[Following the battle on Ankaia, Kei can be found looking over a number of reports on recent political events and debriefings of recent battles.]

Jiart returned, despite having died. Remnants of the Zentraedi invasion turned up with him. Several Zentraedi fleets are coming. Then the Void returned and Fumerco popped up again despite Ishin killing its leadership, the revelations about its actions and the needs of maintaining the peace with Ankaia. And it proceeded to continue what it had been doing before.

Lots of enemies are coming back when they shouldn't.

So I wonder...How likely is it that this isn't related to the Lady?


A. Ah... be more careful if you please... tch!

[Sielje is wincing and making various strange noises from discomfort of being shot in the back. But the beasthide she wore protected her - all she suffers from is a bruised rib or two. It could've been so much worse.

Regardless the knight needs some medical attention now.]

[The artifact from the Great Forge is back on Earth now. Another part of Discovery of Self has been retrieved - however an old trouble seems to be not quite defeated as everyone originally thought.]

That group of merchants... no - of all kinds of people. To think Fumerco still exists. Even if it is under a different name, housed in a different city. But it is the same.

What may we do to put an end to it? Not just defend Ankaia against their predations, but to defeat a corporation once and for all?

It may seem as if... not all battles can be won with the sword.
[Frontdated a little.]

The Great Forge...

Ynya and Kimhone )

... Adjustments, she said.

[A package arrived to Sielje soon after the talk she had with her friends. With only a moment of hesitation she opens it, to reveal.]

... Ah!

[A dress. A black, vaguely leathery dress, with a tight fitting bodice but flaring, frilly sleeves and a skirt. As well as a veil, and a few assorted trinkets.]

This is what Kimhone wore ten years ago. A rarity like no other.
You wanted me... to have this?

[Travel to recover the Discovery's relic takes you to mountainous parts of Ankaia - inhospitable and barren even by the planet's standard, with barely any vegetation amidst rocks and crags. But eventually, the Unity Group party arrives at the forges: and the workshops where many an Arm was assembled now lie in ruins. Thanks to Ishin's destructive actions, artifacts put at work here now are shattered, half assembled Knight's Arm skeletons left on their own in empty halls.]

Meetings )
[While the SCCF was now temporarily silenced their leader was still on the loose and possibly plotting to cause more mayhem under the guise of good intentions. Meaning more work for him while working to ensure that all avenues for Lee to try take over the Unity Group were blocked off. While it was unlikely the UN would hand over the commission to Lee as he wasn't exactly in their service as the member of a Non-ESUN military detachment, the SSR still had achieved quite a bit that some members may consider things.]


[However... mudslinging and dirt digging can only go so far and at the very most could only serve as a road block. Especially if Lee painted himself up as the only choice they had. So to that end Calvin spent an equal amount of time researching various possible candidates to serve as an interim commander for the Unity Group until the Lady is stopped and Lee loses interest.]


List under cut )

[And in the interest of covering all bases, Calvin ran through various members of UG (even ones who didn't outwardly show leadership qualities) and their allies for consideration. Those ones went into a second pile that was thoroughly marked with red like Grimlock's... as Calvin picked up his sheet and tossed it over to the larger pile.]

I'm going to need a vacation after this...

So what are we going to do about that guy's idea of taking charge of the two primary crisis response teams of Earth? Whatever we're going to do, a unified response from all of Unity Group would probably be more persuasive than just running around and sending in whatever we each think is a sensible response.


[Kei just recently received a pretty big, heavy envelope. It's carrying a simplified logo of Harvard University and anybody used to trying to read her expressions can readily see that she's practically bursting with excitement. Even without having opened it, she's making the way to the kitchen closest to her room to grab a slice of cake to celebrate getting it.]

3 (Locked to Izuru)

[In the evening, Kei knocks on the door to her recent boyfriend's room.]

Can we talk for a bit? ...It's about being stuck on the Discovery together like that.


Heroes and then their enemies.  Dark Lords, evil guilds, cults...  They all come in different shapes and sizes, don't they?

[The talk about the Lady and her stories, and Unification as well has stirred a sense of nostalgia in Mizuki.  An array of children and YA book, the type she and Sara read as a child are spread all over a table.  Her own favorites had been the less serious ones wherein the hero and the Demon Lord would somehow end up as companions, be it romantic or otherwise.  Sometimes there were misunderstandings, sometimes greater threats, and sometimes both of them still had a lot of growing up to do.  And in one case...]

Even ones when the author doesn't realize the hero's worse than any of the villains.

[But then-]

I'll say, but Mizuki, quickly!  Make room!

Dad?!?  What are you-

Mizuki, please!  Oh we were hoping to show you and you even have a table set up but then you had to just cover it up with so many books!

[So says her mother, coming in with a humongous wheelbarrow stuffed with "how to" books and DVDs and audio players about parenting and families in general.]

We got here as soon as we can... and the news... it's just so wonderful!  Everyone in Solaris is overjoyed!

News?  News about what?
The not-so-Earthshaking news )

"Kimhone, will she truly be able to hear me this way? For certain? ... Aha! A familiar face."

[Suddenly a private but low security transmission is received by Unity Group. On the other side you can see the Ankaian champion, pleasantly surprised that this works. And he's not alone.]

"Salutations. How fare you? We heard news of Earth and they were tumultous. It looks like you managed to prevail however, and I am glad for it."

"Is Sielje any place near? It is my turn to ask for her favor. Something she is best suited for, and may it bring our realms closer together in this difficult time."


"Is this how people of Earth live? Peculiar... I expected a place more austere. It certainly is lively though!"

Not quite... It is not a city, but Unity Group's Fort Alhambra...

[Sielje is playing tour guide for a small group of Ankaian delegates - knights young and old, men and women, they came here to experience themselves how Earth's like. But Ynya made a (probably wise) decision not to shock them with the big cities yet, so far a UG base should suffice.]

