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Hey guys. Let's go out on a trip! Actually it's more like a visit.

But anyway! It's going to be fun. It's this time of the year, right?

[What hare-brained idea is Izuru up to now?

Anyone who dares follow in his footsteps will find themselves at a certain serene facility. Its pristine white walls and green park areas exist to evoke an aura of calmness, but burly orderlies and electrified checkpoints are never far away, and though it tries not to draw attention - security is very high.

There's one person Izuru wants to talk to here.]

Hey Leos. How are you doing?
[The party is back from the Kagura-led expedition into the final PRAYER stronghold and the battle with GARLAND - damaged, but without any casualties. And with a little extra nobody expected. Four pods containing dead children, that waited at the deepest end of GARLAND... and a cat. A large white cat, sitting like a guardian over one of the coffins. A large white cat that GARLAND wanted to give someone because it was a "lost item". Yes, that sortie got strange towards the end.

To nobody's surprise, the cat seems to take the primary attention of the mechanics, with cries of "it's so cute" and "who's a big kitty" and "such pretty amber eyes" (which are met with an orange basilisk gaze by a cat that lets herself be petted but looks rather wary)... until the coffins are opened and people fall silent. Dead children have a rather sobering effect.

So Kagura comes out of the Apostle and whips the crews into action, getting them out of those coffins and getting preparations for a proper burial started right now. While she doesn't have actual command anymore, someone with a clear shouting voice and certainty of what needs to be done can get a lot done before anyone remembers that fact. If anyone wants to get some answers out of her, as it were, this seems the best moment. Approach?]

[A little later, after all tasks have been delegated, if you pass through a certain corridor, you'll probably be able to see the blue-green glow of Kagura coming out from an office. And inside, Kagura can be found looking out a window into the rain, with a few reference materials scattered about and a computer turned on. She feels, somehow, more at rest than usual. Like someone who has finished something big - but there's also a hint of indecision there that is not common to find in the Mistletoe. Kagura generally has known what to do, if not always, as recent troubles attest, how she could actually do it. But now she has no idea.

Suddenly she speaks, not turning around.]

Well? Don't just stand there. If you're going to come in, do.


[And in the meantime, the white cat, newly nicknamed Amber by the mechanic crews, is stalkingaround the base. So at some point you thought you were alone (be it in your room, office, mess hall, what have you) you will feel a penetrating stare on you - and you'll find Amber sitting upright in a less-lit corner of the room, tail waving very slowly. Sitting there, practically glowing amber eyes in the dark, Amber looks like the princess of all cats. Certainly makes one wonder whether the Egyptians had a point when they considered cats to be linked with the spirit realm.]

What is this place?

[And then she speaks. Because of course she does. Archie and Skald will probably be happy. And she's asking something of you.]
1 - [Near the containment block, open to anyone]

[So the creature that is probably Kagura has been feeling a lot better with the passage of time. It went from having trouble speaking to visibly burning with strength and floating around its cell. That said, it seems to spend most of its time either sitting in open space thinking, or manipulating the strange currents of energy and matter it can create, apparently for practice.

But seeing how it's been fairly peaceful, and how it seems that it's not radioactive unless it specifically wants to to be, the creature has been allowed out of its containment cell for a bit.]

Conditional already. I didn't expect to be getting points for good behaviour as a hazardous material.

[The multilayered, echoing female voices sound a lot healthier than Kagura ever did as it floats across the corridor. The vaguely sardonic, thoughtful tone, on the other hand, is rather more Kagura. Want to run into her in her first day out of the clink?]

2 - [Dusty area outside Alhambra, please only people with at least a little positive CR]

[Kagura is some distance away, floating in midair, very still. It's a bit hard to discern features in a face made out of fire and light, but the dull glow betrays a contemplative mood. She seems to be trying to remember something, and the voices mutter to itself - it's a rather unnerving effect, really, since it's hard to place where any of them is coming from]

"Great tree. Please protect us. And lead us in the future that we have not seen yet.
The world does not move. It moves only inside you..."

Is that the "HellSinker"? What did you want me to see?

[And that's when she notices you coming, and the head turns. She makes a quick greeting gesture with one hand, and the dim glow regains some strength as her inwards concentration diminishes, and floats down to meet you.]

3 - [For the NPC commanders]

[Well, it was inevitable. Finally a GRAVEYARD representative is here, with the intention of picking up the Apostle armor and its occupant. It appears to be a man in an officer jacket and five Executors with their Mistletoes as guard detail. He's asking (decently politely) to be allowed to meet with the suspected PRAYER as well as with the commanders of Unity, because GRAVEYARD would like to recover Kagura and make sure she's safe - and learn whatever she's learned.

So now he's at the door, waiting to be received.]
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[A lot of things happened in the second foray into the dome under the Atlantic. But perhaps most interesting is that General Hetepheres brought something with her. Soon as the report was done, the whole place was a hubbub of activity, and maximum security measures were placed.

Because what was brought back appears to be an incapacitated PRAYER. One that looks something like this, and which the people in the mission swear is Kagura.

The thing makes no movement as it's placed under guard, behind steel walls and reinforced observation glass guard posts. It seems deactivated, and is only about half the size of a Genoace - positively tiny for a PRAYER. But nobody is taking any chances here.

However, it's severely resisting attempts at opening it for now. Whatever this thing is made of, it's going to take some serious explosives to get through it. And if the strike team are correct, Kagura is in there, somewhere, which kinda limits the more drastic options...]

[(This first prompt is for people to mingle and react to the mission, debrief, and fact that oh God we have a damn PRAYER in storage the guys at ESUN are going to flip their lid and who knows what GRAVEYARD is even going to say. And maybe suggest ideas to get through the Apostle.)]

[2 - A day later]

[The Apostle has been inert for a day already. Poking and prodding has led to nothing. And now it's late, and the guards are basically looking at it because it beats staring at the wall.

And so, there's some serious scrambling in surprise when the frame suddenly lights up. There's a sound like something being pulled, and the thing stands upright. All the guards and fire support get ready, aiming at the mysterious unidentified object as lines appear where there were none, and the center coffin starts opening.

And from it falls... what looks like a Spirit Kernel. A female, featureless, blue energy humanoid, that falls forward and lands on one knee, looking exhausted. Heatless flame seems to crackle around her, much like the core of Scarlet Queen so long ago. She turns shining eyes on the closes guard aiming at her, holding her own head as if having a terrible headache.]

