How does Loni react to the thought that his uncle, and a large part of the last few years of his life were all a lie?

"Yes! Yes, finally fucking yes! Finally, I got them all. After so much trouble, after being imprisoned by those jerks for so long, threatened, forced to lie in wait... All the seals." He's close to tears - from elation. But there's a shaking to his steps and his words, as if he could hardly believe it all.


"Now we can do it. We can make our wishes come true. Everyone will see it - I'm the Lady's chosen. I'm the hero. That's who I truly am!"

"And I have it all because of you. It's all thanks to you!"

He's not addressing Ilinka or Desta. Instead he talks to the other person in the room.

Me? Ahm... don't mention it. Really.

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Alright. That's it, condition all green! Gotta say, I was worried for a moment there. But everything is fine.

[Brye walks merrily, arms swinging. She just left the testing area, where both she and Huckebein Omega were checked considering the recent... changes the machine has been through.

But, it looks like despite having its power source replaced by a weird seal, the unit is working fine with no erratic behaviour. And now, she is waiting for someone else who should be here soon...]

We still can't combine though... was that really a one-off thing?

Hmm, we're getting info on where Shirogane is soon, right? We are going to rescue it once we know where Cambio stashed it, right?

Lee Linjun... I wonder if he's still alive.

[For some reason Brye seems worried.]
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Wow, what was that? I didn't know it could do that! Why didn't anyone tell me?

[Brye is looking over the smoking battered hulls of the Huckebein and Grungust duo. The duo returned from SSR headquarters, even though the seal SSR housed is no longer there - it's in the units now. Somehow.]

I'm terrified, but also excited! Can a human person have so much adrenaline in her system and still live? Is something terrible going to happen now?

So, that was the "Loni", huh...

[A fair bit later Bryanne is still alive, but instead she's more thoughtful and pondering loudly.]

I knew he was a jerk but now it looks like he's not all right in the head too. But the scary thing is, I think he got one thing right. In very, very general terms.

This world needs to change. Look what happened with SSR and the Cambio thingy. Look what happens to people all the time. This isn't right, this needs to change.

I just don't think Loni's the one who should do it.
So, let me get this straight. That crazy guy who tried to drop Phobos on Earth... he used to be an UG member?

[Brye stabs her salad with a fork, like a professional vegetable torturer.]

You have quite a party going on, you know that?

[The Grungust Alpha is missing from the hangar in Fort Alhambra!

But the culprit is easy to find, as the big super robot is not too far away - its eye lasers digging into the ground around the base, creating complicated and large-scale images. And the pilot...]

Hey, I'm getting better at this!
[A white Gespenst lands in Unity Group's hangar, heavily and unceremoniously. This type of Personal Troopers is customized for psychodriver use - are you familiar with the rare Gespensts-TT?

Anyway, the cockpit opens revealing its pilot, a young woman. As well as bags full of personal possessions that she apparently hauled inside the PT as well.]

Hello everyone. I know the timing's bad, but I'm new. I'm Bryanne Eriksen, nice to meet you. I heard a lot of good things so I've decided to join Unity Group - don't let me down, okay?

Me and Rani know each other, we've been at it for a while now. Not a very long while... but still! So.

Let's try to stop some Vagans, shall we?