I believe this to be all. Well...

[In the days after the Lady's defeat, Project Unification is slowly being dissolved. Sielje may not be a member, but now she is leaving. AHer belongings are already gathered and packed up, a small load for the Arm. All that is left is to await a portal opening...]

The Earth is safe, I have fulfilled my vow. It is time. Time for me to return... home.

I am honored. Where would I be without you - my allies, my dearest friends? Know this, this is not our last farewell. I have my duty as the envoy to Earth, and even though for now I depart to Ankaia, I will be back. Back when the duty calls me. And even when it does not...

I will make sure to keep our bonds alive. That is a promise.

[The knight's eyes are wet as she speaks the words, but this time, finally, her back is straight with pride, her expression happy.]

[2 - for Gwen]
[But before she can depart for real, there is an important person to speak to.]

Gwen? The Lady is of the past now, I had time to think without worries. And I made my choice.

Back then, when I spoke to Jen... when I spoke to you, we decided that we should try - to date. But, but it is not going to work. I did not give you attention it requires. All that time, we did not even...

[Sielje coughs, getting red on her face. It's not the time to get distracted.]

No, that is not important. You and I, our lives are too different. We are too different. I am sorry saying that. It must hurt to hear, I know it hurts me to say it. But...

But you deserve the truth, and this is how I truly feel. We are close friends, but you would not be happy at my side.


Please do not be angry. There are so many things in this world worth living for. I am sure you know that far better than I do.
During the final battle on the Lost Seekers compound, Medb took a fuck-off huge laser beam to the everywhere. Daniel had put up a net to help shield it...but it was still partially melted. Temperatures inside the cockpit soared...and so, when Medb's cockpit was opened, it unveiled a scene of horror.

Much of Gwen's synthetic flesh had melted and burned, exposing metal and circuitry underneath. Fully half her face was gone, taking an eye with it. When she pulled herself out of the pilot's seat, skin tore and was left behind. Muttering a series of electronic squawks and beeps under her breath, she took three steps away from Medb before collapsing.

But, this is Gwen. She does not die easy.

As much of her body and mind was melted or destroyed, more of it was left intact. So it's a simple job for Doomstar to put her back together, to replace the broken parts, to slot in a new set of computer parts...All told, it's just under three hours until she's leaning against a wall outside the infirmary, looking over the details of a hand in introspection.
[As it turned out, Daniel's friends were real all along - or rather, based on Tam Defoe's old friends, acclaimed scientists Marjory Marita and Rupert Nestore, who came to UG's help during the final fight with Lost Seekers. And now, all three of them are sitting on a heavy duty (to sustain Daniel's size) couch, eating from a big bowl of popcorn and watching a movie. Though it's currently on pause, which means they focus on talking instead.]

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[Among the banter, Daniel starts the movie back again. He looks happy.]
Gwen's arranged an announcement or sort of party in the Sakihama hangar, advertised on bulletin boards around the bases. She's even gone so far as to set out a small tray of sweets in front of the object of the celebration: a brand-new, upscaled version of Nemain. Though this one isn't exploded, or on the bottom of the pacific ocean.

"Good news everyone! Thanks to Doomstar's cooperation, many embarrassing apologies and more than a little bribery, I'm proud to present to you...Medb!"

Gwen gestures to the 15 meter mecha behind her, in all its edgy black glory.

"It's made from Doomstar's mecha, so that won't be gathering dust anymore. With it, I'll be able to take part in the battles from here on and kick some ass!"
1. [Slightly backdated]

[After the conclusion to what should have been a relatively simple job in Tokyo Willis has been in a somewhat somber mood ever since returning to Alhambra. While technically they were successful and prevented the situation from getting even worse than it could have been thanks to the efforts of everyone else there, the implications of everything that happened were still weighing on him. From reemergence of his formerly deceased fiancee's machine along with the woman herself, the fog that could assimilate machines and turn them into Chimaera, and the Aegis members who were now chasing after Licht. There was a lot that he was now worried about.]

How does this keep happening?

[At the very least given what the Olympios Facility was restored for he could be confident that with medical aid only a few blocks away from where the Chimaera attacked the collateral that was caused there would be minimized. Especially after his own freak-out upon seeing those Chimaera again.]

Every time I think I understand a situation things change...

2. [Recharging]

[Sometime later Willis has seemingly made it his mission to devour anything and everything served in Alhambra's cafeteria. While it wasn't exactly necessary for him to eat at all it did at the very least gave his nanomachines more to work with in helping to treat some of his injuries which seemed to be a bit slower to heal than usual.

For some reason however there's a small pile of discarded tomatoes and other random vegetables between the pile of dishes.]


[Late into the night in a quieter section of Alhambra Willis can be found staring up at the starlit sky, trying to clear his mind. While it's hard to notice at first given the lack of light around him he seems to be holding up a familiar necklace, staring intensely at the pair of rings held on the chain.]

I shouldn't have to kill her twice...huh.
1-[The announcement]

"...So, um, I've got some good news, and some not-very good news."
Doomstar, of all people, is making an announcement for Sakihama base.
"Good news: Jen's fork is up and running. I set her up this morning, and we've been going over recent events and helping her pick out an appearance for her body. Other news is...well, she beat me up, stole my wallet and car keys, then jumped out a third-story window and escaped. Her sense of self is still very fragile, and I don't know that she's entirely stable, either. So if you can find her...please return her safely. With my car!"

2-[The escapee]
Elsewhere in Sakihama, a blonde woman with red eyes lounges about. Atop a moving car, in traffic. As the car she's on slows down for a turn, she hops off, rolling into a crouch as though it were the most natural thing in the world. From there, she walks past a sweets store and manages to filch some anpan from the tray out front. She tosses it in the air, catching it in her mouth like a trained circus animal and quickly gobbling it down.

"...Nifty! So I can eat food, or at least a little bit. That's nice! Though the taste is bland..."