Stop that before you hurt yourself, Williams. You're more of a danger to yourself than me with a shotgun. [The voice is strange, with a low reverb - but behind that, it sounds about what someone might sound like after running a marathon with a broken leg] Someone get me some warmth. I'm exhausted.

[Soon after, some heating is arranged. The humanoid figure lays down, immobile and resting. If anyone wants to try talking to it, before anyone else, now's a perfect chance.]
(This is a post for people to react and mingle with each other)

[About a day after the mission under the Atlantic, suddenly multiple people in Unity group get a message with Kagura's GRAVEYARD identifier. Which is creepy, seeing how it's been a day since Kagura commited suicide. And indeed, the title of the message is "Last Will and message".

It's an automated message, written some time ago. If you click it open, this is what you'll find.

Kagura's last will here. Warning, long. )

[This is then signed and notarized with all the proper forms after this long, rather informal declaration, with a last edition date of about a week ago.

Kagura kept her affairs in order - a will doesn't have a lot of mystique for someone who has lived years with the knowledge she could simply keel over tomorrow and so made a point to update her death measures often. She just made preparations assuming she could die at any time, and even joked about it in her usual sarcastic black humor fashion.]
(Happens half an hour before Sunday's mission)

[Finally. With the help of the scientific personnel so helpfully provided by the Kaidanovsky's, Kagura's search has borne fruit. Normal instruments were proving frustratingly useless at tracking her quarry, until just two days ago someone had the genius idea. Kagura can detect PRAYER karma fields at short distances - she's a Mistletoe. So perhaps they could jury rig something to enhance that perception, a sort of giant ear. And the result is a crystal matrix that Kagura equips on her armor, before standing outside and... "listening". It's working. She can feel it now. Northeast. It's like following a lighthouse.

Time to get to work.

And so, Kagura gets redy, checks all her weaponry, and sends out a message on the Unity pilots' closed channel]





[Any prospective volunteers will indeed find her in the hangar, performing the routine checkups of all of her armor's systems.]
[At the wee hours of the night, most people are sleeping. But most people doesn't include Kagura, who has been rather suspiciously busy carrying around instrumentation and personnel around for weeks now. And now, in an office, she's checking some results, the massive robot armor looking as incongruous as usual when it comes to handling normal-sized sheets of paper.

The battle suit masks her face, as always... but as she reads she practically irradiates a perceptible aura of frustrated irritation. And impatience. Kagura needs this done yesterday, and it's not advancing fast enough.]



[(Only people with existing CR with Kagura in this prompt, please)

A bit later, Kagura is outside. Well outside Alhambra base and, more unusually, outside her suit. The small form of the Mistletoe, however, is impossible to miss in the night - while every mistletoe always has had a slight glow in their eyes, owing to their nature as SOL and LUNA energy reactors, Kagura's irises right now are green lights strong enough to see at two hundred paces - an adorable flashlight strong enough to read to. And the occassional crackle of electricity whips the air in the surrounding area even as she floats there doing nothing but look towards the east. Some pebbles even intermitently vibrate and float under her.

 photo 5_zpsc3966593.png
Her posture is also somewhat different. She used to stand against herself, standing in defiance of a body that didn't want to. But right now she looks stronger. More upright. You could even say a little healthier. At least as long as you don't look at her face. Because that face is equal parts enraged... and worried. Perhaps even a little scared. And definitely lost in thought.]

[The next day, a long distance away, Kagura looks at an empty, ruined building. She checked the forms and had words with the on-site foreman - the thing is scheduled to be demolished tomorrow. And she's allowed and in fact welcomed to assist with civilian issues if it does not directly contradict any of her current standing orders. It will do.

The battle suit makes a turn around the building for a minute, scans making certain no life forms are picked up inside. Then she floats above it, stops, opens a hand...


...and a huge beam of SOL energy, easily as powerful as anything Kagura has ever used, falls from her and pierces the building to the basement before exploding in a spectacular silver and orange explosion, which is followed by a rain of silver LUNA beams Macrossing out of her back to intercept and annihilate all the debris that comes out flying. All that remains by the end is a somewhat melted crater and rubble. And not even particularly large rubble. That was... pretty excessive, really. At least the cleanup people aren't going to need much more than shovels to clean up what's left.

After that, she begins floating back. But while she made sure to do this a good distance away from the usual UG haunts, the fact that someone blew up a building in a pillar of fire and plasma is kinda hard to diguise if anyone happened to be anywhere near this town.]
[Post "Challenge Honorably"]


So now Earth is at war with a nation of honor-bound hide-mecha warriors. All thanks to the ridiculously provocative actions of the Fumerco's Corporation's private security forces.

It doesn't take a political science degree to realize there's something going on

Which is why one day, while you're walking down the hallway of Saikama Base, Sasha and Alexis accost you and drag you to a corner of the room.

"We're going to investigate Fumerco," Sasha says softly. "We need a third person to watch our back."

Alexis grunts. "What my wife means to asks is...can you come with?"


The Kaidonvoskies, clad in formal uniform, knock on the office door of the UG Command Staff

"Can we come in to talk?" Alexis asks.
[Late afternoon, Alhambra. After the downfall of the Avian Empire, the atmosphere is fairly relaxed, with the stopping of a genocidal alien invasion being a reason for pride for the whole of Unity Group. So the place is clearly not very tense...]


[...aaaand suddenly there's a beam sound and an explosion, and a molten hole through multiple walls in a mostly empty area of the base. By the time security arrives, they find Kagura, who extends some stiff apologies - apparently one of her suit's in-built weapons has malfunctioned and shot itself when she was performing a checkup. Which is odd, Kagura being Kagura, but people generally know better than to try to get something out of Kagura that she doesn't want to share. She's been moving less around base lately, at least visibly, which probably means she's either doing something secret or she's got something on her mind or she's extra annoyed at something.

And now it's several hours later, and you run into Kagura's suit standing in that complete immobility that betrays the fairy inside is not bothering to control it right now. Kagura is thinking, and whatever she's thinking about is clearly important.]

[OOC note: Other authority figures, leaders, and generally dutiful characters that Kagura could reasonably bounce ideas off are especially welcome, here]
1- Alhambra, an hour after Impact Again

[Some time after the mission, Kagura is coming out of the Graveyard installation, after a thorough checkup. She's walking fast, and her inexpressive armor doesn't give any clues as to what the results were.

