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[1 - Closed to Kei]

"We never actually really got out here all that often when I still lived in New York."

It's a bright and sunny day in New York City -- and unfortunately, the day is excruciatingly hot. The city's tall skyscrapers prevent any sort of breeze from penetrating the streets of the world's largest cities. Fortunately, Kaname is prepared. She wears a comfortable tank-top and a pair of white jean shorts. Her long, blue locks are pulled up into a high ponytail at the back of her head, lifting her heavy and hot hair off her shoulders and neck.

Walking alongside her is a girl with long, blonde hair. One of the many people who made Kaname's acquaintance after all the kidnapping craziness earlier this year.

"I mean, you'd think with us being so close to the city that we'd be here all the time, but the only time we ever went into the city proper was when someone was visiting."

Kaname lets out a long sigh, her shoulders sinking with the effort. "It's just too much sometimes, you know?"

Kaname glances over at Kei -- the blonde accompanying her to the city, specifically for a Broadway show the two of them wanted very much to see. "What about you?" she asks. "Do you get out here all that much?"

There were some benefits to being military, after all -- and those transporters were definitely one of them.

[2 - Open to All]

Kaname and Kei are sitting on a park bench in Central Park. Kaname is animatedly discussing the broadway show the two girls saw the day before -- in between munching on a hot dog acquired from one of the city's many hot dog stands.

Dare you approach?

Suddenly, an announcement from a strange person.

"Hello everyone! I'm the 2nd Division's chief researcher, Sakurai Ryouko, nice to meet you~."

"You've been taking good care of Kanade and Tsubasa-chan, right? The section will need them back so I'll borrow them for a while if you don't mind. Don't worry, it's nothing important."

"Just a report on Symphogear relic effectiveness that we're giving in front of some bigwigs and if they're not impressed the whole thing will get canned."

[2, mostly meant for Kaname]

That's not it for invitations. A certain Kaname Chidori receives a message asking her to come visit a nearby military base, where the sender is present at the moment so that the two can talk - and they will have a lot in common to talk about.

The message is signed, Mithril Captain Teletha Testarossa.
[Psychologists on location? Good! Izuru visited a counselor a day or two ago, just once, to see how it's like. What results did the visit bring?]

[It's early morning and someone is knocking to your door. It's the Team Rabbits leader, ready to barge into the room - if you let him.]

Hey! I know it's sudden, but would you like to participate in a team-building exercise?

It will be fun, I promise!
[1 - Locked to Kaname.]

[So, the last few weeks have proved... interesting, for the Unity Group's would be ninja. He got his new unit, and since then twice helped to thwart the bad guys... but at the same time, there's been failure, near-casualties, and even more mystery as enemies pop out of the woodwork. A whole lot of stuff that could lead to a whole lot of stress...

Thankfully, he had arranged for a potential release, with the help of one Kaname Chidori.


Hit me.

[Specifically, black jack. Poker was on the proverbial table for later - for now, they were just experimenting. Right now, as he looked at his cards, he was making a terrible bet...
Trying to go for 21, when he was already on 18.]


[And of course, as the game goes on, perhaps you pass by Ken's room on the base - and find yourself curious as to what's going on inside?]
[The moment Leos was dragged back to base it was clear things were going to be pretty bad. Why? Because his handler was chewing him out royally right there in the hangar.]


Pale Rider is being put into repairs again Leos, and not only that your actions are having PROGTECH question your competence. They are planning to drop your sponsorship altogether because of your childish, undisciplined and impulsive behavior-

He was there Lana! Hustler One... Nineball... He was there! I had to-

[This was punctuated by a tremendously hard slap that sent Leos to the ground with a cry. That definitely left a mark, and that whimper he let out was more along the lines of a kicked puppy than the wild, anger driven animal that had been out in the field. Lana didn't even raise her voice as she proceeded to tear into him like a frigid wind with a side order of ice cold rain.]

Cause irreparable damage to several of Pale Rider's systems for the sake of revenge. Revenge I may add that you aren't even prepared to take because of how under-trained, inexperienced and ill equipped you are. Not to mention your immaturity and utter lack of ability to maintain focus on a designated objective.

You. are. pathetic. I'm locking down the Pale Rider after its repairs are complete and speaking to PROGTECH about suspending your access to the Arena for the time being. Until you can actually learn to grow up as well as use a machine without completely destroying it, don't you dare so much as even get five feet of that Armored Core.

[Lana does a precise turn without even looking back at Leos, who looked up at her with a piteous expression on his face.]

Lana... Lana wait...'m sorry... please don't go... don't be mad... please..?

[No dice, she just walks out the closest exit, leaving Leos to slump to the ground.]

[Do you go after Lana? Or Stick with Leos?]

[Returning to the Star Rose after the battle at the Saotome Labs, Kei was even more quiet than usual.

A few hours later, she can be found occupying a kitchen in the UG base at the side, mixing something in a bowl, with a cutting board covered in chopped chocolate standing next to it. Despite the apparent domestic happiness of the scene, she has a largely blank expression on her face and her movements are unfocused as if her mind is clearly on something else.

Approach her?]
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Kaname Chidori, age 16, has been living on her own ever since her father and younger sister moved back to New York sixteen months ago. Part of her figured she'd live alone in her apartment until she got married or something. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine that she'd be forced to live on a military base.

Say goodbye to sleepovers with Kyoko. This whole moving business was something that she didn't even want to begin to explain to her best friend. She didn't bother to even try and explain it to her father. Instead, she just told him that there were problems with packages being stolen at her apartment complex and provided him with a PO Box to send letters to instead.

It was probably better if he and her young sister, Ayame didn't know what was going on, anyway. If they knew she was in sort of danger, they'd only worry. Her dad would probably move back to the US, and moving to this base was bad enough. She was still trying to come to terms with all of this, herself.

Goodbye, perfectly normal high school life.

Kaname shifts the box in her hands. Most of her things she had shipped off; they should already be in her room. But this box is filled with things that are special to her. Old family photographs -- especially ones of her mom. A few photo albums. Her childhood blanket. The Bonta-kun plush toy she's had ever since she was a baby. The box isn't exactly heavy, perse, but it's certainly large and unwieldy. That's part of the reason why she's having such a rough time carrying it.

Still, she's been walking around this base for ten minutes now, and she's still completely lost. And unfortunately for Kaname, her usual shadow, Sousuke Sagara, wasn't around. Thankfully, though, there's a figure up ahead.

"Hey!" Kaname calls out, as she quickens her pace. "Do you know where the dorms are?"
[Meanwhile, at the same moment as the announcement from Unity, a male student stands at attention in front of his teacher. The teacher’s eye twitches as she stares at his even, unpanicked expression. Did this kid even feel sorry about what he had done?!]

“…and then you somehow set off an explosion in the gymnasium.”

“Actually it was nothing more than a diversion. The structural integrity of the school’s athletic center was in no danger due to my actions.”

[The teacher stares in shock.] “What is it with you kids and your war games?!”

“I assure you ma’am. There are no games here.”

[Sousuke sits in bush, watching the girl’s softball practice with an intense stare on his face. He seems to be wearing camo paint over sections of his face.]

“This is Uruz 7. Subject is in sight. I’m keeping surveillance.” [Sousuke speaks quietly into his ear piece.]

“Roger, Uruz 7. You hear the broadcast? Unity is finally operating.”

“Is that so?” [Sousuke whispers into his headset, still intensely watching the softball team from the “safety” of the bushes.]