Following the disaster of the terrorist attack (and later Lost Seekers showing up), Project Khnum was not accepted by ESUN. Moreover ethical concerns ensured that thorough investigation must first be performed before it is allowed to continue in any shape or form.

But what of the clones? The clone soldiers who, after something happened to them, now are apparently sapient and acting with a will of their own. There is less than a dozen survivors, but one of them speaks up.

"Uncertain... I mean. I am uncertain what I wish to do now." The clone gestures - at the armored Genoace, at a handheld weapon dropped not too far away.

"But it's not this."
All out of sudden, a military exposition has been organised. Many ESUN bigwigs were invited to come, and this applies to Unity Group members as well. On location, the guests may feel safe thanks to heavy security - provided by some kind of armored soldiers. In addition to acting as guards, they are the ones showing off at the exposition. Be it on foot drills or fake combat in mobile suits (modified, heavily armored genoaces), the squads perform their tasks with excellent speed and precision.

"What's the secret behind Project Khnum's success? We have cloning to thank for that!" The guests are entertained by a way too enthusiastic presenter with a fake smile. He is all too eager to explain the goings on of the exposition.
"Now, this is not the first such attempt, I'm sure everyone heard of the MJP Project. But that has its shortcomings - it creates cloned people, but people still, and the project's graduates grow just too slowly! The Earth Sphere is besieged by enemies from all sides, we need a large elite army to protect us and we need it now. Project Khnum is the solution."

"Its creations may be biological, but they're more robots than people. They are created from a template only vaguely similar to human DNA. No real sentience, no free will, only directives downloaded into their brains by our well-developed and tested training procedures. These procedures is what gives the Project Khnum clones their excellent abilities and teamwork, while ensuring they will never, ever harm a human being. Safety is always our foremost concern, a priority!"

"With Project Khnum dawning on the Earth Sphere, the face of warfare changes. No longer will our brave sons and daughters have to risk their lives in battle. No longer will nations have to spend huge sums on years' worth of training. With the project, a soldier of the new area, capable, skilled and loyal, is ready from nothing in mere months!"

Many of the guests are sceptical and some even look visibly disgusted. But just as many seem enthusiastic about this idea, as clapping fills the air as soon as the speech is over. One older gentleman seems especially content.

"Today this becomes reality. My dream... no - my final chance at redemption."
Edward Mcdowell looks like he aged 10 years since the last time you saw him, forced to stand with the help of a cane. But he is beaming with pride. Pride at the project that - as any information leaflet reveals, is his own doing.

And the DNA template mentioned during the presentation? It too is present on site.

"This is the right thing to do, isn't it? This is a good thing... right?"

Chou avoids the crowds and leans against the window in a secluded area. The Kin looks torn apart by internal struggles and exhaustion. But they're here not as a prisoner, but the project's co-creator. One whose genetic pattern served as base for the clone soldiers.

"What'd you do in my place, Ren?"



The cloned soldiers themselves aren't separated from the guests. You can talk to them, or try your luck against them in a fake fight (using 100% safe weapons). They even answer questions. But unless someone has business with them, they just stand still, like statues of futuristic warriors. So unlike the Kin whose DNA they share.
[Following the battle on Ankaia, Kei can be found looking over a number of reports on recent political events and debriefings of recent battles.]

Jiart returned, despite having died. Remnants of the Zentraedi invasion turned up with him. Several Zentraedi fleets are coming. Then the Void returned and Fumerco popped up again despite Ishin killing its leadership, the revelations about its actions and the needs of maintaining the peace with Ankaia. And it proceeded to continue what it had been doing before.

Lots of enemies are coming back when they shouldn't.

So I wonder...How likely is it that this isn't related to the Lady?

[Beatrice Willson.  The successor to the SCCF's initial leader and mad scientist, Lilian Cavinagh, who didn't last long in the position seeing as how she's locked up in a cell and facing interrogation.]

Right.  We get to meet face to face now.  In a sense, since... yeah.

[... From a Doomba with the video setup for Roy.]

And you came because you thought I'd just tell you information you wanted to hear about the Foundation, or the Cambio Protocol in general?  Or what happened to your friend after Carina attacked with the Gatekeeper?

The Doomba and the Detective )[Anyone else is free to talk to/interrogate Beatrice if they want, even as groups.]

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[So it seems you all haven't seen the last of Roy Garnette just yet.  In spite of what happened at Erria, the Wagner, untouched since then, still rose to help save Hikari's friend.  Now it's at least getting a proper repair job, with the AI inside now free to focus on his existential quagmire.]

So... yeah.

Boss man didn't just get me an awesome robot to pilot... that robot... was me.  An' I guess the normal-size me was just a... drone or somethin'.  Dan Man, you're probably right.  My past an' living on the street... nights I went hungry, winters I spent freezing my butt off... even meeting boss man himself were all a buncha lies.

But when we were out there, that dude in the Megatank knock-off needed help.  And like, I could hear it.  Like I wasn't blown to bits and crap.  And I had to ask myself if I could just let a guy get killed and not even try to save 'im.

I mean... even with boss man I tried...






[Hooked up to a screen, Roy's been trying to get at least a digital image of himself re-established.  Kinda hard when you're only just getting into the wonderful world of computer programming even though you are one.  And worst of all, his efforts seem to be straying further from the mark.]

Not in a million years...


[And afterwards the Wagner can be found, looking at a small data screen in the hangar, tendrils occasionally poking at it to cycle through reports about what happened at Erria and everything afterwards.]


... What a bunch of scumbags...

