1. [Immediately post-Mt. Daisetzu]
[Those present for the mission in Hokkaido already have some idea, but for others it may be a nasty surprise when Getter Robo returns, and out steps - that guy who hijacked it and tried to trash Saotome Labs, and who's been cooling his heels in a cell since. Now unrestrained, and apparently not even under guard, and looking rather pleased with himself. Well, he did help save Denzel and a bunch of civilians, after all! For certain values of "saved", given the civilians' condition, but that's not his fault.

So this fine gentleman now has the run of Sakihama Base, apparently, and soon enough appears around Fort Alhambra and even the Star Rose. Granted, he doesn't seem to be up to anything obvious, and if any blood has been let in the process, none of it got on him...]

2. [Network broadcast]
[Shortly after Getter's return, a worn-looking and grumpy (but that's no change from normal) Professor Saotome makes a video broadcast.]

I'll make this short. Arrangements have been made for Hayato Jin to pilot Getter Robo. For the time being, he's forbidden to leave any UG base or my labs unescorted, and is under full surveillance within them. He knows not to give us any reason to limit him more than this. I trust all UG personnel will exercise similar restraint.

The Reptiloids are growing more daring. We do not have time to spare for squabbling among ourselves.
[Video. Who the heck is this guy?]

Oh man guys this is so cool! I got to get on a super robot! I was like "SWOOSH SWOOSH GABLAMMO!" and then he was like "OH SHIT!" "CACRUNCH!" and it was awesome!

[All of that was accompanied with extravagant arm gestures.]

How do I sign up to do this full time?

[Much later, after being thoroughly tested by Dr. Saotome's staff, the following results are posted:]

Musashi Tomoe's low reflexes and coordination make him an ill-fit for piloting Getter Robo. He will be held here for observation until we are sure he is not in danger from Reptiloids, and then released back to civilian life.
[That helpful fellow from the mission at the mysterious dome is at Sakihama now! In a cell. Shackled. Under guard and extensive surveillance. Negotiations between Dr. Saotome and the several groups interested in throwing the guy into a deep, dark hole and letting him rot are ongoing.

So yeah, he tried to steal the Getter and attack Saotome Labs as a distraction to cover his escape - while everyone else was already dealing with the dead and wounded from the bizarre flesh-doppelgangers' attack. And yeah, even before that his terrorist squad killed several guards on their way up the mountain to raid the Labs. And yeah, if you have any access to official security memos or the like, you may be aware that said raid was the culmination of a campaign that started with radicalizing a fair chunk of a university campus and led through multiple bombings and an attack on a government ministry in which many public servants were gunned down in cold blood - and one of his own subordinates was left behind with life-threatening injuries and most of his face missing.

But surely an eloquent appeal to common decency and human compassion will set him straight!]
[1 - default]
[Something really weird and worrying happened over the town of Shin Tanoura. Almost the whole town, and its surrounding area, is covered by a large, opaque black dome of some kind of energy, which appeared almost instantly overnight. The contact with the several thousand people inside has been completely cut off, and the initial search team sent into the dome didn't return...
This situation reached the news, and it reached Unity Group's ears even earlier. ESUN has established a research camp near the place, to figure out what the hell is going on - the camp is guarded by a bunch of mecha, just in case. The near Saotome Labs sent several researchers to help, but not too many, as Dr Saotome seems to be busy with other matters. What exactly, he doesn't specify.
Are you just reacting to the news about this? Or maybe you're at the camp, evaluating the situation? Just don't get close to the dome! A guard would stop you if you tried, anyway.]

[2 - frontdated to just before the mission, locked to Ryouma and Hayato]
[Some kind of commotion is going on at Saotome Labs. What could it be? Perhaps it has something to do with the reports from a nearby research camp. Regardless, the whole place is more chaotic than usual, and the security laxer... A perfect opportunity for a group of terrorist students to make their move.]