"Ignorant upstarts, you know nothing!"

[It looks like most of the tourists have better things to do than to take in the views however.]

Read more... )
[In Japan, unlike most of the rest of the world, Christmas is a time for dates rather than time with the family and Kei isn't going to miss out. After spending an entire day in the kitchen, she's made a pretty impressively large table of Christmas cakes for her and Izuru to share at their first real date after getting home from the trip. The table holds a large number of her usually cakes, but in the middle of them, quite suspiciously, is a single, completely normal-looking bouche noël.]

Merry Christmas, Izuru.
(Locked to Izuru until the thread reaches its natural climax. You can probably guess what it is. Then it's open for everybody else on the trip, which seems to only mean Asagi.)

[In the evening of one of the days of the Rabbits' trip, Kei knocks on the bous' door while others appear to be away. While she's dressed normally, there's an unusual fastidiousness to her clothing and she's a bit stiff like she's trying to psych herself.]

There's something I want to talk about. If we can go a bit, so the others don't interrupt us.
[Following a certain conversation with Kagura a while ago, Kei could regularly be found doing what appeared to be studying various subjects on her own from an assortment of textbooks, spending a lot of her free time on it. And today she can be found handing over a thick envelope over to the mail staff at Fort Alhambra, moving with uncharacteristic confidence.]

I guess I'll see if the Major was right.


[A short while later, she's heading towards her room carrying some sweets and a cup of tea and all that confidence has vanished.]

Hopefully they'll take it seriously and not just use me as a mascot or trophy and try to fix things like they do for athletes.

[The party is back from the Kagura-led expedition into the final PRAYER stronghold and the battle with GARLAND - damaged, but without any casualties. And with a little extra nobody expected. Four pods containing dead children, that waited at the deepest end of GARLAND... and a cat. A large white cat, sitting like a guardian over one of the coffins. A large white cat that GARLAND wanted to give someone because it was a "lost item". Yes, that sortie got strange towards the end.

To nobody's surprise, the cat seems to take the primary attention of the mechanics, with cries of "it's so cute" and "who's a big kitty" and "such pretty amber eyes" (which are met with an orange basilisk gaze by a cat that lets herself be petted but looks rather wary)... until the coffins are opened and people fall silent. Dead children have a rather sobering effect.

So Kagura comes out of the Apostle and whips the crews into action, getting them out of those coffins and getting preparations for a proper burial started right now. While she doesn't have actual command anymore, someone with a clear shouting voice and certainty of what needs to be done can get a lot done before anyone remembers that fact. If anyone wants to get some answers out of her, as it were, this seems the best moment. Approach?]

[A little later, after all tasks have been delegated, if you pass through a certain corridor, you'll probably be able to see the blue-green glow of Kagura coming out from an office. And inside, Kagura can be found looking out a window into the rain, with a few reference materials scattered about and a computer turned on. She feels, somehow, more at rest than usual. Like someone who has finished something big - but there's also a hint of indecision there that is not common to find in the Mistletoe. Kagura generally has known what to do, if not always, as recent troubles attest, how she could actually do it. But now she has no idea.

Suddenly she speaks, not turning around.]

Well? Don't just stand there. If you're going to come in, do.


[And in the meantime, the white cat, newly nicknamed Amber by the mechanic crews, is stalkingaround the base. So at some point you thought you were alone (be it in your room, office, mess hall, what have you) you will feel a penetrating stare on you - and you'll find Amber sitting upright in a less-lit corner of the room, tail waving very slowly. Sitting there, practically glowing amber eyes in the dark, Amber looks like the princess of all cats. Certainly makes one wonder whether the Egyptians had a point when they considered cats to be linked with the spirit realm.]

What is this place?

[And then she speaks. Because of course she does. Archie and Skald will probably be happy. And she's asking something of you.]
[Lenore suddenly finds herself in a barren, desert-like area, with clear blue skies above. She immediately knows something isn't right, since she remembers being in a fight only moments ago.]

This again...

The Meeting )


1. [A certain Kijin awakens in the infirmary, in one piece thanks to Roy's intervention.]


[She is mostly fine, if a bit drained, which only leaves getting the answers needed...]


2. [Eventually, Lenore manages to make her way to the tree where Seta's message was written. She gazes down at the words, and exhales.]

It's hard to figure out exactly what you're like...

But, you did save me, so I'll take your word for it. I'll stay here.
[1 - later than other two prompts actually]
[With some caution regarding use of unfamiliar technology, Sielje reviews a mission recording time and time again. Or rather, a part of it - one during which her own words can be clearly heard. A desperate confession forced by an enemy...]

There is no way to make this disappear...


So be it, then. This is, after all, the truth.

Painful may it be.


"I could not find lord Ishin."

The findings )

[One matter yet remains...]

"Perhaps... it was my mistake to reach out to Fumerco. Blinded by my own optimism, I could not see through intentions of leaders behind it until it was too late. I was blind to many things that seem so obvious now."

"We all made mistakes. What to do of them but to learn and move forward? Look to the future. Is that not right?"

[Kimhone and Ynya both turn towards the third person present.]


[Sielje is not too eager to start a conversation. Have you something to say perhaps, before leaving the three alone?]
1. After the battle, you find the massive tank parked on Sakihama's base, still smoking and dented in various places, and dwarfing most other vehicles there.

And not long after, you find a video introduction waiting for you. The face on the other side of the video is a teenage girl, lightly bandaged on a few places with light bruises showing here and there.

"Hi all. My name is Hikari Shimamura, the pilot of Bahamut Metalia. That's the giant tank you see on the hangar. Say hello, Metallder."

A cut in shows the tank. A calm-sounding voice replies.


Hikari then continues.

"We've been fighting the Beast of Starmind for a while now, but usually their activity were limited around our hometown of  Asayajima. How they appear a long way from there caught us off guard."

Bahamut Metalia's voice follows.