[In the wake of everything that happened at the "ESUN funders" meeting place, and her sudden-if-unwitting assistance in Loni getting the last Seal, Eva's been confined to bases for the immediate future. Also, she's absolutely pissed, if the way she's going to town on that sandbag is anything to judge by.]


[And yelling at it. There's that too.]

Why the hell should you trust that rock?! Why the hell should you trust Loni! Why should I trust you, huh?!

[Spots of blood start to appear on the sandbag, and on the floor. Eva's been at this for a while with no protection; her knuckles have split open. She gives a 'tch,' and walks off to sulk on a bench by the side of the room.]

All I had to do was wait, and some magic rock was going to save me...? Like hell...

[Normally when a kid gets back to whatever they were doing after a vacation its usually just piles of homework... griping about school and having to deal with the curriculum once more. Some kids however...]


[Have to deal with being hospitalized. Both Volya and Interitus were left badly injured when they battled the Guardian of the Last Seal. Not long after fishing the Russian kid from her, Interitus had somehow shapeshifted into her smaller form. A reflex or something else it was hard to say. Either way both of them are in the infirmary being tended to and it might be a while before they wake up.]


"T... they're going to be okay right? They have to be... right?!"

[And who's close by but David, looking on the verge of freaking out due to the fact that this... or worse would have happened had the knights had their way. And being up close to this made everything worse for him.]


[There's a weak groan from one of the pair. A whimper of pain as an attempt to sit up was made and red eyes rushed around the room fearfully. Dark. Silent. Partner. Where. Pain. Cold. Lonely. Notagain.]

[Making a late night visit to Volya and Interitus would lead to the sound of several somethings clattering to the floor. Opening it to quickly check on them, you would find Volya had struggled out of his cot and into Interitus' and had knocked several things over in the process due to being pretty hurt himself. He was crying pretty hard as he clung to his still unconscious partner like a drowning man clings to a life preserver.]

[Responses should probably go as a reply to the first tag. Not necessarily all in one thread though.]

Hey guys. Let's go out on a trip! Actually it's more like a visit.

But anyway! It's going to be fun. It's this time of the year, right?

[What hare-brained idea is Izuru up to now?

Anyone who dares follow in his footsteps will find themselves at a certain serene facility. Its pristine white walls and green park areas exist to evoke an aura of calmness, but burly orderlies and electrified checkpoints are never far away, and though it tries not to draw attention - security is very high.

There's one person Izuru wants to talk to here.]

Hey Leos. How are you doing?
So... That happened.

*Walt sips his coffee*

(Feel free to discuss about Brye and Rani's elopement with Walt.)
(Sorry about this. I'd wanted to do it like a month ago or more, but stuff has been going on in my life and it was delayed.]

[It's been quite a while since the mission in the Middle East and her subsequent hospitalization, but finally Alex is back at one of the bases. She's lost a bit of weight in the hospital but otherwise looks no worse for the wear, her new prosthetic legs hidden by her pants. Her expression is somewhat stiff, as if she's trying to not let some emotions show.]

Hi. It's been a while, but the hospital finally let me out. I've been trying to follow the news and people have visited me, but I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I missed while I was gone, so I hope everyone has been okay.

But, [she hesitates for a bit,] I'm not here to return to service. While there I was thinking and I decided to return to civilian life to finish my studies. I just wanted to personally say goodbye and check up on you instead of simply vanishing from the hospital. I'll try to stay in touch, even if military schedules and time zones might cause issues at times.
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Wow, what was that? I didn't know it could do that! Why didn't anyone tell me?

[Brye is looking over the smoking battered hulls of the Huckebein and Grungust duo. The duo returned from SSR headquarters, even though the seal SSR housed is no longer there - it's in the units now. Somehow.]

I'm terrified, but also excited! Can a human person have so much adrenaline in her system and still live? Is something terrible going to happen now?

So, that was the "Loni", huh...

[A fair bit later Bryanne is still alive, but instead she's more thoughtful and pondering loudly.]

I knew he was a jerk but now it looks like he's not all right in the head too. But the scary thing is, I think he got one thing right. In very, very general terms.

This world needs to change. Look what happened with SSR and the Cambio thingy. Look what happens to people all the time. This isn't right, this needs to change.

I just don't think Loni's the one who should do it.
[Late at night, Sakihama Base's residential area is peaceful and quiet. Suddenly - bumping noises. Something thumps in the dark, followed by shuffles, as if a heavy object was being dragged on the floor. The source of the noise can't be far away... sounds of cutting, movement, and when you get close - fluids squirting, guide you towards a room.

A room where, as soon as the door is opened, the corridor's light illuminates horrible, orange organic mess on a table.]

Hey there!

[And here's a killer with a knife!]

[Izuru tumbles another (badly) carved pumpkin on its place, but he doesn't seem entirely happy with it. An idea is already brewing inside his head...]

Man, so much crazy stuff happened that it actually takes the edge off this holiday... I wonder, are there any haunted houses around? I mean real ones. We should totally visit one.
I have to go...

[Peola sounded... depressed to say the least.]

Some of the things my father said. They stuck in my head, I've been having trouble sleeping because of it.

I sent him a message that I'd agree to the wedding...

[There was an immense grimace on her face at the thought.]

Turns out those nobles didn't recognize my 'non-existent' choice... I don't know if its because they don't care about Earth, that she wasn't around or because Kliiment talked them into not caring...

But... I guess that's what I get for running away from my problems and punching them in the face isn't it?

... They're holding the wedding on Earth... my father's invited you all... figured since we all fought together you guys should be there.

I guess that's it... thank you... all of you for being good to me.

[Peola lowers her head in a modest bow.]