But if you were in that last mission, there's a pretty good chance you'll want to ask Kagura what the hell just happened, and this is probably the best moment for that.]

2 - Dead of the night, Alhambra (Only for people with positive CR with Kagura)

 photo 7a9cba3f-1544-4f4d-ae62-294530abdc62_zps90fbef03.png
[At a high point on the desert hills outside Alhambra, after most reasonable people have gone to bed after a hard day, Kagura can be found, standing. And the suit is, surprisingly, opened. The little fairy normally inside it is sitting on it with a very focused, strange expression in her glowing eyes, looking at her own hand - where, sometimes, it seems the light reflects oddly, as if twinkles of light were ocassionally coming from inside it.

Kagura frowns, as if concentrating, and there's a spark and the smell of ozone all around for a moment. This only makes her frown harder.

She vaguely looks aside at you as you arrive, though. She clearly felt you come, but didn't seem to feel a need to get back into her suit yet]
1 - Midday, Alhambra, training field.

[Out in the field, the sound of rapidfired shots is heard. A certain battle suit is utterly demolishing the training programs, swirling around with controlled movements and putting exactly one bullet into each training dummy. When the beep that signals the end of session sounds, it lands in the center, and the gun on its arm lets go of heat with a satisfying ca-click sound.

After months of being reduced to a cripple, Kagura is back. And while it's true she needs to give this replacement armor some exhaustive testing... from the showyness of that last round it's pretty clear she's most definitely enjoying this fact.

If you want to talk to her or congratulate her for being back in action, this is probably the best moment!]

2 - Deep night/small hours of the morning, outside Alhambra

[If you happen to be outside very late at night, however, you might notice the same battle suit outside, immobile under the moon, looking to have been there for a while. A rock is inside its hand.]

THAT'S 2-2.


[And with that the robotic hand moves forward and squeezes, crushing the rock into gravel. That gesture definitely seemed a challenge, but there's nobody (and, honestly, nothing, because Alhambra is the in the middle of nowhere) around TO challenge. She doesn't seem to have noticed you yet, though...]
1- (For NPCs)

[At some point during the day, Commander Antov's console is going to get a comm call with a message soliciting a few minutes of his time. The interesting thing is that the message has a Graveyard identifier, but Kagura, being unable to speak at the moment, would certainly not make a call, since the most she could do in such a thing is glower at the person on the other monitor.

Who could it be?]

2 - (For people)

 photo d0d6fb32-3af7-4901-a25e-78d3e0ec3a06_zpsca79a742.png

[And in the meantime, Kagura is entirely unaware of the conspiracies going on. Mostly because, after having discovered that the Major was in fact not a terrifying killer robot but one of them, a couple of the Mistletoes belonging to her squad seem to have taken it upon themselves to cheer her up.

This is working about as well as you'd expect.

When you run into them, the weak fairy is being pulled by the two healthier, bigger fairies, who are chattering excitedly about how fun riding the washing machines is and how she should totally try it. If looks could kill, the look on the smaller fairy's face as she fruitlessly struggles to get free, unable to voce her disagreement, could be counted as a serial murder weapon.

Assist, look on and enjoy the shenanigans, laugh?]
1 - Alhambra, out-of-the-way room

[During the attack on Alhambra, Kagura's concern was, primarily, with the Graveyard personnel. Mute as she is, she managed to get people to pack up and safeguard everything important and evacuate in time for the damages to the base and their labs to have minimal effect on Graveyard material.

The problem is that among the damaged areas was Kagura's room. Which means she no longer has a locked place to hole in.

So at one point, if you're wandering around the most remote areas of the base, you might hear a male voice shouting. Closer inspection reveals Kagura in front of a screen, being absolutely ripped a new one by one of her superiors. The words "against intent of orders" "risk" "insubordination" "liability" "we can have you scrapped" "never fly again" and so on are used a great many times, while the fairy simply stands there and takes it. Not like she can defend herself, she can't even talk. So she's standing at attention with a fixed frown - so fixed, in fact, it's kind of disquieting. In the end, the commander signs off, and Kagura relaxes, floating down to a table with a thoughtful expression.

She makes some tiny scratches on a piece of paper with a mechanical pencil's small lead bar. It looks like some kind of diagram - it's very, very little, since Kagura has small handwriting even for her size, but there seem to be initials, relation arrows, and X marks on some. And she's so absorbed that she hasn't even noticed you.]

2 - Gym, late at night

[Late at night, if you go near the gym, you might notice a light turned on. Going in makes it clear nobody is using it, though...

...until you decide to look on one of the tables. Kagura is on it there, using bottlecaps as weights, surrounded by open handbooks on muscular rehabilitation. The effort has opened a few of her old wounds, but the fairy is too focused on keeping going despite the pain to care about the little drops of blood dripping on the paper.

She does notice someone coming in, though, which makes her drop the weights with a startle and turn around to look at you accusingly. Is there no bloody privacy in this place, seriously.]
[So, Kagura was revealed to be a little Mistletoe after her last operation a couple weeks ago. She left her operation bed after a couple days. Since then, she's been absolutely nowhere to be seen, the door to her room always closed and nothing answering any attempts at knocking on it (and attempts at vent-crawling finding themselves thwarted by automated laser fire defenses - Kagura is kind of paranoid).

Today, though, for some reason you're wandering about at somewhere around 3AM, the time when absolutely nobody in this area of Alhambra should be even awake - and you can hear a metallic clatter that probably shouldn't be there. And investigating it has you find...

...the tiny form of a Mistletoe grunting and struggling to lift a pen about as big as she is from the ground with trembling little arms, clearly taking her a lot of effort. On the plus side, she seems so busy and exerting with her current task that she didn't notice you there.

[After the team returns in haste from the Cardinal Shaft, Kagura's severely damaged armor is brought hurriedly into the Graveyard installation. Kagura is a valuable asset, and panicked pilots demanding a valuable asset is repaired don't get asked as many questions - plus everyone is shook at the report of the mission that they are finally now getting, since Kagura set it up so a message would go off if she went down.

Therefore, half an hour later, the normally grim and quiet Graveyard installation is a boilerplate of activity, with everyone rushing every which way. Graveyard technicians and medics rush around while the Executors are looking somewhere between dazed and in disbelief. The thing that resurrected the PRAYERs is gone. All that is left is cleanup. It can be over. And the Major is down, so nobody is entirely sure who takes over now until Graveyard sends another officer. Her second-in-command is sort of organizing everyone now, but he seems more shocked than anything. He never liked Kagura, but well, it's Kagura - he expected to be dead before he saw her down.