"Yes,it is quite a disconcerting thought."

Hikari continues again.

"After some discussions by a lot of people, it's been decided that Bahamut Metalia should be attached to Unity Group for easier deployment in case the Beast of Starminds appears again some other places, since eventhough he is very strong and though, Behemoth Metalia isn't really made for fast travel."

Bahamut Metalia's voice replies again calmly."

"It's Bahamut."

 Hikari cheerfully bows out of the video.

"Please take care of us!"

2. At the place designated for Bahamut Metalia, you can see some teens hanging out, completely dwarfed by the giant land battleship. One of them is Hikari, she's sitting on a small turret located at the lower part of Bahamut Metalia's hull, still bandaged on a few places, her legs are swinging back and fro.
( OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6SdcjMCf0Q )
Longish post under cut )
It happened again...

[Kei is sucking down some of her condensed milk drink in the hangar after some training in Purple-2 while apparently lost in thought.]

Another crazy old man tried to overthrow the world for his own ambitions. We were supposed to protect the Earth from aliens...
[1 - probably not very taggable but necessary anyway]
[The Second Division located Fine's homebase - a luxurious cliffside mansion. But something's wrong... the whole place is strewn with unidentified assassin-looking men in black, dead. Whatever dark deeds transpired here went really wrong.

Also someone else is there.]

It... wasn't me! I just came here!

"I believe that. I know what you're capable of and who you are, Yukine Chris-kun."

[Further conversation is interrupted - Fine left a small surprise for interlopers in the form of an explosive! But as the dust settles, no one is harmed: Genjurou holding up a piece of rubble from falling, shielding both himself, and Chris.]

Kinda cutscene-y part )

[2 - a little later]

[Chris is standing nervously in Sakihama - a place not too long ago she considered belonging to an enemy.]

"Alright! Everyone say hello to Yukine Chris. A lot of things happened and Chris-kun made a choice to become a probationary member of the Second Division as a Relic User, with all what entails - including helping Unity Group. She promised to behave and work hard so count on her, alright? Why not introduce yourself?"

... You guys better be as well-intentioned as you say you are! If you turn out to be shady I'm bringing you down myself, got it?

"Ha ha ha! Talk about a first impression."

And... thanks for saving the world from being destroyed by a madman, I guess...

[If you ask Chris about Fine...]

Fine's a really special person. She's the one who gave me Nehushtan and the Solomon's Cane. She said she needed me to create a new world. A world without war or conflict, a world where everyone is safe and even cursed people like me have a place to belong to. She wanted to awaken something called "Kadingir". With Kadingir's help, she could do it.

'Course, now I know at least half of what she said was bullshit to manipulate me, but...
[At the wee hours of the night, most people are sleeping. But most people doesn't include Kagura, who has been rather suspiciously busy carrying around instrumentation and personnel around for weeks now. And now, in an office, she's checking some results, the massive robot armor looking as incongruous as usual when it comes to handling normal-sized sheets of paper.

The battle suit masks her face, as always... but as she reads she practically irradiates a perceptible aura of frustrated irritation. And impatience. Kagura needs this done yesterday, and it's not advancing fast enough.]



[(Only people with existing CR with Kagura in this prompt, please)

A bit later, Kagura is outside. Well outside Alhambra base and, more unusually, outside her suit. The small form of the Mistletoe, however, is impossible to miss in the night - while every mistletoe always has had a slight glow in their eyes, owing to their nature as SOL and LUNA energy reactors, Kagura's irises right now are green lights strong enough to see at two hundred paces - an adorable flashlight strong enough to read to. And the occassional crackle of electricity whips the air in the surrounding area even as she floats there doing nothing but look towards the east. Some pebbles even intermitently vibrate and float under her.

 photo 5_zpsc3966593.png
Her posture is also somewhat different. She used to stand against herself, standing in defiance of a body that didn't want to. But right now she looks stronger. More upright. You could even say a little healthier. At least as long as you don't look at her face. Because that face is equal parts enraged... and worried. Perhaps even a little scared. And definitely lost in thought.]

[The next day, a long distance away, Kagura looks at an empty, ruined building. She checked the forms and had words with the on-site foreman - the thing is scheduled to be demolished tomorrow. And she's allowed and in fact welcomed to assist with civilian issues if it does not directly contradict any of her current standing orders. It will do.

The battle suit makes a turn around the building for a minute, scans making certain no life forms are picked up inside. Then she floats above it, stops, opens a hand...


...and a huge beam of SOL energy, easily as powerful as anything Kagura has ever used, falls from her and pierces the building to the basement before exploding in a spectacular silver and orange explosion, which is followed by a rain of silver LUNA beams Macrossing out of her back to intercept and annihilate all the debris that comes out flying. All that remains by the end is a somewhat melted crater and rubble. And not even particularly large rubble. That was... pretty excessive, really. At least the cleanup people aren't going to need much more than shovels to clean up what's left.

After that, she begins floating back. But while she made sure to do this a good distance away from the usual UG haunts, the fact that someone blew up a building in a pillar of fire and plasma is kinda hard to diguise if anyone happened to be anywhere near this town.]
[Rock is talking to Dr. Light by video phone right now. He is very upset and it should be pretty obvious to anyone who might over hear why this is.]

Decommissioned?! But, Cut Man and the others don't deserve that! Dr. Wily was controlling them!

[Dr. Light looks sad, and really tired.] I know that, but there aren't any laws in place for robots in situations like this. The reality is, any robot who proves to be a threat to humans has to be destroyed. I tried to fight it, but there isn't anything I can do for them Rock. They're going to be destroyed later today.

[Rock clenches a fist.] Today? I won't even get to say good bye to them...

[Roll can be seen behind Dr. Light in the video feed, also looking pretty upset by all this.] Rock...

[And then suddenly Rock turns and starts to leave.] I can't accept this. I've got to do something!

Rock, wait!