[For those of you who wish to speak to her before she has to leave she's at the hangar. A small troupe of Royal Porters were quickly shimmying off with her belongings to a rather ornate looking shuttle outside, its entrance flanked by a pair of mecha. Regalis Filia itself was carefully being moved into the shuttle by another pair of them. The Princess is tremendously listless about the whole matter and is spending the whole time fidgeting. Notably rather than her usual security uniform or just some simple clothing she's clad in a flowing gown that seemed to have an almost ocean like sheen to it, looking tremendously formal and out of place.]

[After the battle with Samantha, FBI investigators and detective types are poking around the UG for what they can find relating to Eva and her family. They're polite and friendly, and just interested in the facts of what happened, not any sort of genetic or scientific information. They make no effort to hide their motive: publishing a thorough documentation of the crimes, lies, and moral failings that led to a group of insane psychics and a nuclear explosion on American soil. That said, while they will document and try to prevent similar crimes from happening again, there is no plan to pursue charges relating to Pedantic Blue. Or to put it another way, Edward McDowell is going to die a free man.

As for Eva, she fell ill soon after returning from Alaska. Nausea, vomiting-classic symptoms of radiation sickness. And while it is a mild case, she can still look forward to being stuck in sickbay on medical leave for the next few weeks. A bible, a stack of adventure books from Alex, and a pile of classic movies on DVD are there to help her occupy the time. When you visit, she's either reading one of the books, watching a movie, or just lying in bed staring at the ceiling.]
(See event post below for location.)

A regular hike... )
([personal profile] dignity_kept Sep. 1st, 2015 11:24 pm)

[A lot of things happened in the second foray into the dome under the Atlantic. But perhaps most interesting is that General Hetepheres brought something with her. Soon as the report was done, the whole place was a hubbub of activity, and maximum security measures were placed.

Because what was brought back appears to be an incapacitated PRAYER. One that looks something like this, and which the people in the mission swear is Kagura.

The thing makes no movement as it's placed under guard, behind steel walls and reinforced observation glass guard posts. It seems deactivated, and is only about half the size of a Genoace - positively tiny for a PRAYER. But nobody is taking any chances here.

However, it's severely resisting attempts at opening it for now. Whatever this thing is made of, it's going to take some serious explosives to get through it. And if the strike team are correct, Kagura is in there, somewhere, which kinda limits the more drastic options...]

[(This first prompt is for people to mingle and react to the mission, debrief, and fact that oh God we have a damn PRAYER in storage the guys at ESUN are going to flip their lid and who knows what GRAVEYARD is even going to say. And maybe suggest ideas to get through the Apostle.)]

[2 - A day later]

[The Apostle has been inert for a day already. Poking and prodding has led to nothing. And now it's late, and the guards are basically looking at it because it beats staring at the wall.

And so, there's some serious scrambling in surprise when the frame suddenly lights up. There's a sound like something being pulled, and the thing stands upright. All the guards and fire support get ready, aiming at the mysterious unidentified object as lines appear where there were none, and the center coffin starts opening.

And from it falls... what looks like a Spirit Kernel. A female, featureless, blue energy humanoid, that falls forward and lands on one knee, looking exhausted. Heatless flame seems to crackle around her, much like the core of Scarlet Queen so long ago. She turns shining eyes on the closes guard aiming at her, holding her own head as if having a terrible headache.]

Stop that before you hurt yourself, Williams. You're more of a danger to yourself than me with a shotgun. [The voice is strange, with a low reverb - but behind that, it sounds about what someone might sound like after running a marathon with a broken leg] Someone get me some warmth. I'm exhausted.

[Soon after, some heating is arranged. The humanoid figure lays down, immobile and resting. If anyone wants to try talking to it, before anyone else, now's a perfect chance.]
So, let me get this straight. That crazy guy who tried to drop Phobos on Earth... he used to be an UG member?

[Brye stabs her salad with a fork, like a professional vegetable torturer.]

You have quite a party going on, you know that?

[The Grungust Alpha is missing from the hangar in Fort Alhambra!

But the culprit is easy to find, as the big super robot is not too far away - its eye lasers digging into the ground around the base, creating complicated and large-scale images. And the pilot...]

Hey, I'm getting better at this!
[Phobos was stopped and Leos apprehended with minimal impact to the world at large despite the threat of a moon being hurled at Earth. The situation though may have been quite a bit more complicated by the appearance of Nineball as well. Numerous considerations and concerns were being addressed and facts checked through. Though Nineball did indeed manipulate Leos, all of his actions were all conducted by his own will rather than active control by the AI.

Either way the history of numerous psychological issues had dissuaded any sort of harsher punishment. Rather than an execution or imprisonment, Leos would be sent to an as of yet currently undisclosed location for treatment and therapy... though he has yet to learn of this.

Currently Leos simply waits in a holding cell and is awaiting transfer. Restrained to ensure no harm can be done to others... or more likely towards himself... a precaution more than expectation for it to happen. Either way he barely moves an inch as he simply sits slumped against the wall and is unable to bring himself to look up at whoever is visiting him. Out of guilt or shame its hard to say.]
1. [Anyone passing by the hangar will notice the Tern looks different-specifically, it's been painted a vibrant shade of blue, with orange trim. The words on its forehad have been replaced, as well-no longer "Be Thou Afraid", they now read simply "Fear not". Eva is nearby, wearing some paint-splattered work clothes and looking over her work proudly.]

...Watch me, Ren.

2. Say-would you like to play a game?

[Eva's brought a deck of playing cards, dice, and three small cups to the cafeteria today.]

