[Pre "Story's End"]


There's no rest for the wicked or the righteous. As the final military operation against the Lady shifts into high gear, Project Unification staff and civilian volunteers are streaming in and out of Saikhama to donate memory imprints to the crystalline weapon.

Dido Sybil has been hovering around the hanger bay where the Anti-Lady weapon is store. Observant people might see her take a few steps toward the memory copying station, then turn around and walk away, looking at something on her phone.

Finally, she sees and approaches you. "Hey," she says with a weak smile. "If you've got a free evening next week, could you do me a favor?" She chuckles nervously. "It's a doozy."


"I, Alexia Sybil, ask of you all!" Dido's mom proclaims. "In the world of Italian cuisine, what is the mightiest dish? Calamari? Chicken Alfredo? No, it is bell peppers; the spicier the better! Those who can eat these peppers whole are shining champions of taste! Those who cannot stomach them...should just order from the children's menu!"

You've tagged along with Dido to have Italian dinner with her billionaire mother. More specifically, you're dining in a zero-g Italian restaurant, located in the central torus of a space colony, where all the the food is broiled in raw sunlight focused by skyscraper-sized solar mirrors.

For an utterly posh restaurant, it's rather messy.

"Anyways," Alexia Sybil says, turning toward you. "Wont you tell me what my little Dido's been up to?" She grabs a stray pepper floating through the air and wolfs it down. "She never talks about her work at the Unity Group...or is it Project Unification now?"
[While the SCCF was now temporarily silenced their leader was still on the loose and possibly plotting to cause more mayhem under the guise of good intentions. Meaning more work for him while working to ensure that all avenues for Lee to try take over the Unity Group were blocked off. While it was unlikely the UN would hand over the commission to Lee as he wasn't exactly in their service as the member of a Non-ESUN military detachment, the SSR still had achieved quite a bit that some members may consider things.]


[However... mudslinging and dirt digging can only go so far and at the very most could only serve as a road block. Especially if Lee painted himself up as the only choice they had. So to that end Calvin spent an equal amount of time researching various possible candidates to serve as an interim commander for the Unity Group until the Lady is stopped and Lee loses interest.]


List under cut )

[And in the interest of covering all bases, Calvin ran through various members of UG (even ones who didn't outwardly show leadership qualities) and their allies for consideration. Those ones went into a second pile that was thoroughly marked with red like Grimlock's... as Calvin picked up his sheet and tossed it over to the larger pile.]

I'm going to need a vacation after this...

[Open to all]


You get a message on your comms from Dido, inviting you to one of the lounges in the Saikhama hanger bays.

Upon arrival, you discover that furniture and tables have been shifted to the side, making room for a chalkboard. A huge old-school chalkboard on wheels, pea-green and with a wood-framed ledge for colored chalk-sticks.

Dido nods to you as you walk in, sternly tapping some chalk to the board.

"So," she says. "Loni and the terrible trio have all the Seals. Soon, they'll make their move to summon the Lady upon this world. Brye and Rani are standing by the wings, ready to hijack the Lady's power and somehow use it to wish away suffering. The Lady herself managed to influence the Lady's Good Men, the UG's foundation and Loni's whole upbringing, despite being in a different dimension. Worse, we still don't know what her true power or form is."

Dido starts writing on the chalk board. "If we're gonna win, we have to figure out what's coming. That means assembling clues, testing theories and answering key questions..."

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Dido underlines each question on the board, and turns to face you all. "Class is in session, guys," she pronounces.
[Another day, another calamity averted. With the situation now becalmed Calvin was taking the time to return to his on-base office, kick his legs up and continue preparing for Lagardia's eventual trial. It was for all intents and purposes slow going, but like a certain knight said - he made a vow, he needed to follow it. While he was leafing through among one of his planned statements his phone rang. He really should have been more worried when he answered it.]

Edwards Detective Agency. Inspector Calvin Eldred Edwards speaking.
Uh oh )

Calvin Suffering )

Interactions with Court Survivors )

[One would think that, what with a battle with an ancient eldritch abomination closing in Calvin would be using something a bit more powerful. Instead he's just making sure his Genoace is fully loaded up with everything it needs in terms of ammunition and weapons.]

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[Some time after doing his best to assist with matters involving the Horseman of Conquest - Ett and Samantha Barton, Calvin had left discreetly to handle matters. Now just arriving back, Calvin keeps a close hold on his coat. Interestingly he had a few bandages on him, though he didn't seem to be troubled at all as he moved.]

Sorry for the disappearing act... I needed to get a lot of things sorted out.