[Yeah, someone might want to stop him, or at least try, though you're not likely to really succeed for long.]

((I know I'm jumping the gun a bit since the mission hasn't been officially scheduled, but I decided to post this before I forgot or something.))
Worst enemy mankind has ever known? Do you realize what you're saying? Don't you know what horrible people Earth used to have around in history? Some are still here even nowadays...

[Setsuko slouches in front of her comfort dessert, barely avoiding splatting into it.]

Leos... you have no idea what you're doing. Your plan is stupid and makes no sense.

And... and we will show you exactly how wrong you are.

[Following the aftermath of Kazan's resurrection, a somewhat familiar white haired girl has been kidnapped returned to Sakihama. She doesn't look particularly happy to be back though. Rather, she seems to be treating this as a bit of a chore. Her attempts to escape or run away earlier were thwarted thanks to the constant escorts that were with her. With how she's tapping her finger against her arms she definitely seems eager to get away.

Now that she was here though it is finally your chance to ask her what happened...or confront her about...other...things.]


[With her escape attempts completely ruined Astara has somehow managed to convince you to escort her around the city in search of the mysterious Kijin that she encountered earlier. Unfortunately thanks to Astara's amazing Kijin navigational skills the whole day was wasted and now she is sitting on a bench in a quiet park, staring out into space.]

...maybe I should have taken her seriously.

She isn't a normal Kijin...
Maybe this one would be best?

[Kei is sitting in one of the common rooms at the Sakihama base with a cup of tea and and an empty plate with a dirty fork and some crumbs and custard in front of her. Also on the table is a large collection brightly colored promotional pamphlets and magazines from universities across the planet. She's thumping through some of them, comparing the information presented within.]

But if I do pick Germany, I need a degree from an official high school to get in...

2 [Locked to Rabbits]

[Later the same day, Kei has gathered her team in their usual meeting spot - Asagi's room.]

So I was thinking. Now that the Wulgaru have been defeated and enough times without any sightings has passed that they're probably genuinely gone, we deserve some leave. We haven't really had any since we were ordered to the beach almost a year ago.


By popular decision of the Lords, Ankaia will wage war on Earth. Ishin will be first in line, no doubt using his extraordinary might for great effect.

[Sielje is a mess. She sits with her head lowered, not bothering to change from her fancy dress - now torn and dusty from the fight.]

And it is all my fault.

If only... I was strong enough to face and defeat him...

If... only... I was stronger...!

[Her eyes are full of tears and you can hear pretty undignified sniffing.]
[Suddenly a portal opens up, and from within...]
"I am an envoy! By my honor, we come in peace!"

[A small group of Ankaian knights in their Knight's Arms step out, waving flags and banners, their weapons sheathed.]

"The Ankaian moot, most important of our gatherings, will begin in less than a week. By the given rights, Lord Anya the Champion of Ankaia, and his wife Lady Kimhone, request presence of people of Earth, those who belong to the order of 'Unity Group'. Yours will be the role of important guests. Bring arms as you wish, however rest assured as no harm will befall you. I swear, it is no trap nor deception."

[All prompts frontdated several days - way after Calvin's mission.]
[It was no trap nor deception. Passing through the portal brings you to a strange land. A world of rolling plains and huge rocky pillars, save for the howling winds its impression is... empty and quiet. Plants are present but infrequently, mostly familiar looking but scarce trees and grasses, and the buildings its people erected in the past are grandiose, huge halls and tall spires - but now, many of them lie abandoned, fallen into ruin and the artifacts stored within long since fallen into disrepair. These are just shadows of former glory, as current people of Ankaia prefer humbler housing in small villages. And yet...]

I... am home.

[At this sight, Sielje seems happy like she rarely is.]

[The Ankaian capital, where the moot will be held - possibly the only real city yet remaining on the planet, parts of its spires still occupied and surrounded by a serene lake. In this place you have a chance to visit a certain location...]

A knight's dwelling )

[The moot itself will take several days - a gathering of Ankaia's finest knights and lords, in the capital's largest hall. Those gathered wear attire of differing levels of historical anachronism and practicality, and yet though they all seem to emanate strength and confidence, no one except for the common guards is armed. Also, Sielje doesn't seem to be around.

Some of the lords give you curious looks but say nothing, while others try to distance themselves or frown with outright disgust and hostility. You have a feeling you are not exactly welcome here. There is however a single exception.]

A knight's friends )

[Whether you try to search for Sielje during the moot or just explore the area, straying from the main meeting hall has you encounter...]

"Are you lost? You would best not wonder. What gave you impression this is a friendly land? It is not."

[A young man who can't be even twenty years old yet. His long cloak obscures most of his body, and he stares in your direction with a disinterested look.]

"Not for the likes of you, anyway."

[So, after all that, Albert is finally out for the count. Ashe fainted, though, from sheer exhaustion - after all, everyone else fought on a robot, But Ashe went though six separate boss battles on foot in straight succession, and spent all of Model A's and her own energy reserves.

And so, you can find her at the infirmary, where she's been for a while now, with a certain floating trapezoid standing guard right over her bed. She stirs]


[And starts awake with a jump. She seems confused for a moment, then smiles]

...whew. So we did get out before it exploded, didn't we. I was a bit worried for a minute there. And Albert is finally gone... wait. What are you doing up there, Model A?
What, can't I stand watch over my sick friend now?
Heeeeh. [Ashe grins]
That's the first time you've actually called me your friend, you know.
Ah! Really? Well, I can stop if you want. [Model A sounds embarrassed now]
Who said that? Don't worry about it, dummy.

[And that's when she notices you.]

Oh hey there! How are you doing?


[And so, a bit later, Ashe is out of the infirmary, standing on a roof, looking up and grinning. Well, that's one adventure over. All that's left is to get around to contacting the Sages - the two that remain, at least - and get paid, and then... well, who knows!