I want to try something.
[Following the mission where Ren returned, Alex was somewhat distracted and preoccupied. She didn't do anything too unusual or anything, she was just more quiet and thoughtful than usual. And right now she's sitting at a table in one of the common rooms, a pretty heavy looking book and some coffee in front of her. She's pretty clearly not able to actually pay attention to the book.]

So...What are we supposed to take away from that?
Worst enemy mankind has ever known? Do you realize what you're saying? Don't you know what horrible people Earth used to have around in history? Some are still here even nowadays...

[Setsuko slouches in front of her comfort dessert, barely avoiding splatting into it.]

Leos... you have no idea what you're doing. Your plan is stupid and makes no sense.

And... and we will show you exactly how wrong you are.

[With the threat of the Vagan ended and the SSR reluctantly rescued one would think that a break was finally found. This would not be the case as an alarming message began to worm its way throughout a number of frequencies. The area that was projected was forgettable, what was about to happen was not. It was Leos, Remille standing behind him.]

This is a message to all those willing to raise their guns in defiance of the world.

You know me as the Ninebreaker. As the leader of the Frighteners. As a fellow Murderer. A man who hunts those that cause chaos. Though I clearly didn't do that good of a job. Heh.

I've had a lot of time to think about the state of the world. Took a good long look and asked myself... Why keep it the way it is? After all people like us already shape the world don't we? People in and out of the ESUN in their shadowy offices give us mandates to do what they ask as well as private jobs on the side as their own personal hit squads or maybe even just the latter because they can't be seen endorsing such things.

We serve whatever power lets us feed our urges, our want to hunt and kill. To feel alive.
We move. We slay. We get paid. We do all the dirty work they're too afraid to have see the light of day or are just too lazy to have done themselves. The world goes on. We fight until we're of no use and then we're erased and tossed aside. We already carve it up into a meal fit for the fat kings on their velvet thrones who claim themselves to be the force of order in the 'civilized world'.

[There was a muffled noise as Boyle hauled a rather battered looking bureaucrat who was cursing angrily.]

"Let me go damnit! This wasn't what I put this team together for! Let me go Klein! After all I've done this is my thanks?!"

I think it's time we took that throne for ourselves.
We fight their wars. Their battles. We deserve it all. I think we're done taking orders from the likes of weaklings like him don't you think?

"What the hell are you babbling about?! Klei-"

[With a deep and sinister chuckle Boyle lifted the former benefactor of the Frighteners and proceeded to repeatedly slam him into the ground. Not even caring as the screams of pain fell silent and were replaced by the sound of a dead man being beaten into a pulp by the floor.]

The world has no small amount of superweapons to go claim for our own. No shortage of sheer destructive force to call ours. To that end we'll take the STAI Battleship for ourselves. That floating island of guns... While they're too hobbled down by their own goals and finances their protectors will be too slow to act. SSR, Unity Group, it doesn't matter who's in our way... the world will be in our hands if you join me. What say you gentlemen?

Isn't it time for a new world?

[There was no other damning proof than this... Leos has gone completely insane. Just how will you react to this new threat?]

[1] [Autobot City Medical Area] [Music for the Scene]
[Autobot city and Metroplex had taken a beating. There were injuries among the defenders... but foresight by Red Alert and the intervention of the Unity Group many lives were saved. But every battle, every victory comes at a cost. And today... the cost is high indeed. The sky, already stained from the smoke and destruction rumbles as rain begins to fall.]


[Optimus-... Orion Pax lays upon a medical berth within one of the few undamaged areas within the core of Autobot city. His body shattered, both Autobots and human technicians are struggling to keep him alive. Energon feeds and sensors were scattered across his broken form as his air intakes struggled to operate and his vocalizer crackled. Perceptor who had been close by transformed from his enlarged Microscope form, conferring with Ratchet and the other members of the medical team. His expression is grave and his voice tired as he regards those who were present.]

"... I'm sorry. All the damage Optimus took... even if he still had the Matrix... its fatal. He has hours... maybe less at the very most..."

[The medic lowers his head, glancing at his fallen leader. His fallen friend.]

"If... you have anything you want to say to him... this might be the time..."

[From where he lies, Orion Pax struggles to look at you as he raises his hand weakly... trying to beckon you closer.]

[Will you speak to the Autobot Leader in his final moments?]

[2] [A while after Prompt 1]

Exile under the cut. )

Maybe this one would be best?

[Kei is sitting in one of the common rooms at the Sakihama base with a cup of tea and and an empty plate with a dirty fork and some crumbs and custard in front of her. Also on the table is a large collection brightly colored promotional pamphlets and magazines from universities across the planet. She's thumping through some of them, comparing the information presented within.]

But if I do pick Germany, I need a degree from an official high school to get in...

2 [Locked to Rabbits]

[Later the same day, Kei has gathered her team in their usual meeting spot - Asagi's room.]

So I was thinking. Now that the Wulgaru have been defeated and enough times without any sightings has passed that they're probably genuinely gone, we deserve some leave. We haven't really had any since we were ordered to the beach almost a year ago.

["You need self-reflection".  That's what Setsuko had told him.  Told him after he'd just gone overboard saying things that just... had made sense in the heat of the moment.  But now...]

-Another one put in an institution...

[A much darker picture is being painted for Flit as he uses every search engine and Tikipedia knockoff to look up what all became of past X-Rounders.  Talented as they were, it was becoming a recurring trend that excessive and unwarranted aggression, violent rhetoric, and in some cases certified insanity went hand-in-hand with the ability.  A relic of humanity's "barbaric past", Grodek had called it.]

... Some of them even act how you'd think the Vagans would.


