[In a move to capitalize on the fame the Rabbits got from their deployment at Nora Colony and to alleviate civilian morale following the attack on South Ataria Island, Kei has been sent to talk to the refugees on the Macross, listen to their worries and reassure them that people are keeping them in mind. As part of her busy schedule doing so, she's currently visiting those injured in the battle, having been put into a nurse outfit for this part. Between stiff smiles and very limited, awkward small talk it's an open question how good an idea it was to pick her for the job.]


[A small break is scheduled after the hospital visit and Kei is using it in the nearest breakroom she can find away from the masses of refugees. Still wearing the nurse outfit, she's somehow scrounged up a can of soda and a bar of chocolate to comfort herself with.]
What am I even doing here?


[Sometime after the endless handshaking and reassuring speeches ends, Kei is back to base clearly affected by what she saw.]
This is going to be something we will see over and over, isn't it? Except the next time, we might not succeed in evacuating everyone like we did at Nora and South Ataria. And that's not even talking about the places we couldn't get too because the new enemies force us to respond to even more places at once.

Those who stop by the Sakihama Base's main hanger bay may notice a new addition to the mecha menagerie, techs repairing minor damage to it's back and right arm.

You may recognize the mecha in question– from the news, by reputation, or from your model kits: the Kaiju-slaying Jaeger, Gispy Danger!


At the base of the Mark III Jaeger, while welding sparks rain down over their heads, two brothers in matching bomber jackets clink their bottles of beer together.

Yancy Beckett looks up as you approach, and fishes out another bottle from the cooler. "Hey there! We were just celebrating our fifth battle; care to join us?"


Later on, you can see Yancy hanging out in one of the lounges, chewing on his lip as he works on a Rubix cube. Care to offer some advice?


Around the same time, you might run across Raleigh in the gym, sweat staining his tank-top as he runs through a set of staff forms, using martial arts techniques from all over the place. Surprise attack him?
It's a party! Cathy and Liz had their first real honest live-fire people-are-trying-to-kill-us-but-we're-alive deployment at Nora, and not only did they successfully not die, they even helped save the day! Setsuko likewise had her own professional debut in the field of not-dying during the hostage rescue! Good Idea Bear Cathy of course decided this calls for a night on the town. The Star Rose! Tourists, socialites, and Nora refugees looking to celebrate their own not-dying! Dinner! Drinks! Dancing! Young adults in high-risk professions bonding!

1. [semi-locked to invitees]
Setsuko seems the skittish sort, so Cathy's easing in to this with a simple meal in a nice restaurant - there are plenty of those in a location like the Star Rose! She's found a moderately classy Indonesian place, but not so classy as to throw off the mood for the rest of the evening she has planned. Of course, the more's the merrier, so she's sounded out a few other of the soldier types of drinking age in the Unity Group to come along!

[Please ping me if you want to be one of the people invited! Of course, you might still run in to the group regardless, here or in the second prompt.]

2. [free for all]
Food's good and all, but its real function is to give soakage for drinks and energy for dancing! Do you stick with the group as they hit the bars and clubs, or run in to them there?

3. [point and laugh]
The morning after the night before! Well, morning by the clock, anyway, even if they kind of blended together. Whoever've lasted through the night are making their way home, some with some practice, others stumblingly. Are you among them, or up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to mock their debauchery?

[Let's say this takes place after the Symphormers mission but before Macross. Continuity is flexible, so you can still be hungover for the latter, or not.]
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([personal profile] srwu_npc Apr. 30th, 2014 05:48 pm)
"Now, please ask your questions one at a time."

Following the Nora colony defense, rumors spring up everywhere about the young members of the secret Military Junior Pre-Academy project - or as people star to call them, Majestic Princes! The MJP team joined with the budding Unity Group, and now it's time to address all these rumors: through a press conference!

"I have a question to everyone from MJP." Asks one of the many, many reporters present.
"How did it feel like to participate in the operation?"

Are you going to answer this question, or wait your turn until someone else asks you something else?

Although the conference is about MJP, other people are free to participate as well - especially if they were present on the Nora mission!

Oh, and by the way. This is all streamed on the Internet live. And people post comments. Scary, scary.
[So Shu's not the only new face at Fort Alhambra now.   There's two more machines that came back in addition to the Granzon... and these two also start with the letter G!  They're not as OP though... just a gray Gespenst that somehow's gotten in on the Halloween Plan refits and a red Gesterben that doesn't seem related to the other ones the team fought earlier in the operation.]


Never thought Mission Devil would lead to us working with the Unity Group, but then again stranger things have happened.  This is Second Lieutenant Albhard Bailaran of the ESUN's spec ops group Team Jelba.  My associates here are Second Lieutenant Selena Recital and her assistant robot, Elma.

