodshot eyes twitch. "I'll wipe that grin off your face!" She shouts, fishing quarters from her pocket.

For god's sake, someone drag her away!


[Private Chat, locked to Mizuki]

"Yo, 'Zuki!" Dido pops up on your tablet screen, shadows under her eyes, a grease stain on her chin. "Could I ask you for a favor?"


[Private chat, sent to Ken, Hetepheres, Sarah and Peola]

Dido pops up on your tablet screens, looking chipper and extremely energized. "I challenge you to hand-to-hand mecha combat!"
[Dated after "The Prioress"]


"Whoah, whoah! Chill out, dudes! I get it: hands off!"

While walking through the hanger, you look up to see Dido getting frog-marched out of a high security bay area that currently holds the Saber units, two security guards on each side gripping her shoulders and forearms. They roughly release her and walk off.

Dido stumbles, sets down the oil-can she was carrying, and dusts herself off. "Dammit. Why can't people take an honest bribe these days?"

Ask her what's going on?


After maintenance hours, when everyone's gone home for the night, you stumble across Dido lying on her back atop a set of boxes, taking puffs from...something burning inside a roll of paper.

She sighs, and then sits up, starring at the ground. "Dammit..." You hear her mutter. "This is what happens when you try and act like Mom..."

She spies you coming and hastily flicks the burning roll paper behind her. "Ah...Hey! Fancy seeing you here! How, uh, are you?""

A few weeks before Christmas, as snow drifted and fell, as families went shopping and store Santas rang bells, the Unity Group was in a pinch and poke, for they'd little money for Christmas: in fact they were broke! A greedy teenage miser had stolen their cash, to get a new super robot after his old one's crash! Twas few funds for wreaths, for trees, or mistletoe: towards mecha repairs it all had to go!

In light of this, the stalwart tech Dido Sybil slipped on her parka, and packed her wrenches and drill.

She drove to a junkyard by an SDF base, filled with rusty machine parts from the army and aerospace. With a clatter and clang, she dug out one pile of rusty limbs and jet engines, seeking something worthwhile.

Perhaps you followed her, or were already there: would you like to say Hi, or continue to stare?


[Locked to Ken.]

A week before Christmas, when duties were light, with no Kaiju to slaughter or alien empires to fight, Brave Ken Torao, teenage Ninja supreme, stepped in ScarleTiger's cockpit, to train for his team.
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[Shortly later, open to everyone]

A quick search soon reveals the culprit most cruel...
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[It's late at night at Sakihama base. And the only people up this late should be workaholics, and those with active night lives.

So who then, is that you catch out of the corner of your eye?]

Hm... Must be around here somewhere...

[One of them is clearly female, a woman likely in and around her late thirties, but in remarkable physical form. The other...]

Did we really have to do this at night dear? If it were the day, we could at least track him back to his quarters.

[The other is practically her male counterpart, similarly aged, equally fit. He bears something of a resemblance to a certain young pilot...]

Or perhaps...

[Suddenly, he turns on his heel, and throws out a quick series of shuriken, aimed to pin an unfortunate eavesdropper to the walls by their sleeves!]

We could ask them?

Sounds like a plan. Where is Kentaro Torao's room?


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[Post Workshop in Flames]


Those of you who like to walk the halls of Saikhama Base might hear the faint sound of 20th century (old calendar) power ballads in the distance.

Follow this enticing music, and you come across Dido Sybil, putting in her daily training regimen with the Gebians.

A flurry of baseballs get hurled at her from all directions, thrown by the arms and mandibles of beetle people. Competently, if not gracefully, she sidesteps out of their way and slaps the ones she misses out of the air, jaws set and eyes focused.

Talk to her? Or, since she's distracted, prank her?


[Locked to Dido's Scary Super-Soldier Training Instructors]

You get a message on your comm channels from Dido.

"Could I start training in Zero-G maneuvering?" She asks.


[Locked to Ken and Mizuki]

Dido meets you guys in the cafeteria. "Say...could we talk a moment?" She asks.

[Dated to a few weeks after "Keep Away"]

Those of the Unity Group who like to creep about the Saikhama base at night may hear faint sounds of grinding and hissing come from the main hanger deck.

Those who investigate this discover two things.

One, all the mechs that fought in the latest battle have been completely repaired. Not just the standard limb reattachment and armor replacement: they've also had new paint jobs and their scratches ground out!