[Flit's in his workshop, looking down at a strange, excessively bubbly-shaped helmet; its design Vagan-ish in spirit.  Not surprising, since it was a spoil of the battle at Ambat.]

"Psychomet Mu-szel"...

... A helmet meant to stimulate activity in the X-Region.

[And now begins the experimental part: hooking up cables all over the contraption and hooking it up to a terminal with a makeshift AGE Device acceptance slot on it.]

... Come on.  Take as long as you need to but tell me what I want to hear...

[A helmet that could make people be like X-Rounders.  Could it be possible to reverse-engineer it... literally?]

[3] (confined to one very special friend)

[Okay, so the analysis and calculations were taking a long while.  Long enough for Flit to get restless and go into the city to stretch his legs.  It gave him some time to stop worrying about his own problems and think about other peoples', after all.  And there was one really big question on his mind as he walked along aimlessly.]

... Why, Leos.  Why?

1.[After everything that happened on the last mission, Eva is worn out. So she's sitting on a chair out in the hangar, looking up at the Tern and gathering herself. Her hands are quietly shaking.]


2.[Night finds you walking the halls of Alahambra base-but it's wrong. Windows are shattered, lights flicker, and there's dirt everywhere. The place is familiar but not, looking exactly like the base might if it'd been abandoned for five or ten years. Nobody else is around.

-Until a teenage girl drops out of the ceiling right in front of your face.]


((If it's not obvious, this prompt takes place in a dream sequence. Feel free to tag both with the same characters.))
[Somewhere in Oregon]

It's a calm, warm day. On a hill above a military base far away from the UG, Eva sits with a notepad and pencils, sketching quietly. Her picture isn't like the view in front of her at all; there are some lopsided-looking mountains added in, and where the airfield rests below her there is only a pit, a gaping maw in the earth. It dominates the center of the picture, pulling attention away from the hastily-drawn trees and mountains around it.

She erases one of the trees, sketches it again, then looks at her work.

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[Guess who's back in the hospital. Izuru got to know the bed very well, and Red Five is wrecked pretty badly... but this time it's different.

He's here because of injuries, not due to piloting his AHSMB. No symptoms related to the JURIA System synchronisation have appeared. It's as if the recent feats stabilized his DNA's relationship with Red Five.]

We've done it! Everyone, we've done it.

Humanity is safe now. Well, safer I mean. There's still more dangers to take care of, right? But the Wulgaru one is gone, thanks to everyone's hard work.

You guys... are all heroes!
[The Indalph are gone and so is the traitorous Sara Harper. While she was once a good friend, she became a monster and enemy to all of mankind and its allies. But would it really be appropriate to celebrate? Depends on who you ask. As for Leos? He's simply invited you (or someone's case, invited himself in) to a favorite hangout of his with a console, a bunch of fighting games and pudding. Lots and lots of pudding. Its pretty easy to guess where this hangout was (Spoilers: Its Asagi's Room).]

So we've got Kalamity Battle X,  Blaze Gear: The Third - Phantasm Sign, Ultra Crash Siblings Free For All, Road Battler Five and DropBunker. I had a Copy of Martial Mashup 3 but someone kind of smashed it into about two dozen pieces tops.

[Leos is perfectly happy to remain on the floor to avoid breaking furniture with his weight. Interestingly enough though, in addition to a few controllers, the leader of the Frighteners had plugged himself into the console as well... this should prove interesting.]

[Pick a game, any game.]

(For clarification: Kalamity Battle = Mortal Kombat, Blaze Gear is a mashup of Blazblue and Guilty Gear, Ultra Crash and Road Battler are self explainatory and DropBunker is Divekick with pilebunkers replacing the kicks. Spectators are welcome to jump into threads with permission from the participant.)

2) [Long after prompt 1]
Cut for Length and Reasons )

3) [Takes place after Prompt 2]
Cut For Reasons )

4) [Locked to one character in particular.]

Cut For reasons )
1. [After the mission to the abandoned mine, there is a short message from Eva for everyone.]

I'm leaving. Tonight, or maybe tomorrow. I have questions for Edward that need answering, and doing things the "official" way will take years and a mountain of paperwork.

In truth, he has employed me for a long time-longer than the Unity Group. He found me at a very difficult time in my life, and it's thanks to his help that I was able to even join the Unity Group in the first place. Without him, I would probably have taken my own life before ever coming here.

He employed me as a spy, though I wasn't able to find anything particularly amazing. I stopped sending him information shortly before the Albatross was destroyed; he's not someone I trust anymore.

Oh, and keep Edwards out of my personal effects while I'm gone.

[She'll be around the base for a while longer, before it comes time to leave.]

2. [Eva's room is plain and barely furnished; there is a matress in one corner for a bed, a safe in another. But the walls are covered, floor to ceiling, with sketches on paper she's taped up. They're landscapes of the area around various UG bases, and while most are pretty amateurish, there are a few good quality ones.

Eva herself is sitting on a suitcase, cutting up a photo; there's a small locket, spread across her lap.]
1) [One Thread only please.]

[Calvin is standing before the Stone door with a very wary look. He probably shouldn't have brought along a particular stone with him... but it was better to have it on hand in case they found something inside. He feels his stomach churning in a horrific way that Asagi would be familiar with on bad days. With this he carefully looks back to the others accompanying him.]

On a scale of one to ten, how much of a bad feeling are you getting from whatever might be behind here?


[After everything that has happened Calvin has retired back to his quarters. As soon as the bag holding the Stone is put away... he crashes to the floor, curling up into the fetal position and shaking badly with a wide eyed expression. Clearly the day's excitement along with discovering the fact that Project Pedantic Blue not only existed... but there had been actual living physical proof of it on the same base as he was currently occupying freaked him the hell out.]

