The Fleet of Batavia!

A Majestic, roving merchant fleet, currently sailing in the Mediterranean. Consisting of countless big and small ships, connected by walkways and fleets of ferries, it's a city that floats. They say you can buy or sell anything here, or so the rumours say. Countless people can be seen moving cargoes to and fro non stop, messengers running back and front to deliver physical packages that can't be emailed or delivered, some even uses gliders to move between ships. And don't think of trying to make any funny move here, because the fleet is protected by its famous private security force.

And you're here now because Westwood just contacted UG Group. The white-hat bounty hunter says that The Enclave, the world-famous think thank, might have managed to find a clue on the mysterious million-years old train and the glyphs that appear on Grace. Apparently, a certain antique-dealer currently lives here, and he might know something about those.

Of course, finding that person in this brouhaha might take a while. Apparently there's some sort of Antique Dealer Conference that's currently hosted in the fleet, and the needed Antique Dealer is involved in it. That's why the rest of you are here, to both help finding the person, and also to to keep an eye out on Grace.

1.*Grace is walking through one of the market ship while chewing some fried squid-on-a-stick*

Look at that! That guy is selling 1/300 Coyote Tango really cheap in bulk! What a bargain! They're not produced anymore you know? If I can sell them, I'd be stinkin' rich! And can you believe how much that guy'll pay for slightly-used 200 mm shells?

(This is a mingle post. Feel free to walk around the ship with Grace around the market. And if you think you have something more interesting to do in the fleet you can make your own post, I guess)

2.*But as good as your eyes on Grace, soon you find yourselves losing her in the crowds. It's been a few hours since you last got your eyes on her. Where could she go? But from the corner of your eyes you noticed something. Someone is turning on a corner. And that ugly-looking hat... it can't be anything else, it's Grace's hat. But the wearer is definitely not Grace.*

(This is also a mingle post)
1. [The peddler who got trapped in the fight against Sapphire Eyes and her goons shows up. And she turns out to be an excited small-statured girl. One who's wearing a long coat, for some reason.]

Hello! My name is Grace Wallach, a totally legit and honest independent businessman. Or entrepreneur, if you prefer. Your commanders agreed to... protect me, so I'll work for Unity Group now. I never thought something like this would happen; I think that's my most prestigious business deal, yet! This will totally make good credentials for me. If you're interested to make some money, check my websites!

There are two things I'm asking. First, can I really use your weapons and equipments? Can I really touch those Grungust and Huckebeins?. Second, some friends of mine are looking for me. Please don't let them know I'm here...

...And also, do I have to pay for lodging here? So it's technically three things...

2. [The websites in question varies. Some are blogs offering dodgy bootleg merchandises. Some seems to be websites designed to fool search engines and/or manipulate internet advertisings. And a lot of the guestboxes are full of warnings from previous people Grace worked with, and they mostly have rude things to say. A lot of good five stars comments though! Strange that most of those five stars comments are one liners. And it's clearly mentioned in all of those sites that she never do any morally questionable business, only honest dealings and quality merchandises.

Feel free to comment on the website to other people or to Grace.]

3. [The beat-up Daughtress kneels down in the hangar. As the tarp cloak is set aside, various bits and bobs sticks out from the mech. It's obvious that it's been heavily customized. You don't think ordinary Daughtress has those pipes sticking out of its back! And some things sticks out even more like sore thumbs. Parts from the steam train that crashed into the mech earlier today. Somehow the daughtress absorbed them, and the parts are now unseparable from the mech. The honest entrepreneur is here too, pushing and pulling a lot of pulleys and carts. The pulley and carts are full of ammunitions, fuels, and strange things like cables, used machine oils, and many unlabelled crates. It's obvious that Grace is restocking and refueling her mech, but she looks strangely nervous and dodgy. After a while she presses a button, and the pulley starts to buzz as it loads ammunitions toward the Daughtress. But and after a few seconds, it starts to wobbles and spill out many mecha-sized bullet on the hangar's floor.

Only then Grace notices he has company.]


[She says as she jumped from surprise.]