If you want to talk to Ashe, this is probably the best time - she seems to be in a wonderful mood.]

[Music for this post]
The Fleet of Batavia!

A Majestic, roving merchant fleet, currently sailing in the Mediterranean. Consisting of countless big and small ships, connected by walkways and fleets of ferries, it's a city that floats. They say you can buy or sell anything here, or so the rumours say. Countless people can be seen moving cargoes to and fro non stop, messengers running back and front to deliver physical packages that can't be emailed or delivered, some even uses gliders to move between ships. And don't think of trying to make any funny move here, because the fleet is protected by its famous private security force.

And you're here now because Westwood just contacted UG Group. The white-hat bounty hunter says that The Enclave, the world-famous think thank, might have managed to find a clue on the mysterious million-years old train and the glyphs that appear on Grace. Apparently, a certain antique-dealer currently lives here, and he might know something about those.

Of course, finding that person in this brouhaha might take a while. Apparently there's some sort of Antique Dealer Conference that's currently hosted in the fleet, and the needed Antique Dealer is involved in it. That's why the rest of you are here, to both help finding the person, and also to to keep an eye out on Grace.

1.*Grace is walking through one of the market ship while chewing some fried squid-on-a-stick*

Look at that! That guy is selling 1/300 Coyote Tango really cheap in bulk! What a bargain! They're not produced anymore you know? If I can sell them, I'd be stinkin' rich! And can you believe how much that guy'll pay for slightly-used 200 mm shells?

(This is a mingle post. Feel free to walk around the ship with Grace around the market. And if you think you have something more interesting to do in the fleet you can make your own post, I guess)

2.*But as good as your eyes on Grace, soon you find yourselves losing her in the crowds. It's been a few hours since you last got your eyes on her. Where could she go? But from the corner of your eyes you noticed something. Someone is turning on a corner. And that ugly-looking hat... it can't be anything else, it's Grace's hat. But the wearer is definitely not Grace.*

(This is also a mingle post)
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[Guess who's back in the hospital. Izuru got to know the bed very well, and Red Five is wrecked pretty badly... but this time it's different.

He's here because of injuries, not due to piloting his AHSMB. No symptoms related to the JURIA System synchronisation have appeared. It's as if the recent feats stabilized his DNA's relationship with Red Five.]

We've done it! Everyone, we've done it.

Humanity is safe now. Well, safer I mean. There's still more dangers to take care of, right? But the Wulgaru one is gone, thanks to everyone's hard work.

You guys... are all heroes!
[Shortly before the assault on the Wulgaru gate, Kei can be found looking out the window of the now evacuated Star Rose, looking at the full might of Earth's space fleets gathering outside. Belorussian and Chinese divisions side by side with those of the US and Western Europe.]

This is it, isn't it? If there is a battle and we lose, there isn't going to be anything left to protect the Earth.

But seeing the nations put aside their differences like this is something that the aliens haven't seen before either.
[After the last incident, Asagi is trying to take out his frustration in the gym. He's pushing a training bike to its limits now, though one might notice a punching bag with Loni's picture attached to it in the background.]

Damn that Loni... Because of his interference, Tsubasa almost died. And after all this, he still thinks he's a good guy? Ridiculous...

[Asagi stops and grabs his stomach. The ulcer is making itself known again.]

Gh... This isn't working... I'm just getting more pissed off...
[1, shortly after the mission]
With Lord Moswar's death, a moot will be organized. He has left no one to call an heir, so his titles and the Lord's Arm will be given to others - all knights of Ankaia can participate in the moot and decide on that and other important matters.

But his death is just an excuse for the moot to gather. The real reason for the gathering will be to make a unified decision regarding Earth. Lord Moswar's faction lost its head. There is yet possibility of peace.

In the meantime, I will remain here. Lord Moswar's actions were against Earth's good - and Ankaia's as well. I made a vow to guard the innocents against him and the likes of him. I will not break that vow, so until that time...

I hope you will allow me to fight by your side.

[There is one more thing that a lot of people will probably ask Sielje about. The title Moswar used to refer to her, that made her so angry...]

Lord Moswar had in his grasp - the secret of Power Within. There used to be a time when that was the case for every of Ankaia's warriors, but nowadays only a few chosen know its incantation. The ultimate technique of self-actualization, any knight may use it once and once alone.

The reason for that is it draws upon the life force of the one who uses it. An old or weak person's life may become quickly extinguished... and even if you survive, you are not the same. Your strength, potency, are but shadows of their former selves.

Such a survivor is known as a Burned Out.

So the weapons of Earth are not powered by their wielders' might? Of course, they are not made from hide and bone of beasts of Ankaia... but does it not allow for even a weakling to excel in combat, if his or her tools are good?

[Sielje asks this question while sitting atop of a Genoace - the mobile suit took only a few steps from where it stood before losing balance and collapsing. You can probably guess who was the pilot, since she was the one who left the cockpit...]

[After a long, rough month Kei can be found back in her favorite room of the base, the kitchen. As usual, what she's working on is sweets, at least going by the smell of chocholate and the presence of a bain marie on the stove. Unusually, there's no neon jelly or anything like the sickly sweet smell making you almost feel itchy being near it that her cooking usually produces. Even more unusually, she genuinely looks happy as she works.]

2 [Locked to Izuru]

[A short while later, she can be found outside Izuru's door, holding a plain, unadorned cake box that she apparently scrounged up for a bit. After a short moment to psyche herself up, she knocks.]


[...And just a bit later, a visibly downcast Kei can be seen walking away from Izuru's room. She's heading to the nearest kitchen to pull out one of her condensed milk drinks before beginning her walk back to her own room.]

1- Alhambra, an hour after Impact Again

[Some time after the mission, Kagura is coming out of the Graveyard installation, after a thorough checkup. She's walking fast, and her inexpressive armor doesn't give any clues as to what the results were.