[Bother him?]

1. [In the weeks since Ren's death, Eva has been hard at work. Be it at the simulators or the firing range, she's been training or practicing almost around the clock. TSFs, Valkyries, Arm Slaves-She's been trying out the full breadth of mecha up for grabs under the UG. Some of these go better than others, with her performance on the Arm Slaves and japanese-made TSFs being particularly poor.

Still, everyone has to take a break sometimes, so it's easy enough to interrupt her when she's eating or catching her breath.]

2. [Perhaps more pressing is Eva's new sleeping habits, which seems to be "anytime, anywhere." When she's not practicing, she can be found passed out in random places, like a hallway, the gym, or other people's rooms. Without even changing out of practice clothes, she's just sleeping peacefully wherever she lies.]
[As if to continue on with how badly things had gone for the Unity Group... well nothing more needs to be said. The damage that Alhambra base took and the burned out chunk that used to be the Huckebein's cockpit block was testament to that. As for Leos he was simply going to sit on some debris. Those who get closer would note that he was bleeding from quite a lot of places. As was Boyle who was not too far away, grumbling very audibly to his sister.]

Hah... I told you Dido... I told you we shouldn't have left them alive.

[He says this regardless of the presence of the mechanic.]

But what can you do... the past is past already. The dead can't hear their eulogies or know if they were avenged. Or that their deaths could have been avoided.

Unity Group... I wonder who will lead you now...

[Maybe he's delirious from the blood he's losing. Maybe he's just thinking out loud. Its hard to say.]

1. [Almost immediately after the mission in Brussels, Eva is sitting on a seat in the shuttle. There's hardly any sign of emotion on her face. She's just...there, staring at the opposite wall.]

...What just happened?

2.[Much later, Eva can be found at that wall of remembrance, sitting with her back alongside it. Above her there is a new picture of Ren; in her hands is a pistol. She's been crying, though she isn't now.]
[With the Earth remaining under siege and no end being in sight, the ESUN has asked Unity Group to provide some of its pilots to visit various workplaces to build morale and Commander Antov agreed. Different groups have been sent, but you've been paired with Kei as you get to pretend to work everywhere from a kindergarten to a hospital to more unusual places. Whatever you're doing, she's clearly uncomfortable and trying to avoid letting it show. What kind of place are you currently at?]


[In the car between two places late in the day, Kei is very quiet and just trying to focus her attention on some weird drink.]

Why did they think this was a good idea?

[Ren's room has been vacated. Scarce personal possessions have been moved elsewhere, and the whole place looks like if no one ever lived there, left in a pristine condition.

The horned person can still be found in a Unity Group base, head bowed in prayer in front of the wall of rememberance. Ren wears the same robe they were first found in. Even the gunshot hole and the bloodstains are there.]

Seeing even one person die in front of my eyes, their life lost - when I had means of preventing it... it makes me feel guilty. It's a selfish emotion because it makes you feel bad for yourself rather than the one who just died. But we are inherently self-centered beings. Aren't we?

[As their eyes open, Ren smiles sadly.]

My time draws close. I know I am going to die - not exactly when, not yet, but it will be soon. And I know where it will happen. I really doubt the circumstances will be peaceful, so I already informed Roland. We will do everything we can to ensure no further tragedy strikes.


I am really happy we could have met. Thank you for everything.
[Late at night, Ren is looking up at the starry sky. It is peaceful and quiet, with wind gently blowing, a fresh breeze on everyone's faces.]

I was a fool, wasn't I?

If you close your heart, if you stay distant from others - then they can't really hurt you. And if you are not sure about someone's intentions, that is the best way to avoid disappointment and harm.

And yet...

And yet I will continue being a fool.

I am aware of horrible things human beings are capable of. I even experienced it first hand - this doesn't change anything. Because, every day, I am surrounded by proof of wonderful things people are capable of, too. People of Earth, and of other planets.

[Ren notices the shining object in the distance. It was not there just a few days' ago. Cybertron.]

Great kindness, incredible cruelty and everything in between. That's what it means to be human, doesn't it? Sorry for waxing so philosophically.


[Ren approaches people they know with a glint in their eye. It might be time to run.]

So many people were concerned about recent happenings, I'd like to help them get at least some relief. And I know how.

Would you like to attend a religious ceremony with me?
[With Izuru in the infirmary, Asagi was asked by the mechanics to help with some routine test on the still in-repair Red Five. He climbs into the cockpit, wondering what's the point of this since he's not the pilot and the Juria system won't react to him... But suddenly, various systems of the AHSMB light up!]

What the... How is this possible?

[locked to an NPC]
[Soon after that incident, Asagi was summoned to captain Suzukaze's office.]

Commander? I'm here. Is this about...

[locked to a certain derp]
[After the talk with the captain, Asagi absolutely had to talk to his team leader. So there he is, at the infirmary, with a determined expression.]


[the part other people can actually respond to]
[Asagi's hanging out in the Star Rose bar, as the rabbits tend to do on their free time. He's thinking about everything that happened recently - the fight against Klein, the successful rescue of Team Doberman, the incident with Red Five (which you might or might not have witnessed), the following revelations. Quite a lot of stuff. But he seems to be at peace.]

...I think my stomach is starting to get better.
1. [The recent mission was quite the ride for one - now identified - Cobray Gordon. His medical examination proves that he is, in fact, the informant that the UG was supposed to meet up with.

What isn't very helpful is that he has completely lost his memories of anything prior to being in the equally mysterious machine, which he calls the Werkbau. The amnesia was also confirmed, which is probably the only reason he's not being kept in a cell.

