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*Backdated to before christmas*

Dorothy can be seen talking to a shopkeeper in a store.

Do you have this in black? *She holds a tie.*

Miss, the only black tie we have is for funeral. *The shopkeeper replies.*

Don't worry, this is for someone with a lousy taste.

*She then notices that you're there. She greets you with her usual blank expression*

Hello. Are you shopping as well?
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[1 - for a certain robot]


[It's noon at the Smith mansion. Frantic piano playing woke up Roger, who's in less than excellent mood as he approaches his, for the lack of a better word, maid.]

I told you already, don't play the piano in the morning! Especially not this. Isn't this the same song you played during Miss Macross? Didn't you score close to the last place?

[2 - aftermath of the previous one, also an open invitation for anyone interested]

In order to... broaden Dorothy's cultural horizons, tonight we're going to visit a certain friend of mine. He's working at a bar called Amadeus, in Paradigm City. If a few other people are interested, you are free to join us - if spending a musical evening in a soothing atmosphere sounds like fun to you, you won't be disappointed. And after everything that happened lately, you've earned it.

[3 - the actual visit, and the default part of the post]

[Amadeus looks like a classy place, but one with a calm and warm atmosphere. Even from the outside, quiet sounds of a piano can be heard. Inside, beautiful music fills the air, played by a single pianist. All the guests are sitting quietly, enjoying the sounds and looking relaxed and blissful, most of them with their eyes closed.]

[Also, the pianist is a robot. Soon, he finishes the melody and bows down to the audience, which responds with clapping - it's not a wild ovation, but it's definitely genuine. Shouting and cheering would just feel out of place here, and ruin the mood.
Now it's time for a break between songs, and an opportunity to talk to people. Speak to the pianist? To Roger and/or Dorothy, who are now heading into his direction? To other people who tagged along?]
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1. (Locked to Roger)

*You're busy doing whatever business a rich young negotiator like you are doing in your free time, when suddenly someone greeted you from behind.*

Good afternoon, Master Roger. This is your afternoon tea.

*It's the girl you saved before, Dorothy! In a maid uniform nonetheless! What is she doing here?*

2. (Free for everyone)

*If you're visiting paradigm city through Roger's Mansion, you can see a girl in a maid uniform sweeping the floor with a flat face. It's obvious that she never did this before, since she's basically just collecting dust and moving them around again and again. Those of you present in the mission "Dorothy, Dorothy" should recognize her as the hostage.*

Good afternoon. Are you looking for Master Roger? I assume he's currently still sleeping, but I'll gladly wake him up for you.