A pleasure to work with you all, and thanks for showing up when you did.  Bought us a little more time before Shu arrived, time we might've not gotten otherwise.

Right.  We were investigating to confirm whether or not Shu Shirakawa had been killed or not, on account of no trace of the machine being found in the wake of its destruction at the hands of the Steel Dragons.  One way or another, we wound up being summoned to that other world -La Gias-, and it wasn't long before we met with some of your own people and then Shu himself.

According to the professor, he was resurrected by a man named Luozorl, though his memory is full of holes and there are also things he doesn't feel inspired to share.  In spite of that, his assistance in the battle and the cooperation he's given us have been taking into consideration by our superiors, and it's been decided he will remain under observation for the foreseeable future, with Lieutenant Recital and myself serving as his handlers.

Any suspicious behavior observed by Professor Shirakawa should be made known to us... but please refrain from antagonizing him.  I know some of you have prior history with Shu and some of you fought as members of the Steel Dragons, but the circumstances have changed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Albhard, Elma, and Selena can be tagged now or after this broadcast when they're milling around one place or another.)

[Another video intro is coming in. It shows a teenage girl trying to seem cool and professional, with trying being the operating phrase, giving the impression of someone neither used to, nor comfortable with cameras.]

Hi. I'm Kei Kugimiya, a student of the MJP project and member of Team Rabbits. I've been assigned to support the Unity Group and has been assigned to the Star Rose.

[There is a pause as she apparently runs out of things to say, but clearly realizes that she was too brief, creating a rather awkward silence.]

Our team has already taken action in support of the group, during the recent battle of the Nora colony and I hope future operations will be as successful...I'm the pilot of the purple ASHMB and will serve as local mission control in future operations as well. I look forward to working together with you all.

[The camera holds for a bit as she gives a slightly weak smile, before turning it off.]


[Shortly after introductions, Kei can be found moving the shopping areas on the Star Rose and near Sakihama. While her expression is a bit hard to read, it appears that she's looking over the shops for something specific that she hasn't found yet. She already carries a number of shopping bags.]

What... happened out there? What happened to me?

[During the mission, Setsuko's Virgola unit 3 was in Gauron-related distress but was suddenly shifted a long distance away from the battlefield. It was fished off the ocean and its pilot is fine, but she has a billion questions. And no answers.]

That was my mistake. I underestimated that asshole's capabilities. If something happened to you, I wouldn't forgive myself.

Everything ended fine in the end, so just be glad and don't worry!

Chief, lt Watson... I suppose you are right. There is no use worrying about it.

But I still need to know.

[Have you anything to say to the Glory Stars?]
[Once the operation on Nora colony is over, Izuru decides to check on the evacuated civilians. The memory of Commander Bruzar's sacrifice is still fresh in his mind, and he is very conflicted.

And then, when he approaches the evacuees and they actually notice him, something he never experienced before happens. They walk to him wordlessly. Then, tears in eyes, a random person Izuru never met before hugs him in thanks.

This right here are all the lives you've saved, Unity Group.]

Oh wow! I can't believe it!

[A little later, Team Rabbits from the MJP have officially been assigned to Star Rose as part of Unity Group. Want to meet with its proud members, already declared heroes? There's one right here!]

It's like a dream come true. I didn't expect it to happen that fast. It's so amazing, like a secret base of a hero with a hidden identity! What's that over there?

[Izuru is running around like a little kid on sugar. Right now he's the happiest teenager alive. Anything and anyone is bound to attract his attention.

In case you think hiding away in bases other than Star Rose will save you, no such luck. He'll visit the other places as well.]
1. [video]
[After the formal announcement, a broadcast goes around the Unity Group's networks, flagged as to-whom-it-may-concern. The video's of a young woman, auburn-haired and early twenties, wearing a uniform which those versed in Spacenoid politics may recognize as belonging to the militia of Erewhon, a neutral scientific colony.]

Now that we're officially a team, I should say hello. Lieutenant Catherine Butler, with the Erewhon Colonial Defense Forces. My sister and I will be operating out of the Star Rose for the time being, at least until it's time for ground trials. It's our hope that the Rose, the mobile suit we're testing here, will be an able to support to you all.

I look forward to working with you, and I expect we'll see you around.

[Short and to the point - though if you want more detail, Cathy's online for responses.]

2. [video]
[Just after that first broadcast comes another, marked as related. The person in this video is a slightly younger-looking woman with long black hair, wearing civilian clothes and a less formal expression.]

Hello! I'm the sister Cathy mentioned. Elizabeth Butler, but you can call me Liz. I'm really looking forward to meeting and working with everyone!

I'm online a lot, so don't hesitate to get in touch. You might see some of my drones around, too, so wave if you do! I'm just a warrant officer, so there's no need to stand on ceremony, don't worry. And if you want to know more about the Rose, I'm always happy to show off!