In this chaos, it could be doable for concerned someones to get in and see how Kagura is doing if they're willing to be bold about it. And what such a person would find is... Kagura's huge body left listlessly against a corner, nobody paying it any mind at all. It's opened up while the hole in the gut remains, still vaguely glowing like heated metal - and instead of looking at it, technicians and medics beaver around a center table that looks very much like an operating table staffed with strange, esoteric crystal-y tools. And in a moment when a few of them move away to get some weird flask, what is on the table can be seen.

A tiny, clothesless, fairylike female figure with a semispherical lower half, and an upper half littered with scars that don't look new.

A Mistletoe.

It seems most definitely hurt, its lower half is chinked, but the technicians around it are wiping off their brows. It looks like she's out of danger for now, and resting. Kagura's armor is still laying on the corner, lifeless.

What the hell is going on?]

[When she awakes, Mizuki finds herself no longer in the DuskBird and the battle is long since ended.  The second battle with SolEraser, and her desperate, last attempt at taking the machine down... it's still fresh in her mind.  But she's in the infirmary, bandaged and with whatever deep see-based medicines the Unity Group had on-hand in case they were needed.  She felt... weary.]

What happened out there?

[And it's then that the medical staff gets to break the news to her.  About just what happened to SolSavior and the power it had unleashed.]

-But if I'd done that much to SolSavior itself, then...

Oh God!


[And some time later, Mizuki is just, lying in a sobbing heap nearby Ken and Dido's beds.  It was the SolBalmung incident all over again... there was just a hard limit to how much Void energy a human being can be exposed to and Ken and Dido had skirted dangerously close to it.  She had done this.  She had brought forth all the power of the Abyss Empress to bring down on the Eraser team, but it was her own friends and comrades that'd paid the price for it.  SolSavior itself lay wrecked even more than before, and this too was her doing.  And even if her body was in better shape now, her mind...]

Stop it...

[It's barely above a whisper.]

Stop congratulating me... all of you!  I'm not Marianas!  I'm not here to cause suffering!  I didn't want... I never wanted any of this!
[Post Workshop in Flames]


Those of you who like to walk the halls of Saikhama Base might hear the faint sound of 20th century (old calendar) power ballads in the distance.

Follow this enticing music, and you come across Dido Sybil, putting in her daily training regimen with the Gebians.

A flurry of baseballs get hurled at her from all directions, thrown by the arms and mandibles of beetle people. Competently, if not gracefully, she sidesteps out of their way and slaps the ones she misses out of the air, jaws set and eyes focused.

Talk to her? Or, since she's distracted, prank her?


[Locked to Dido's Scary Super-Soldier Training Instructors]

You get a message on your comm channels from Dido.

"Could I start training in Zero-G maneuvering?" She asks.


[Locked to Ken and Mizuki]

Dido meets you guys in the cafeteria. "Say...could we talk a moment?" She asks.
1- Private room [Closed]

A cut for what is essentially a cutscene )

2- In a more public area [Open to tags]

[In one of the command rooms, Kagura is observing several large monitors with satellite imaging of what looks like a remote mountainous area in Asia. Where, has to be said, there seems to be fuck all except rocks and snow, in that order, but Kagura is still staring at it as if it contained the secrets of the universe.]


[She keeps shifting through the satellite images as if zapping through them constantly might give her some new insight. Inasmuch as anything can be deduced from Kagura's inexpressive frame, her immobility probably betrays her being lost in thought. She's in fact rather unusually distracted.

And in Alhambra that means someone is almost certainly going to come pester her while she works, doesn't it?]
1) [Right after 'The Runaway']
[Well a new machine is now sitting in the Hangars of Star Rose. Though a familiar face was soon leaving it. A very angry face at that. Peola was stomping down the gantry, tearing her helmet off and hurling it into a wall with brutal force. She was ranting and screaming angrily in a mixture of english and a language known to no human being on Earth at her current situation. Why? Well her secret was out. She was a Runaway Alien Princess with a horde of potential suitors. And now all of them were coming to Earth for her. What's more her sister somehow managed to sneak into Star Rose and was probably responsible for her Gespenst's breakdown - which was the whole reason she had to switch Regalis Filia back on in the first place.]

-Untranslatable enraged screaming- SWEAR TO GOD I'LL TEAR OFF HER ARMS AND -more untranslatable enraged screams- SMASH THEIR STUPID FACES IN -Do you actually want to know what she's saying? Its not pretty- HATE THEIR STUPID IDEAS AND HIS STUPID PLANS AND HIS STUPID NEED FOR ME TO GET MARRIED -Yeaaah best we don't know- RAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

[Aaaand Wallpunch. Do you risk turning the wrath of a furious princess at you?]

[Peola has.... relatively calmed down and is sitting in a lounge, curled up on a chair with a look that is mixed between annoyance, bitterness and resignation. She barely pays attention to the sight of a trio of people on TV trying to beat the everloving crap out of each other in front of a cheering audience.]

I know you're there...

[She sighs grumpily, she already had a long and uncomfortable talk with the commanders about a lot of things... what was one more person asking her MORE questions.]

What do you want?

[Following a recent paycheck and as a way of passing time, Kei had acquired a fairly large collection of board games, but such things obviously needs other players. As such a game night is held for the pilots and support staff of Unity Group. The venue? The only place on any of the bases suitable for a large gathering possibly sticking around until late in the night - Asagi's room. Several board games are scattered across the room, taking up both table, bed and floor space, though one table is reserved for snacks. It holds a variety of different ones, centering on a large number of Kei's strange, technicolor cakes, but also featuring more ordinary ones for those without hummingbird metabolisms or who just have a sense of taste.

So what are people playing and how many friendships are ruined by brutal backstabs or lame jokes about what to give in exchange for sheep?]
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[In order to get better as a pilot and not wreck a mobile suit each time they're piloting, Ren is doing some good old fashioned physical exercise.]

And one, and two...

[Running laps around Alhambra Base - with a lack of haste that'd cause any drill sergeant worth their salt to pop a vein or a dozen. But what's this - 15, 20, 30 laps around the base done, and Ren isn't even sweaty yet.

Comment? Or maybe join in, if you dare?]

[Some time after the exercise, but directed at whomever seems willing to listen.]