Second, Dido Sybil is at the controls of a huge lathe and machining device, grinding out some kind of component from alloy stock. Sparks fly, and she gazes at her work with eyes shadowed from a grim mood and lack of sleep.



The next morning, Dido is still in the hanger, hanging from a work harness like a narcoleptic rock climber, and rocking side to side like a baby in a crib.

She snores as you approach, and has a bit of dribble on her chin.

Wake her up?


The next next morning, Dido's out at a nearby abandoned airstrip, running some wires from a strange metallic cylinder in the middle of the field to a concrete bunker.

She looks up at you. "What are you doing here? Nevermind, get in the bunker with me!" She grins. "This should be cool!"

Get in the bunker with her? Ask what the heck's going on?

[Locked to Ken]

One sunny, lazy afternoon, you receive a communique from your mechanic.

"Hello, is this thing transmitting...? Hey Ken! Dido here! I set up a bunch of equipment in Hanger 3 for measuring Sol Energy and medical readouts!

Wanna experiment with Ki sensing and manipulation, like we talked about? I've got some cool experiments planned out! And protein bars, if you're hungry!"


[Open to everyone, particularly aliens, monsters, Ki-wielding martial artists, and dour pilots with demon arms!]

Those of you who find yourselves walking along one of the Saikhama base hallways stumble across an interesting sight!

Ken, the Ninja boy wonder, is sitting on a mat on the north side of the hall, wearing a blindfold and headphones. Dido stands by him, clutching a small walkie talky. She speaks into it as you pass by:

"Okay, Ken: does this person have any Ki? Describe what it feels like aloud! Any colors, tastes or, uh, tingles to it?"

[Feel free to describe what Ken senses with his fledgling Ki-sense...or even if he senses anything]
After the battle in Paradigm City, the Sol Machine known as ShelLancer trudges it's way back into the hanger bay, docks in a gantry, and powers down

A weary figure in mechanic's overalls clambers out of the cockpit, and after a bit of flailing, descends on one of the cherry picker platforms.

"What the heck was I thinking?" Dido groans, slumping down onto a bench. "I panicked, made stupid calls. And that Decepticon leader thinks I'm a turtle ninja transformer now...!"

She smiles. "...but Hot Damn, I saved some lives out there! Not bad, Dido. Not bad at–"

She looks up at ShelLancer...and finally notices the major damage it's taken: melted armor, broken off spikes, and an endless amount of scratches and dents. All of which needs to be fixed.


So many people have died recently. So many people have gotten horribly hurt. And they've all left behind the wreckage of their mechs like grave markers. Fort Alhambra is swarming with technicians and engineers of every stripe and color, some working overtime, others hastily summoned back from vacation or from other UG branches.

Dido's in the thick of things, a welding rig slung over her back as she orders tech about.

"I need ScarleTiger's arm hoisted on the gantry and ready to be reattached, stat! You, you, and you: start putting Pale Rider back together. Yeah, I know you've done it before, that's why I'm trusting you with it! The rest of you, put Virgola Unit 3 and Gipsy Danger into storage–we'll deal with them after crunch-time's over!"

She turns to face you, and her bossy expression fades to fatigue. "Hey. Did you need anything?"


[Locked to Mizuki, as well as Ken potentially]

After a long day's work, Dido's kicking back with you, holding a cool bottle of beer to her over-heated head. The refurbished Sol Machines loom overheard in their gantries. DuskBird, ScarleTiger, ShelLancer. She stares up at them for a time, then turns to you and asks.

"Could you tell me about SolBalmung?"


A comn transmission is posted on the Network, addressed to every Unity Group Pilot who's built a reputation as a stone-cold badass.

"Hi." Dido says simply, scratching her head. "I need to become a better mecha pilot. Could you train me?"

[Ever since Ken got back to base after Sol Saviour's first combination, all anyone might have seen of him in the time since is, well...]


[Him taking his training regimen to new, absurd levels. He didn't go anywhere without weights the lengths of his forelimbs. Several push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and whatever else he could think of were made before and after he entered every room. And that little gym he made for himself in the 'fake' city which covers the entrance of the base? Yeah, that's getting some real usage as he punches pretty much everything he can. Interrupt...?]


[Or do you want to try approaching him when he's in his room instead? Removing the weights as he readies for bed, Ken cringes several times over as he moves his hands over bruises, before returning to a default, sullen mood.]

...Who's there?