But if you were in that last mission, there's a pretty good chance you'll want to ask Kagura what the hell just happened, and this is probably the best moment for that.]

2 - Dead of the night, Alhambra (Only for people with positive CR with Kagura)

 photo 7a9cba3f-1544-4f4d-ae62-294530abdc62_zps90fbef03.png
[At a high point on the desert hills outside Alhambra, after most reasonable people have gone to bed after a hard day, Kagura can be found, standing. And the suit is, surprisingly, opened. The little fairy normally inside it is sitting on it with a very focused, strange expression in her glowing eyes, looking at her own hand - where, sometimes, it seems the light reflects oddly, as if twinkles of light were ocassionally coming from inside it.

Kagura frowns, as if concentrating, and there's a spark and the smell of ozone all around for a moment. This only makes her frown harder.

She vaguely looks aside at you as you arrive, though. She clearly felt you come, but didn't seem to feel a need to get back into her suit yet]
1) [One Thread only please.]

[Calvin is standing before the Stone door with a very wary look. He probably shouldn't have brought along a particular stone with him... but it was better to have it on hand in case they found something inside. He feels his stomach churning in a horrific way that Asagi would be familiar with on bad days. With this he carefully looks back to the others accompanying him.]

On a scale of one to ten, how much of a bad feeling are you getting from whatever might be behind here?


[After everything that has happened Calvin has retired back to his quarters. As soon as the bag holding the Stone is put away... he crashes to the floor, curling up into the fetal position and shaking badly with a wide eyed expression. Clearly the day's excitement along with discovering the fact that Project Pedantic Blue not only existed... but there had been actual living physical proof of it on the same base as he was currently occupying freaked him the hell out.]

[Bother him?]

1. [The peddler who got trapped in the fight against Sapphire Eyes and her goons shows up. And she turns out to be an excited small-statured girl. One who's wearing a long coat, for some reason.]

Hello! My name is Grace Wallach, a totally legit and honest independent businessman. Or entrepreneur, if you prefer. Your commanders agreed to... protect me, so I'll work for Unity Group now. I never thought something like this would happen; I think that's my most prestigious business deal, yet! This will totally make good credentials for me. If you're interested to make some money, check my websites!

There are two things I'm asking. First, can I really use your weapons and equipments? Can I really touch those Grungust and Huckebeins?. Second, some friends of mine are looking for me. Please don't let them know I'm here...

...And also, do I have to pay for lodging here? So it's technically three things...

2. [The websites in question varies. Some are blogs offering dodgy bootleg merchandises. Some seems to be websites designed to fool search engines and/or manipulate internet advertisings. And a lot of the guestboxes are full of warnings from previous people Grace worked with, and they mostly have rude things to say. A lot of good five stars comments though! Strange that most of those five stars comments are one liners. And it's clearly mentioned in all of those sites that she never do any morally questionable business, only honest dealings and quality merchandises.

Feel free to comment on the website to other people or to Grace.]

3. [The beat-up Daughtress kneels down in the hangar. As the tarp cloak is set aside, various bits and bobs sticks out from the mech. It's obvious that it's been heavily customized. You don't think ordinary Daughtress has those pipes sticking out of its back! And some things sticks out even more like sore thumbs. Parts from the steam train that crashed into the mech earlier today. Somehow the daughtress absorbed them, and the parts are now unseparable from the mech. The honest entrepreneur is here too, pushing and pulling a lot of pulleys and carts. The pulley and carts are full of ammunitions, fuels, and strange things like cables, used machine oils, and many unlabelled crates. It's obvious that Grace is restocking and refueling her mech, but she looks strangely nervous and dodgy. After a while she presses a button, and the pulley starts to buzz as it loads ammunitions toward the Daughtress. But and after a few seconds, it starts to wobbles and spill out many mecha-sized bullet on the hangar's floor.

Only then Grace notices he has company.]


[She says as she jumped from surprise.]
[Sielje's on leave and she wished to explore a typical human city - Sakihama should suffice. Of course being a prisoner, someone has to escort her. What does she have to say about human civilization?]


What is this?

What was that?

[You know what draws more attention than a strange woman clad in straps of metal, leather and cloth? The same woman who stares wide eyed at everything, vehicles and crowds in particular. Perhaps it's a good thing her sword and helm are left back at the base.]

[A little later, Sielje managed to come in terms with the weird surroundings. Somewhat.]

Are all settlements on Earth so loud? I have never seen so many people in one place before... but they all appear unarmed and unprepared for a fight or any kind of danger.

And what is this?

[She gestures at a shop. The city has a lot of them.]

You build solid buildings just to serve as places of trade? Is it so commonplace for you?
[1 - mingle]
Suddenly, it's all over the media. Official proclamations, interviews, news - different forms but they all say the same thing.

A new player is in town. SSR - it stands for Stetigkeit, Sicherheit, Ruhe. Stability, Safety, Peace: a new special operations group not related to ESUN governments, but working closely with non-membership countries. Russia, southeast Asia, South America, these places are not affiliated with ESUN, but they too want protection.

With the declamations comes an accusation, an accusation directed at Unity Group itself. The SSR spokesman says they have proof of ESUN governments pressuring the UG, making it value the interests of people in charge over safety of the common man. SSR itself will stand immune to such corruption, and if Unity Group tries to intervene in an operation to push an agenda - they should be wary and stay out if they know what is good for them. By "them", the spokesman means us of course.

He also accuses Unity Group of lacking discipline and organisation. Being a loose group without strict chains of command and authority means it is not as effective as it should be. Inadequate to face many of threats to mankind, even if it had some successes of its own.

The identity of SSR members is not public. The only one who revealed himself is the spokesman, an individual unfamiliar to you, one Lee Linjun.


"I am sorry! Most terribly sorry. No amount of apologizing will suffice, but I must try to beg you of forgiveness!"

Lowen General is prostrating himself while apologizing loudly and profusely.