Do you believe in the afterlife?
1. *You see a woman in a lab coat walking through the hallways holding some papers. A bunch of people in similar lab coat is following her.*

"But Doctor Eliene. Are you sure? You're also the one who decided to release Lieutnant Schmertz from quarantine when he first got those eyes on his arm. Look at what happened."

"What happened? We got more lead in our research against the black dome.

I am sure. Consider what we know about that thing.

One. It is completely harmless. We've done all kind of test to it. From all physical purposes, it is just an ordinary human being.

Two. It seems to understand our language, but it has a very limited amount of vocabulary.

Three. It learns in a magnificent rate. In these few weeks we got it in our hands, we managed to teach it how to read.

Four. It seems to possess information about the black domes.

That's why I stand by my decision. And it's been approved by both Commander Howe and Commander Antov. That creature is going to be released and will be allowed to wander freely in the bases. Obviously, it's going to be followed by a security team and a research team at all times. Just make sure that they're going to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Besides. What's the worst that could happen?


*And so with a short announcement, the mysterious being is allowed to wander freely in the bases. It wanders around aimlessly, in Its makeshift cloak and face covering, basically just visiting anything that caught its curiousity.

For example, Currently it's in the cafetaria. It seems to be completely overwhelmed by the smells and sensation there. It cowers in the corner with eyes watering, holding its hands in the front of its mouth and nose.*

3.*At other time, you find it in the hangar. It seems to be watching the workers there curiously.  It's especially interested on those who are tinkering or making something.*

4. *You can also find it in the library, in awe with all the media there. It might not understand the concept of a library, but it's been taught to read from a book, and it understands there are a lot of books there! Or you might also find it entranced by a video or computer screen.*

*Greet it, offer it some food, suggest some media to it, or simply chat with it?*


*And in the mean time, apparently Walt has also been released from quarantine.  He's back with the 8th Genoace team. Incidentally, for some reason you never see him in the same room with the mysterious being. Greet him?*
[Following the attack on Brussels, Alex had followed the Unity Group people back to their base. Not like the city was terribly livable at the time and if anybody could help her make sense of things it was the people whose job was dealing with these issues. The awful weather in Brussels during the mission was still clear as she was sitting in the transports back to base, showing themselves as wet, matted hair and positively soaked clothes.]

I should explain...Anything you want to know?

[In the hours following the return a new girl could be found trying to find her way around base. She seemed faintly uncertain and rather preoccupied with something.]

Is there a shower I can borrow somewhere?

"So, you guys were interested in the container we asked you to retrieve, right?"

Look, it's Elan Cubis, the PROGTECH research and development chief.

"It's only fair if I told you since you brought it back safely... well, for the most part. Anyway, we studied the derelict ship and you saved our databank with information pertaining to it. But that's not all."

"I've been investigating Nineball-related incidents, and the conflicts between various megacorps that were springing around lately. All my data is in the bank too, and let me tell you - something really fishy is going on there. Each time there's a huge battle, someone important, like an esteemed scientist, an investigator or a political figure, dies in collateral damage."

"I don't think that's coincidental. I think someone's causing these fights on purpose, as cover for assassinations."
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[News spread quickly in Unity Group. General Mukantagara, the leader of the Gebian attack force that caused so much damage to Sparta, turned out to be Hetepheres' daughter. Nobody knew... Up until the end, when Hetepheres killed her.]

[After the fight, the Gebian general can be found in her office, sitting behind the desk - the room is mostly dark, the light is not even on. Her terminal is, but she's not really looking at it - just staring somewhere with a distant gaze. Until someone enters or contacts her, at least.]



It's a normal day. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing. Except for some reason Walt is staggering like a drunkard  on a hallway in Alhambra somewhere.

“I’m not feeling very well…” He mumbles, before falling to his knee and throwing up. He then clutches his bandaged left arm, looking obviously in pain.

“I’m… really not feeling very well at all.” He says, before collapsing to the floor. He screams in surprise, as the bandages that covers his left arm unravel and burst. Sickening, bulbous, tumorous growth expands rapidly with the many eyes that blink and roll in Walt’s left arm. The many eyes that some people might have forgot.

The fleshy bulbous growth bubbles and grows bigger and bigger as Walt continues to scream, and soon it grows bigger than his left arm, and bigger, and bigger. Until at last it’s clear that part of the growth molds into a shape. A human hand.

The hand then grabs the floor, as if it’s trying to claw itself out from Walt’s body. Soon, a head appears, then a torso, before a fully formed human being finally grows itself out of Walt’s left arm.

Finally, silence, as Walt finally stops screaming and fully collapse to the floor. And a naked, pale, scarred, human being cowers beside him.

The scene is quickly greeted by the convergence of the base's security. They all raise their weapons toward both Walt and the mysterious being.

And the mysterious being only says one sentence.

"I... friend..."

2. (reserved for later)

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1. Greetings. My name is Roger Smith, I am Paradigm City's top negotiator. Thanks for your assistance out there; I'm glad to see miss Ohara is alright now.

I should offer a short explanation. Paradigm is the city of lost memories; all of its citizens suffered from complete amnesia in a mysterious event 40 years ago. Since then, we had no contact with the outside world, and weren't even aware civilization exists out there; seems that this lack of knowledge turned out to be mutual.

I was hired to help with the talks regarding establishing relations between Paradigm and ESUN, so for the time being I can offer you my assistance - as negotiator, and Megadeus pilot. A TSEN is being set up as we speak, and you will be able to visit Paradigm soon if you want to. Just remember to stick to these rules:
- Do not draw attention to the fact that you're from the outside world.
- Keep the identity of Big O's pilot a secret.
- You can stay as a guest at my home for any time, but unless you're lovely young woman you have to let me know in advance. Also, wear all black; it is one of my house rules.

I think that's all. If you have questions, I should be around to answer. I heard you've been through hard times lately, Unity Group; perhaps by cooperating we can make it a bit better.
[The above is a message, but Roger can be easily accessed either through the comm system or in person.]

2. [Roger is walking around the bases, getting familiar with their layouts and various objects inside. Considering the technology level is vastly different from Paradigm's, it means a lot of things attract his attention! Not just super high-tech stuff, but even things like computers or color TV. Strangely enough, he barely blinks an eye at the hangar full of mecha.]

Well, that's interesting...

[What is it that attracted his attention?]