"May I have everyone's attention? Members of Unity Group, we noticed that you've been working very hard lately but also some of our people were pretty stressed out. Resting is a part of your duties too, so I have talked to a few people in charge from other organisations and, long story short, you have a short vacation in a tropical resort."

"Please enjoy it."

"I'll be there too!"

[1 - mingle thread]
As commander Antov just said, you have a two day vacation to enjoy. Beach, ocean, beautiful weather - it's all there just for you!

Unity Group is not the only organisation making use of the resort. You may be able to find interesting individuals from other groups lurking about... or maybe just swimsuit-clad bodies to ogle. If that's your thing you pervert.

All general vacation shenanigans go here.

[2 - for Yuuya]
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[3 - for Izuru]
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It seems the trip was not without incident. Several participants of the boat rowing contest are missing and the weather is getting worse. It's time to organize an in-mecha search party before they are caught in the rain for days and starve or something.

Also, someone threw Izuru into deep waters and he's not too good of a swimmer. Someone should probably rescue him.
[Virgola unit 3 was wrecked. Then it was repaired... and wrecked again, along with Setsuko's self-esteem.

At this rate, the mobile suit will never regain full functionality. The damage is just too severe.]

I really am a failure... even after all that happened, it's as if I learnt nothing.

Who thought it was a good idea to give a newbie position in the Glory Stars test team? Maybe I should just... go home...

[The pilot can be found moping not too far away from the hangar. It's like if Setsuko was reluctant to leave her own unit's field of vision.]
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Three units have taken refuge in Sakihama's hangars. One of them is a Gespenst mk II Kai, but the two others are new. FightSaber and ShotSaber - the former is red, equipped with a long chainsaw sword, the latter is blue with two beam pistols wielded akimbo. And yes, they have the large gun (graviton cannon) as well.

In addition to the units, their pilots are here as well, hanging around FightSaber's feet.

"Alright guys, let's introduce ourselves. I'm Apollonius Gavin, Loni for people who know me. And these two are my precious friends, Desta Mlakar and Ilinka Venczel."

"Hmph. You're awfully happy to be here, Loni."

"It's good to cooperate with you, Unity Group."

"Yeah, you see, we're not really going to join Unity Group or anything. We work best in a small team, we don't really follow orders from Major Ingram either. But we know a lot about 'the Lady's Good Men' or whatever these weirdos like to call themselves. So, ask away?"

Going to ask Loni's group about the mysterious enemy faction? Or are you just here to say hello and get to know them better? Or perhaps confront Desta about him shooting the retreating and immobilized enemy pilots during the mission?

[Mizuki's going about her business recently exclusively wearing her Abyss Empress clothing... and anyone in the Sakihama Base's hangar will notice the DuskBird's got several Solaris mechanics working on it virtually around the clock.  But more importantly-]




[Even if she's just walking down the hall, the Abyssian is frequently wincing or reacting to unseen sources of pain.  And then-]


Free meal y/n? )

[1 - Locked to Kaname.]

[So, the last few weeks have proved... interesting, for the Unity Group's would be ninja. He got his new unit, and since then twice helped to thwart the bad guys... but at the same time, there's been failure, near-casualties, and even more mystery as enemies pop out of the woodwork. A whole lot of stuff that could lead to a whole lot of stress...

Thankfully, he had arranged for a potential release, with the help of one Kaname Chidori.


Hit me.

[Specifically, black jack. Poker was on the proverbial table for later - for now, they were just experimenting. Right now, as he looked at his cards, he was making a terrible bet...
Trying to go for 21, when he was already on 18.]


[And of course, as the game goes on, perhaps you pass by Ken's room on the base - and find yourself curious as to what's going on inside?]

[Backdated to just before "War of Myths"]

Sometime in the wee hours of the evening, a large, unmarked flatbed trailer rolls it's way into grounds of Saikhama base, parking itself in the hanger bay by an unused mech gantry. The moment the trailer stops, orange suited technicians rush out of the side doors and pull the tarp off of Solaris's latest creation:


As they begin to hoist the mech up to a standing position with cranes, one of the technicians takes a step away, looks around, and sees some familiar faces.

She waves with her clipboard. "YO! Mizuki my girl! Miss Harper! Look what I brought for you guys!


[After "The War of Myths Mission"]

In the wake of the battle with ancient gods, the senior Solaris technician looks up at the fearsome ScarleTiger, newly baptized in battle.

Specifically, she's staring slack-jawed at the various bit's of damage it's suffered.