"It is true the information Unity Group received about SSR, and vice versa, both arrived through channels owned by us, Chimera. The latter however was delivered stealthily, without knowledge of our members. We did not even know SSR's true nature until you did. However it is no excuse! An administrator's duty is to know all information that flows through his network, even and especially if it tries to be unnoticed!"

"Please do not blame Edel Bernal or my organisation for what transpired. If you have to, please blame me for becoming complacent. Schlan is trying to find the source of false information even as we speak. The second he finds a clue, I will inform you right away! Moreover, we have analyzed both videos in greatest detail and it seems no kind of manipulation took place. Both broadcasts look completely genuine even if reality disagrees with them."

"I have no idea why. Once again, my apologies."
[Well, someone's back at the Unity Group bases... though her return's kinda dour on account of all the bullshit that just happened.  And the newly-returned DuskBird's already showing a godawful amount of damage on account of Loni's breakout.]

I wish my return would've been a happier, less bloody occasion.  Needless to say though, SolSavior is ready to fight again though... and I apologize for the... 'deception' that was spread regarding the DawnBird.  Initially creating it had been the plan, but partway through a better alternative had been found in using a regulator, and thus it became a project to develop the 'QuasArmor'.  I didn't know myself until the design was nearly complete, and ultimately it was decided to continue as if the DuskBird were to be replaced.  We were hoping Sara and the Indalph would think us vulnerable and attack, and that suspicion proved true.

But now though...

Anyone who wants to loose Loni and his friends on the world is a danger to everyone.  And considering what happened to Commander Antov... diplomacy won't get us anywhere with them.  Not anymore.

[After they get back to base following the mission to the Kijin world, Kei did some basic cleaning up afterwards before going to the hangar to take a seat next to the immobile Grungust while waiting for Izuru to get out. She did think to bring a book to pass the time, but she's barely looking at the pages or much of anything, really.]


[For most of the day Kei kept up appearing normal, if rather unproductive while waiting for Izuru to come out, but not anymore. She's in one of the less used kitchens working on what looks like a half-finished sandwich that she stopped making. For once there are no attempts to be cool, no awkward attempts at maintaining composure, just a vulnerable kid finally breaking down into tears while nobody is watching.]

[Getting Izuru out of Grungust Alpha's cockpit is no easy task. But after a few hours, it just opens, and the Rabbit stumbles out.]


[He looks absolutely miserable. Considering the circumstances - who wouldn't?]

What would a hero do?

[Some time later, Izuru somehow made it to his usual hanging spot (Asagi's room). He acts partially zombified, not quite aware of his surroundings. The dried out trail of tears is still visible on his face.]

Find a way to save everyone?


Sacrifice a friend to save a lot of people? And the friend is okay with it?

I'm sorry Seta. I can't be the hero you wanted me to be...
[Video time. A sudden one at that from the person who just dropped in on the second battle in Brussels in a week.]

...Okay! I've never been good at this explaining thing, so I'm going to start with an introduction. Ahem...

I'm Neptune, and I'm a goddess. Oh, but not related to that one old guy around these parts, except by name. It's nice to meet you!

I'm not from this world, and I've been working my butt off trying to get back home since I got randomly dropped here a few months ago.

Anyways, you guys are always on the news doing big things, and I ran into a few of you before. Seems like a cool place to hang. So until I can find a way back, I'm gonna be sticking around! Let's all get along!

[A pause as her stomach rumbles.]


I could really use some pudding right now, though. That was a tough fight.
[With the Earth remaining under siege and no end being in sight, the ESUN has asked Unity Group to provide some of its pilots to visit various workplaces to build morale and Commander Antov agreed. Different groups have been sent, but you've been paired with Kei as you get to pretend to work everywhere from a kindergarten to a hospital to more unusual places. Whatever you're doing, she's clearly uncomfortable and trying to avoid letting it show. What kind of place are you currently at?]


[In the car between two places late in the day, Kei is very quiet and just trying to focus her attention on some weird drink.]

Why did they think this was a good idea?

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There is not much time left before the Grand Vote. Soon, the course the whole Gebian race will take will be decided. The PEP is almost certain of this victory. But we want to make this probability a hundred percent.

ESUN is working on an exhibition, of art, science and culture, both high and low. Several members of the High Council will come to see this exhibition. Some of them have lent their support for the Pro-Earthling Party already, others are hesitating.

What I ask of you are ideas. If you can think of something that should be a part of the exhibition, let me know. It does not have to be high art, it does not have to be a glorious invention - if you think it showcases the civilization of Earth in any way, then it belongs.

You had to put up with a lot during the previous visits. But now, you have a chance to show why you think Earth is great, in your own way. If you want to pursue this chance, tell me your idea. Let us forge peace together.
Cut for length )
[With Izuru in the infirmary, Asagi was asked by the mechanics to help with some routine test on the still in-repair Red Five. He climbs into the cockpit, wondering what's the point of this since he's not the pilot and the Juria system won't react to him... But suddenly, various systems of the AHSMB light up!]

What the... How is this possible?

[locked to an NPC]
[Soon after that incident, Asagi was summoned to captain Suzukaze's office.]

Commander? I'm here. Is this about...

[locked to a certain derp]
[After the talk with the captain, Asagi absolutely had to talk to his team leader. So there he is, at the infirmary, with a determined expression.]


[the part other people can actually respond to]
[Asagi's hanging out in the Star Rose bar, as the rabbits tend to do on their free time. He's thinking about everything that happened recently - the fight against Klein, the successful rescue of Team Doberman, the incident with Red Five (which you might or might not have witnessed), the following revelations. Quite a lot of stuff. But he seems to be at peace.]

...I think my stomach is starting to get better.
[Sielje's cell is littered with books. Books that she was reading - because she made a promise to. And in the middle of it all, the knight standing stoically while pondering her available moves, another book in hand.]