[He seems a little anxious as he looks over his shoulder.]

I miss anything?
[1] [Backdated a few days]

[Digging through what had been left to him ferociously, Calvin had come up with a rather risky plan. A simultaneous retrieval of all the remaining artifacts. With the court as low on manpower as it was it would mean the risk of interference was low... and with the translations made by Kagura it would mean retrieval would be all but painless.]

[Still, Calvin found himself pacing restlessly. Partly because there was no telling what would happen during the extraction and partly if... as thorough as Kagura's work was... there was something that was missed that might get someone killed. The unsettling silence from both his contact and the OSI was frustrating as well.]

Its fine... everything's going to be alright. Just a quick retrieval... in the middle of arabia... who am I kidding..something's gonna turn up...

Just have to stay calm. You can do this. Nerves of steel. You're a man on the trail of a mystery. Hard boiled, gritty one hundred percent film noir cool as ice.

[Calvin's taking a deep breath and ceases his anxious muttering before seeming to get a little out of it. Then again for those of you familiar with his behavior he may have been doing some internal monologue to try steady himself... surprise him?]

[2][Post "Gotterdamerung"]

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[1] [Postmission]
[The situation was resolved. What was left of the Organization known as Scylla and Charybdis was being apprehended. Their underground base was in ruins and their ties to the Ebon Court were all but destroyed given the events in the tunnels. Not only that but they also managed to get the third key.]

[Yet despite this Calvin remains silent as he looks up at his battered Genoace. Shield cleaved, guns dented and its knife bloodied. There was clearly something bothering him as his gaze now turned to the recovered artifact. A rusted and very horrifically painful looking knife. Rather than speaking though, the air around the knife just seemed to have the faint scent of blood along with somehow making the air around it sound sharp as impossible as it was.]

Do you ever get the feeling that there's more to a story than you think you know?

[2] [Some time later]

[Calvin's out in town, with coffees in a cardboard carrying tray in hand as he walked down a row of shoplots. Somehow he didn't notice you at all as he kept moving through the area, moving to the older section of the lots and standing in front of one place in particular. From the looks of the place it was a magic shop. Not one of those places that sold stage magician tricks, but one that actually catered to people with a certain set of beliefs. Or in Calvin's case a certain level of wariness for things that people believed in.]

[He lingers at the entrance, trying to compose himself a little as he stared at the door. For a while he looked a little unsure about entering.]

[He still hasn't noticed you either. Try to get his attention?]

[Not too long ago the Command Car belonging to the 13th Genoace Team returned from parts unknown. Interestingly it seems to be festooned with rather ornate looking spears across its body. About a day or two ago Calvin figured he would try to follow up on one of the clues that the guidestone offered up.]

[While the team itself was no worse for wear, Calvin on the other hand looked like a half drowned rat when he stepped out of the car and was holding onto what looked to be an absurdly ornate egg carved out of solid gold, bearing a number of carvings depicting both death and rebirth.]

[Now sequestered back in his quarters, Calvin is huddled on his chair with a towel and a hot cup of coffee and trying to relax.]

-We hold power beyond imagination.-
-I hold the power to sift through dreams-

-I hold the power of life itself.-

Yes. I'm very sure the both of you do. Pipe down.

[And as it turns out the first artifact, a rather sinister looking mask as well as the egg could speak. And they are clearly not exactly the most benign of objects.]

-You cannot deny us forever.-

Please tell me we have soundproof boxes.

1) [Post Mission]
[To say the attempted delivery of Durandal had ran into complications was an understatement. Noise everywhere. Noise being summoned by a girl with supernatural abilities similar to Hibiki and Tsubasa. Loni showing up. Tsubasa using her Swan Song and then ending up like this. And it can't be forgotten that everyone came close to dying several times over throughout.]


[Calvin himself found himself having several repeated close brushes with death, saved only by dumb luck or the intervention of others. Primarily Theo and Tsubasa. So there he sits in his office, face set in a tight grimace as he chugged mug after mug of coffee while trying to work on his investigation.]

[Outdoors at Alhambra, the Thirteenth Genoace Team and Calvin are standing by a hole. Calvin soon chucks a familiar looking stone into the hole like it did him great injustice. It simply dropped with a dull thud, undamaged. It was then Calvin proceeded to empty a gas can into the hole.]

"Inspector?.... Calvin? Just want to be sure here. You're sure that the Cave Dwelling Old Librarian Lady with the Skeleton Fish Helpers said we had to do this?"

[Calvin lowers his head as the can finally lets out a gurgle as it was finally emptied. He thought back to the Archive and the conversation with its keeper.]