Finally, she groans and turns away.

"Nope. NoNoNope. Screw it; I'll fix it tomorrow."
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[Yuuya stands beside his unit leaning against the rail and looking up at it with a different expression.]

"Well then 94 Second, it looks like we both got jerked around by two countries but we can show them we've got more to prove than they ever expected of us. I think I finally got to grasp what it'll take to pilot you successfully."


[The Argos flight is leaving a debriefing from the last mission. Tarisa is still spitting fire and VG is placating her in his own style. Yuuya seems more pensive than normal but in a good mood however Stella seems to be just off of normal, almost like she was in part forcing herself.]


[In a more isolated runway on Alhambra you might catch a Yellow unit made infamous from the training exercise and a pilot in a similarly colored TSF piloting suit. She is looking out at the setting sun and a pocket watch she is holding in her hand. She appears to be thinking about something and will not immediately notice your approach.]
What kind of bullshit "training exercise" was that?!

[Post-mission, the Glory Stars are in varying degrees of upset. Toby is furious for example. He paces between the two others, standing underneath their mobile suits after Virgolas are safely in the hangar.]

Using Grungust I can understand, but to set that crazy woman on us and make us think she wants to kill everyone? What kind of purpose does that serve!

She was so skilled... if she was serious, Tarisa and everyone else who tried to stop her would be...

[Including Setsuko, yes. She does not forget being swatted aside like a noisy fly.]

And the BETA! You said it yourself, this is a bit too much of a coincidence that they attacked just then. Right? Why don't you say something now, Chief?!

[The two look at Denzel, the Glory Star Leader with a serious face as he ponders silently. Finally he opens his eyes.]

Has there ever been an encounter with the BETA with only 1% casualty rate?

[Have you something to add to the discussion?]
[Its been a while after the Training Exercise gone wrong. Leos somehow managed to get out of the battle with the Jenice he used more or less unscathed. On the other hand, mentally he was even more worse off than before. Seeing Seta get torn apart and devoured by the BETA like that was not good for his sanity, already precarious as it was. Her inhuman ability to come back from that 'death' didn't really help much at all.]


[Currently he was in the mess hall, just stirring the contents of his bowl. He was at the odd paradox of being hungry yet being unable to eat. Then he looked at his meal, his mind drifting off and growing unfocused. The person doling out the meals was going to regret giving Leos a bowl of Spaghetti-Os because they were pressed for time and couldn't be bothered to give him something that wouldn't cause his mind to snap because from Leos' perspective the dull orange colored sauce slowly shifted into the hue of freshly spilled blood and the pasta turned into a multitude of eyes that suddenly had mouths form below them and rush forward to try tear his face off-]


[-which led to him literally slapping the bowl away and possibly burning himself in the process before he scrambled off to a small, enclosed spot to force himself into/under and just curl up tightly.]

[Its been a few days since the encounter with the Knights of the Guiding Hand, and in particular, since Ken found himself on the receiving end of the Tiankui, and its pilot. After spending some time recuperating, and checking in with the others who were there, Ken's decided that a few things need to change...

And thus, inside one of the many empty buildings used to cover the existence of the Sakihama base, Ken can be found setting up a gym for himself, out of various scrap and other bits that he could find lying around. Of course, him sneaking all this out wasn't exactly possible without gaining someone's attention, which might explain why you're here...]


[He seems... oddly relaxed, compared to his usual self. Also, he evidently has a different set of clothes.]


[Hours later, he's back at base, but one may have noticed him going over some rather ancient looking scrolls in and around the compound. The things look more like they belong in a museum than in some teenager's hands, but he's studying them quite thoroughly with interest and intrigue...]

To think they had to figure all this stuff out back when the gun was a curious idea...
[A video introduction. This time, the person in question is a white-haired young woman who wears a pair of frameless glasses. Somehow, her outfit has also changed since her appearance in the mission; from a long white battle dress to something more like a formal long coat, complete with a tie.]

Cut for length )

[That looked like it went surprisingly well, especially if you've seen what kind of person she is before the announcement. But the video cuts off immediately afterwards. So quickly and flawlessly, in fact, that there's no time to really respond to it or ask questions...

It's almost as if she's practiced this.]


[If you're visiting the lounge of Sakihama later on, you'll find Seta murmuring to herself...]

I am never doing that again...

I swore the previous time would be the last, but they never listened to me...no, I will make them listen next time...