[As with her sister's broadcast, Liz shows up as ready to respond.]

3. Star Rose hangar
If you find yourself physically visiting the Star Rose, you may see the pair working on their machine in the hangar! Or - well, no, you see Cathy, apparently alone, working on and around a bold red mobile suit. Technical types will note it's an unusual design, with many non-standard features of interest. Cathy's directing a team of technicians setting up the surrounding gear and maintenance infrastructure, and putting the MS through its paces in launch exercises.

And over the next few days, Cathy can be seen around and about not just the Star Rose but Sakihama and Alhambra too, clearly exploring. Checking out the hangars and machines, curiously investigating the living spaces and surroundings, and tucking in to whatever the staff recommend as the most distinctive local specialties in the mess halls.
In Alhambra base, you can see a man in military uniform standing in front of some sort of coffee machine.

"They installed an automatic coffee dispenser..."

He turns toward you and cries out dramatically.

"I'm in despair! The way human easily substituted the art of coffee making for automated, mechanized coffee-making device has left me in despair!"

Amidst all of the people bringing their mechs to base, here's someone who isn't! An enormous woman approaches on foot, by way of the seedy cover hotel on top of the base proper. Slung over one shoulder is a backpack containing most of her worldly possessions, and on the other shoulder is what appears to be an authentic medieval claymore.

Once she's on the campus, Suma gives the scenery a critical look. "Not exactly what you'd expect a haven for heroes of battle to look like, is it?"


Later the same day, her things now stashed in her spartan bedroom, Suma has found the real point of interest of Sakihama Base: The hangar. Let's have a look at what we have to look forward to, yes?

Not having even it up the mess hall yet, Suma goes from mech to mech at a leisurely stroll spending a couple minutes taking each one in. Without any engineering knowhow, she doesn't have much to go on besides intuition to get an idea for how each one fights, but even so, she can't help but imagine each one in action, as an ally or an enemy. For the first time in years, she's feeling the thrill of diving into a new kind of battle, surrounded by cutting-edge weapons the likes of which the world has scarcely seen.

Between mechs, she scans the hangar for people, but the engineers and technicians going to and fro don't hold any interest for her - the pilots of these mechs, however, may prove a different story.

[[After she finishes with Sakihama Base, she'll be checking out the hangars at Alhambra and Star Rose, just in case anyone wants a thread but isn't stationed at this base!]]
[1] [Suddenly, a transmission to all Unity Group bases! The person talking is... definitely not human. She's some kind of weird alien insect cyborg.]

Citizens of Earth, members of organization known as Unity Group. I come to you with a warning.

I am Hetepheres, a general of the Gebian army. Thousands of years ago, my people came to your planet, but they kept their presence a secret. Today, we return, but we are not united in our goals. The Anti-Earthling Party believes that we should conquer your planet, and enslave its populace. They will start their invasion soon.

I am a representative of the Pro-Earthling Party. We believe in mutual cooperation and understanding between our two races. I was sent here as an ambassador, and consultant, and defender; together, we shall push back the AEP, and perhaps teach them of the mistakes of their way. If they don't want to learn, they shall taste steel.

Your leaders already know about this and have prepared a place for me to establish an embassy. If you need anything, you can find me there.

[2] [Soon, stuff is going on in the hangar at Fort Alhambra. A strange vessel has arrived, resembling a combination of a normal spaceship and an ancient Egyptian river boat. It's not big, enough to transport maybe several mecha at most. A group of creatures that look suspiciously similar to 1-meter long beetles is moving to and fro, unpacking various objects from the ship and disappearing with them inside the base. The whole operation is overseen by Hetepheres, who turns out to be no less alien in real life than on a screen, and pretty giant to boot - roughly 2 meters tall! Also, right next to the ship a mech is standing, which looks very much like her, only 10 times taller.]

Watch out with those instruments, they are very fragile. Yes, bring that to my private quarters, if you please. That console can stay on the ship for the time being.

[One of the beetles raises a hand (they don't really have hands, but details) questioningly.]


No, I don't know where the kitchen is. One of the locals will have to answer this question.

[A few days before the Unity Group announcement, a knight-like machine enters Fort Alhambra. The pilot that emerges from the machine is a rather scruffy looking young man - who looks like he's been wearing the same jacket for years.]

Let me see if I remember how to do this...uh nice to meet everyone. My name is Willis Clades. I'm just a regular old merc who's been hired by the Unity Group. So yeah, I hope we'll be able to work together well in the future.


[Several days later, the real reason behind Willis joining the Unity Group was made clear. Willis can be found in the cafeteria with a mountain of empty plates piled on one side of him, full plates on the other. ]

Real food! No more scrounging or having to wash dishes for a meal. This is the best!