[So then, look who's back and with puberty mostly out of the way.  The Razor's taken a bit of damage from the fight against Tver, but Flit's still looking plenty happy to be at a Unity Group base once more.]

You know, it's funny.  It's only been about half a year but it feels... longer.  Then again it's been really busy for me and the AGE System.  But... now I'm feeling ready to get back into it.  The treatment for X-Rounders has come a long way, for me too even... and I can't just let everyone else do the hard part of keeping people safe forever.

I remember everything being a little bit bigger though...
[Responses should probably go as a reply to the first tag. Not necessarily all in one thread though.]

Hey guys. Let's go out on a trip! Actually it's more like a visit.

But anyway! It's going to be fun. It's this time of the year, right?

[What hare-brained idea is Izuru up to now?

Anyone who dares follow in his footsteps will find themselves at a certain serene facility. Its pristine white walls and green park areas exist to evoke an aura of calmness, but burly orderlies and electrified checkpoints are never far away, and though it tries not to draw attention - security is very high.

There's one person Izuru wants to talk to here.]

Hey Leos. How are you doing?
[Desil was dead at last, the AGE-1 was stronger than ever now, and as Walt had pointed out, Flit'd been right all along.  All of this'd been just one big dirty trick by the Vagans, but there was no smugness from Flit when the AGE-1 Razor returned.]

... How many people did Desil kill between Ambat and now?

I could've ended it there if I'd just bothered to check, and I didn't.

["You need self-reflection".  That's what Setsuko had told him.  Told him after he'd just gone overboard saying things that just... had made sense in the heat of the moment.  But now...]

-Another one put in an institution...

[A much darker picture is being painted for Flit as he uses every search engine and Tikipedia knockoff to look up what all became of past X-Rounders.  Talented as they were, it was becoming a recurring trend that excessive and unwarranted aggression, violent rhetoric, and in some cases certified insanity went hand-in-hand with the ability.  A relic of humanity's "barbaric past", Grodek had called it.]

... Some of them even act how you'd think the Vagans would.


[Flit's in his workshop, looking down at a strange, excessively bubbly-shaped helmet; its design Vagan-ish in spirit.  Not surprising, since it was a spoil of the battle at Ambat.]

"Psychomet Mu-szel"...

... A helmet meant to stimulate activity in the X-Region.

[And now begins the experimental part: hooking up cables all over the contraption and hooking it up to a terminal with a makeshift AGE Device acceptance slot on it.]

... Come on.  Take as long as you need to but tell me what I want to hear...

[A helmet that could make people be like X-Rounders.  Could it be possible to reverse-engineer it... literally?]

[3] (confined to one very special friend)

[Okay, so the analysis and calculations were taking a long while.  Long enough for Flit to get restless and go into the city to stretch his legs.  It gave him some time to stop worrying about his own problems and think about other peoples', after all.  And there was one really big question on his mind as he walked along aimlessly.]

... Why, Leos.  Why?


What- no!  No!


[Flit can be found by a television which has been set to the news... announcing an unprecedented peace negotiation.  Two men are center stage, one the ESUN member Froi Olfenoa, while the other...]

"It is time to set aside the hostilities we have had for countless decadesI am not blind to the actions of my people, nor the fact that our hardline efforts have done nothing but cost more lives.  It is clear now that for us to survive, there must be change and humility to recognize and repent for our crimes.  And that is why I am here now... in the hopes we can end this tragedy that has already taken far too many lives."

[The other speaker, a man in ridiculous, bizarre clothing, is identified as Fezarl Ezelcant... the leader of the Vagans.]



[There's more talk between the two about mending the rifts between Earth and the failed colonization program, but Flit's had more than enough and ends up storming off...]


[Later, Flit's in the hangar.  Looking over the AGE-1, looking at its accompanying device, looking at the Builder...]


The SSR somehow getting the designs was one thing, but if the information is leaked to the Vagans...

[Flit's been watching the encounter between the Unity Group forces and the SSR, to say nothing of the falsified footage that got the two groups at each others' throats in the first place.]

I still need to find out how they got hold of the Adele designs... and the wear packs too.

[Do they have data on the Starks form as well?  Or just the original three?  But...]

... So long as they're using them to try to protect people...


[The battle's over with.  Ambat and the UE/Vagan forces there defeated.  And yet rather than celebrate, Flit is hiding, sitting behind the Gundam's leg.  Yurin's hairband in his hands and ust...]

Why... why couldn't they have just been aliens...

They can't be real humans, real people don't do that!


[Some time later though, Flit's making a broadcast to everyone, with those design plans finally finished...]

Everyone... I think I've finally finished what I've been working on.

[And he unfolds the designs so that they can finally be seen.  A new type of mobile suit.]

This... this is the Adele!

It's not like Loni's new machine, it's not some special thing that's going to cost lots of money, it's just a new frontline, mass-produced machine!  It can be better than a Genoace, and easier for people to master than a VF... and the idea is that we can mass produce the AGE-1's wear parts so these machines can use them too so they'll be really versatile and able to adapt to a changing battle.