The only thing he can hope for now is a lead on his past, because there isn't much except piloting that he can help with.]


[And that also applies to communicating, apparently. He sits idly outside the infirmary, looking thoughtful.]


2. [Now, you'd expect someone who is looking for his memories to be more curious about the machine he was found in. But, it's the exact opposite of that...

Cobray has refused to get back into the Werkbau for some reason, while it is inspected. What is known is that the unit itself is an enigma - incorporating Earth technologies, but also those that are reverse engineered from aliens. It is so strange that it can't actually be categorized as either, even if it leans more towards the former.

You find him staring at the machine quietly from a distance. He actually looks bothered by it.]
[In the aftermath of the Wulgaru attack a familiar face makes a return... at least for a while. Leos and his team - not just the two that accompanied him but a number of other pilots as well were taking some time off at a Unity Group base.]

Well... I'm glad not much changed. Like I said to everyone out there.... its good to see you all again.

[There's something odd about Leos as well. For one he doesn't seem as energetic as he was before, and his voice was significantly more calmer too.]

"So this is the Unity Group huh? Can't say I'm impressed."

Boyle. Do shut up. Remille. Keep your brother from talking too much please.

"Understood Commander Klein."

[Boyle simply grumbles and folds his arms while the rest of the Frighteners chuckle at his expense.]

So. About that Pudding.


Guys! Look at this!

[Who's that, causing a ruckus as he runs through all of Unity Group's hallways? Why, it's Izuru, carrying a holographic message display. When turned on it shows...]

"... Therefore I would be honored if you could join me, Izuru. I'd love to talk about our past, even if you do not remember the whole of it. Those moments we spent together are still fresh in my heart, and precious to me."

She's inviting me! Princess Teoria is inviting me for a dinner!

What do I do?!

[2 - frontdated to soon before the mission. One thread only please]
[Izuru and a few others who decided to tag along as chaperones (so much for a close dinner for two!) are approaching the place of the date. A certain eyeless creature is driving the lot in her silly but surprisingly fast (and recklessly controlled!) car. The Rabbits' manager picked the location, a teppanyaki restaurant.]

"Make sure to look confident but natural, Izuru!"

Y-yes! Of course.

[Izuru makes his best suave face. It needs work.]
[People with unusual powers such as magic, psychic abilities or weirder stuff - suddenly Setsuko is hovering in your vincinity.]


[Finally she gathers resolve and approaches awkwardly.]

How does your thing work, exactly?

[Star Rose is bright and noisy, especially in the tourist-centric parts of the space station. Setsuko does not like large crowds, but today she finds their presence comforting. It is a reminder what is she fighting for. Lives who are allowed to have a normal daily existence. Well, there's also one more reason why she's there.]

Ahh! It's so good~!

[Que the Glory Star enjoying a huge girly parfait, sitting near the giant space squid aquarium for an extra impressive view.]
[So the Kaiju are gone for now, and despite the damage dealt to the city and Crimson Typhoon, Unity Group and the Jaegers were victorious.

It's rather odd, then, that people working at the docks continue to speak of a large creature lurking in the waters after the event. A monster...that flees at the sight of people.

If you stay around for a bit, you might catch a glimpse of it. In fact, as a UG member it seems to surface more often, though the most you might see is what looks like a giant snake's tongue popping up like a periscope, and the shadow of something waiting under the water.

And then...]

Ah...pardon me...would you happen to know of any place here that has some spare food...?

[How it's speaking is a mystery, but that voice sure sounds like Seta...]
[When Calvin and the 13th Genoace Unit arrive unceremoniously with the team that went to retrieve them the exit they made from their machines was... less than graceful. Calvin steps out of his machine looking like he hadn't slept for days. His uniform was a mess and he stumbled a little as he slouched out with a heavy looking pack to which he tossed to the leader of the 13th... who reacted too slow and ended up falling over. The other Genoace pilot who just hauled himself from his machine was pale and scrawny and was currently hyperventilating before making thorough and judicious use of an inhaler. The command car that was with them? Parked with its driver asleep at the wheel.]

... Great... Sorry about that Luther.

[A grunt of  exertion was his reply as he was handed back the bag. He leaned noticably. Whether the contents really were that heavy or he was just exhausted or both it was hard to say. Still, he just facepalms and lets out a somewhat despondent noise.]

[Later after having everything from his OSI office sent to him, Calvin was now in his room - which looked like a detective's office rammed head first into a bedroom and a witch doctor/paranormal expert's hut, though admittedly a lot of the objects were repaired with duct tape due to less than careful handling by the people sending them. The Investigator himself was at his cramped desk, trying to decipher a large slab of stone inscribed with a flowing and elegant script that was nigh on indecipherable. Along with him were several books, a pot of coffee, a kettle of tea, and a hellish abomination of the two in a mug that he was drinking in order to smash his brain awake so he can focus on his work. After a good five hours he had this to say.]

I can't understand a single thing on this stone. I've looked up every ancient language on record and even looked up texts from some people I know with a fascination with the Occult. Nothing.

[He sighs and leans back on his chair, glaring at the dim lights on the ceiling and leaning back on his chair mug in hand. Then he falls over and spills everything on himself and has the stone land on him.]


Her condition is the same as before. Eva looks up at the ceiling, struggles against her restraints occasionally, and sees and hears nothing of what goes on around her. Those eyes that fail to see what is right before them instead see...somewhere else.

Somewhere Else... )

Back in the hospital, Eva blinks once, and sees the ceiling for the first time.