[And as she's turning around or beginning to walk, she stubs her toe on the leg of a nearby couch, causing her to freeze in pain.]


[Well after that gigantic mess people would find a large plant beast dragging itself into the Hangar at Sakihama before finding an empty spot to lie down like an oversized, lazy and rather ugly dog. It smelled slightly of burnt plant when one got too close to it. There was a slight shuffling noise before its torso opened and disgorged a stumbling Volya - who was kept from falling when a few vines caught him by the mid-section and righted him.]


[The vines retracted slowly as the beast's torso closed up once more like a flower blooming in reverse as a low noise rumbled out from it.]

-Geez... I.. I'm fine. Really... just a little dizzy. You're going to be okay here... right?-

[Another rumbling as its head perks up and tilts slightly.]

-No I don't need anything... you just get some rest you big goof.-

[Volya rolls his eyes before he places a hand on the beast's head. He sighs tiredly before noticing you were there and letting out a yelp and falling over, babbling in russian before finally managing to remember to speak something else.]

A..ah... sorry... didn't see you there...


[With Volya now a resident at Sakihama base it was time for him to get acclimated. And by that I mean stuff his face. He's got a lot of food with him and if what some people had seen back at the food lines was any indicator, the kid was really hungry and wasn't at all picky about what he ate and he looked like he wasn't going to stop anytime soon, of course he freezes and sets down his spoon a little anxiously when he notices your look.]

Is it really okay for me to eat this much?

[Sure Willis said so, but Volya wanted to be careful not to annoy anyone and... another thought occurs to him.]

And... er... I'm... not going to have to go to school here am I? I... can't read Japanese...


[And with all the above said and done, Volya finally finds his way to his room. A bed. With blankets. And a place with running, heated water. Again. He's been without these for months and its right now that he realized just how much he missed these apparently simple things as he literally makes a dash and dives onto his bed, bouncing up once with a short, happy laugh before just burying himself in it. Then it just turns into a soft and discomforted sigh.]


[They were probably going to make him fight. And then the knights were still after him. And David. And his Uncle Sergei...]

-mh...said it before and I'll say it again... I'd pass over adventure for a quiet day.-


[When the DuskBird returns to Sakihama Base and is dispelled back into Mizuki's shadow, the woman's limping and wincing.  And also in strange, regal apparel.  Black silks with gold embroidery, necklaces, a sash... lots of fancy stuff she didn't go out in.  And Sara's standing there, looking shocked and running to her friend's side.]

Mizuki...!  My god, with what happened out there.  You and Ken and... and everyone!  Don't... scare me like that!  Please!

I'm fine, I'm fine... just got a little taste of what some of my predecessors had to deal with.  And believe me... I'm glad to see a Sara who ISN'T trying to kill me.

[So have a friendly hug... just a noisy one because, again, all that jewelry.]


[Some time later though...]


So... I was thinking...

... How do people feel about the word "Savior"?  Like the "Savior Team"... or "SolSavior".

[Ryoma didn't bother to introduce himself for his first few days as a member of UG, because it wasn't like it was his idea to join these guys. Dr. Saotome had insisted on it, just as he insisted on Ryoma piloting Getter Robo in the first place. He was beginning to wonder why he let an old, out of shape guy half his height boss him around, but considering the Doc just lost a son, he'd decided not to get too argumentative about it.

At any rate, he's apparently willing to get chummy now. ...Sort of. He's walking around Sakihama Base, cheerfully(?) accosting everyone he bumps into.]

Hey, you! Looks like we're gonna be on the same side. I'm Ryoma! So now that we're buddies and stuff I need you to fill me in.

Who do you think are the strongest fighters in UG?

[Unless there are regular tournaments, after all, this sort of thing can be a matter of opinion. He doesn't mind compiling an oversized list. It'll just give him an excuse to narrow it down.]
[The moment Leos was dragged back to base it was clear things were going to be pretty bad. Why? Because his handler was chewing him out royally right there in the hangar.]


Pale Rider is being put into repairs again Leos, and not only that your actions are having PROGTECH question your competence. They are planning to drop your sponsorship altogether because of your childish, undisciplined and impulsive behavior-

He was there Lana! Hustler One... Nineball... He was there! I had to-

[This was punctuated by a tremendously hard slap that sent Leos to the ground with a cry. That definitely left a mark, and that whimper he let out was more along the lines of a kicked puppy than the wild, anger driven animal that had been out in the field. Lana didn't even raise her voice as she proceeded to tear into him like a frigid wind with a side order of ice cold rain.]