If anyone wants to try to trade up to one, please let me know!  I don't...

I don't want to be the only one benefiting from the AGE system.  Mr. Schmertz lost a wingman out there, and lots of other pilots lost their lives too.  And I don't want that to keep happening!  We can't be at every battle in person, but I can still help, like how we were able to make the DODs Guns.  And this can be the next step!
[With Leos's departure and the revelation about the Nineball... Flit's left standing in front of the AGE Builder.  Looking at it.  Worrying.  His new mobile suit design plans clenched in a hand.  With the attack on Ambat being planned and all...]

... You're not going to turn into something like the Nineball, are you?
Yark Dole...

[A man who promised aid to Nora and then failed to.  A man who supplied Madorna with UE tech and told him to keep hush-hush about it.  And for that matter... a man who had some connections with the Orphan colony in the leadup to the UE destroying it fourteen years ago...]

Whether it's for old Spanish doubloons money or just getting to lord over humanity if the UE win, I don't care.  If we can track him down we can maybe learn more about the UE and what they're doing...

... And for that matter bring him to justice for being a traitor!

[He looks up at the mighty AGE-1 Sparrow.  After having so much trouble with that black mobile suit, Sparrow was able to demolish it with nothing more than a single dagger!]

We can do this...!  Every encounter, we're beating back the UE harder and harder!

[It's rather funny.  The fight against the Meganoids led to investigating a downed Wulgaru ship on Mars.  And during the fight, Flit came across something else... something... man-made.  The remnants of a settlement, with designs that certainly looked Earth-based at least.  They seemed to be old though, and back at Star Rose Flit's looking over pictures of what he found.  Not much is left, and he's had trouble finding information about Mars colonization programs, but...]

... Just how old is all of this?

[All this talk about Newtypes and on top of it Cyber Newtypes is making Flit think back to what he'd talked about with Garrod.  And more importantly a brief conversation about it with Captain Grodek...]

Psychic powers whoo )

[Cut to the present.  Flit is pouring over not information from the AGE System, but instead a folder with sparse and in many cases old documents.  It's everything he can find out about X-Rounders.  Not much, but one study reported the trend that upon exposure to an active X-Rounder, dormant ones would begin to awaken too.]

But if that's true... does that mean that Yurin and Desil were X-Rounders?


They returned so soon.  We still had like... six and a half years before the UE would show up again!  What made them change their strategies?

And... Master Albert!  He lived in that city!  He helped bring people in, helped guide and protect them!  And then he just let a bunch of Mavericks attack so some... some "cipher" could be released?!?  How can you offer such generosity to people and then snatch it away?


[Much later on, Flit's trying to check around the emergency shelters people at Legion HQ went to in the midst of all the fighting.]

-Yes, we do have a record of a "Yurin L'Ciel" checking in here just after the first Maverick machines showed up.

Then she should still be here, right?

Well yes.  She didn't check out, but... I've checked with the volunteers here and nobody's been able to find her.  I'm terribly sorry for this but surely she's still okay.  The shelter sustained no damage during the battle and maybe she just slipped out when nobody was lookingNow if you'll excuse me...

[All the reassuring in the world wouldn't have been able to keep Flit's heart from sinking, and the man's lack of even that just made Flit worry even more.]
[Eva-Or, as she's more likely known, the strange girl from security with that weird robot-is feeling down recently, despite stellar and slightly uncanny performance on the mission with the Zhar battalion. Rumors, spreading fast as they do, make it pretty easy to find out-she attempted to murder the walt-child, and was given a three-hour dressing down by Commander Howe in response. A loud dressing down, the kind that can be heard from down the hallway through an office's closed door.

She can generally be found moping about Alhambra, looking about as happy as a sack of potatoes with chronic depression, and spends more of her time in the gym.]
General Hetepheres... she actually killed her own...

[Flit's seen some ugly shit ever since the incident at Nora.  But filicide is in a league all of its own and Flit can't even begin to imagine a situation where his mother -bless her heart- would have to kill him.  Or he in turn have to fight and possibly even kill a child or grandchild.]

Those... are the kind of hard choices you have to make if you want to save people, aren't they?
[Coming on the heels of the incident with the Noise and terrorists, Flit's uploading the data gathered about DODS-proof enemies to the AGE Builder.  Fighting enemies like the Behemoth was bad news... but if the UE broke out something like that it could disastrous if a response wasn't prepared for it.  But that's not all that's on his mind.]

How can people... just go and make other people -friends even- just tools to be used and thrown away for no reason?  Just making the world burn won't fix anything and it'll wind up hurting a lot more people than the ones who hurt you before in the first place!

That isn't even vengeance.  That's just nihilism.
[Workaholic Flit has been workaholic recently, just not in the same way as he was before.  Rather, he can be found in the simulators, constantly, constantly, constantly going over the combat footage from Desil's hijacking as well as his own first sortie.]