1. [For Ren]
Of all the people Eva can think of, there's only one choice for who to call once she's woken up. She waits for them to arrive in the front of the hospital, having changed back into her normal clothes. For a given value of normal, at least-the all black outfit looks somewhat out of place when not going out to do some espionage work. It'll take a while for her friend to appear, so she takes out a small notepad and starts drawing.

2.[For everyone else]
There's no announcement. But soon, if you're paying attention or watching carefully, you may catch Eva stalking around the base, eating in the cafeteria, or practicing in the gym.
Things happen fast in the wake of the successful Virginia mission; it takes less than an hour for Edward to send in a generous offer to buy the Albatross's wreck. As it stands, the robot is totaled; its complicated, poorly-understood systems were expensive to repair to begin with, and with the excessive damage from Freddy's assault it is beyond repair.

Meanwhile, Eva is rushed to the nearest hospital in critical condition-and it's an agonizingly long hour before her doctor comes out. He takes a seat on a bench just outside the ICU, saying nothing.

(1 for general mingle, 2 for talking to the doctor/visiting Eva.)
[Not too long after the discovery of the Nineball Production Facility and its Destruction... Leos was gone without a trace. Pale Rider was no longer in the hangar, his room no longer had its belongings and more shockingly enough there were a great many puddings left untouched. Continuing to search for him would lead to a piece of paper stabbed into a wall with a knife.]

I'm sorry but I don't think I can stay in the Unity Group anymore. Everything that has happened, I just need to get away. Between everything that thing said, the fact that Loni and his friends will just get out of things without being punished, that good people keep getting hurt or killed for pointless and selfish reasons. I need to get out.

You're all probably calling me a coward for running away. That I'm being childish. But that's okay. I know what I am, and that if I stayed here longer I would make things worse.

[The writing grows a little more erratic. Closer observation reveals water marks where tears have fallen, causing the ink to run a little.]

Maybe I'll come back when I've grown up and shaken off my flaws. When I can bear the weight of everything that happens better and really do my part. I'm going to do my best to help people out of the Unity Group and do what I can to make things better.

I'll never forget you guys and hope that we'll always be friends. I'll miss you all. Even you Eva. I'll write it down if you forget what I said today. I don't hate you as much as I thought I did.

Thank you for everything. Please stay safe everyone.

Leos Klein

P.S. Eva can have this knife. I know she already has one but she could always use a spare so she doesn't end up having to cut her fingers on people with razors if she loses it.

(OoC: Yes this is a mingle post.)
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[Following is transmitted around Unity Group bases.]

Read more... )


"Yes? I'm sure you must have a lot of questions for me."

Following the recording, you can talk to the commander in chief in his office. He looks a bit uneasy and twitchy as usual. But also relieved, like if a great weight was lifted from his shoulders.

How about talking to Loni or Desta? Even though not in cells, they are under constant watch to make sure no one tries anything funny. Not them, nor people who are there to visit them.

"Fuck... so this is how we'd end up, imprisoned by our so-called 'allies'. If I knew... shit!"

"Just wait until we get out of here, Loni."



Ilinka is sitting in a cell. She doesn't pay attention to anyone who comes and goes, but if you call out to her - perhaps she'll respond?
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Unity Group's finance-related problems have eased over time. Nowadays they are pretty much gone and situation is back to how it was before.

But now, you get a reminder why the problems started in the first place.

"Holy crap! It's like Christmas came early!"

Loni's here. And so is his new unit. In the hangars, equipped with twin beam katanas, stands a stark white unit. The top of the line one of a kind prototype - the BrightSaber.

What about the old FightSaber? It's still being used, as a matter of fact someone is taking it through a training course right now. It jumps from cover to cover swiftly, shooting down target drones with gravity blasts while avoiding their counter fire.

Once the course is over, the time and score displayed are impressive. Browsing the results database would show that despite the unit being underequipped compared to its loadout from before, it scored higher than Loni ever did. But he's not the pilot this time.

"Yes, that's acceptable. I can work with this."

Ilinka is.

"Nice, Ilinka. This is a much better ride than a crappy old Gespenst. Now you won't need rescuing all the time anymore!"


By the way, Desta's nowhere around. Maybe the third of the Gavin party is not in mood for Christmas spirit.

1. [Backdated to just right after "Confusing Reveal"]

[Shortly after the last mission, a strange thing seems to have made Sakihama's hangar it's home. Specifically it's some kind of over-sized dog. The towering wolf-like creature is gigantic, yet it seems to be watching it's steps very carefully. Eventually it finds a nice empty secluded corner to sit down on. It doesn't look hostile at the very least, even though it's bigger than some of the Super Robots around. It almost looks embarrassed being in this situation. Anyone who takes a closer look at the creature would find that it's actually quite injured, almost as if it was recently attacked by some creature that took a liking to impaling the poor wolf.]

This is why I hate this form...I can't even scratch behind my ears for like, 3 days now.

[Oh, and it apparently talks and sounds like a teenage girl.]

2. [Front dated to after her fur is shed]

Hey everyone, I know this is a bit of a shocker for some of you, but I'm gonna be staying here for a bit. It's...some official Foundation business. It's some very confidential stuff so I'd appreciate it if you could keep quiet about me being here.


[Later, Astara has taken claim of Seta's old room. There seems to be a lot of noise coming from inside the room. If you take a look inside you'll find Astara has practically torn the room apart. Large sections of the walls have been caved in and anything that remained in it has pretty much been wrecked. Astara herself looks to be in severe pain, her veins seem to be pulsing with a color that did not look normal. Even for a Kijin.]

Dammit, of course it'd have a second part to it.

[It sounds painful for her to even speak.]