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[The Second Division located Fine's homebase - a luxurious cliffside mansion. But something's wrong... the whole place is strewn with unidentified assassin-looking men in black, dead. Whatever dark deeds transpired here went really wrong.

Also someone else is there.]

It... wasn't me! I just came here!

"I believe that. I know what you're capable of and who you are, Yukine Chris-kun."

[Further conversation is interrupted - Fine left a small surprise for interlopers in the form of an explosive! But as the dust settles, no one is harmed: Genjurou holding up a piece of rubble from falling, shielding both himself, and Chris.]

Kinda cutscene-y part )

[2 - a little later]

[Chris is standing nervously in Sakihama - a place not too long ago she considered belonging to an enemy.]

"Alright! Everyone say hello to Yukine Chris. A lot of things happened and Chris-kun made a choice to become a probationary member of the Second Division as a Relic User, with all what entails - including helping Unity Group. She promised to behave and work hard so count on her, alright? Why not introduce yourself?"

... You guys better be as well-intentioned as you say you are! If you turn out to be shady I'm bringing you down myself, got it?

"Ha ha ha! Talk about a first impression."

And... thanks for saving the world from being destroyed by a madman, I guess...

[If you ask Chris about Fine...]

Fine's a really special person. She's the one who gave me Nehushtan and the Solomon's Cane. She said she needed me to create a new world. A world without war or conflict, a world where everyone is safe and even cursed people like me have a place to belong to. She wanted to awaken something called "Kadingir". With Kadingir's help, she could do it.

'Course, now I know at least half of what she said was bullshit to manipulate me, but...