Cause irreparable damage to several of Pale Rider's systems for the sake of revenge. Revenge I may add that you aren't even prepared to take because of how under-trained, inexperienced and ill equipped you are. Not to mention your immaturity and utter lack of ability to maintain focus on a designated objective.

You. are. pathetic. I'm locking down the Pale Rider after its repairs are complete and speaking to PROGTECH about suspending your access to the Arena for the time being. Until you can actually learn to grow up as well as use a machine without completely destroying it, don't you dare so much as even get five feet of that Armored Core.

[Lana does a precise turn without even looking back at Leos, who looked up at her with a piteous expression on his face.]

Lana... Lana wait...'m sorry... please don't go... don't be mad... please..?

[No dice, she just walks out the closest exit, leaving Leos to slump to the ground.]

[Do you go after Lana? Or Stick with Leos?]

"He's losing...!"

"Give him..."

"Move him to the medical...!"

"Cut open his suit..."

Ken manages to save Walt from being a monster chow, but Walt is still uncouncious from the explosion of his Genoace. The medical team is carting him as soon as he arrives.

"Holy shit! What is that..."

But as soon as they cut open his pilot suit...


Many eyes are staring from the flesh of Walt's left arm. Staring at the medical team, staring at the walls, staring at everything. The eyes are darting around jerkily in their sockets, blinking, looking left and right, up and down.

Needless to say, Walt moves straight to quarantine.

You might, or might not see all of these happening, since everything happens right on the hallways.


A few days later, you can see him sitting in his medical gown at Alhambra's medical bay cafeteria, staring intently at a cup of coffee, his body full of bandages. His left arm is wrapped like a mummy.

You might notice that other patients and staffs are trying to sit far away from him, leaving him a hole in the middle of a crowd.

Greet him?

So, there was a fight. Specifically, between the newly arrived Yuuya, and the slightly less newly arrived Ken. Whilst the exact source and reasoning behind the conflict is still sketchy at best, pretty much every witness has confirmed that it was Ken who ultimately threw the first punch. His injuries are also the lighter of the two - he got by mostly with some severe bruises, maybe slight bits of blood loss, but nothing too bad. Right now, he's resting in Alhambra's medical room, probably in need of something to wake him up...


Though if you prefer to wait, you can instead find him cuffed and in a cell in the Sakihama base, after he has waken up and shown he'll shrug off most of his injuries. He looks... drained, physically speaking, and is mostly taking to relaxing against the wall as he sits on the bed. Occasionally, he flings his hands forward, as if trying to do something with such a strange manner of pose, but nothing comes, and he just gives dejected sighs. The guards'll let you in if you ask nicely, and aren't the same dude who pissed him off to begin with.
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[The monitors across the UG bases kick to life with live footage from what appears to be one of the smaller briefing rooms in Alhambra base revealing a 4-person team of varying Nationalities all wearing the same grey and black uniform. The first voice heard is a cheerful one from behind the camera.]

All right that's got it, we're live so get to it guys.

[The Asian-American is the first to speak]

2nd-Leiutenant Yuuya Bridges, Argos test flight, reporting to UG group as ordered.

[The same voice from behind the camera speaks again]

Really Yuuya? That's all you're going to say, at least give them a bit better of an introduction.

Just leave him Vincent, if he's going to be grumpy because of his argument with Lieutenant Takamura then that just gives us more time for introductions. 2nd Lieutenant Tarisa Manandal of the same. I hope to get along well with everyone.

[As Yuuya flushes and begins to turn to speak again when he is cut off by the other male member of his flight]

[He drops his hand's on Tarisa's shoulders and gives her a playful shake as he speaks]

Don't make fun of our lead's delicate sensibilities there chobi, you weren't much better when you started with us either. [Turning to the camera he continues] I'm Valerio Giacosa, VG for short and I'm Argos 3. I hope to get along well with everyone but especially the lovely ladies of this new group to whom I think it would be incredibly unfair to deny the joy of my company...

Put a sock in it Macaroni! We haven't even been here for 3 hours yet and you're already trying to pick up every woman on base! Well I guess we can't expect anything more from a greasy playboy like yourself but please don't try to hijack the introductions!

Speaking of introductions.