Expository Flashback under the cut )

[He chucks the can aside, letting it bounce off a wall with a plastic clunk before taking out several matches, lighting one up... then tossing the entire box in along with the lit one. As it all bursts into flames he gives the others a look of irritation.]

She said to set it on fire! SO THAT'S WHAT I'M DOING! SETTING IT ON FIRE!

[The stress from everything's been getting to him... if this doesn't turn up a lead he's going to be tremendously disappointed.]

So the fire extinguishers and camera better be ready or so help me....

[Pre- "Shine-Tommorow, Shine Forever"]

Solaris and the Unity Group is gearing up for a big military op, and things are busy at Saikhama Base. Ammo and repair parts are being shipped in by the bushel, and the air is filled with smoke as mechanics work round-the-clock to overhaul the Mechas in the hanger.

Suddenly, a mat-black shuttle with a ”日“ logo flies into the open hanger bay and lands like a UFO. As the shuttle lands, Dido looks up from her welding job; her eyes widen, and she drops her tools and books it for the nearest exit.

A ramp lowers from the shuttle, guards with sunglasses and turtlenecks file out, and a imperious, well-dressed woman strolls out and sweeps her gaze along the hustle and bustle of the base.

She sniffs in contempt. "So this is the Unity Group: humanity's strongest heroes. But really, can a group devoted to protecting others be said to have true strength?"

[Cut for long, borderline Objectivist speech.]

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"...therefore, should we not–?"

The classy woman notices you inching away. "Oh!" She exclaims. Dropping her speech mid-sentence, she walks over to you, grabs your hand, and shakes it vigorously.

"You're Dido's friend, right? I've heard so much about you!" She chirps in a bubbly tone. "Do you know if she's around?"


While Alexia Sybil is chatting with people, two other well-dressed members of the Sybil family slip out of the shuttle and wander through the hanger bay.

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Dido burst through the door of the room you are in, slams the door shut, then leans against it in a panic!

"Oh gods, it's them it's them it's them!" She wheezes. Her eyes focus on you. "You!" She wheezes. "Hide me, now!"

Do you help Dido hide?
1) [One Thread only please.]

[Calvin is standing before the Stone door with a very wary look. He probably shouldn't have brought along a particular stone with him... but it was better to have it on hand in case they found something inside. He feels his stomach churning in a horrific way that Asagi would be familiar with on bad days. With this he carefully looks back to the others accompanying him.]

On a scale of one to ten, how much of a bad feeling are you getting from whatever might be behind here?


[After everything that has happened Calvin has retired back to his quarters. As soon as the bag holding the Stone is put away... he crashes to the floor, curling up into the fetal position and shaking badly with a wide eyed expression. Clearly the day's excitement along with discovering the fact that Project Pedantic Blue not only existed... but there had been actual living physical proof of it on the same base as he was currently occupying freaked him the hell out.]

[Bother him?]

[When Calvin and the 13th Genoace Unit arrive unceremoniously with the team that went to retrieve them the exit they made from their machines was... less than graceful. Calvin steps out of his machine looking like he hadn't slept for days. His uniform was a mess and he stumbled a little as he slouched out with a heavy looking pack to which he tossed to the leader of the 13th... who reacted too slow and ended up falling over. The other Genoace pilot who just hauled himself from his machine was pale and scrawny and was currently hyperventilating before making thorough and judicious use of an inhaler. The command car that was with them? Parked with its driver asleep at the wheel.]

... Great... Sorry about that Luther.

[A grunt of  exertion was his reply as he was handed back the bag. He leaned noticably. Whether the contents really were that heavy or he was just exhausted or both it was hard to say. Still, he just facepalms and lets out a somewhat despondent noise.]

[Later after having everything from his OSI office sent to him, Calvin was now in his room - which looked like a detective's office rammed head first into a bedroom and a witch doctor/paranormal expert's hut, though admittedly a lot of the objects were repaired with duct tape due to less than careful handling by the people sending them. The Investigator himself was at his cramped desk, trying to decipher a large slab of stone inscribed with a flowing and elegant script that was nigh on indecipherable. Along with him were several books, a pot of coffee, a kettle of tea, and a hellish abomination of the two in a mug that he was drinking in order to smash his brain awake so he can focus on his work. After a good five hours he had this to say.]

I can't understand a single thing on this stone. I've looked up every ancient language on record and even looked up texts from some people I know with a fascination with the Occult. Nothing.

[He sighs and leans back on his chair, glaring at the dim lights on the ceiling and leaning back on his chair mug in hand. Then he falls over and spills everything on himself and has the stone land on him.]