[-And a very specific moment during his first sortie no less.  The UE forces defeated save for a single, black machine that hounded the AGE-1 and pushed it nearly to the brink... the Gundam failing to land a clean shot and instead having to rely on trickery to detonate one of May's grenades and then snipe the-]

Hit... HIT!

[Flit squeezes the trigger, the DODS Rifle firing out two shots in quick succession... but neither one hitting their mark.  The mock battle ends abruptly after that, Flit pounding his fist into the side of the chamber in frustration.]

Why... why can't I recreate that moment?  I could do it before, shoot that accurately before...!

[A glance up lets Flit see more footage of Desil's own fight playing out, the child pulling off ridiculously complicated maneuvers with the AGE-1 in spite of it being his first time ever piloting it.  He'd no doubt be able to pull off that shot on demand.  Stupid kid half his age and more than twice his skills!  With a frustrated grunt, Flit gets out and sulks away from the simulator, brooding like he's never brooded before.]

This was all just a waste of time.

[It's been a busy period of time for Flit, let me tell you that.  Getting situated, getting used to new threats -in addition to new aliens blargh-, and most importantly...]

Alright, now carefully... I'd rather we didn't have to use the AGE Builder to make a replacement for this one.  In fact, that would pretty much destroy the whole purpose of this!

[Along with some of the Diva's mechanic and engineering crews, Flit's been throwing himself into a new project: learning everything they can about the DODS Rifle so they can reverse-engineer it.  And doing that entails dismantling the entire thing to see just what goes on in it.  The outer casing of one side gradually is lifted up by a crane, exposing the inner workings of the rifle barrel and Flit can't help but snort a little bit.]

I hope this doesn't blow up in our faces.

[Especially since the hostage situation at the Sakihama base would've gone differently had those police machines been using stronger beam guns.]


[As much as you'd think Flit would commit every waking hour to his work, well he's still got some of that child innocence left in him.  The kind that means that when work for the day comes to an end, he decides to pick up where he left off in exploring Star Rose.  The layout's so different from Nora... and more than anything-

[Oh hey, there's some fish outside of the window.

[Wait.  He turns, looking and... he can see the refracting of light through the water outside, the fish swimming to and fro.  It's not a hologram, that's for sure.]


How long have they had this here?

[In the wake of the defense and successful retreat at Nora, there's a new mobile suit and ship making their residence at the Star Rose.  And also a new pilot for that mobile suit too, who's admittedly a little, well...]


I don't think in all the craziness there was a proper introduction.  And now that it's over, well...

I'm Flit Asuno.  I was the one who designed and oversaw the development of the Gundam AGE-1, and even though I didn't intend on piloting it, that's changed.  Everyone who was out there, thank you for helping save the people of Nora.  I'm not sure where they're going to go now, but I know I'm going to stay here.  Stay with the Unity Group.

Commander Bruzar was right when he said I needed to concern myself with saving many lives.  That's what the Gundam's built for too... and it lived up to that goal!  The UE, the Vagans... anyone else... humanity won't lose to them!

[Once the operation on Nora colony is over, Izuru decides to check on the evacuated civilians. The memory of Commander Bruzar's sacrifice is still fresh in his mind, and he is very conflicted.

And then, when he approaches the evacuees and they actually notice him, something he never experienced before happens. They walk to him wordlessly. Then, tears in eyes, a random person Izuru never met before hugs him in thanks.

This right here are all the lives you've saved, Unity Group.]

Oh wow! I can't believe it!

[A little later, Team Rabbits from the MJP have officially been assigned to Star Rose as part of Unity Group. Want to meet with its proud members, already declared heroes? There's one right here!]

It's like a dream come true. I didn't expect it to happen that fast. It's so amazing, like a secret base of a hero with a hidden identity! What's that over there?

[Izuru is running around like a little kid on sugar. Right now he's the happiest teenager alive. Anything and anyone is bound to attract his attention.

In case you think hiding away in bases other than Star Rose will save you, no such luck. He'll visit the other places as well.]
[For those of you making the trip to Nora to help with its defense, you'll be met with a whole lot of activity almost immediately.   Between the colonial defense teams preparing their machines, various outside forces also arriving, and new hardware being delivered the place is a bustling little burb, one trying to be ready for the nasty fight that'll soon be on its hands.  One might see base commander Hendrick Bruzar or his right-hand man Grodek Ainoa off in the distance, discussing things over with other important people on the scene.

[But also...]

Careful, careful!

[There's a particular machine that has an entire engineering team dedicated to it, currently working to re-attach an arm.  For those of you familiar with your mobile suits, it's plain to tell by the thing's design: it's a Gundam.  *Explodes*.  But even more peculiar is that the person calling the shots here isn't any of the adults, but rather a kid who's one of the youngest if not the youngest person there.]

I just knew this would happen... why'd he have to run those extra tests on the Gundam's arm?