So many people have died recently. So many people have gotten horribly hurt. And they've all left behind the wreckage of their mechs like grave markers. Fort Alhambra is swarming with technicians and engineers of every stripe and color, some working overtime, others hastily summoned back from vacation or from other UG branches.

Dido's in the thick of things, a welding rig slung over her back as she orders tech about.

"I need ScarleTiger's arm hoisted on the gantry and ready to be reattached, stat! You, you, and you: start putting Pale Rider back together. Yeah, I know you've done it before, that's why I'm trusting you with it! The rest of you, put Virgola Unit 3 and Gipsy Danger into storage–we'll deal with them after crunch-time's over!"

She turns to face you, and her bossy expression fades to fatigue. "Hey. Did you need anything?"


[Locked to Mizuki, as well as Ken potentially]

After a long day's work, Dido's kicking back with you, holding a cool bottle of beer to her over-heated head. The refurbished Sol Machines loom overheard in their gantries. DuskBird, ScarleTiger, ShelLancer. She stares up at them for a time, then turns to you and asks.

"Could you tell me about SolBalmung?"


A comn transmission is posted on the Network, addressed to every Unity Group Pilot who's built a reputation as a stone-cold badass.

"Hi." Dido says simply, scratching her head. "I need to become a better mecha pilot. Could you train me?"
"Hey guys, the place feels like a morgue today. Glum faces everywhere... someone died or something?"

Look who's back at Sakihama - FightSaber is in the hangar, and Loni is walking around the base corridors. He seems to be heading towards the kitchens, in search of cake and other festive foods.

"Me and friends just took down a big cell of those Good Men weirdoes, so I'm here to resupply. Our victory calls for a celebration, let's party!"
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The Indalph... Something tells me we have not seen the last of them. One can only wonder what the future holds.

Not all news are so uncertain, however. The results of the games we held have surfaced; the Gebian High Council support for the Pro-Earthling Party raised from twelve to nineteen percent, and for the Anti-Earthling Party fell from fourty to thirty eight percent. Some of my people started to show interest in Earth's sports, as well - most notably cheese rolling, and what they presume lacrosse is about.

The numbers might not look favorable, but it is but the first endeavour out of many. A peaceful solution became a much closer reality, and it is all thanks to your efforts, and your willingness to participate in a potentially degrading event.

...Thank you.
[Coming on the heels of the incident with the Noise and terrorists, Flit's uploading the data gathered about DODS-proof enemies to the AGE Builder.  Fighting enemies like the Behemoth was bad news... but if the UE broke out something like that it could disastrous if a response wasn't prepared for it.  But that's not all that's on his mind.]

How can people... just go and make other people -friends even- just tools to be used and thrown away for no reason?  Just making the world burn won't fix anything and it'll wind up hurting a lot more people than the ones who hurt you before in the first place!

That isn't even vengeance.  That's just nihilism.
[A few days after the vacations, the delegation from the Gebian Ministry of Health arrives. Which means it's time for the event we've been planning for some time! An impromptu sports field has appeared on the edge of Alhambra base, where volunteers (grand majority of them members of Unity Group) can participate in various games and disciplines. Some of them are common, others strange and exotic! And while this goes on, the delegation (as well as various other random onlookers) watches - a group of insectoid Gebian aliens who all look way too similar to an untrained eye. It's even hard to tell which one is the minister! But she has to be here, right? Hetepheres is, at least - the general seems to spend most of the time playing guide for the visitors.]

[This is an open log, but one thread per sports discipline please. No limitations on what disciplines go, as long as they're something that's really played in real life! You can participate in more than one event if you want to.]
1. [Seeing as there's pretty much no point hiding what she's been doing anymore, and motivated by Astara's visit, Seta has decided to continue her training with those fancy new powers she's got...in the open.

So, on a field just outside Alhambra, you might see her standing and doing nothing, with her hair all poofy. She's also twitching slightly every few seconds.]

I...almost have it...

[Placed about fifty feet away are a small group of dummies that, from the looks of it, are meant to be targets. They are completely untouched, unlike the grass around her, which is burnt to a crisp.]

Just a small correction...


2. [While you're going about your daily business, you are suddenly approached by the Gloster agent.]

Pardon me, but according to a trustworthy person on the phone, I have just won a million credits...

How may I claim my reward?
[Virgola unit 3 was wrecked. Then it was repaired... and wrecked again, along with Setsuko's self-esteem.

At this rate, the mobile suit will never regain full functionality. The damage is just too severe.]

I really am a failure... even after all that happened, it's as if I learnt nothing.

Who thought it was a good idea to give a newbie position in the Glory Stars test team? Maybe I should just... go home...

[The pilot can be found moping not too far away from the hangar. It's like if Setsuko was reluctant to leave her own unit's field of vision.]
La Gias is an insane place. I'm not going there again.

Before professor Shirakawa lost his memory... Just what kind of man was he? That woman called him "master"... And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

[Yeah, Asagi totally thinks Shoe is/was a colossal pervert now.]

Shortly after the battle of Manilla, people get this message on the U.G. comm channel:

"Ranger Yancy Beckett here! To all those that helped hold the Miracle Mile at Manila, I just want to say, good work. I'm proud to have fought alongside you. And on that note...

Beckett raises a clenched fist. "We should try forming a social club! You know, to strengthen our bonds and all that!

So what do you think: should we set up a Kaiju-Slayers club, or a Motion-Capture Piloting club?"
[Bit backdated - I've been too busy to post right after the Hellsinker mission]


[So, another successful mission, though this time Kagura took a few burns. If you look for her, you will find her in the hangar, near the closed facility that Graveyard set up for her maintenance, waiting with the kind of immobility only a robot with nothing to do right now can achieve until everything inside is prepped. Graveyard is VERY picky about letting other people see the insides of any of their tech, and Kagura is apparently a prime example.

Does mean you can go and pester her while she waits and she can't get away, though!]


[And some time later, you'll find Kagura speaking through her communicator, the other side of the conversation only audible to her, but for anyone who read the mission debrief it souldn't be too hard to guess at least part of it]

cut for dialogue )

[And with that she hangs up and stays motionless for a few seconds, probably thinking. Want to go annoy her?]
[1] [After the latest battle, Hetepheres watches as her insectoid underlings are taking care of Scaraber. The core unit wasn't hit too badly, but the Scarab Frame lost its two additional arms and will need them fixed. She's also checking the post-battle report on a tablet.]

