[A while after Hibiki learned more about Kanade... SOMEONE is paying Genjurou a visit.]


Agh, Hibiki... what's going on?

Genjuou-san... teach me how to fight, please!

You want me to teach you?

Yes! I figured you'd surely know some amazing martial arts or something!

"... Very well.  But my training regime is very strict."

[He said yes!  He actually said-!]

"Yes!  Thank you!!"

"By the way, Hibiki, are you into action movies by any chance?"



[Hibiki's training regimen is easy enough to see evidence of.  She's in the gym, dressed up in a yellow jumpsuit and standing in front of an old tv playing a kung fu movie.]


[She punches out, in time with the man on the screen!  In fact, she's doing her best to try to emulate his every action.  Every punch, kick, and-]


[-Even kiai.]


-Piece of cake!

[At the mess hall of Sakihama, she's got more than twice her usual amount of rice AND pudding AND now cake too.  Training's given her quite the appetite, and she's already scarfing things down as soon as she finds a seat.]


[But it's not all just cosplay and battle mimicry.  One can see Hibiki out training in the city too, working a heavy boxing bag with Genjurou looking on.  Still, her strikes have barely been able to make it budge.]

You're doing it wrong.  Your fists ought to fly like hammers smashing the thunder of the bolt that struck you.

I don't understand a word of that... but I'll give it a shot!

[Hibiki's attention shifts back to the punching bag... and with one furious right straight, she sends it flying, the branch it had been hanging from snapping off from the tree as if it were nothing!]

... It worked!

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([personal profile] spearpunch May. 8th, 2015 02:15 pm)

[After the battle in Paradigm City, Hibiki's been practicing more with her newly-discovered Piston Punches, trying it out in the areas outside of Fort Alhambra.  Charge, prime piston, punch.  Charge, prime piston, punch.  Even if this doesn't seem to qualify as being her Armed Gear, the extra oomph her punches are getting from this is pretty evident.  But before long...]


This can get really tiring...

Late at night, Noise were spotted by a highway near the Lydian Academy city. The Second Section did not inform Unity Group - UG had its own problems and was best left alone for the moment, and besides the attack was small. Small enough that the Section could easily handle it all by itself.

Which is why the sole group of fluorescent creatures is met by only a single warrior...

(Locked to Tsubasa only - or is it?)
[Seta: dead.  Commander Antov: dead.  And a lot of destruction, dampened spirits, and feelings of defeat in spite of everyone trying their best to do the right thing.  Welcome to the immediate aftermath of shit happening, Hibiki.  No unconscious trip to rehab this time for you.]

... She said she liked my song... and Antov-san hadn't even heard it yet...

[God it's going to be hard hiding her feelings about this from Miku.]
[Well... those examinations are over with.  And a lot of things just sorta went over her head like this "Sakurai Theory" and the "Off-Walken Wavefom".  But the Gungnir fragments in her though... that was a little easier to understand.  And more importantly: what it was meant for and what she could do with it.  So...]

Thank you very much for helping me back there!  That's the second time even!

Genjurou-san and Ryouko-san helped explain things to me, about the Noise and that the Relics can help stop them, so I want to do my part!  I know I can't fight really well right now, but I'll still do my best and learn as fast as I can, so I can be Kanade's replacement!