Trapped in enemy territory, sworn not to cause trouble to my own captors as is required of a honorable prisoner... what may I do?

Earth is even more dangerous and tumultuous as a place than Ankaia. The planet has been ravaged by wars and invaders, even invaders out of this world.

I... I wish to see. It is too much to ask of a prisoner, but I wish to see how the ordinary people of Earth manage to exist. I find it impossible to believe that they can eke out a living with a constant threat of demise over their heads.

[She closes the book. It's written in ancient Greek. As a matter of fact, the books around the cell are written in all kinds of languages, presently used or classical.]




[The vending machine outside Sielje's cell roused her curiosity for a while now. As soon as she had a chance, she went out to pick up a few items it had available - probably certainly with assistance of others who needed to explain how it worked.

And now it's time to further inspect her rewards.]

Read more... )
[Well... those examinations are over with.  And a lot of things just sorta went over her head like this "Sakurai Theory" and the "Off-Walken Wavefom".  But the Gungnir fragments in her though... that was a little easier to understand.  And more importantly: what it was meant for and what she could do with it.  So...]

Thank you very much for helping me back there!  That's the second time even!

Genjurou-san and Ryouko-san helped explain things to me, about the Noise and that the Relics can help stop them, so I want to do my part!  I know I can't fight really well right now, but I'll still do my best and learn as fast as I can, so I can be Kanade's replacement!
(Open to everyone but Hibiki)

[After the explanations are done, those who manage to find Tsubasa will discover that she is...not in the best shape...

While she's normally calm, if cold and dismissive, she's now covering her face with her hand and looking like she's about to break down. The deal with Gungnir obviously has her very troubled.]

"...That gear belongs to Kanade. Even if the pieces were there, it shouldn't have activated by simply humming a tune...!"

[She slams her fist against the nearby wall as memories of her former partner begin to surface. Memories...that aren't doing her any good at all.]

[A transmission hijack has snapped onto the airwaves, static simply snowing over the images on televisions and streamed broadcasts at first before completely scrambling and being replaced with a cavernous and sinisterly lit room. A dark and sinister chuckle rumbles out into the air as the image comes into focus, revealing the figures that awaited within. Cassowaries. Cassowaries in sinister, twisted armor. Some controlling them with their taloned legs or feathered wings, others seemingly fused with the machines given the metal that is biting into their necks. These specimens' eyes seem alight with an unnatural cruelty, far beyond their feral relatives.]

I can hear you, children of humanity. I can hear your questions. 'What are birds doing interrupting my paltry and tasteless entertainment'. 'What kind of unrealistic trash are they foisting on us now?'.

[A sinister chuckle arises from the one in the largest armor, the one with a metal crown enveloped in a sickly film of red.]

I assure you, that I am very real. That my bretheren and our servants are very real. That we are coming to swoop down upon your hapless civilization to break open the protective shells you have built around yourselves in the form of your protectors and tear open and feast upon the tender, weak flesh that lays beneath with our beaks and talons.

The time of your rule is over humanity! Your wonders, your triumphs, your hopes shall be nothing but ashes in the dirt to be sifted through by the filth and vermin and worms. The colonies you built to live in the depths of space will be broken open as the airless void consumes those who lie within! Your monuments and memorials shall be reduced to rubble as nurseries for those that will consume your future! We who have transcended from the pathetic weakness of our cousins the Dinosaur Empire to embrace true power!


Bow before us, and perhaps....just perhaps we may deem you fit to crawl on the dirt before us. Resist and you shall bleed and die with your bodies broken before us.

[React/mingle post to the above.]


[The desk Roger is sitting on is full of clutter, as usual. Among that clutter, there are photos - pictures of enemy units taken during the latest battle, as well as photos of all kinds of birds, usually in the wild. Some of the photos are marked by someone who apparently was looking for similarities between them.
Roger grabs his head, shaking it slightly, then pours himself a shot of whiskey.]

If I wasn't there, I'd think it's a joke. But it isn't - we barely managed to stop them from causing a massacre. What other creatures have a secret society dedicated to fighting humanity? Will dogs be next? Lizards?

[Roger takes the shot and his frown deepens.]

...This whiskey is pretty bad.

[Truly, the 1% of mecha are affected by the supply shortages as well.]

[When she awakes, Mizuki finds herself no longer in the DuskBird and the battle is long since ended.  The second battle with SolEraser, and her desperate, last attempt at taking the machine down... it's still fresh in her mind.  But she's in the infirmary, bandaged and with whatever deep see-based medicines the Unity Group had on-hand in case they were needed.  She felt... weary.]

What happened out there?

[And it's then that the medical staff gets to break the news to her.  About just what happened to SolSavior and the power it had unleashed.]

-But if I'd done that much to SolSavior itself, then...

Oh God!


[And some time later, Mizuki is just, lying in a sobbing heap nearby Ken and Dido's beds.  It was the SolBalmung incident all over again... there was just a hard limit to how much Void energy a human being can be exposed to and Ken and Dido had skirted dangerously close to it.  She had done this.  She had brought forth all the power of the Abyss Empress to bring down on the Eraser team, but it was her own friends and comrades that'd paid the price for it.  SolSavior itself lay wrecked even more than before, and this too was her doing.  And even if her body was in better shape now, her mind...]

Stop it...

[It's barely above a whisper.]

Stop congratulating me... all of you!  I'm not Marianas!  I'm not here to cause suffering!  I didn't want... I never wanted any of this!
[After some time to really let the weirdness of Izuru's new behavior in, Kei finally got around to talk to others who'd met him in the hospital. It was a pretty major issue, after all.]

I'm not the only one who thinks Izuru has been acting really weird since he got back, right?

He's being all...Cool.

[Mostly just for Izuru.]

[Any misgivings about out of character coolness aside, Kei is here to visit you again, Izuru. And she's brought a homemade cake!]

Hi...I just thought you might want something to eat while you get better.