That was the first time I have seen Aerogaters use humanoid machines. Curious... And it still leaves as many questions about their nature as before, if not more. Fortunately, thanks to the Knights' help and early evacuation, the number of casualties was minimized, possibly even completely reduced to nothing.

All circumstances considered, that was a good battle.

[2 - announcement]
It is time for me to reaveal the Pro-Earthling Party's plan. Listen well.

Many members of the High Council are still undecided about whether our races should fight, or cooperate. During the Grand Vote, the fate of the whole Gebian species shall be decided. At that time, we must be absolutely certain that the majority of the council members will support the Pro-Earthling Party. And we shall earn their support by showing them the amazing advances of Earth's civilizations!

Our Minister of Health, Acenith, will pay a visit to Earth in around 2 weeks. She is obsessed with sports - not professional ones, but amateur sports, as a way to spread healthy living and spirit of competition and cooperation among the people. To show her that the spirit of sportsmanship is strong within Earthlings, we shall organize games for her to watch. And I ask you to be the participants.

Skills do not matter - it is not about ability, but healthy enthusiasm! The Ministry of Health is influential - show your spirit to Acenith, and many other council members, not just her, will support cooperation! Take your time to prepare, and think what disciplines you would like to perform. I shall not force anyone to participate; but the bigger the games are, the better our chances of success.
1 - [Alhambra, inside]

Read more... )

2 - [Alhambra, outside fields]

Read more... )

3 - [Only for those who are going to come argue with the brass about things like Leos. That means, Leos, anyone except you :P.]

Read more... )
1. [Immediately post-Mt. Daisetzu]
[Those present for the mission in Hokkaido already have some idea, but for others it may be a nasty surprise when Getter Robo returns, and out steps - that guy who hijacked it and tried to trash Saotome Labs, and who's been cooling his heels in a cell since. Now unrestrained, and apparently not even under guard, and looking rather pleased with himself. Well, he did help save Denzel and a bunch of civilians, after all! For certain values of "saved", given the civilians' condition, but that's not his fault.

So this fine gentleman now has the run of Sakihama Base, apparently, and soon enough appears around Fort Alhambra and even the Star Rose. Granted, he doesn't seem to be up to anything obvious, and if any blood has been let in the process, none of it got on him...]

2. [Network broadcast]
[Shortly after Getter's return, a worn-looking and grumpy (but that's no change from normal) Professor Saotome makes a video broadcast.]

I'll make this short. Arrangements have been made for Hayato Jin to pilot Getter Robo. For the time being, he's forbidden to leave any UG base or my labs unescorted, and is under full surveillance within them. He knows not to give us any reason to limit him more than this. I trust all UG personnel will exercise similar restraint.

The Reptiloids are growing more daring. We do not have time to spare for squabbling among ourselves.
What kind of bullshit "training exercise" was that?!

[Post-mission, the Glory Stars are in varying degrees of upset. Toby is furious for example. He paces between the two others, standing underneath their mobile suits after Virgolas are safely in the hangar.]

Using Grungust I can understand, but to set that crazy woman on us and make us think she wants to kill everyone? What kind of purpose does that serve!

She was so skilled... if she was serious, Tarisa and everyone else who tried to stop her would be...

[Including Setsuko, yes. She does not forget being swatted aside like a noisy fly.]

And the BETA! You said it yourself, this is a bit too much of a coincidence that they attacked just then. Right? Why don't you say something now, Chief?!

[The two look at Denzel, the Glory Star Leader with a serious face as he ponders silently. Finally he opens his eyes.]

Has there ever been an encounter with the BETA with only 1% casualty rate?

[Have you something to add to the discussion?]
[Its been a while after the Training Exercise gone wrong. Leos somehow managed to get out of the battle with the Jenice he used more or less unscathed. On the other hand, mentally he was even more worse off than before. Seeing Seta get torn apart and devoured by the BETA like that was not good for his sanity, already precarious as it was. Her inhuman ability to come back from that 'death' didn't really help much at all.]


[Currently he was in the mess hall, just stirring the contents of his bowl. He was at the odd paradox of being hungry yet being unable to eat. Then he looked at his meal, his mind drifting off and growing unfocused. The person doling out the meals was going to regret giving Leos a bowl of Spaghetti-Os because they were pressed for time and couldn't be bothered to give him something that wouldn't cause his mind to snap because from Leos' perspective the dull orange colored sauce slowly shifted into the hue of freshly spilled blood and the pasta turned into a multitude of eyes that suddenly had mouths form below them and rush forward to try tear his face off-]


[-which led to him literally slapping the bowl away and possibly burning himself in the process before he scrambled off to a small, enclosed spot to force himself into/under and just curl up tightly.]

[In one of the smaller lesser used workout rooms Yuuya is busy working over a heavy bag with a particular fervor.]

I try to point out the flaws in her logic to help her and she turns it back to an attack on me. Just like Yui, her little flunky Ken, and half the goddamned Japanese personnel here. Support crew talking like they think I can't understand while Yui's got me on her damned leash and not saying word one to them about it.

[He proceeds to move from the bag to free-weights.]

So what if I don't match their little happy world views and want to keep grounded in a realistic frame of mind. That's a "poisonous" attitude? I guess that's what my grandfather meant about being underhanded and untrustworthy with their attacks. So what if Volya was "saved" from his attackers and given a healthy place to finish growing up in. In the end he's going to have to stand up and fix things himself like every kid who's stuck in a poor situation. Not like he has to worry about a loveless family being the only thing outside of military service that he'd have to return to and at least he seems to remember more than one member of his family fondly. People are willing to support and help him not worry about a superior who makes inordinate demands and then quotes pretty little "proverbs" instead of actually useful advice.

[Yuuya pauses momentarily as he sets his weights down on a bench his breath ragged due to the length and intensity of his workout. He looks up into the mirror and glares as he tried ]

And worst of all is this damned appearance. I've shed tears and blood for the American forces, pushed myself to live up to their standards and expectations but to everyone else I'm Japanese. The Russians with their damned interrogators, Yui and her opinion of how disgraceful I am, Ken and his stupid "Japanese Pride" and Mizuki with her stupid maybe the Japanese person most in need of getting chewed out by you is the one waiting for you in the mirror

"I'm American god damn it! Stop holding me to the stupid standards of a country and father that I never knew you bastards!"