Ah, and Venus graces us with her most beauteous voice

[Ignoring the jibe the blonde woman continues]

I'm 2nd Lieutenant Stella Bremer. I'm Argos 4 and I do hope you'll forgive the rather rambunctious nature of my comrades. They're animated but honestly quite harmless.

[As Stella smiles serenely Yuuya sighs and shakes his head before speaking.]

And this is exactly why I was against this idea Vincent. I'm sure Princess Yui is going to *LOVE* what this turned into when she sees it.

[With that the camera begins to pan a little unusually as it approaches Yuuya and then sweeps right to Tarisa and VG arguing while Stella stands to the side her hand covering a grin as she watches her team-mates bicker before cutting off.]

(Argos Flight can be reached by comm or will be around Alhambra to be tagged)


[As you walk through the hangers you hear an angry shout. As you turn to look you see a young Japanese woman walking away with a clipboard and Yuuya in his piloting suit looking particularly upset. As the woman exits the hanger Yuuya rounds on the machine he's standing next to and throws his fist into it with enough force for the impact to resound. From his lack of reaction you can assume it is at least somewhat hardened to impact though he looks up at your approach and speaks in a seething tone.]

Did you need something or are you just here to criticize my performance like Lt. Takamura?
It's a party! Cathy and Liz had their first real honest live-fire people-are-trying-to-kill-us-but-we're-alive deployment at Nora, and not only did they successfully not die, they even helped save the day! Setsuko likewise had her own professional debut in the field of not-dying during the hostage rescue! Good Idea Bear Cathy of course decided this calls for a night on the town. The Star Rose! Tourists, socialites, and Nora refugees looking to celebrate their own not-dying! Dinner! Drinks! Dancing! Young adults in high-risk professions bonding!

1. [semi-locked to invitees]
Setsuko seems the skittish sort, so Cathy's easing in to this with a simple meal in a nice restaurant - there are plenty of those in a location like the Star Rose! She's found a moderately classy Indonesian place, but not so classy as to throw off the mood for the rest of the evening she has planned. Of course, the more's the merrier, so she's sounded out a few other of the soldier types of drinking age in the Unity Group to come along!

[Please ping me if you want to be one of the people invited! Of course, you might still run in to the group regardless, here or in the second prompt.]

2. [free for all]
Food's good and all, but its real function is to give soakage for drinks and energy for dancing! Do you stick with the group as they hit the bars and clubs, or run in to them there?

3. [point and laugh]
The morning after the night before! Well, morning by the clock, anyway, even if they kind of blended together. Whoever've lasted through the night are making their way home, some with some practice, others stumblingly. Are you among them, or up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to mock their debauchery?

[Let's say this takes place after the Symphormers mission but before Macross. Continuity is flexible, so you can still be hungover for the latter, or not.]
1. [Meet Zwei Wing]

[Shortly after the mission, the idol duo Zwei Wing can be found wandering around the various UG bases. They're checking out everything and it's pretty easy to tell that the younger blue-haired girl was a bit uncomfortable being led around like this. Her much larger partner on the other hand seems to be enjoying herself. A lot.]

2. [Meet Kanade]

[Later on Kanade is forced asked to intro herself properly.]

Right, so the Boss Man said I should probably introduce myself properly so here goes. Yo, nice to meet everyone. I'm Kanade Amou of Zwei Wing and the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps. Despite the long name there my job is actually pretty simple. I'm just the user of a weapon that can make Noise destroyable.

We're apparently going to be working with all of you so I hope we'll be able to get along.

3. [Meet Tsubasa]

[Unlike her partner, Tsubasa isn't the type to make introduction videos. She's much too shy for that. Instead, she can be found on the Star Rose, looking out into space curiously, or outdoors at Alhambra, where she's simply enjoying the view. In either case, she's humming a tune, which just happens to be the same song those in the mission have heard.]
1. [The safe harbor that Shu was referring to is a cave some distance away from the battle zone. There's ample space for everyone to store their machines, and necessities such as food and water are all available.

As you're getting accustomed to the layout however, a particular bird/familiar approaches you.]

So since Master isn't really himself right now, I owe you guys some explanations!

The most likely reason you've been brought to La Gias is a large-scale summoning spell. I've got no clue who the caster is, or why they did it, though.

If you've got any other questions, I can try to answer them.

[She does look a BIT more serious when it comes to the next part, however.]

...By the way, I noticed some of you recognize Master from before. Just letting you know that reminding him of the past all at once right now would be a baaad idea. That goes especially for some of you.


