Garrod has been pacing the hangar back and forth, more or less in front of the GX. He does seem to have something on his mind, and his gestures are as if he's really fretting over something, but what might it be... You'll have to ask.

Sometimes later Garrod is seen with Tiffa, making way with her to the hangar. And within minutes after, the two of them load up into the Gundam and prepare to take off!

He's... coming back, right?
*Kakizaki sits in the cafetaria with some drinks and a steaming pile of steak in front of him.*

Did you see what I did back then? Whoosh, Pew! Pew! *He moves his hands like a plane in air and makes shooting noises with his mouth.* I dodged those missiles and shot down those mercenaries like nothing! I was so cool! I bet those mercs wishes they have some Valkyrie in their repertoires now.

Do we have a recording of that mission? I wish you guys could see it. It might make a good study for new pilots!

Here's a toast for another Unity Group success! A flawless victory! We saved Mr. Elan, and the other survivors, and even the base itself, eventhough it's not in the mission objective! May all other missions end this way!
*A man in UN Spacy uniform walks into the Sakihama Base front door holding a bunch of bags in his hands. Apparently they're... toys? And cakes?

You might recognize the Macross emblem on his uniform.*

Oh man, those TSEN things are really convenient, aren't they? And I thought I would miss the release of these limited edition babies, with, you know, being a billion kilometers away from the store at the release date...