[With the last audible outburst Yuuya threw the weight into the mirrored wall, turned to deliver a kick to the sand bag that manages to add just enough momentum to it's swinging that knocks the stand off balance and tumbling into another rack of free weights. Turning on his heel he begins to leave, a look of frustration and anger on his face that is tinged by something else underneath.]


[Entering the workout room you see broken glass and spilled equipment. One of the Maintenance staff for the TSF teams is just beginning to clean up and you can hear him speak with a resigned sigh.]

"Damn it Yuuya, I thought you were past this type of shit. Guess someone managed to finally get to him again, haven't seen him do this since Leon started shit after his mother's death. I wish he'd at least have the decency to do these rages where it wasn't so heavy to fix things."

[3 -Locked to Mizuki]

[Mizuki is disturbed in her office by Vincent entering and closing the door behind him.]

So for someone so concerned about Volya and being a great savior you managed to turn someone who was trying to offer some reasonable advice in a rather sanctimonious way into quite the little ball of anger and self-loathing.

I know what he said wasn't the best phrased and playing devil's advocate with a human life is in poor form but really how many of his concerns were at least valid on some level. So I'm not going to be upset about you dismantling his arguments and calling him on his hypocrisy.

What I am upset about is that after our discussion where I came to you on behalf of Ken and the efforts of myself and Lt. Takamura to keep an official reprimand from falling on his record and you took that warning that his heritage is a sore point and purposely attacked it. Yes he's been an asshole and yes his fight with Ken was stupid but taking that kind of attack when you knew how it would hit him was unnecessarily cruel.

I had at some point hoped that you're history and being accepted into the Japanese culture could help him which is why I sought you out after the fight to talk. Now I'm just disappointed and more than anything would like to know why you'd have done that to him.

[Well after that gigantic mess people would find a large plant beast dragging itself into the Hangar at Sakihama before finding an empty spot to lie down like an oversized, lazy and rather ugly dog. It smelled slightly of burnt plant when one got too close to it. There was a slight shuffling noise before its torso opened and disgorged a stumbling Volya - who was kept from falling when a few vines caught him by the mid-section and righted him.]


[The vines retracted slowly as the beast's torso closed up once more like a flower blooming in reverse as a low noise rumbled out from it.]

-Geez... I.. I'm fine. Really... just a little dizzy. You're going to be okay here... right?-

[Another rumbling as its head perks up and tilts slightly.]

-No I don't need anything... you just get some rest you big goof.-

[Volya rolls his eyes before he places a hand on the beast's head. He sighs tiredly before noticing you were there and letting out a yelp and falling over, babbling in russian before finally managing to remember to speak something else.]

A..ah... sorry... didn't see you there...


[With Volya now a resident at Sakihama base it was time for him to get acclimated. And by that I mean stuff his face. He's got a lot of food with him and if what some people had seen back at the food lines was any indicator, the kid was really hungry and wasn't at all picky about what he ate and he looked like he wasn't going to stop anytime soon, of course he freezes and sets down his spoon a little anxiously when he notices your look.]

Is it really okay for me to eat this much?

[Sure Willis said so, but Volya wanted to be careful not to annoy anyone and... another thought occurs to him.]

And... er... I'm... not going to have to go to school here am I? I... can't read Japanese...


[And with all the above said and done, Volya finally finds his way to his room. A bed. With blankets. And a place with running, heated water. Again. He's been without these for months and its right now that he realized just how much he missed these apparently simple things as he literally makes a dash and dives onto his bed, bouncing up once with a short, happy laugh before just burying himself in it. Then it just turns into a soft and discomforted sigh.]


[They were probably going to make him fight. And then the knights were still after him. And David. And his Uncle Sergei...]

-mh...said it before and I'll say it again... I'd pass over adventure for a quiet day.-


[When the DuskBird returns to Sakihama Base and is dispelled back into Mizuki's shadow, the woman's limping and wincing.  And also in strange, regal apparel.  Black silks with gold embroidery, necklaces, a sash... lots of fancy stuff she didn't go out in.  And Sara's standing there, looking shocked and running to her friend's side.]

Mizuki...!  My god, with what happened out there.  You and Ken and... and everyone!  Don't... scare me like that!  Please!

I'm fine, I'm fine... just got a little taste of what some of my predecessors had to deal with.  And believe me... I'm glad to see a Sara who ISN'T trying to kill me.

[So have a friendly hug... just a noisy one because, again, all that jewelry.]


[Some time later though...]


So... I was thinking...

... How do people feel about the word "Savior"?  Like the "Savior Team"... or "SolSavior".


[So, yesterday's mission went comparatively well. As such, one might think that after holding off near-singlehandedly a mechanical Cthulhu the size of a building, Kagura might be celebrating. You'd think wrong.

If you want to find her to ask her something, you'll probably find her in a very out of the way office at Alhambra, with a cable connected from her form to a computer, filling out the paperwork and debriefings like a prim and proper officer should. Unity Group may be mostly comprised of lawless mavericks, but some people still hold to regulations. She's still pretty scratched from the mission, but she can get her repairs later. Nothing vital was hit, anyway. Also, if you are very observant, you might notice the names of some of the people in yesterday's mission in the scrolling forms.

If you want to bother her, though, this is probably the best time, insofar as there is any good time to bother the grumpy Major]


[A bit later, you might find her talking on the comm in an empty room. The other side of the comm can't be heard, but deducing the gist of the contents from Kagura's reactions from the moment you're in earshot is not really very hard]

[Pause as the other side talks]
[Short pause]
[Very long pause, probably an explanation]
[Short pause]

[And with that, she cuts the communication channel, before grumbling to herself]


Those who stop by the Sakihama Base's main hanger bay may notice a new addition to the mecha menagerie, techs repairing minor damage to it's back and right arm.

You may recognize the mecha in question– from the news, by reputation, or from your model kits: the Kaiju-slaying Jaeger, Gispy Danger!


At the base of the Mark III Jaeger, while welding sparks rain down over their heads, two brothers in matching bomber jackets clink their bottles of beer together.

Yancy Beckett looks up as you approach, and fishes out another bottle from the cooler. "Hey there! We were just celebrating our fifth battle; care to join us?"


Later on, you can see Yancy hanging out in one of the lounges, chewing on his lip as he works on a Rubix cube. Care to offer some advice?


Around the same time, you might run across Raleigh in the gym, sweat staining his tank-top as he runs through a set of staff forms, using martial arts techniques from all over the place. Surprise attack him?