2. [It's not long afterwards that Shu can be found next to a VERY familiar looking device in one section of the cave. Those of you who have been with the Unity Group before would recognize this as a TSEN Device, but Shu looks confounded by its presence there...]


3. (Open)
[The combatants from the mission have returned! But since then, you might have gotten a glimpse of one of the new people who returned with them, or for something more obvious: that mecha in the hangar. Chika's advice about those memories of his has also spread one way or another, but it's not like you'd run into him a lot anyway.

Said person is regularly found in the records' rooms of the bases (or something equivalent like a library); suspiciously going through a small number of both written and digital documents. They're not top secret stuff, so he's not breaking any rules, but still...]


((OOC: Yes, this still takes place in La Gias for prompts 1 and 2, and is the explanation as to why everyone can go home so quickly. This way we won't get multiple posts of 'what now?'. Plus, this means our newly introduced player can go ahead and frontdate to after this event if he wants to make his own post.

OOC 2: Walt tag is for anyone from the mission to tag, enjoy.))
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Kaname Chidori, age 16, has been living on her own ever since her father and younger sister moved back to New York sixteen months ago. Part of her figured she'd live alone in her apartment until she got married or something. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine that she'd be forced to live on a military base.

Say goodbye to sleepovers with Kyoko. This whole moving business was something that she didn't even want to begin to explain to her best friend. She didn't bother to even try and explain it to her father. Instead, she just told him that there were problems with packages being stolen at her apartment complex and provided him with a PO Box to send letters to instead.

It was probably better if he and her young sister, Ayame didn't know what was going on, anyway. If they knew she was in sort of danger, they'd only worry. Her dad would probably move back to the US, and moving to this base was bad enough. She was still trying to come to terms with all of this, herself.

Goodbye, perfectly normal high school life.

Kaname shifts the box in her hands. Most of her things she had shipped off; they should already be in her room. But this box is filled with things that are special to her. Old family photographs -- especially ones of her mom. A few photo albums. Her childhood blanket. The Bonta-kun plush toy she's had ever since she was a baby. The box isn't exactly heavy, perse, but it's certainly large and unwieldy. That's part of the reason why she's having such a rough time carrying it.

Still, she's been walking around this base for ten minutes now, and she's still completely lost. And unfortunately for Kaname, her usual shadow, Sousuke Sagara, wasn't around. Thankfully, though, there's a figure up ahead.

"Hey!" Kaname calls out, as she quickens her pace. "Do you know where the dorms are?"
What... happened out there? What happened to me?

[During the mission, Setsuko's Virgola unit 3 was in Gauron-related distress but was suddenly shifted a long distance away from the battlefield. It was fished off the ocean and its pilot is fine, but she has a billion questions. And no answers.]

That was my mistake. I underestimated that asshole's capabilities. If something happened to you, I wouldn't forgive myself.

Everything ended fine in the end, so just be glad and don't worry!

Chief, lt Watson... I suppose you are right. There is no use worrying about it.

But I still need to know.

[Have you anything to say to the Glory Stars?]

[Well Leos certainly had a rough day. Right now he was being laid up in one of the Unity Group's infirmaries and his AC was... to put it bluntly a complete mess. This of course led to a severe ear bashing from both his operator Lana Nielsen as well as his sponsors. So all in all not a good day.]

Owww- Is... is that a pudding cup? YES! SCORE!I

[Or maybe not. Apparently someone decided pudding was a perfectly acceptable thing to give to recovering pilots on their food trays along with the rest of their meals.]

Mm? Oh hi!



[There's been a lot of new arrivals to the Unity Group as of late, so one imagines it mustn't be so surprising to see a new face that one doesn't recognise. But this one doesn't seem all that much older than a highschool student - heck, he might even be - and unlike some of the younger associates of the organisation, he hasn't exactly ditched his uniform either.

And thus, there he stands in the corridors of the Sakihama Base, hidden beneath the Earth, as he seems to be taking less than conventional means of getting a snack from a vending machine. Well, one assumes shoving your hand right in there is unconventional.]


[This time he's managed to hop along through the TSEN all the way to Fort Alhambra, and already is trying to make himself familiar with all its nooks and crannies.

Starting with its air ducts.]

Ngh... These could use some replacements...

[Grumbling to himself, the lad nevertheless soldiers on in his strange quest, and yet...]


[All this gets him is the metal buckling under him, and he falls out into god knows where. Or onto god knows who.]